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  • --Translated/Interpreted from the Nov. 2000 issue of Rishi Prasad
  • I work as an Asst. Development Officer in a place called Mahu in Distt. Indore, M.P., India. In Feb., 1998 I met with an accident & got hospitalized. I was discharged from hospital after almost 6 months. During this period, my wife who was suffering from cancer was neglected & therefore her disease got aggravated.
  • Shri Malviya ji who is a colleaque of mine & a follower of Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu, when he came to know about my wife's disease, he told me that I should keep faith in Pujya BapuJi & start giving 10 gms of Tulsi (the holy Basil of India) juice with 5 gms of honey or 50gms of freshly prepared curd (yogurt) to my wife.
  • It is more than a year since I started giving this medicine to my wife. We got all the tests done for her & came to know that she has been completely cured of cancer. This was possible only because of Pujya BapuJi. I've accepted BapuJi as my SadGuru deep within my heart. I shall be bestowed with Diksha whenever I get a call from Pujya Shri.
  • Hari Om!
  • Jagannath Patil Asst. Development Officer, Indore
  • --Translated/Interpreted from the Sept. 1998 issue of Rishi Prasad
  • I'm the second child of a poor father - Shri Krishnadev Prasad. I was on the path of ruining my life...
  • Then my friend, Ashish Trivedi, gave me three books published by Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram: Yogasan, Nashe Se Saavdhaan & Yovan Suraksha. While reading these books I used to cry in front of Pujya Bapuji's picture very often. My life was totally transformed. I became free of all addictions. Bapu is Great! Really Great!!
  • Once Pujya BapuJi guided my way to reach the Satsang Hall in my dreams. The Satsang words that I heard in my dreams, those divine words were I heard again amidst a satsang program of Pujya BapuJi on 29th June, 1998.
  • I attended the "Chetichand Shibir" in order to get Mantra Diksha from Pujya BapuJi. I could not get Mantra Diksha but I was fortunate to attend the Satsang program.
  • Since then Pujya BapuJi is my SadGuru... & shall remain my SadGuru forever...
  • BapuJi! You've showed me the way to true happiness & divine ecstacy...
  • -Mahesh Kumar, Ropoval, Jamui, Bihar
  • Namaskar
  • I am an ex-military man, I retired from the army last year. There are many anecdotal spiritual experiences I can share with you, but I will restrict myself to the most important one.
  • My battalion was assigned to the defense of the glacier on the front this is a area that has extremely perilous snow covered terrain. The weather is also very cold. The individuals have to climb the glacier dig in bunkers and live under snow for days. Apart from the unfriendly weather and the geography the danger to life is exaggerated due to the barrage of headless bombing that goes on in this area. Record making bombing has been recorded in this area.
  • One time on Bapu's birthday I was in prayer and became emotional. I started to think of the wives of the individuals who were scheduled to climb the glacier. It was dangerous and deaths in the hand of enemy were common. I carried out to Bapu, and asked for forgiveness for I could not have his darshan audience, on his birthday .I prayed to Him asking Him to intervene. Please protect the suhaag, the married status of the wives of my brothers about to take off on this perilous mission. Protect this omen from getting widowed.
  • I then had an inspiration from Bapu. An inner voice told me to write on a piece of paper that "None of your men will die by the bullets of the enemy nor from the perils of the terrain'' and to give the paper to my commanding officer and go about my job thereafter.
  • When my men climbed down and came back I asked after their welfare. They told me everything and everyone was fine and they had no problems negotiating over the arduous path for they had a leader who walked up in front of them and showed them the path and they simply followed this man. He showed them the way and kept them away from the bullets and the enemy's site.
  • Despite incessant bombing of the areas around the bunkers on the glacier no one was hurt nor anything of consequences destroyed. The enemy's bombs went astray and surprisingly, only destroyed alcoholic beverage bottles and eggs some of the personals had taken with them.
  • With SadGuru’s kripa, blessings of BapuJi, we successfully completed our six month tenure without any fatalities or falling sick. Our commanding officer proudly discussed our performance at different gatherings, ascribing our success to our good training and "superior guidance".
  • SadGuru BapuJi Ki Jai
  • Anonymous
  • Namaskar!
  • During my college days I was a delinquent derelict, a rogue to the point of being a criminal. I drank alcohol and smoked. I did not even follow the religious and social norms of my family and inspite of being an Aggarwal I ate meat. As a result of my roguery I even had a police case against me. All of my family and friends pointed fingers at me, were fed-up with me, and had disowned me.
  • A man told me about Sant Shri Asaramji's Ashram in Sabarmati. One Sunday I ended up going to the ashram for Bapu's Satsang (religious discourses). I was skeptical about Bapu's each word while listening to Bapu's Satsang. I kept thinking it is all a dhong (fraud); Bapu is fake & pretentious.
  • When I got back home next day on Monday, to my surprise, I received an interview call for a job. My fellow students who had better percentage of marks did not get called for the interview, while surprisingly I did. This was all because of Bapu. I came right back to the Ashram with the interview letter. I prayed to the Bad Dada (The tree in the Ashram which has been bestowed Shaktipata by Pujya BapuJi) and met Shivlal Kaka and Bhagatji. They asked me to attend a shibir (meditation camp) and gave me Rs. 500/- to go to Maisana since I had no money for a ticket.
  • Despite of the curfew in Bapu Nager, I could travel and come back to the Ashram. It has been two and half months since. I feel I am rescued and redeemed by Bapu. I have given up all of my bad vices and lifestyle. I have stopped eating meat, drinking alcohol, paan masala, special spices wrapped in a beetle leaf, and even stopped using mouth fresheners like Dhana dal. I am also pledging to eat one time a day only.
  • Sat Guru BapuJi Ki Jai
  • Sunil Kumar Aggerwal Bapu Nager
  • If you firmly believe and want something it will happen ultimately. At a satsang given by Morari Bapu, I heard him say 'In case you are not sure of whom to choose as your Guru, then you can consider Hanumanji Dada - Hanumanji Bhagvan as your Guru.' I quickly started to consider Hanumanji as my Guru. Since then I prayed to Hanumanji Dada and asked him to send me a SatGuru .
  • At a Hanuman Camp in 1985, I also got a book on Ishtaha Siddhi Yog by Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu. The book had the address and the contact number of the Ashram on it. I wanted to come but my husband did not. My husband was a non-religious materialistic worldly man. He led a fast life, enjoyed going to the club, and smoked cigarettes. In short I never made it to a ashram or a Guru. It took five years when things started to happen. In 1989 my husband came upon a book published by the Ashram . His colleagues at office and friends at the club also encouraged him to visit Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu. That evening he agreed to visit the Ashram.
  • So we went to the Ashram next day, my husband was not very keen as he was not out in search of a Guru. We had no knowledge of Bapu's schedule or Ashram's activities & timings. We met Shivlal Kaka.
  • We were blessed and had Bapu's darshan along with other audience. It only took one visit for change of heart for my husband. My husband found his Ishwar in Bapu. Today if any one asks my husband, he refers to Bapu as his Ishwar, his God and has also taken Diksha. He has terminated his club going and has also stopped cigarette smoking. I am forever grateful for this..
  • As to my story, I suffered from a 20 to 30 years age-old stomach pain problem, which was not getting better. I was finally told it had to do with my digestive tract and had to have surgery. That night I committed to 108 Shri Asaramayana patths (readings), and decided not to go to the clinic any more. This was foolish because it is hard to do so many patths in a restricted period of time and I could never do it.
  • Next day instead of going to the clinic I went to see Bapu. He tested me with an invocation. I told Him to take care that only He could help me, and that inspite of curfew I will return in the evening. I was still in pain when I went home and told no one. That evening I went back to the Ashram and I took prasad, blessed food, and went home healed soothed of my pain.
  • Sat Guru BapuJi Ki Jai
  • Anonymous
  • One evening during a stroll in Bhopal I came upon Bapu's satsang. I collected some religious literature from the Ashram's stall. I also must have unconsciously picked up some positive vibes, as I could hear the melodious Kirtan - Hari Om... Hari Om... from where I was standing. I did not pay much attention. At the time only one thought was on my mind, I wanted to go back home to Delhi. Unfortunately my tenure at Bhopal was not yet over.
  • To my delight I was transferred back to Delhi without having to complete my tenure at Bhopal. Bapu must have heard me.
  • That year in December my brother in-law, my wife's younger brother, died. My wife was very much affected by the loss of her brother. She was depressed and suicidal. She even attempted to commit a suicide. My domestic life was shattered, and every thing was upset.
  • Finally I took her to Bapu's satsang that was held in Delhi. My wife derived great support and inspiration from Bapu. In a dream one night Bapu gave her Ashirwad, blessings. With blessings from Bapu every thing improved for the better. We are very happy now and have all the domestic tranquility.
  • This is not the end of my story. My friend Raj Kumar Sharma, who is sitting with me also had a similar experience. His wife and he were going to Vaishno Devi for Mataji's darshan. The terrorists attacked the bogie, the compartment, of the train they were traveling in. Bullets flew and Shooting occurred. His wife got very scared and it affected her deeply. She started to experience mental problems and needed therapy. All friends got concerned and tried to help but nothing worked. Then I gave my friend Nari Narayani, monthly magazine and other literature of the Ashram, and asked him to read to her.
  • With Bapu's blessings she derived much mental support and power from the writings. As a result today she has allowed her husband, my friend to come to the Ashram with me, while she is all-alone by her self at home. Raj kumar my friend has today even participated in naam daan. I wish and pray for peace and happiness for their domestic life and tranquility.
  • Hari Om
  • Sat Guru BapuJi Ki Jai
  • Jai Prakash Gupta Delhi
  • I had lot of tension due to work related problems, when a friend who is also Bapu's follower asked me to read Shri Asaramayan. I committed to it and decided to do 108 patths, readings. As I read Shri Asaramayan, I began to have spiritual experiences.
  • By the time I read for the 80th to 90th time, I began to have Bapu's darshan, visions. Like a live action on cinema film, I witnessed different Gods and Goddesses by the time I was reading for the 91st and 92nd time. Lord Shiva, Bhagvati Parvathi Mata, Ganeshji Bhagvanji followed by Hanuman Dada and other Gods and Goddesses passed in front of me as if on a live action film.
  • During the 104th and 105th reading, I had visions of Swami Bhagvan DuttaTrai. He seemed to say that "looks like you are in a ditch" and he helped me get out of what seemed like a ditch. I was literarily in a hole, a big financial hole.
  • After I completed 108th patth, two days later my friend gave me a newspaper. I saw a job advertisement in the paper and went for the interview held in a Udaipur hotel. I was hired and given the job on the spot. My prospective employers told me that as soon as they went back to Jaipur they would send me the official appointment letter. Then I came here.
  • I have never experienced such internal peace as I have experienced here in the Ashram.
  • Sat Guru BapuJi Ki Jai
  • Anonymous
  • I was diagnosed of heart problem in November of 1993. I went to different heart specialists in Gwalior. A battery of tests was done, all came back indicating serious heart problem. The doctors recommended I check straight into the ICU Intensive Care Unit at the hospital for I was in serious trouble. Not long time ago my father had passed away in Gwalior of heart trouble attended by the same doctors, so we decided to go out of town for second opinion.
  • We made an appointment with Escorts in Delhi. Further investigation revealed two of my arteries were blocked. One artery had a blockage of 10% and the other had 80% blockage. I had to have visual angiographies and was to have an arterial bypass surgery. The costs of the procedure was estimated to be three and a half lakhs. My husband being a Government employee it was not possible to raise that kind of money in one day, so I asked for one month of time.
  • We went back to Gwalior. I was bedridden and not allowed to move from the bed. I decided if I have to have the surgery during which I may loose my life, I must get diksha from Bapu. I did not want to die Nigura (without Diksha, uninitiated by a Guru). I was given 2 to 4 months to live without the surgery, and if I went any where I was told there was a possibility that I would not return..
  • I went to Surat and took mantra diksha and went through naam daan. When I came back I was asked if I told BapuJi about the heart problem and if I asked for any intervention and help. I told every one that I had gone for the sole purpose of taking diksha, and had no other ulterior selfish motive. Now my job was over and I was not scared of dying any more.
  • It was in Delhi in 1994 I was planning to go and see Bapu when I had a dream.In the dream I met BapuJi and HE put out HIS hand and asked me to hand over to HIM my medicinal pills. I gave HIM one set of pills which I used for my horrible headaches. HE then asked me to give up the other pills as well. When I refused, for these were hazardous HE then showed anger with HIS eyes and asked for them again. Seeing HIM angry I handed over the other one as well.
  • I finally met BapuJi during the evening before the surgery on 4th may 1994. I told HIM I was scheduled to have a surgery in the morning. Bapu said if you have surgery you will die. I did not have the surgery. With Pujya Shri's kripa (benevolence), today I stand before you hail and hearty. All of my tests are normal and I feel fine.
  • Hari Om
  • Sat Guru BapuJi Ki Jai
  • Nirmala Parihar Gwalior
  • I am an Arya-Samaji and belong to the Arya Samaj in Rohtak. Bapu's video-tapes of satsang (discourses) are played at our house day and night. We used to go to Panipat daily from Rohtak to attend Bapu's satsang. Then to the good fortune of Rohtak, Shri SureshanandJi gave a satsang in our town, towards the conclusion of which Pujya BapuJi also came.
  • I took mantra diksha (initiating with a Mantra from BapuJi), at a satsang in Delhi on 8th of April. I used to commute to Delhi from Rohtak by train daily for the satsang. I made up a niyam (rule), to do swaddhayaye (self-study) and Mantra jap (silent repetition of Mantra) during the entire journey. I used to do swaddhayaye, and read during the first part of the journey till Sapley. The crowd got down in Sapley before Bhadurgarh, and there were fewer people on the train after that. I used to take out my jap maala (prayer beads) and used to start my Mantra jaap with Bapu's picture in front of me. This, I continued till the end of my journey all the way to Delhi.
  • Once I was immersed in Mantra jap when a trolley pulled by a tractor came in front of the train on the tracks and we had an accident. I was so engrossed in the Mantra jap that I did not know what happened. The seats in our compartment came apart and were thrown around and landed in my lap. The whole compartment was compacted like a biscuit. The driver was hurt, but I along with approximately 12 to 15 others in the compartment, many of whom are also present here today at the satsang, escaped unhurt.
  • Hari Om
  • Sat Guru BapuJi Ki Jai
  • Hansraj Verma, Rohtak
  • I was a member of a Samitee (organization dedicated to Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram) in Ghaziabad. Eight month ago I was transferred to Saharanpur. In this town I did not see or meet with any one who was Bapu's follower. The town had no pictures of GuruDev anywhere. I was alone. Then I decided to do something about it. I got together with Bansal who was from a bank. We formed a Samitee of two people, which grew over time. Today Bapu's picture is there in the homes of Saharanpur citizens. There are thousands of Bapu's followers. Today three bus full of followers have come from Saharanpur all the way to Haridwar to receive Diksha, initiation from Bapu.
  • Hari Om
  • Sat Guru BapuJi Ki Jai
  • Krishanlal Aneja Saharanpur
  • I am very fortunate and grateful for having Pujaya BapuJi visit my home in America and bless my family and me on three separate occasions. My husband and I have also received diksha, initiation from HIM.
  • Few years' back I went to live with my daughter in India, who while finishing up her studies to become a medical doctor in Manipal, got very sick. All the time I was in India I wanted to visit BapuJi but I couldn't.
  • During the course of my stay I developed high blood pressure problems and had a stroke. This compounded with diabetes I developed a clot in my leg.
  • When it was time to pack up and return to United States, I was in a wheel chair. After two years in India I had not had my SadGuru Bapuji's darshan, audience, and I was desperate as well as dejected for I felt helpless and hopeless. I had intense icchah, a deep desire, an urge, a passion but did not know how to fulfill it.
  • On our way back from Manipal we had a five-hour stop at Mumbai and had to change planes to get on to the international flight to America. My daughter and I had arranged to spend few hours in Mumbai with my cousin between the two flights. At the airport my daughter went to fetch a taxicab while I waited in a wheel chair. As providence would have, I saw a grossly overweight lady dressed in a white sari walking towards me. When she got within the talking distance she asked me "Are you waiting for Swamiji" ? "Which Swamiji are you talking about?" I asked her and she replied "Asa Ram Bapu". This was unreal.
  • On further questioning I came to know that BapuJi was on his way back from Nagpur and HIS flight was about to arrive in next five to ten minutes. I was excited may be I could meet HIM after all and my yearning will be satisfied. But as soon as BapuJi arrived HE left in a car along with people who were attending HIM and I could not meet HIM.
  • My daughter and I however learnt where HE was going to be staying in Mumbai and followed HIM in a cab. On arriving at the place where HE was going to reside we found lots of people already waiting for HIM. BapuJi on arrival did not come directly to the area, the room that was decorated with flowers and was awaiting HIS arrival, but went to spend time alone on the beach for few hours. Later when we formed line to meet with HIM to my surprise I was given the first chance, and was actually first to meet HIM.
  • Both my daughter and I visited and were blessed with his presence all I did was to sit and cry. BapuJi gave us ashirwad, blessings, and two large boxes of chocolate and almonds as prasad. He also admonished my daughter for being responsible for my ill health. After some time I felt we had taken enough of his time and others needed to visit also, my daughter and I asked permission to leave.
  • In those few hours that I had between flights from 2 p.m to 4 p.m I had my utmost desire fulfilled. I experienced a miracle of not only having pujaya GuruJi's darshan but also visiting with HIM and received HIS blessings in person. A task that seemed impossible was completed effortlessly with Bapu's blessings. I could now return to America fulfilled, satisfied with inner peace.
  • Uma Gambhir Wheaten IL, USA January 2001
  • Annapoorna huee Jagpala
  • Tumhi aadi sundari Baala
  • The other day we had Satyanarayan Katha, prayers for Lord Vishnu, before our son left home to go to school to start a new year. I was worried and wondered if the prasad, food offering, I was making was enough or if there was need to make more. When it suddenly dawned on me that when we, my husband, my son and I had attended Guru Poornima, a day of thanks giving, Satsang, spiritual discourses of BapuJi, at Hari Om Mandir in Chicago area for the fist time ever, the thaali, plate with Bhog offered to BapuJi was full even after four hundred to four hundred and fifty people might have taken some out of it. I could not believe it. It was awesome.
  • We were among the last ten to fifteen people to come down to receive prasad and eat, for we were busy finding books and pictures, tulsi maala, prayer beads of holy basil seeds etc... This was our first time attending the satsang. When we got into the food line we were at the tail end of it. Only few people apart from the organizers of the Sat sang were left to eat and joined the line after us.
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