Writing through media transmedia adaptations
  Aml2410: Topics in American Literature and Culture section 4800: Early American Women Writers
  Crw 2100: Fiction
  Aml 2070: Survey of American Literature
  Lit 6934: The Carceral Imaginary Dr. Jodi Schorb
  Crw 2100: Fiction Writing Peterson
  Dr. Jodi Schorb, Asst. Professor of English
  The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself
  Instructor: Sean Printz Email
  Enl 2012: Survey of English Literature, Medieval to 1750
  Enl 2022: Survey of British Literature, 1750-Present Course Theme: Literature and Science Instructor
  Eng 2300 (7308): film analysis
  Eng 2300: Film Analysis (section 1794)
  Professor Richard Burt eng 4936 section 6454 Honors Seminar
  The Trouble between Us
  Issues in American Literature and Culture: Digitizing Early American Literature
  Enc 3310: Advanced Exposition
  Enl2022—Survey of British Literature from 1790 to the Present
  Lit 2110-3735 World Literature: Ancient to Renaissance
  Lit 4192/Section 07CG/ Spring 2014 Money, and the Making of Modern Caribbean Literature
  History of Film 1 eng 3121-Section 1063
  Office: 4113 tur spring ‘14
  British Literature: 1750 2014
  Racial Identities in Asian American Literature
  Reading and Writing Sendak
  Office: tur4363 mat0116
  Fiction Writing crw 2100 (2269), Spring 2014
  Aml 4453: African American Women and the Culture Critique
  Eng 2300 Film Analysis Section 1793 mwf 4
  Lit 3374 : The Bible as Literature Turlington 2328 Tuesdays, Period 7 55 – 45 pm) Thursdays, Periods 7 & 8 55 – 50 pm) Dr. Anastasia Ulanowicz
  Instructor: Berit Brink
  Writing Through Media: Games eng 1131 Section 1788
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