Engr. 297A prof. Bruce P. Lusignan
  Land reform in zimbabwe
  The Common Origins of the World’s Major Religions
  Ethics of Development in a Global Environment Professor Lusignan
  The Space Race: The U. S – Soviet/ Russian Relationship in Regards to Space Exploration
  The Congo: From Leopold to Lumumba
  Arab Israeli Conflict: Perspectives from Palestine
  Jessica Gray and Danielle Murray June 5, 2003
  Manifestations of Ethnic Prejudices Derived from the Japanese Occupation of Korea and Taiwan
  Africa, a Continent in Crisis: The Economic and Social Implications of Civil War and Unrest Among African Nations Gerbian King and Vanessa Lawrence June, 2005
  Daisy Ramirez Ethics of Development in the Global Environment
  Sheila Joglekar edge final Paper Autumn 2004 Propaganda in World War II – Britain and Germany Introduction
  Kashmir History, Current Issues, and a Proposal for a Brighter Future Smita Joshi Ethics for Development in a Global Environment
  Examining Bias and Distortion in Mass Media in America
  Table of Contents Introduction 2 The Just War Theory 2 America and the Vietnam War 6 Analysis of America’s Involvement in the Vietnam War 22 Works Cited 27 Introduction
  Abayomi Fashoro and Gerard Johnson
  Disabusing the U. S. of the Myths Used to Justify Prisoner Abuse: Why Torture is Hurting America in the War on Terror
  The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 1896-2004
  United Nations Security Council Reform Michael Teng
  High-technology warfare
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