Directions: You will write a Narrative-Descriptive Essay

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DE English Happy Writing!!
Directions: You will write a Narrative-Descriptive Essay of at least 500 words in MLA format. You must explore your battle with your personal “dragon.” Your battle can really be anything: lying, procrastination, relationships, anger, smoking, driving too fast, biting your toenails (yuk), poor self-esteem, and the list goes on. You can talk generally about your battle with your personal dragon, but the majority of the essay should be a SPECIFIC narrative that shows your battle with your personal dragon. You should also include awesome details throughout the essay (similes, metaphors, personification, sensory details). Many students personify their dragon and talk about how it breathes on them or digs its nails into their flesh. Whatever you decide, you must have a SPECIFIC narrative and STRONG details throughout.
Example: My personal dragon is Pepsi. If I was to write this essay then my narrative might be about the time I had my first root canal as a result of drinking too much soda. I would definitely include lots of details about the sights, sounds, and smells of getting a root canal. In my final paragraph, I would talk about how I love Pepsi, but it isn’t good for me. I would also talk about how I have beat my dragon at times, but it still has a hold on me.
Paragraph 1 = Introduction and Thesis (narrative and point)
Body Paragraphs = the actual narrative with strong details

  • Needed dialogue can be included but not too much—this isn’t a novel

  • Tell a specific story: beginning, middle, and end (conflict)

  • Include lots of details throughout (similes, metaphors, sensory details)

  • Yes, the first person point of view will be used

Final Paragraph = Reflection: what have you learned about yourself / dragon? How has your battle affected you and others? Have you defeated your dragon? Do you need help? Etc.

Unexcused Late Essays = 5% per day

Brainstorming (work we did in class)

5 Strong Brainstorming 3 Weak Brainstorming, need more effort

4 Good Brainstorming; could use more 0 Did not brainstorm or very little effort
Format: MLA

5 Perfect 4 Minor errors 3 Many errors 0 No MLA


5 Almost perfect 3 Many errors, needs revision

4 Some errors 1 Chaotic and distracting

10 Strong and complete narrative told throughout; nice job!

9 Good narrative told; minor lapses in story or details

6 Weak narrative told; needs more story and details throughout

3 Poor attempt, incomplete story, distracting, vague, lacks required length

1 You wrote something but the essay lacks a narrative


10 Awesome details throughout; enhanced details in 1 particular place; WOW!

9 Good details throughout; could enhance more in places

6 Weak details; needs more

3 Poor attempt at details

1 No evident attempt at adding details


5 Strong vocabulary and variety 3 Weak vocabulary and variety

4 Good; could enhance 1 Chaotic; elementary
Peer Edit

5 Submitted and Complete

3 Submitted but Incomplete

0 Not submitted


5 Strong and clear throughout 3 Weak and confusing in places

4 Good; some minor digressions 1 Chaotic and distracting

Extra Credit: Allude specifically to Beowulf and his battle with the dragon. Relate it to your battle. Make a specific connection in multiple sentences. (+2 pts)

(+5 pts) for alluding to Beowulf and including a relevant quote from Beowulf.

Student’s NAME _______________________________________________

It is apparent that the essay is about ____________________________________

A complete, specific story is told YES NO NOT SURE
Essay has lots of details throughout
Where: ________________________________________________________________
The Sentences are easy to read, clear, and complete.
Grammar / Punctuation
Looks Good Needs to be fixed

Suggestions for Improvement:

(remember that it needs to be a powerful, specific story with lots of details)

Peer edit Signature __________________________________________________

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