Directions: Cross out the idea in each list that does not relate to the main idea. The main idea is underlined inside my house colors countries

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Directions: Here are some lists of “building blocks” for a topic sentence. Look carefully at each list. Can you build a good foundation for the blocks by writing a good topic sentence?

List # 1

Car Topic sentence:



List # 2

Square Topic sentence:



List # 3

Radio Topic sentence:




Directions: There are three lists of paragraph building blocks that have been scrambled on this page. Can you arrange the lists by main ideas? Then write a topic sentence for each list.
spring summer pig

rose daisy fall

horse cow tulip

lily winter chicken

List 1

_________ Topic sentence:



List 2

_________ Topic sentence:



List 3

_________ Topic sentence:



What's Your Topic?

Directions: Write topic sentences for each paragraph below.


There are lions and tigers in outdoor pens. Wild birds are flying in large, tree-filled cages. Also, a visitor at the zoos can see snakes and reptiles of many different sizes. But my favorite thing to see at the zoo is the monkey who swings on a trapeze in a cage by the popcorn stand.


First you must listen carefully in class. Next, you must study for your tests and quizzes. Finally, you must do all the homework the teacher assigns. If you follow these steps, good grades will be yours!

It starts slowly and then destroys everything in its way. It can ruin homes and land. It can kill people and animals. So before you strike a match, remember how dangerous fire can be.

Check your paragraphs. Do all of your topic sentences make sense in the paragraph? Do all the sentences relate to each topic sentence?

Sentences in paragraphs need to make sense with each other. They need to be connected. The words that help connect ideas between sentences are called transitions. These transitions make your writing easier to understand.
Directions: Use the transitions in the parentheses to connect the scrambled sentences below. Write the new sentences in paragraph form. Be sure to make sense with your sentences! The first one is started for you.

I'll eat a salad.

I feel like eating a hot, cheesy pizza.

I need to lose ten pounds. (however, so, today)

Today I feel like eating a hot, cheesy pizza.
However, ________________________________________________,
so ________________________________________________________.

She made me do my homework.

My mother rushed in and unplugged my stereo.

I was enjoying music in my room. (suddenly, after that)


I sprinkle everything with nuts.

I pour fudge or strawberry sauce over the scoops.

I love to make ice cream sundaes.

I scoop ice cream into bowls. (first, then, finally)

Keep In Time
When you write about something that happened to you or something you do, it must be in the right time order. Write your paragraphs logically, in the order that things happened.
Directions: Mark these lists from first (1) to last (5) in time order. The first one is done for you.

1) _2 eat breakfast 2) ___ bait a hook 3) ___ mail a letter

1_ get up ___ clean a fish ___ put letter in envelope

5_ go to school ___ eat a fish ___ write letter

4_ leave home ___ catch a fish ___ wait for answer

3_ brush teeth ___ cook a fish ___ seal letter

4) ___ slap your arm 5) ___ buy popcorn 6) ___ wrap a gift

___ see a mosquito ___ leave theater ___ buy a gift

___ feel a bite ___ stand in line ___ give a gift

___ hear a buzz ___ buy a ticket ___ select a gift

___ see a bump ___ watch a movie ___ invited to a movie

Directions: Choose one of the lists above and make it into a paragraph in the space below. Be sure to write a good topic sentence!

Scrambled Paragraphs

Download 249.5 Kb.

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