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Jl. Al-Afsari No. 5 Desa Karangmekar Kec. Karangnunggal

Kab. Tasikmalaya Tlp. (0265) 581103 e-mail : smkafsar@yahoo.co.id


TAHUN AJARAN 2016/2017

Mata Pelajaran : B. INGGRIS

Tingkat : X (Sepuluh)

Hari/Tanggal : Senin, 05-12-2016

Waktu : 07.15-08.45

Penulis : Deden Bayu Tias P, S.Pd

KKM : 78

  1. Choose the correct answer !

  1. A : What do you say if you arrive at the workshop at 2.p.m.?

B : I say ...

  1. Good morning d. Good evening

  2. Good afternoon e. Good bye

  3. Good night

The text is for questions 2 – 6

Dear Alice,

I ... 2) in a hotel in Bandung now for a conference. I ... 3) a friend from Australia. ... 4) name is Joana. ... 5) is a nice and friendly Australian. ... 6) are becoming good friend now. Next time I’ll tell you more about the conference. Okay?



  1. a. am d. was

b. are e. were

c. is

  1. a. has d. has to

b. have e. had to

c. had

  1. a. my d. her

b. your e. their

c. his

  1. a. he d. we

b. she e. you

c. they

  1. a. they d. we

b. she e. you

c. he

  1. ‘where statement about introducing myself

  1. Hi…

  2. It’s me

  3. Come on

  4. her name is Hanah

  5. let me introduce myself

  1. Mega : What do we have for our dessert, Mom?

Mrs. Nita : Hm, ... some oranges, four apples, and five mangoes. They are in the refrigerator. I

bought them this morning.

Mega : thank you Mom, I’ll take them now.

  1. There is d. There are

  2. There was e. Are there

  3. There were

  1. Where statement for the introduce other ….

  1. Can you tell me what’s your name

  2. I can tell you my name

  3. Please that’s my friend

  4. Let me introduce herself

  5. My name is Tatang

  1. The Jaipong dancer wears ....costume.

  1. Sundanese nice pink

  2. pink nice Sundanese

  3. nice Sundanese pink

  4. nice pink Sundanese

  5. pink Sundanese nice

  1. X: what was there in the next room?

Y: There was ...

  1. a set of beautiful Jepara furniture wooden

  2. a set of wodden beautiful Jepara furniture

  3. a set of beautiful Jepara wooden furniture

  4. a set of furniture wooden Jepara beautiful

  5. a set of beautiful wooden Jepara furniture

  1. The girl is ..., she is not fat and not thin. She has a good performance.

  1. Long and tall d. fat and thin

  2. High and heavy e. tall and slim

  3. Short and fat

  1. What is statement about Thanking

  1. It’s very good

  2. Thanks a lot for helping me

  3. When I have time

  4. It’s wonderful

  5. That I have

  1. What the colours of Indonesian flag

  1. White–red d. Red-white

  2. Blue-white-red e. Yellow-green

  3. Black-white

  1. The coins are circular …..

  1. Coins is circular

  2. Circular coins are they

  3. Are they circular coins

  4. They circular are coins

  5. They are circular coins

  1. ... is the third month in a year.

  1. January d. April

  2. February e. May

  3. March

  1. 1.972 means ...

  1. One hundred nine hundred and seven two

  2. Nineteen seventy two

  3. One nine seven two

  4. One thousand nine hundred and seventy two

  5. One thousand and hundred and seventy two

  1. A: What is thirty five divided by five?

B: it is...

  1. Three d. six

  2. Four e. seven

  3. Five

  1. 16 x 7 = 112 (sixteen ... seven is one hundred and twelve)

  1. Plus d. divided

  2. minus e. reducted

  3. times

The text is for questions 20 – 22

Mr. Hadi is calling Mrs. Susi. He wants to ask her the telephone number of CV ARMICO.

Mr. Hadi : Is that 7948320?

Mrs. Susi : Yes, who is calling?

Mr. Hadi : Hadi is speaking.

Mrs. Susi : Hi, Mr. Hadi

Mr. Hadi : May I have ARMICO telephone number?

Mrs. Susi : ARMICO phone number? Well, it’s phone number is 5205407


Mr. Hadi : Thanks a lot

Mrs. Susi : Don’t mention it.

  1. How many characters does the dialogue tell you?

  1. One d. four

  2. Two e. five

  3. Three

  1. The dialogue tells you that the telephone number of ARMICO publisher is ...

  1. 7948320 d. 5204570

  2. 7784530 e. 5817942

  3. 5205407

  1. Where does the conversation take place?

  1. In the post office. d. At the public telephone

  2. In ARMICO office. e. On the telephone

  3. On the way home

  1. They are all qualified speakers and good at business.

The underlined word means ...

  1. Arrogant d. stupid

  2. Excellent e. foolish

  3. Competent

  1. Monic is a new member of Rotary Club. She introduces herself.

Monic : Ladies and gentlemen, ...

  1. Let me to introduce myself

  2. I am happy to meet you

  3. It is okay to see you

  4. Let me introduce you to the audience

  5. May I introduce you to the audience?

  1. The man lives in a house. It is small. It is white. It is made of bamboo.

The man lives in a ...

  1. Bamboo white small house

  2. Small white bamboo house

  3. Small bamboo white house

  4. White bamboo small house

  5. Bamboo small white house

  1. A : Do you know where is Sandra ?

B : She is the one in jeans with short ... hair.

  1. Cure d. big

  2. Slim e. curly

  3. Fat

The text is for questions 27 – 34

Mr. Anwar ...27) hard today. He works in his office ...28). He usually ... 29) in his car and he ...30) home alone. He ...31) to work in his garden for a while before dinner. Then he ...32) dinner with his family. After dinner they ...33) or ...34) to music.

  1. a. work d. has work

b. works e. to work

c. working

  1. a. tonight d. yesterday

b. tomorrow e. every day

c. two days ago

  1. a. get d. got

b. gets e. has got

c. getting

  1. a. drive d. driven

b. drives e. has driven

c. drove

  1. a. see d. start

b. do e. wants

c. begin

  1. a. have d. has to

b. having e. to have

c. has

  1. a. read d. have read

b. reads e. to read

c. reading

  1. a. switch d. listen

b. turn e. listens

c. operate

  1. Rabi : Mam. It’s almost 10 p.m. I must go to bed. Tomorrow morning I will get up early.

Mother : well,...

See you tomorrow morning.

  1. Good bye d. Good luck

  2. Good night e. Bye bye

  3. Good evening

  1. Wati is beautiful in her class

antonym word of underlined is….

a. care d. smart

b. delicious e. ugly

c. good looking

  1. Mr basuki is a very popular in his town

synonym word of underline is ….

a. Famous d. distant

b. great e. advantage

c. similar

  1. Where is statement about apology

a. Thank you very much d. I’m sory

b. it’s nice e. no problem

c. please accept my apology

  1. Where statement about feeling ….

a. teacher is clever d. They are happy

b. please believe me e. Never mind

c. I don’t believe it

  1. The long hand is pointing to nine. The short hand is pointing between ten and eleven. It is ……

a. 10:15 d. 11:09

b. 09:15 e. 09:10

c. 10:09

  1. Essay

  1. Give 3 statements about introducing others

  2. Rp 19.750 . please write on your words!

  3. Make a questions of the below!

    1. …………………………….. ? I am teacher

    2. ………………………………? It’s very big

    3. ……………………………….?I come from indonesia

    4. ……………………………….? It’s blue

    5. ……………………………….? It’s Saturday

  1. Re-arrange the jumbled words to make a good sentences!

    1. There – park – green – large – round – beautiful – a – is.

    2. lady – slim – pretty – kind – is – Gania – a.

  2. Give 3 sentences about expressing feelings ….

~ Don’t Cheat !!1~

And be yourself

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