Descriptive Essay

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Vanessa Codougan

September 5th, 2004

Descriptive Essay
A relationship can be a very sacred experience that no one should ever take for granted. My relationship with my boyfriend, Corey, has been a rough one but we have gotten through a lot and continue to pull through. Corey and I have been together for almost two years now and I don’t regret any of it.

I would describe Corey as a very athletic young man that I just love to death. He is 6’3 with a milk chocolate complexion and a very short hair cut. He has muscles for days, from his cut biceps to his strong calves. When he walks into the room, he just lightens it up with his positive sense of humor and great state of mind. I love to just look at him and wonder what will happen next. He has the brightest pearly, white smile that makes me feel all warm inside with joy. He just makes the funniest faces out of nowhere and it just makes me crack up. I don’t know anyone else who just does the silly things that he does. Most of the time he is just making me laugh so hard that I fall to my knees with my stomach aching.

He also has a sensitive side to him. There was a time when I had just pulled up into the parking lot at work and out of nowhere my passenger side door opens and Corey hops in the car smiling like I was expecting him. He pulls out a soft pink rose and tells me how much he loves me. I was just shocked, but grateful at the same time. Since he is so much taller than me when he hugs me it seems like I’m hugging his boney hips.

Corey seems like everything I would want in a guy from his thick, jet black hair to his silky, smooth skin. No matter what I can always imagine his smooth face, big expressive eyes, and bright smile. For those reasons I will always love and respect him with all of my heart.

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