Describe the basic parts of essays and outline how they should be written

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This page gives an example of a linear outline for an essay.

The question on which it is based is:

Describe the basic parts of essays and outline how they should be written.


Paragraph: Definition of essay

Paragraph: The general structure for essays that can be adapted to individual


3 part structure: introduction, main body, conclusio

Main Body
Paragraph on Introductions

Function of introductions: introduces topic of the essay

clarifies terms that need definition

gives outline of essay structure

Paragraph on Main Body

The structure of the main body

It is divided into paragraphs, each paragraph develops one idea

the connections between paragraphs depend on the topic;

paragraphs can present arguments in favour and arguments against something,

paragraphs can outline similarities and differences or cause and effect

Paragraph on Main Body (2)

Each paragraph develops the topic;

Each paragraph has a topic sentence, then it develops the topic by

adding evidence, examples or applications

Paragraph on Conclusions

The functions of conclusions:

they summarise findings

they put the findings into a broader context, look at implications


Paragraph: the basic structure of essays can be learnt; what is difficult for

students is to adapt it successfully to different topics

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