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Department of Music

Graduate Handbook


A Supplement to be used in conjunction with the Stanford University Bulletin (Explore Degrees)

Stanford University

This handbook augments the Bulletin and other University publications and contains department-specific policies, procedures, and degree requirements. The department reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice. Further information and resources are available from the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee, student services staff, and can be found on our website.

It is the responsibility of each student to familiarize himself/herself with this information and to seek clarification as needed. Additionally, it is the student's responsibility to review the Graduate Handbook on an annual basis.

Policies You Must Know 3

Stanford Office of Judicial Affairs 3

Stanford Bulletin Policies, Statements, & Regulations 3

Welcome to Stanford!

In providing information about graduate study in music, this handbook is designed as a supplement to other University publications, in particular the 2013–14 version of the Stanford Bulletin (Bulletin) THE official statement of University policies, processes, and degree requirements. The Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures (GAP) online manual ( brings together into one resource the guiding policies, their rationale, and other information related to their implementation. Take the time to read the general material in the Bulletin concerning policies associated with graduate study at Stanford ( as well as the Department of Music’s specific section ( It is the responsibility of each student to familiarize herself/himself with this information and to seek clarification as needed.

 The Stanford Bulletin 2013–14:

The information and tips contained in these pages should prove useful throughout your course of study in the Music Department. If you’re still left with questions after having consulted it, further information and resources are available from the Graduate Studies Committee, and/or the departmental administrative staff, and the departmental website (

E-mail is the “official form of notification” at Stanford.[See the Bulletin, “Notification/Obligation to Read Email” at - text-compwithunivpolihold-notreaema.] If you don’t have an account by the time you read this sentence, you can obtain one by visiting the ITS site ( Contact information for the entire campus community (students, faculty, staff, affiliates) may be found at Stanford.Who (

You can control what information the Stanford community and the public at large see about you by visiting and editing settings under “Maintain your personal data” at Stanford.You (, the corollary to Stanford.Who.

The Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA – publishes its own website and it serves as an additional resource for master’s and doctoral students working at CCRMA.

I wish you a productive and enjoyable period of graduate education.

Jonathan Berger


Note on the use of this handbook:

This icon alerts you to particularly helpful sites (URLs) or PDFs and where to find them.

You may find procedures documented here that have been changed. Please, if you discover errors, or if you have suggestions that will improve the usability of this manual, let me (Debbie Barney, Graduate Student Services Officer (GSSO), know!

Policies You Must Know

Stanford Office of Judicial Affairs
There are two major policies with which every Stanford student must be familiar:

The Fundamental Standard and The Honor Code. Together, these policies create the framework underlying all your work and interactions while at Stanford.

Make sure that you understand these policies, the adjudication process for addressing violations, and the sanctions that may be administered during the judicial process and the circumstances in which they may be applied.

The Fundamental Standard:

The Honor Code:

The Office of Community Standards (formerly Judicial Affairs),
Stanford Bulletin Policies, Statements, & Regulations

Students should take responsibility for informing themselves of applicable University policies, rules, requirements, and regulations.

Academic Policies and Statements,

Nonacademic Regulations:

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