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Arranging for Execution of the Plan

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Arranging for Execution of the Plan – the execution of a plan requires the issuance of orders and directives to units and personnel concerned the establishment of the schedule, and the provision of manpower and equipment for carrying out the plan. Briefing shall be held and assurance shall be reviewed that all involved personnel understand when, how, and what is to be done.

  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Plan – the result of the plan shall be determined. This is necessary in order to know whether a correct alternative was chosen, whether or not the plan was correct, which phase was poorly implemented, and whether additional planning may be necessary. In addition, the effects of the executed plan on the other operations shall be determined. Follow-up is the control factor essential for effective command management.

    Virtually, every problem in law enforcement and public safety leads to a thorough and systematic analysis- the process of planning. This approach involves:

    1. The discovery or identification of the problem

    2. The frame of reference

    3. The isolation and classification of the problem

    4. The collection and analysis of pertinent facts, data and opinions.

    5. Developing alternative plans through identification and evaluation

    6. The selection of the most appropriate alternatives; and subsequently

    7. Selling the plan to persons concerned for the arrangement of its execution and evaluation of its effectiveness.

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