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Frame of Reference – this shall be based on a careful view of the matters relating to the situation for which plans are being developed. Opinions or ideas of persons who may speak with authority on the subject in view of the police commander, other government officials, and other professionals shall be considered.

  • Clarifying Problems – this calls for identification of the problem, understanding both its record and its possible solution. A situation must exist for which something must and can be done. For example, an area in a city or municipality is victimized by a series of robberies that may be reduced in the area, and that the pattern of operation, in general, is one by which the police can reduce them.

  • Collecting all Pertinent Facts – no attempt shall be made to develop a plan until all facts relating to it have been gathered. In the series of robberies, all cases on files shall be carefully reviewed to determine the modus operandi, suspects, types of victims, and matters, as availability, deployment, and the use of present personnel shall be gathered.

  • Analyzing the Facts – after all data have been gathered, a careful analysis and evaluation shall be made. This provides the basis from which a plan or plans are evolved. Only such facts as may have relevance shall be considered.

  • Developing Alternative Plans – in the initial phases of plan development, several alternative measures shall appear to be logically comparable to the needs of a situation. As the alternative measures shall appear to be logically comparable to the needs of a situation. As the alternative solutions are

    evaluated, one of the proposed plans shall usually prove more logical than the others.

    1. Selecting the Most Appropriate Alternative – a careful consideration of all facts usually leads to the selection of a best of alternative proposal.

    2. Selling the Plan – a plan, to be effectively carried out, must be accepted by persons concerned at the appropriate level of the plans development. For example, in a robbery case, the patrol division head may be preparing the plan. At the outset, the detective chief is concerned and shall be a need to involve the heads of personnel, records and communication unit, and all patrol officers.

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