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Needs Assessment – the process of diagnosing what is already has don’t have, applying the following ways:

  • Compare existing conditions with some basic values, such as the statement of the organization purpose.

  • Compare existing conditions with that of other similar organizations.

  • Compare existing conditions with long-term goals.

  • Goal and Objective Setting – the specific statement of agencies basic values or purposes, towards which the agency is working. It is sometimes called operational definition of agency’s values. It defines the value in measurable terms.

Once values and goals have been operationally defined, it is possible to asses needs in comparable terms and to determine the root cause for those needs.

  • Definition of Alternative Methods

Study the sources of alternative methods

  1. What worked in the past

  2. What other organization have done

  3. What the planner can imagine

Other alternative methods commonly adopted by patrol officers, like;

  1. Intensively patrol nightclubs and other drinking places by all forms of customers, especially during high accident frequency period.

  2. Equip all patrol units with field breathe analyzer kits, and train all officers in field sobriety testing and arrest techniques.

  3. Conduct a public education campaign on the dangers of the city police department strict enforcement policy.

  4. Ask the city council for an audience requiring club operators to limit the sale of alcohol on patrons during rush hours.

  5. Ask the city, University officials to change their policy, which forbids alcoholic beverage on campus and at school related events.

The more alternatives one can develop, the greater the likelihood, that the most effective, successful method will be chosen to meet the plans objective.

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