Dear Bellarmine student and parents

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Dear Bellarmine student and parents,

Because the writing process is so important, the English department has decided that it is important for both student and teacher that each student keep a record of all of the essay work which he completes in each English class. We are providing this binder as a vehicle for doing just that. Also, when students are assigned an essay, they can look over the strengths and weaknesses in their previous essays and then work to improve future essay work. Teachers also can use the binder as a resource for identifying areas on which a particular student needs to work.

At least twice a year, we will ask students to evaluate their progress in written form and to bring their binders to class to be looked over by their teachers. Keeping this binder up to date and intact will be a course requirement in each English course and will be factored into each student’s grade.

The Bellarmine English Department

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