Dawson Ad Essay

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Dawson Ad Essay
ENGL 1010
Advertisements are supposed to make you want to buy the product the company is selling by showing you something desirable. I chose AXE for the company doing the advertising. This advertisement is to have a persuasive effect on you so you will buy the product. The ad uses these appeals that make you want the product. The advertisement starts off very heavy

In music and in a very busy city like New York City. The narrator questions why you need a six pack when you got the nose. The narrator says this because he wants you to question why would you need to have all those desires when you can be yourself instead. Intending that the product AXE can make you desirable. The advertisement has a lot of focal points on the camera transitions. The camera zooms in more and focuses on the males in the advertisement. The audience consists of women and men but by the way the camera moves and who it focused on tells me that it is intended for a male audience. The pathos in the advertisement can be found within the music and the tone of the light. The song gets very upbeat and high tempo towards the middle of the advertisement which is the peak because it shows everyone partying and having a great time doing things they want to do. Again, through the advertisement there is repetition of why you need this when you got this. The narrator is trying to implement that into our brains that we should just be our own type of person. The narrator says be your own type of person but work on it, when he says work on it then show the product AXE and people using it to groom. The slogan is right above the axe and it says, “AXE GROOMING FOR MEN.” After it shows the product it then shows the product in action and people using it. At the end of the advertisement in very bold white letters it says, “FIND YOUR MAGIC” intending that we go buy this product so we can have this very energetic, happy, desired life. Logos was used very consistently in this advertisement. The narrator was the main part of the logos because he was giving reasoning behind why you shouldn’t care about those desires. Then pathos plays a major role behind the music and the way the people act during the advertisement. Since people seem happy and all of them are having fun not worrying about a single thing made me feel that the product must make you have happier life. The music really dug deep under emotion because the upbeat tempo of it made me want to get up and almost dance as if I was in the advertisement. AXE targeted the male audience with desire and that you could work on the desire yourself with their product. This advertisement had so much repetition but very persuasive repetition. As a consumer after watching that advertisement I think I would buy the product.

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