Date of birth : 16 th August 1952 city/country of birth

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NAME : Mohamed Nageeb Rashed

DATE OF BIRTH : 16 th August 1952


NATIONALITY : Egyptian Gender: Male

LANGUAGE : Arabic mother language

English very Good (reading, writing and talking)

French Good (reading, writing and talking).

1- Vice-Dean/Aswan Faculty of Science for Environmental Affaires.

2- Professor of Environmental and Analytical Chemistry

3- Director of Scientific Digital Laboratories, Aswan Faculty of Science. .

4- Director of Researches Marketing and University Services, Aswan Faculty of Science.
PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT: 1-Head/ Chemistry Department- Faculty of Science Aswan

2-Director environmental protection program at Nasser Lake

ADDRESS: Chemistry Department- Faculty of Science, Aswan

South Valley University, Egypt.

Telephone: (+20) 97 2317 674 Fax: (+20) 97 3480 449.

Mobile: (+20) 1222891322



Earned Degree School City Year of Degree

1-B.Sc.Chemistry Faculty of Science . Assiut 1975

2-M.Sc.Chemistry Faculty of Science. Aswan 1985

3-Ph.D.Environ.Anal.Chem. Faculty of Science. Quena 1989


Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Industrial chemistry, Ecotoxicology, Environmental Impact Assessment, Industrial Waste Recycling, Wastewater management.


1-Supervisor of several M.Sc.and Ph.D. thesis in the field of wastewater management,

pollution, analytical and environmental analytical chemistry.

2- Fifty scientific papers, two book chapters, and one book were published in national and

International journal and conferences.

3- Active and effective role in student activities.


1- Analytical chemistry (volumetric& Gravimetric Analysis).

2- Physical Chemistry. 3- General Chemistry.

4- Applied Chemistry. 5- Industrial Wastes and Recycling.

6-Industrial Chemistry

All for undergraduate student in faculties of Science, Education and Engineering and for post

graduate student (Faculty of Science) at Aswan, Egypt.

I-(Environmental Chemistry Researches):

1- Treatment of wastewater and industrial wastes.

2 Adsorption of heavy metals, toxic metals, organic pollutants using natural ores, dried plants and

solid wastes as well as its application for wastewater treatment.

3- Photocatalytic degradation of organic and inorganic pollutants in liquid wastes.

4-Speciation and distribution of trace and toxic metals in Nile and Nasser Lake mud,

sediments, aquatic plants, fish and water.

5-Environmental studies of bioavailable and toxic trace elements between city and desert


6- Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Monitoring of Lakes.

7- Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Monitoring of Rivers.

8- Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Monitoring wells.

9- Analytical Chemistry.
II-Environmental Researches and Projects:

1- Environmental Improvement and Public Health Preservation in Aswan Villages, Egypt

through environmental disposing of house wastewater of the village and it's use for

irrigation of forest trees.

2-Environmental protection program for Lake Nasser.

3-Cooperation with EEAA (Egypt) in the program (Mobark-Al Jour of Environmental tour

at Siena, Red Sea coastal and Upper Egypt) for the study of Environmental concepts for

the development of the High Dam Lake.

4-Treatment of wastewater from the Fish farms of the High Dam Lake Development

Authority, to prevent the lake pollution.

5-Cooperation with CEDARE (International NGO) for the environmental protection of

Nasser lake region and preparation of EIA for the projects in the lake area.

6-Environmental education and awareness for fishermen, farmers and mining workers at

Nasser lake area.

7-Preparation of the (20 years) plan for the protection of the environment in Nasser Lake.

8- Environmental Impact Assessment for the projects of the ministry of reconstruction.

9- The preservation of public health and environment improvement in Aswan Villages,

Egypt through collecting and recycling of house solid wastes collected from 1225 house

in the village .

10- Semester project "Sustainable Rural Infrastructure Management in the Lake Nasser Region- Upper Egypt” 2007/2008. Institute for Technologies in the Tropics, University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany.

11- "New Land, New Life" Project Adaptation to Climate Change West of the High Dam Lake,

Aswan, Egypt. IDRC Grant Number: 104270-012, Near East Foundation 2010.

III-Mining and Industrial Researches and Projects:

1-Studies on the suitability of kaolin ores for alum manufacture.

2-Geochemical study on talc and quartz in Shilman and Allaqi areas at Aswan.

3-Suitability of Aswan sand and quartz for glass manufacture.

4-Geochemical study on asbestos and graphite at the sides of the High Dam lake.

5-Geochemical and economic studies at Abo-maroa and Nosb El Zorrar areas for

classification of building materials.

6-Suitability of ground water at the east and west Nasser lake for drinking, agriculture and

industrial uses.

7-Study of the ground water with the group of Woodward-clyde ,USAand the High Dam Authority

in the program” Conduct of the earthquake activity and dam stability evaluations of the Aswan

High Dam”.

8-Study of gold ores at Allaqi mines. Cooperation work with the Egyptian geological survay,


1-Consultant of Environmental Science . CARE Egypt (NGO) 1990-97.

2-Head of working group Environ.Impact Assessment Nasser Lake Dev.Auth. 1995.

3-Member of Working group Environ.Impact Assessment Ministry of Building. 1995.

4-Director Nasser Lake Environ.Protection Program Nasser Lake Dev.Auth. 1989

5-Member of Organizing Committee of Conference” The sustainable

development of the lake Nasser” Nasser : Lake Development Authority,

Aswan, Egypt, 21-26 April 1995

6-Member of Organizing Committee of Workshop ”The role of the university

on development of Upper Egypt” Aswan Fac.Sci .,Aswan, 21-27 March 1997.

7-Environmental Science Consultant Egypt TV CH8 1993-98.

8-Consultant Environ.Work Egypt Ageda 21 Century EEAA 1995-98.

9-Lecturer of Environmental science programe for school students and

non-government organizer at Aswan . 1994-now

10-Consultant of Environmental Improvement and Public Health Preservation

in Aswan Villages, Egypt (Environmental Consultant of the project ). 1998-now

11- Consultant of the Environmental Projects of the Social Fund For

Development in Egypt (Government agencies). 1998-now

12-Consultant and environmental awareness lecture for farmers in Mubarc

National project, Egyptian Ministry of agricultural. 2002-now

13- Consultant of environmental impact assessments for new projects. 1995-now.

14- Referee in several environmental national and international journals.


1- Rapurature in the “International Conference on Urban Hydrology for

21st Century (ICUH 2002), 14 – 18 October, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 2002

2 –Organizer, Convener, Chairperson and speaker in the session “ Water

Pollution and Control in Developing Countries” In: 3ed World Water Forum,

Kyoto, Japan, 16-24 March 2003

3- Member of Scientific committee in the first international symposium on the

management of liquid and solid residues, April 26-27 2004, Morocco. 2004

4- Referee in the 4th World Water Congress in Morocco. 2004

5-Session Chair in The third International conference on Water Resources in Mediterranean Basin. Tripoli. Lebanon. 1-2 November 2006.

6- Session Chair in the national conference "Environmnet in Arabian Coutries" Jan.2011.

7-Member of Technical Program Committee in International Conference on Water Resources Management and Engineering (ICWRME2011) Zhengzhou, Aug, 12-14, 2011.


1- Topic Editor ( Environmental Chemistry) in Encyclopedia of Earth, USA.

2- Editor in Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology (JECE). Academic Journals.


3- Editor in Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences. Maxwell Science


4- Editor in Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology. Maxwell Science


5- Editor in Journal of Water Resource and Protection. Scientific Research Publishing Inc.

USA.(years 2009-2011)

6- Editor in Journal of Scientific Research and Essays (SRE). Academic Journals. UK.

7- Editor in Journal of World Environment. Scientific & Academic Publishing. USA


1-Polish Journal of Environmental Studies . Institute of Scientific Information in


2-Journal of Environmental and Experimental Botany, Elsevier publisher.

3-Chemical Engineering Journal. Elsevier publisher.

4-Clean Soil, Air, Water Journal, Wiley-VCH Verlag publisher, Denmark.

5-Journal of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, Elsevier publisher

6-Journal of Hazardous Materials. Elsevier publisher.

7-Journal of Environmental Management. Springer New York, USA

8-International J Chemosphere, Elsevier publisher

9-International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Taylor & Francis publisher

10-The Journals of Zhejiang University SCIENCE (A & B), China.

11- International Journal of Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, Taylor & Francis


12- Journal Environmental Research. Elsevier publisher.

13- Journal of Chemie der Erde Geochemistry. Elsevier publisher

14- African Journal of Aquatic Science. Southern African Society of Aquatic Scientists. Zambia.

15- Journal Acta Geologica Sinica- Elsevier publisher.

16- Arabian Journal of Chemistry. Elsevier publisher

17- Journal of environmental toxicology and pharmacology. Elsevier publisher

18-Asian Fisheries Science Journal, Asian Fisheries Society

19- Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. Springer publisher.

1-Egyptian Society of Analytical Chemistry.

2-By special invitation International member of American Association of Advancement of

Science for the year1994.

3- Member New York Academy of Sciences.1998

4-Included in Biography ”Who’s Who in the world” USA., 1999.

5- Included in Biography ”Who’s Who in America” USA., 2000.

6-Individual Developing Country Member in the Intern. Soild Waste Association , 2001.

7-International member in Asia Pacific Association of Hydrology and Water Resources

(APHW), 2003

8-Guest member in The World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWC),

Thailand, 2002.

9-Member in the Arab Healthy Water Association (AHWA). 2005

10- Member in Water supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council(WSSCC). 2006.

11-Individual member of International Water Association IWA, 2003.

12-Member of Egyptian society of Environmental Toxicology, 2005.

13- Member of International Society for Environmental Geotechnology (ISEG).
Membership of Nongovernmental Societies:

1-Member of Syndicate of Scientific Professions Council, Aswan Branch ,1994-1998.

2-Member of Staff Member Club of South Valley University at Aswan

3-Member of society of development and environment at Kima (NGO),Aswan

4-Member in Chemistry Branch of Egyptian Syndicet.of Scientific Professions.

5-General Secretary of Syndicate of Scientific Professions at Aswan.


1- The Egyptian National Award for Environmental Researches for the year 2001 from

Egyptian Academic of Science.

2-South Valley University Award for Scientific Publishing May 2012.

3- Fellowship to Roma-1 university for 4 months ( Sep-Dec.2004) from MED-REUNET II Support Programme (INCO-CT-2003-502453) Project for collection and evaluation of the scientific information available in the Mediterranean countries in wastewater reclamation and reuse, and perform researches in removal of organic pollutants (pesticides, pharmacological and dyes) from polluted water.

4- Fellowship to attend and participate in the 3ed World Water Forum, Kyoto, Japan, 2003

5- Fellowship to attend and participate EPCOWM’200 International Symposium on

Environmental Pollution Control and Waste Management, Tunis, Tunisia, 7-10 January


6-- Fellowship to attend and participate in the 17th World Congress of Soil Science,

Bangkok., Thailand , 14-21 August 2002.6- Fellowship to attend and participate in International Conference on Urban Hydrology for the 21st century(ICUH 2002), Lumpur, Malaysia, 14-16 October 2002.

7- Fellowship to attend and participate in Frontiers in urban water management:

Deadlock or hope? Symposium, Marseille, France, 18-20 June 2001

8- Fellowship to attend and participate in APHW2003 : First International Conference on

Hydrology and Water Resources in Asia Pacific Region, Kyoto, Japan, 13-15 March 2003

9- Golden messenger in Water Voice project at the 3ed World Water Forum, Japan 2003.

10-Crtificate from 4th World Water Congress, 2004 Morocco, for peer review for material

11- Certificate from Iran National Science Foundation for acted as a referee for the

proposal numbered. 90001912.

CONFERENCES (presentation with papers):

Inside Egypt:

1-3ed International Symposium on new trends in Chemistry, Cairo ,Egypt,1-7 January 1994.

2-National Conference of the River Nile,Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt, 21-24 October 1994

3-1st Intern.Conference”Environ.& Development in Africa”, Assiut, Egypt, October 1995.

4-Egyptian- German Conference on Medicinal Plants Assiut Univ. Assiut , Egypt, 27

November 1995.

5-Conference”The sustainable development of the lake Nasser” Nasser Lake Development

Authority , Aswan, - Egypt,21-26 April 1996.

6-4th International Symposium on new trends in Chemistry, Cairo,Egypt, 1-7 January 1997.

7-Symposium on protection of Biodiversity. EEAA & Faculty of Sci. Aswan, Egypt,1997.

8-Workshop”The role of the university on development of Upper Egypt” Aswan Univ.,

Aswan, 21-27 March1997.

9-1st National conference on marketing of university services ,Cairo University,

18-19 Marsh 1998.

10-Intern.Conference on Hazardous Waste , Cairo, 12-16 Dec.1998.

11-5th International Symposium on new trends in Chemistry, Cairo ,Egypt, 1-7

January 2000.

12-2nd Intern.Conference on Basic Science and Advanced Technology. Assiut University ,

Egypt November 5-8, 2000.

13.2nd Conference in Environmental toxicology. Beni Suif Egypt, 18-20 April 2006.

14- 3ed Conference in Environmental toxicology, Environmental pollution In the Arab World ( Causes, Effects and Control ). Ghardga, Egypt, 18-20 April 2007

16-Several another conferences and symposium inside Egypt.

Outside Egypt: ( visited 13 world countries)

1- Workshop ”Camels and dromedaries as dairy animals” Nouakchott, Mauritania,

24-26 October 1994.

2- 4th International Symposium on Environmental Geochemistry, Vail, Colorado , USA,

5-10 October 1997.

3- 2nd International conference ”Learning from the Past: Globalpaleoclimite change”

Yarmouk University, Jordan,18-21 May 1998.

4-III International Congress of the European Society for Soil Conservation,Valencia (Spain),

28 March-1 April 2000.

5-International Symposium “Frontiers in Urban Water Management :Deadlock or Hope?”,

Marseille, France 18-20 June 2001.

6- International Symposium on Environmental pollution control and waste management,

Tunis, 7-10 January 2002.

7-17th World Congress of Soil Science, 14-21 August 2002, Bangkok, Thailand.

8- International Conference on Urban Hydrology for 21st Century (ICUH 2002), 14 – 18

October 2002, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

9-3ed World Water Forum, 16-24 March 2003, Japan.

10-Symposium and meeting "Knowledge and Rights. The value of water”. March 18-20,

2004, Roma 1 University, Roma, Italy.

11- Med-Reunet II Support Programme Workshop, 12th and 13th May 2005, Agbar

Foundation Barcelona (Spain).

12- The third International conference on Water Resources in Mediterranean Basin. Tripoli. Lebanon. 1-2 November 2006

13- Taibah International Chemistry Conference-23-25 March, 2009, Taibah University- Al-

Madinah Al-Munawwarah, KSA

List of publications

A: Book Chapter

M.Nageeb Rashed .Cost Effective Adsorbed Materials For Industrial Wastewater Treatment.

In: Book: Industrial Waste: Environmental Impact, Disposal and Treatment. Editor John P. Samuelson. Nova Science Publishers, Inc.USA ( 2009).

M.Nageeb Rashed. Adsorption of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants on Low-Cost Activated Carbon Prepared From Agricultural and Industrial Wastes. In: Book: Ion exchange, adsorption and solvent extraction,(In publishing) Nova Science Publishers, Inc.USA ( 2012).

M.Nageeb Rashed. Editor for the book under the working title "Organic Pollutants –

Monitoring, Risk and Treatment", ISBN: 980-953-307-862-0. InTech - open science (2012)

B: International Reports

M.N.Rashed. Report (2004) : Added value knowledge report(AVKR 6). The collection and evaluation of the scientific information available in the Mediterranean countries in wastewater reclamation and reuse. Agbar Foundation, Spain, MED-REUNET II project (INCO - CT- 2003 – 502453. (Spain).
C: Papares

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