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Mr. Bailey's Alphabet Compendium Project

Grade 11
What is this project? You will work IN GROUPS OF 3 to create your interpretation of the novel “Indian Horse” in the form of the alphabet! Each letter will start a keyword that represents an important concept, message, environment or character within the novel. This is a RESEARCH based project so you will need to combine the material you have learned and taken from the novel with context and information that you will find through research.
How many letters/words do we need to have? You need to create an information page for all 26 letters of the alphabet! You can break this down by assigning each group member 8-9 different letters but you must make sure that the examples and information associated with each letter do not overlap.
What exactly do we need to do for each letter/word? Each letter will be associated with a key word that begins with that letter. You must write a short explanation on each page as to how the word is significant to the novel AND to aboriginal issues.
How do you want us to tie all of the words together?

You must provide a multi-paragraph essay (minimum 5 paragraphs – Intro paragraph, conclusion paragraph and a minimum of 3 body paragraphs) that works to tie in all of the concepts, ideas and research in your Alphabet Compendium. This essay must explain how the words you have chosen are significant to the NOVEL and ABORIGINAL ISSUES as well as how these words COHESIVELY work together and complement each other. All group members are expected to share the work in constructing this essay! For more information, see the “Alphabet Paragraph” rubric attached to this outline.
How long will we have to complete this project? You will be given 2 blocks in the library and 1 block in the classroom to help you work on and research this project. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY CLASS TIME YOU WILL BE GIVEN FOR THE PROJECT. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO FINISH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED IN CLASS AT HOME AND COMMUNICATE WELL WITH YOUR GROUP MEMBERS. BE PREPARED!!!!!!!!!
What format are we supposed to construct and present this in? You are allowed to present your alphabet compendium project in any format THAT IS NOT A POSTER. Examples can range from a series of webpages, to a video that has you acting out and explaining the different letters, to a Prezi, to even a humble book that follows the example “A for Assimilation”! The possibilities are endless! However, you need to check with me first when you have decided on a format so I can approve it! Remember, originality is key!


Will we be presenting? Yes! The presentation days are April 20th and April 22nd. You will only need to present on the three letters that your group has randomly selected. However, you must provide much deeper analyses for the words you are presenting on than what is inside your compendium.
How long do our presentations need to be? Your presentations must be between 10 minutes and 14 minutes long. Remember! You have 3 people in your group so each person only needs to do a minimum of 3-4 minutes of speaking EACH. You can divide your speaking time whichever way you choose but everyone should talk for at least part of the presentation.
Here is a list of everything that you must include in your project

  • You and your partners’ names, date and block number on a cover page along with a UNIQUE TITLE for your compendium

  • All 26 letters that should each have a separate page with:

1) A keyword that begins with the letter and represents an important concept, message, environment or character within the novel

2) A brief explanation as to how this word represents an important concept, message, environment or character within the novel

  • Your multi-paragraph essay

  • A MINIMUM of 2-3 sources other than the novel “Indian Horse”

  • A works cited page that contains all of the research sources that you have used in the construction of your project (books, websites, etc)

This portion of the assignment will be worth a total of 50 marks. Remember, there will also be an oral presentation worth 25 marks as well! Overall, the project is worth 75 marks!

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