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-2012 Mosaic Community Services, Inc

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1999-2012 Mosaic Community Services, Inc.

(mental health non-profit, was Dulaney Station Inc prior to a merger in 2004)

Board of Directors (2001 to 2012):

2001-2004 Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

2004-2005 Secretary of the Board

2004-2005 Chair, Committee on Directors

2005-2007 President of the Board

2008-2012 Development Committee Member

Volunteer activities (non Board):

2007-2009 Staff trainings, professional boundaries (3hrs, 4x per year)

2012-2014 Non-board member of Board Committee on Fundraising

Board of Directors (2014 – Present)

2014- Present Development Committee, Member

2016-Present Quality Assurance Committee, Chair

2000-Present Training Collective for Mental Health Staff Development on LGBT issues. Provide free staff development workshops on cultural competence in providing mental health and psychiatric rehabilitation services to lesbian, gay, bi and transgender people with mental illnesses, to community mental health agencies in Maryland, and other states.
2002-2013 Baltimore Neighborhoods Inc.

2002-2013: Fair Housing Tester

2006-2010: Board of Directors Member: Baltimore Neighborhoods Inc., & Chair,

2009-2010: Chair, Strategic Planning Committee
2004-2007 Volunteer: Gems of Hope (Gifts Empowering & Motivating Sisters), arts organization helping homeless and drug addicted women
2006-2008 Member: Cultural Competency Planning Committee, Mental Health Assn. of Maryland.
2013-Present Waverly Improvement Association, Board member (neighborhood association).

National Service
1999-Present Association for Women in Psychology

1997-1998 Annual Conference, Registration Committee Coordinator

1999-2002 National Implementation Collective (Board of Directors)

2001-2002 Annual Conference, Steering Committee Member

2005-2008 National Implementation Collective (Board of Directors)

2005-2008 National Spokesperson

2008-2015 Website Development Committee
1998-2001 Network for Multi-Cultural Training in Psychology, Inc., Membership Committee

1999-2002 International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (now USPRA)

Research Committee
1999-Present American Journal of Community Psychology: Reviewer
2000-Present Society for Community Research and Action (APA Division 27),

2000-2006 Chair, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues Committee

2012-2017 Co-Chair, Self-Help Research & Action Interest Group
2002-Present Psychiatric Services, Reviewer
2005-Present Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, Editorial Board (Consulting Editor)

2005-Present American Psychological Association

2006-2013 Div. 44 Science Committee, Student Research Awards Coordinator

2007-2009 Committee for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns
2006 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Mental Health Services, National Audio- conference sponsored by USPRA (broadcast to 43 sites)
2007-2015 National Alliance on Mental Illnesses, Multicultural Action Center, Member, NAMI National GLBT Leaders Group (advisors panel)
2008-Present Qualitative Health Research, Reviewer
2011, Jan/Feb National Institute of Mental Health Special Emphasis Panel /Scientific Review Group 2011/05 ZMH1 ERB‑B (04), Dissertation grant application reviews.
2013, Oct Reducing Internalized Stigma of Mental Illness: Mapping Future Directions

International working conference of internalized stigma researchers and interventionists.

Co-chaired conference planning committee and meeting, with Dr. Amy Drapalski
2014, June National Institute of Mental Health SERV grant review panel (ad hoc member)

Teaching & Mentoring Service

    1. University of Maryland College Park, Department of Psychology, Instructional Positions

1989-1995 Teaching Assistant: Psychology of Women, Cross Cultural Psychology, Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships, Intro. to Psychology, Introduction to Psychology from a Multi-Cultural Perspective (Co-creator): various semesters. Ave. 25 students, 1 classroom hour per week + preparation

1992, 1996 Instructor: Introduction to Clinical Psychology (Psyc. 436), Fall, 1992, 20 students; Summer, 1996, 50 students. 3 classroom hours per week + preparation

1994, 1995 Instructor: Introduction to Psychology (Psyc. 100), 160 students each semester,3 classroom hours per week + preparation + plus supervision of two student teaching assistants.

1997 Instructor: Psychology of Human Sexuality (Psyc. 332), 60 students, 3 hours classroom per week + preparation and individual feedback.

1995-1997 Advisor: University of Maryland College Park, School of Literature and Sciences Advise 5 Program. Provided academic advising and support to Literature and Sciences students.

1996-1997 Tutor: University of Maryland College Park, Athletics Dept. Academic Support Unit,

Provided tutoring, academic assessment, and advising to student-athletes.

1999 Research Mentor to J. Sembly, Ronald E. McNair Scholar from Coppin State University, 8 hrs / week, for School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry.
2000 Adjunct Instructor: University of Maryland Baltimore County, Department of Women’s Studies, Social Construction of LGBT Identities in the Social Sciences (WMST 390B)

27 students, 3 class room hours per week + preparation and individual feedback.

2003, 2004 Small Group Facilitator: Intimate Human Behaviors course, University of Maryland School of Medicine. Each course: 20 students each time, 9 class room hours over 3 days.
2003-2005 Research Mentor to M. Litovich, UMBC psychology doctoral student and University of Maryland Meyerhof Scholar, average 3 hrs per week
2004-2009 Research Mentor to C. Forbes, UMCP doctoral psychology student, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. Average 2 hrs per week.
2005 Research Mentor: Summer Research Training Programs, UM School of Medicine and School of Dentistry. Provided research experience and mentoring to a promising undergraduate students: 4 hrs per week
2005 Intern Support Group facilitator: UMB/VA Psychology Internship Program. (2hr / wk)
2005-2006 Masters Thesis Committee member to M. Litovich, UMBC psychology doctoral student:. Lesbian Affirming Therapy: Clients’ Experiences of their Therapeutic Relationships. average 1 hour per week.
2005-Present Seminar Instructor: University of Maryland / VAMHCS Psychology Internship Consortium. Various single session seminars to psychology interns, including: A Recovery Perspective on Mental Health Care, Working with Family Members of Adults with SMI, Mental Health Self Help, and Research Careers. Approximately 12 psychology interns and 2 classroom hours each.
2006-2011 Seminar Instructor: University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. Annual 4session PGY-2 seminar: Working with Families of Persons with Mental Illnesses. With L. Dixon and B. Stewart; approx 10 psychiatry residents and 6 class room hours each time.
2006-Present Clinical Supervisor: UMB/VA Psychology Internship Program, UM Adult Track: average 1.5 hr / wk
2006 – Present Research Mentor to one or two interns per year, UMB/VA Psychology Internship Program, UM Adult Track: average 1hr / wk / intern.
2006-2011 Professional Development Mentor: Special Assignments, School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. Professional development supervision (1 hr per week) to post-doctoral psychology fellows whose direct supervisor is not a licensed psychologist, so they can meet Maryland licensure requirements. G. Jaboin 2005- 2006, L. Anderson 2006- 2008, C. Calmes 2008-2009, A. Jones 2010-2011. Changed to
2007 – 2008 Research and Professional Development Mentor to D. Young, recipient of a “Research Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research” to the Family to Family R-01 grant (Dixon & Lucksted, Co-PIs) University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry.
2009 Seminar Instructor: Four session elective for psychiatry residents on Mental Health Self Help Resources and Research. University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. Six residents and 6 classroom hours.
2009-Present Dissertation Committee Member and Advisor for B. Sadauski, UMMS staff person and doctoral student, University of Maryland, School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. Clinician’s Influence on the Missed Appointment Rate in Outpatient Psychiatric Clinics: What Clinicians Think. Average 8 hr/mo.
2010-2013 Dissertation Committee Member for A. Greer, Fielding Graduate University, Department of Psychology. Recovery Orientation and Health Orientation in Individuals Diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Average 1 hr/mo.
2010-2015 Professional Development Facilitator: facilitate a monthly professional development group for VA and UM post-doctoral mental health fellows, through the VA VISN-5 MIRECC and UM Department of Psychiatry. (4-8 fellows, 2 seminar hours per month, plus 2 hours preparation per month)
2012-2013 Dissertation Committee Member for L. Woolard, doctoral student, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Department of Organizational Leadership. The Effect of Perceived Authentic Leadership on Cultural Competence When Mediated by Burnout and Organizational Culture in Healthcare Organizations. Average 2 hr/mo.
2013-2015 Dissertation Committee Member for K. Vogel, doctoral student, Widener University, Psychology Department. The Effects of a Psychoeducational Group on Self-Stigma of Mental Illness for Incarcerated Persons with Serious Mental Illness. Average 2 hr/mo.
2014-Present Dissertation Committee Member for C. Wilson, doctoral student, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Psychology Department. Feasibility of Psychosis Risk Assessment for Individuals Diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Cognitive Exploration of Item Interpretation of the Structured Interview for Psychosis-Risk Syndromes. Average 2 hr/mo.
2014,Summer Research Mentor to Danielle Himelfarb, University of Maryland Medical Student, Foundations of Research and Critical Thinking program
Grant Support: Active Grants
7/1/2015-6/30/2019 (Co-Investigator, 15%) PI: M. Bennett

VA RR&D Grant# 1I01RX001293-01A2

Improving Negative Symptoms and Community Engagement in Veterans with Schizophrenia

Total Direct Costs: ADD

10/01/2015– 0/01/2016 (Co-Investigator, 20%) PI: J. Kreyenbuhl

VA HSR&D Grant# I21 HX001652-01A1

Qualitative Study of Metabolic Effects of Medications for SMI in Female Veterans

Total Direct Costs: ADD
05/01/2014 – 04/31/2016 (Co-Investigator, 13% Y1, 5% Y2-4) PI: J. Aakre

VA Rehab R&D Small Project in Rehabilitation Research # 1I21RX001432-01

Reducing Internalized Stigma among Veterans with PTSD: A Pilot Trial

Total Direct Costs: $197,354

04/01/2012-12/31/2016   (Co-Investigator, 10% all years) PI: R. Goldberg

VA HSR&D Grant # IIR 11-276 (Merit)

A Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Trial of a Wellness Self-Management Program Total Direct Costs:  $ 1,014,429

Contracts: Active

Grant Support: Completed Grants
05/01/99 - 05/01/00 (Co-Investigator) PI: L. Dixon

“Pilot Study of Smoking Prevention & Protective Factors in People with SMI”

Intramural, DRIF Award

Total Direct Costs = $ 3,633

11/1/00-10/31/02 (Project Manager, 25%) PI: L. Dixon

“Evaluation of the NAMI Family to Family Education Program in Maryland”

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Total Direct Costs = $185,743

05/01/02-4/30/05 (Co-Investigator, 50%) PI: L. Dixon

“Do Practice Guidelines Reduce Smoking in Schizophrenia?”

NIH/NIDA 1RO1 DA14393-01A1

Annual Directs Costs = $422,024

Total Direct Costs = $1,069,572
07/01/02-06/01/05 (Co-Investigator, 20% ) PI: L. Dixon

“Does a CTI Improve Psychiatric Inpatient-Outpatient Outcomes?”

VA HSR&D VCR 02-166

Annual Directs Costs = $100,000

Total Direct Costs = $300,000
09/01/02 – 08/01/03 (Co-PI) PI: L. Dixon

“Participation in FFEP: Benefits, Change Processes, and Health Impacts”

Intramural: UMB Epidemiology Dept. Women’s Health Research Group

Total Direct Costs = $7,000

10/01/03 - 9/30/07 (Co-Director, Mental Health Research Core) PI: D. Wilson

“Comprehensive Center for Health Disparities Research, Training, and Outreach.”

NIMH P-60 NIH1 P60 MD 00532-01

Total Direct for MH Core = $399,999

Annual Direct Costs for MH Core = $80,000
10/1/04-07/31/10 (Co-PI, 25%) PI: L. Dixon

“A Randomized Trial of Family to Family Education”

NIH / NIMH R01MH072667

Annual Direct Costs: $308,081

Total Direct Costs = $1,489,053
01/01/07-12/31/09 (PI )

“Internalized Stigma Pilot”

VA VISN-5 MIRECC Research Pilot

Total Direct Costs = $56,534

3/28/07-3/27/10 (Co-Investigator, 4%) PI: R. Goldberg

“Optimizing Chronic Illness Self-Management for Individuals with Shizophrenia”

NIH / NIMH R34MH078168

Annual Direct Costs: $141,211

Total Direct Costs = $423,586
04/01/07-12/31/09 (PI, 30%)

“Consumer Perspectives on Family Involvement in Care”

NIH / NIMH R21MH078032

Annual Direct Costs: $121,198

Total Direct Costs = $243,564
07/01/07-6/30/10 (Qualitative Director, 25%) PI: L. Dixon

“The Effectiveness of FMPO in Improving the QOC for Persons with SMI”

VA HSR & D IIR-04-255-3

Annual Direct Costs: $299,869

Total Direct Costs = $879,092

1/17/12-11/30/13 (Co-Investigator) PI: Lindsey

Targeted Intervention to Increase Mental Health Treatment Among Depressed Black Adolescents

NIMH 1R21 MH093568-01A1

Total Direct Costs: $236,160
12/1/2010-12/31/2014 (+ one year no-cost extension to 12/31/2015)

(Primary Investigator, 25% all years)

NIMH 1 R01 MH090036-01

Ending Self Stigma: Randomized Trail to Reduce Internalized Stigma among People with Serious Mental Illnesses.

Total Direct Costs: $835,829
1/1/2011-6/30/2015 (Co-Investigator, 15% all years) PI: A. Drapalski

HSR&D Merit Award I01 HX000279-01A2

Reducing Internalized Stigma in People with Serious Mental Illness

Total Direct Costs: $297,803

Contracts: Completed

3/1/2015 – 6/1/2015 (Primary Investigator) Contract with the Mental Health Association of Maryland

Survey and Interview Evaluation of Real-Life Usage of of Mental Health First Aid Training

Total Direct Costs: $20,000

3/1/2014 – 6/1/2014 (Primary Investigator) Contract with the Mental Health Association of Maryland

Pre-Post Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Mental Health First Aid Training

Total Direct Costs: $20,000
7/1/11-12/31/13 (Co-Investigator) PI: S. Essock, L. Dixon

Recovery After an Initial Schizophrenia Episode – Impact Evaluation Study


Total Direct Costs: $852,612

09/29/08 – 12/31/10 (Co-Investigator, 20%) PI: H. Goldman

“Evaluation of Mental Health First Aid – United States”

SAMHSA 08M000148

Annual Direct Costs: $78.572

Total Direct Costs: $157,144
03/16/05-02/28/06 (PI, 10 %)

“Pilot Evaluation of the NAMI Peer to Peer Program”

Contract with the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

Total direct costs = $12,291

Alicia Lucksted NCBI Bibliography link:
1. Lucksted, A. & Coursey, R. D., (1995). Consumer perceptions of pressure and force in psychiatric treatments. Psychiatric Services (formerly Hospital and Community Psychiatry), 46, 146-152.

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5. Coursey, R.D., Curtis, L., Marsh, D. T., Campbell, J., Harding, C., Spaniol, L., Lucksted, A., McKenna, J., Kelley, M., Paulson, R., & Zahniser, J. (Spring, 2000) Part 2: Competencies for direct service staff who work with adults with severe mental illnesses: Specific knowledge, attitudes, skills, and bibliography. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 23(4), 378-392.

6. Dixon, L., Weiden, P., Delahanty, J., Goldberg, R., Postrado, L., Lucksted, A., Lehman, A. (2000). Prevalence and correlates of diabetes in national schizophrenia samples, Schizophrenia Bulletin, 26(4):903-912.

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