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Fr. Clemens Pilar has given me his permission to post his article on Homoeopathy* on my web site and he also sent me thirteen other articles on New Age authored by him. One can also read them on my site. He is an authority, one of the more prolific Catholic writers in German, on New Age.


I have also amassed preponderous evidence against Homoeopathy which is shown up to be an esoteric, occult, New Age quack remedy that satisfies enough of the conditions for something to be declared as New Age or “alternative medicine” as laid out in the Vatican Document on the New Age of February 3, 2003. These evidences are presented by me in my five [till now] articles and reports






But, most strangely, Fr. Rufus Pereira appears to contradict his earlier openly-declared position.

Erika Gibello, a pharmacologist by academic training and learning and a well-known international Catholic retreat preacher and seminar speaker in charismatic circles as well as in theological and intellectual circles in the Catholic Church, the author of a book in German on New Age, not yet translated into English, is an outspoken critic of Homoeopathy. Being a trained pharmacologist who keeps herself updated by close interaction with eminent Catholic ministries all across Europe, AS WELL AS a knowledgeable Catholic who is faithful to the teachings of Rome, she should know!


Recall that Fr. Rufus Pereira is the PRESIDENT of the International Association for Deliverance [IAD] and VICE-PRESIDENT of the Association of Exorcists International [AIE], see page 108.
Erika Gibello’s article on Homoeopathy is included in my own compiled work “HOMOEOPATHY AN UNSCIENTIFIC NEW AGE FRAUD”, and she and I have discussed the pros and cons of Homoeopathy for years in our exchanges of letters. I reproduce here her article in full along with some letters in case the reader is inclined to agree with Fr. Rufus Pereira that Homoeopathy is a benign ‘medicine’.
HOMOEOPATHY by Erika Gibello, 2003

Dr Samuel (Christian Friedrich) Hahnemann was born in Meissen, Germany on 11th April 1755. He studied medicine in Leipzig and later was practicing in Vienna, where he received his medical doctorate. He recognized the limitation of the medical treatments of his time that were based on the classical theory of “Contraria Contraris "(healing Opposites by Opposites). He tirelessly denounced prevalent therapeutic methods.

Whilst translating a medical treatise by Dr. Cullen, defending the Peruvian bark (Quinin) in the treatment of Malaria, he rejected Dr. Cullen's theory. He propounded his own theory: "Peruvian bark, which is used for fever acts because it can produce similar symptoms to those of fever in healthy people." With this statement he formulated his new medical law: "Similia Similibus Curentur" (Like cures like.)

Right from the onset of his medical carrier he made enemies in the medical establishment. He had a small crowd of student-supporters, mainly because he recommended hygiene, correct diet and cleanliness in the day-to-day living. All were new concepts in his days.

There are two steps in the medical treatment that he recommended:

1) the doctor should know what the effects of the administered drug would have on a healthy person.

2) one should treat the disease with a remedy, which will cause a similar disease in the person, and the former will be healed.

He further propounded the medication of "pure" drugs rather then mixtures. When applying pure substances he encountered side effects. To avoid these he started to dilute these substances with neutral medias by shaking or rubbing.

He wrote several books of which the "Organon of Medicine" is the most important. In it he clarifies his position vis à vis the medical establishment. "The medical properties of those material substances which we call medicines relate only to their energy to call out alterations in the well-being of animal life. This conceptual principle of life attributes their medicinal health altering influence."

It is therefore clear from Hahnemann's writing that it is the energy released during the process of "potencization", (diluting and shaking/rubbing) and not the inherent medicinal properties of the substance used as the "medicine" that effects the cure.

He writes that it is not the sickness he wishes to cure, but "spiritum vitae" of man. He attributes to the pure substances some "inner medical power" that in turn will affect the "spiritual life" in the patient, and hence heal him/her.

"Homoeopathy does not treat diseases, but human beings suffering from diseases. The whole human being, spirit/soul and body, is here the center of attention".

We deal here with an apparent "energy-transfer". Apparently by shaking the substance with a neutral dilution (water/milk/ sugar/alcohol) the inert energy of the substance is released and affects the spirit in man, by restoring its balance. The imbalance is what causes sickness. For the correct choice of substance one has to observe not only the symptoms of the sickness, but also the whole personality of the patient. How is this supposing to work? Hahnemann himself gives the answer. "As this natural law manifests itself in every pure experiment it matters little what may be the scientific explanation of how it takes place."

Science is totally disregarded by homoeopaths till now!

In his book the "Organon of Medicine" he discusses potencization: "The homoeopathic system of medicine develops for its special use, to a hitherto unheard of degree, the inner medicinal powers of the crude substances by means of a process peculiar to it and which hitherto has never been tried, whereby only they all become immeasurably and penetratingly officious and remedial, even those that in the crude state give no evidence of the slightest medicinal power on the human body. This remarkable change in the qualities of natural bodies develops the latent, hitherto unperceived, as if slumbering, hidden dynamic powers which influence the life-principle……………


This is effected by mechanical action upon their smallest particles by means of shaking and rubbing and through the addition of an indifferent substance, dry or fluid. This process is called dynamizing, potencizing…….."

How is this carried out?

To prepare a medicine of one potency on the centesimal scale, one part of the drug is diluted with 99 parts of the diluents vehicle, an inert or known non-medical substance, usually sugar, milk or rectified spirit. Thereafter, and it is a must, the drug is mixed through rubbing or shaking for about an hour. The resultant total has one potency.

Out of the above 100 parts of potency one, one part is taken and mixed with another 99 parts of diluent. After rubbing or shaking for one-hour potency two is produced. And so on, till potencies of 30, 200, 1000, 10000,100000 are achieved.

Hahnemann declared: "the greater the potencization, the greater was the power of the medicine in curing the symptoms homeopathically indicated."

By the third potency, the degree of dilution is one-millionth. It is difficult to imagine how much of the original drug is still to be found in such high dilution of 10.000 or higher potencies.

This fact makes it abundantly clear that we have to turn for an answer to the so called "Universal" energy question that carries the whole homoeopathic medical system.

Hahnemann lived in times of great social and spiritual changes. He was born not 40 years before the French Revolution. The age of "enlightenment" was unfolding, scientific experiences were on its way to replace medieval medical assumption, based on various worldviews. For the first time oriental philosophy could be read.

The idea of a Universal Energy as the permeating, life giving factor caught the imagination of many.

The idea that created materials are held together by this energy triggered the imagination of Hahnemann. He assumed that by shaking one could release the power, and that power, being a spiritual farce could then alter the "Spiritum Vitae" in man. First he thought in terms of "strengthening the immune body" to help the patient to heal him/herself faster. Already in the second edition of the ''Organon" he corrected this idea and the released energy changes the symptoms itself. Hence great attention is given to diagnose the symptoms. Dowsing (pendulum) and an astrological chart maybe used for that purpose.

If there is a healing effect found with homoeopathy it has till today no scientific explanation. Medical research has not found any confirmation of this theory of energy release and transfer, and it is assumed that self healing, which is naturally given in nature, and a placebo effect are causing a psychological condition in the patient that furthers the healing. Serious sickness cannot be healed. For example pneumonia, leprosy etc.

Furthermore the near ritualistic application of the medicine causes the trusting patient to relax and be open for healing.

What the "energy" concerns we have to discern the difference between Created energy and the Live-Giving energy, the Holy Spirit. Created energy holds the universe together. Created energy cannot be released from the atom by shaking or rubbing, as is well known in our century. People like Einstein, Heisenberg, Planck, and others who worked in this field discovered the mathematical equations for the materialization of energy and vice versa.

Life-giving energy is none other then the Holy Spirit. As believing Christians we know that only the Holy Spirit can transform our human spirit. The Holy Spirit cannot be "caught" out of the air (see Rei-ki or Pranic healing) nor can He be invoked. The only way is via the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ through Him we can repent and be forgiven which changes our spirit. (Credo of the Catholic Church)

Hahnemann was influenced by the philosophy of Confucius that propounds the balancing of energy for a happy and healthy life. He called Jesus an arch-romantic and preferred to meet his master, Confucius in the after life.

He also adhered to Swedenborgian believers of the spiritist sect in the 17 century in Sweden. He claimed to be inspired by God (obviously not Jesus Christ, since he rejected him). Furthermore there is sufficient evidence that he joined in his youth the Freemasons. This personal data of Hahnemann should be a guideline for Christians to make a correct decision concerning homoeopathic treatment.

The introduction of the use of universal energy for healing purpose puts homoeopathy on the same level as many alternative medicines and healing methods of the New Age, as explained in the recently released Vatican Document on that subject (3 February, 2003).

Universal energy, Ki, Chi, Prana, Bio-energy, Vital force are a few of the names given to it in the various New Age healing methods. I Corinthians 2:14, I Corinthians 6:12, Leviticus 20:6, Deuteronomy 18:10 ff.
From: erikagibello To: Sent: Monday, November 24, 2003 2:24 AM

Subject: Re: Fw: Letter to Fr. Rufus regarding Seminar on Deliverance

Even HOMEOPATHY belongs to this category [New Age], as it deals with "shaking" it out or breaking the substance to release the universal energy to affect not the sickness, but the spiritum vitae (the soul) in man. (even if Hahnemann had no idea about the immune body and he meant this rather then the soul in man), the fact is that we cannot by shaking and diluting the substances (or medicines) release any inert or universal energy. All what is achieved is the loss of any acting substance, to the point that there is no chemical substance left in the "medication", which then is working, if at all anything, is the PLACEBO effect.

From: erikagibello To: Sent: Friday May 06 2005 3:47 AM

Subject: Re: Please could you send me your pages on homeopathy and acupuncture?

See attachment: My write-up on HOMEOPATHY

Erika Gibello has used some of my research on Martial Arts, etc. in her book. 124.

In January 2007, Erika Gibello wrote this letter to a seminarian who then came to learn about my ministry, shared the following with me, and remains in contact with me ever since:

Homoeopathy - Erika Gibello

Dear name withheld,

There can be a lot said in respect of the Neo-Hindu religious movements.

Concerning Yoga, I have sent you some notes in response to Michael [Prabhu]’s articles and web site just now.

Now Homoeopathy was invented by the German Hahnemann at the end of the 18th century, a time in Europe of tremendous changes (French Revolution, Mathematics, Science) - leaving behind magical thinking. Hahnemann had the idea that the energies of the substances (not just herbs, but bones and stones and metals etc) will when being broken up give up their energy and hence he started to dilute them by shaking and adding water or alcohol.

The more diluted is supposed to be more energy free, which in turn should strengthen the sick person's ability to heal themselves (what we call today Immune system). This idea of the energy exchange and balance come from the Chinese traditional way of thinking and was put together by Lao-tze in his [Taoist] philosophy.

It is a mythological way of interpreting nature and our surrounding and rests in the last instance in a dualistic approach of observing nature: Light/dark, male/female, hard/soft etc. All natural observations which were explained with energies or lack of energy. God the Creator does not play any part in the Chinese [Taoist] philosophy. It is mostly concerned with healthy and happy living conditions.

Now, what energies concern: We know today two forms of energy: The Personal: The Holy Spirit of God and the impersonal created energies: Atom energy, Gravity, Magnetism. Neither the first nor the latter can be gained through shaking.

Coming back to Hahnemann and his Homoeopathy: The medications he prescribes are in three categories: Lower potencies, medium and high potencies. Each is reached by dilution in the form of shaking (or rubbing) when he formed globolis- this means in Latin small ball or pill.

The lower potencies can carry dangers, as Homoeopathy uses heavy metals at times, which are forbidden in modern medicine, the medium range has some medical success, which is mostly attributed to the placebo effect. It works on children, animals and allergic patients- all easy subject to placebo influence, as they are depending on the parents or carer. Many allergies are rooted in a psychological state of insecurity (often generational) and hence can be "cured" psychologically with a placebo. Additionally much of the application is strictly regulated in ever so small doses, which has nearly a "liturgical effect".

What I am saying is this:

Medically seen there is no effect as there is no substance or chemical in the medicine which could work in or on the body! What is working: most likely a placebo effect. The Homoeopath will never permit modern tests and scientific experiment (the same application with the same results) All homeopathy medicines are individually produced (originally they are meant to be for this one person only in his/her circumstances). This is not fully valid in modern times, also the diagnostic methods using often modern clinical methods of testing. Especially in the big pharmaceutical companies, never the less the actual medications have next to no chemicals.

There has been a research by a French Doctor in the 1960s and he assumed that the water molecules get imprinted by the substance which it dilutes! Well he was excluded by the French Medical Association. Recently an Australian claims this "discovery" for himself. In Australia are not the same strict medical circumstances legally as in Europe, so he got away with his theories, which are nonsense to any scientific informed person!

What is working: We do not know. If there are "energies" they are not of scientific nature and you can think about certain "elemental spirits of the universe", but before coming to extreme conclusions let's look what these medications have as spiritual "fruits", to speak in biblical terms. Health and well- being are not necessarily the highest criteria, but to observe what happens in time. Dependency forming attributes!

Now read St Pauls I Corinthians 6:12... "I will not be dominated by anything": and before we conclude that maybe evil spirits are working we can see a "natural" inclination dependency to the point of refusing, even in emergency cases like pneumonia, modern, well attested pharmaceutica are refused, which can lead to death (so it cannot be in the will of God).

I have a story in India about this and also same story in Brazil, where I could save people by immediately telling them to take antibiotics, and leave homoeopathy. Both were saved from a certain death.

I am a qualified pharmacist, with a fully qualified studium in Homoeopathy. This is the law in Austria. So I am not talking from hear-say or prejudice, but from knowledge and later experience in the healing ministry.

With this dependency a form of anxiety enters people’s lives: fears are not of God and you might or might not take Homeopathy, but if in a ministry for Jesus, watch your steps that you do not get slowed down by anxieties.

My view is simple, forgetting completely anything about evil spirits or evil influences: Homeopathy has  only success in the medium range of potencies, as there are some traces of substances still present which can influence the body, the lower potencies should avoided in case heavy metal was added, the D33 and after potencies do not contain anything but water or alcohol with water and cannot harm the body (nor help either) what helps is the "faith in this form of medications, especially modern man thinks that the traditional school medicine is "too strong", the pill too strong etc, and those globulis are so small. What is most disturbing for me in the whole homoeopathic story is the enormous amount of monies which are made with a lie. 125.

Erika Gibello is also an expert on New Religious Movements [NRMs] and knowledgeable on “Neo-Hindu religious movements”. She has lived in Bombay [Mumbai] and has ministered all over India.

She maintains that Homoeopathy is unscientific and based on Taoistic thought and also leaves open the possibility that it is occult/New Age, which however she confirmed as being so in her official write-up, see pages 123, 124 when she wrote that the alleged “vital force” of Homoeopathy is the same as the universal energy, Ki, Chi, Prana, Bio-energy, which are the names of the operative forces in Reiki, Pranic healing, acupuncture, Kundalini yoga, biofeedback, etc.

Now, Fr. Rufus Pereira is a recognized authority on Healing, Inner Healing, Deliverance, Exorcism, etc. and his authority has the sanction of the Church which recognizes it as coming from God.

No Catholic in his right mind would dispute Fr. Rufus Pereira‘s teachings or pronouncements or experience or authority in these areas. I believe that Fr. Rufus Pereira must accord the same dignity to the teachings, pronouncements, experience and authority in the areas in which Erika Gibello exerts both expertise and competence, especially since she often joins him to form a team for ministry and is also the secretary to two prominent Vatican-approved organizations of which he is the head.
Below is a letter I had written to Erika four years ago, expressing the same concerns as I do now:

From: prabhu To: erikagibello Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 11:48 AM Subject: PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY, ERIKA

Dearest Erika,

In the CHARISINDIA of this month, March 2007*, Father Rufus gave a testimony in which he mentioned about someone whom he delivered from the bondage of an "infamous diabolical cult" leader of an NRM. He also mentioned about a lady - an expert on NRMs - who was accompanying him and who advised him to make the sign of the cross three times, and pray from outside of the door of the room where the young man had locked himself in. I suppose that the lady is your good self.

It is very, very sad that Fr. Rufus does not NAME the cult or the cult leader. He does not NAME the NRM.

He never names anything, ever except the Hindu deities & Bharatanatyam in Appendix 2 of Francis MacNutt's book’s earlier edition - and even that Appendix has been now cleverly removed by someone. I wonder who?

No one wants to hurt anyone, or especially get hurt themselves. Everyone is bothered about personal safety, the Bishops and other things. I do understand the virtue of prudence, but all this confuses me. Certainly I do not think of personal safety. My trust is in the Lord, and the battle is His. *See page 139

How would the Acts of the Apostles have taken place if this fear psychosis had been there then?

I suppose that even if Fr. Rufus had named the evils, CHARISINDIA would not have published them!!

Just take a look at the latest issue of STREAMS OF LIVING WATER, Kolkata. It has a fantastic article identifying the evils of secular counseling, Jungian psychology, transpersonal psychology, etc. In EVERY SINGLE ISSUE, they name the evils of the New Age movement. They too are afraid, they tell me, afraid of their superiors and Bishops who are not happy... but they have courage and a prophetic spirit.

Any day, I prefer to read STREAMS. CHARISINDIA may give me just 25% of what I need, compared to STREAMS' 100%.

Fr. Rufus has SO MUCH OF KNOWLEDGE OF THESE THINGS. He is old. He will be gone from us and all that first-hand experiential knowledge will be gone forever. The Indian Church is the sad and terrible loser.

When Fr. Rufus gave that testimony, what was he trying to say? We all know the great power of our God. But most of us do not know our enemy, who he comes as, what New Age form or NR movement he takes. That is what people like Fr. Rufus and CHARISINDIA must identify to us, which they failed to do.

The information could have helped many who need to know.

In every issue of CHARISINDIA, Fr. Rufus writes two pages. It surely must be taking him a long time to write. He writes for The Examiner too. But even though I am in a singular battle, he never finds the time to even acknowledge with one line, as an encouragement to me. For his golden jubilee, I sent him a special email well in advance, and a lovely personally selected card was posted to him by Angela and me. Yet, in one article of his which I read, he acknowledged the golden jubilee greeting to him of some important person from abroad.

I hope that I am not being sensitive. I was just thinking of all of this when I read those articles, and I thought I could share with you because you are close to both Fr. Rufus and me.

You know the bad situation here. Several State governments and the Central government are planning to make SURYA NAMASKAR and YOGA compulsory in all educational institutions. I have almost completed a report to help "enlighten" the bishops as to the real significance of these practices.

I don't suppose that I will get any support from anyone else in the CCR in India, all of whom are busy with their safe and popular ministries. Thanks for letting me talk to you. Love, Michael

From: erikagibello To: Cc: erikagibello Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 7:09 AM


Dear Michael, I am sure you are right in every word you say.

I myself have not been afraid to speak out and will send you my article on Yoga… I will word it such a way that it is clearer what the error in it for a Christian is.


Now to dear Fr. Rufus. He told me that he was not happy with his [CHARISINDIA] article... He is very prudent by nature. Then additionally Indians are more fearful then we Western people, then he is getting older... all excuses.

I myself told him off when he told his story of praying silently for a man who had terrible headache flying to Sai Baba's birthday. That headache disappeared instantly. The man had it since he has been worshipping Sai Baba.

He was an Italian. Now when Fr. Rufus tells this story he does not mention that the guru that this man was afflicted by is Sai Baba! It made me always very angry and I have told him many times.

Now this last story [Charisindia March 2007*] is of a man who, when doing his postgraduate studies [overseas] fell into the hands of [the name of the NRM/cult]. […] Some cults kill, this one makes lengthy court cases and persecutes people they do not like. I write all this in my book hence I am suffering many, many attacks from the enemy himself… *Page 139
Erika Gibello does not fear retribution or the opinion of others when stating the truth FOR THE SPIRITUAL GOOD OF OTHERS. Neither do I. Placing the truth before fellow Catholics while “exposing the fruitless works of darkness” [Ephesians 5:11] is the ‘banner’ of this ministry.

I have been threatened with dire consequences on a number of occasions in person, on the phone, by email and on the letter-heads of Catholic -- and even one CBCI -- institution.

Apart from threats, I have had to face ostracism even in the Charismatic Renewal which my wife and I served in Delhi for almost a decade from June 1982. On May 16, 2010, I attended a prayer meeting of the Living Waters prayer group that meets at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, one of two pre-existing Delhi groups that we had helped revive when we kicked off anew in the 80’s.

Although Angela and I were there for three full hours, our presence was not even acknowledged by the leader of the group who conducted the proceedings. We left with heavy hearts in the flesh, but naturally, but rejoicing to have been rejected because of the Kingdom. The reason for the rejection? It is always unsaid, unspoken, but it always has to do with this ministry, almost as if it were ANTI-Catholic or something like that; and the rejection is from fellow-Catholics, usually fellow-charismatics.

Persecution and rejection are two sides of the same coin that prophetic ministries can be expected to receive this side of the Jordan. I remember Jesus said that it would be a sign of genuineness.

Having taken all this in my stride as only what is expected when I answered God’s call on me, it beats me as to why eminent preachers who should know better don’t see it that way too.
The article below is the example that I was talking about earlier, which records that Fr. Rufus Pereira himself uses Homoeopathy. It is this article that made me take the painful decision that this was the time to critique Fr. Rufus Pereira, a good priest whom I greatly respect, for what I perceive as his silence and compromise on the issues of deliverance testimonies, etc.

If Leela D’Souza can use the name of Fr. Rufus Pereira on the Internet to defend her practice and use of Homoeopathy, and record his disagreement on Homoeopathy with Erika Gibello’s position which is also the mind of a number of expert and informed Catholics including priests with whom Fr. Rufus ministers, I am obliged to do the same to defend the Truth.

Homeopathy and Soul – IIIB – Jesus, the Spiritual Similimum by Dr. Leela D’Souza December 15, 2005 EXTRACT

Spiritual healing

Fr. Rufus Pereira** is from Mumbai. He is the President of the "International Association for Exorcists” and is the Vice President of the “International Association for Deliverance". He is one of the most respected Catholic Priests in the Ministry of Healing in the Catholic Church worldwide. Yet he is a simple and humble priest who has served millions of people from all over the world through his prayers for their healing and deliverance.

Here is an insight from him on Spiritual Healing in the Catholic Church quoted from his article "Prayer for Healing**".

I had attended between the years 1993-1995, two "Inner Healing Retreats" conducted by Fr. Rufus and his team. One was for Christian doctors and nurses of the Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai; the second was along with my husband. An interesting anecdote occurred during the second retreat, when I met a Christian woman from Europe***. She was one of the speakers at the retreat. With a background in Pharmacology, she denounced homeopathy in no uncertain terms due to the "evil" effect it had on a friend of hers. She likened the effect on her friend, who was taking repeated doses of a homeopathic remedy for a few months, to a demonic possession of sorts! She said angrily, that he had become a completely changed person with no control over his emotions and all his physical symptoms were worse – "...can any reliable system of healing change a person so deeply from within? It is not to be trusted! I suggest you seriously consider whether you should be a homeopath or not."

I tried to explain to her the "Doctrine of Drug-Proving", but she refused to be convinced. I discussed her opinion with Fr. Rufus Pereira. But he said that they had a difference of opinion here and he couldn’t see why she was so antagonistic to homeopathy. Whenever he had taken a homeopathic remedy, he was relieved instantly, with no evil effects! I called him on the phone in Mumbai a week prior to writing this article and he confirmed that his difference of opinion with her on homeopathy remains. He sees nothing evil in it. 127.

Spiritual Healing Case 1 (Healing of Demonic Possession)

Here is one of Fr. Rufus’ Healing Cases that appeared in the "Charisindia" magazine: Vol. V, Issue 1, January 2006.

Fr. Rufus Pereira is Editor of this wonderful Christian Magazine.

These are excerpts quoted from the article:

A young lady looking more like a girl accompanied by her mother in law, carrying her baby, had come for the healing service…..Since there was a big crowd and a long queue of people waiting, I simply began to pray for her without asking any details. But no sooner I had touched her head ever so lightly, that she was hurled to the ground with a great force. The three strapping young men on the team and myself had to pin her down and hold her firmly as the "evil one?" manifested itself with unexpected ferocity and with incredible hatred in the eyes. […not understandable…] She was invited to an "Inner Healing Retreat" where she could receive spiritual guidance in an atmosphere of contemplative prayer.  At the beginning of the retreat, during the initial prayer and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament itself, as she knelt in adoration in the presence of the love and power of Jesus, she felt something or some "entity" deep within her leaving her, almost jumping out of her. This was obviously the "evil spirit" leaving. Later when I laid my hands on her for prayer, she felt something entering into her – obviously the Holy Spirit. Right at the beginning of the retreat itself this young lady was delivered!….(When I laid hands over her at this point, there was no violent manifestation as there was the first time, and then she explained to me what had happened).

And then as I prayed for her … "it" began to disclose unwittingly, without being specifically asked, … a much needed information. "It" told me that the young woman while a student used to come to see "him" everyday during the lunch break in search of "peace" and "he" had entered her…. When the lady did come back into consciousness, she was totally unaware of what happened to her. I asked her a few pertinent questions which corroborated the braggings of the 'evil one'. Her mother had died when she was 12 and she felt very lonely. Instead of being with friends in school, she used to visit a so-called 'holy person' and sit in his presence, look  worshipfully at him right through the 'darshan', and he would give her something to eat or drink after talking to her, it was then that some "evil force" entered her….

We were thus able to ascertain the external cause (an evil influence) and the internal opening (the psychological trauma) of what seemed to be at first only a physical sickness -her recurrent headaches.

The rest of the retreat was to help her understand how she could avoid something like this happening again in her life, by helping her to discover the root cause of her emotional crisis and consequent demonic incursion. That root cause was the grief due to the death of her mother. One’s greatest psychological disturbance is often the loss of someone who has loved us very much and whom we have loved very much too. But it is often the circumstances surrounding the tragedy that make it more painful and agonizing that the even itself. First, her mother died in her teens, when a girl needs her mother the most. Secondly, she did not die in a natural way. She was murdered violently. Thirdly, she was murdered by her own alcoholic father in a drunken rage. Fourthly, she was murdered right in front of the young girl’s eyes! Fifthly, he was now in jail and she was without even a father. Is that all? Not yet. Sixthly, she loved both her parents very much and needed them both, but the most painful thing was that she was forced to choose between them – a heart rending decision for a child to make – leading her into emotional chaos.

During the retreat, she was not only able discover all this, but she was able to deal with it by accepting these wounds with praise to God. She was able to forgive her parent and others for the hurts they caused her and then she renounced her opening herself to the evil one instead of to the Holy One. She left the retreat with a cheerful smile on her face reflecting the exuberant joy in her heart from the salvation and peace of the Lord. It is only then, can one say that her healing and deliverance was complete and total with the new and abundant life that was now hers in Jesus’ Name." END OF EXTRACT

**The two links Fr. Rufus Pereira and Prayer for Healing are to the HolySpiritInteractive site.

***This "Christian woman from Europe" speaking at the retreat alongside Fr. Rufus Pereira is Erika Gibello.

Several things struck me about this portion of Dr. Leela D’Souza’s article on Homoeopathy.

Dr. Leela was obviously trying to justify her being a practising homoeopathic “doctor”.

She does not reveal the name of the speaker -- Erika Gibello -- who co-preached the retreat.

Erika must have said much, much more than what Dr. Leela D’Souza has quoted her as saying.

Dr. Leela D’Souza carefully avoids including any information about that.

Fr. Rufus Pereira is projected as an expert on the spiritual problems in the use of Homoeopathy.

Erika Gibello IS an expert on pharmacology, New Age, NRMs AND is also in Catholic ministry.

Fr. Rufus Pereira does not give one reason, good or otherwise as to why he sees “nothing evil” in Homoeopathy except that “he was relieved instantly, with no evil effects”.

That’s not good enough, Fr. Rufus. Erika explained the “placebo effect”. Other than that, there are several reasons why you might have been “relieved instantly”, but this is not the place for me to go into details. It will be helpful to you if you look up my web site and spend some time going through the voluminous information that has been collated from various CATHOLIC sources.

And, while you are at it, you might want to reflect on why Homoeopathy was included by Rome in a DOCUMENT ON THE NEW AGE which is a SPIRITUAL THREAT to Christians!!!!! If it weren’t, it wouldn’t be there, would it, along with other New Age stuff from acupuncture to yoga?

It is apparent that Dr. Leela D’Souza was selective, hearing only what she so badly wanted to hear -- that Homoeopathy is safe -- and so assuage her conscience. 128.

In Dr. Leela D’Souza’s article, in Spiritual Healing Case 2 (Healing of Physical Disease) she quotes a case from the ministry files of Andrew Wommack whom she describes to us as is an evangelical/ Pentecostal – but VERY down to earth! I find his understanding of Biblical Spiritual healing truly inspired.

In doing this, Dr. Leela D’Souza has erred. She has shown that she has little knowledge about either the Word of God or of Catholic apologetics. Almost any “evangelical/ Pentecostal” teaching or Scripture interpretation is never the same as that of the Catholic Church WHICH ALONE gives the correct interpretation of the Bible. I sincerely hope that Leela is attending the series of Catholic apologist Steve Ray’s talks and seminars currently on at different locations in her city, Mumbai.

Andrew Wommack is a preacher of the Word-Faith Theology kind. Wommack, like Kenneth Hagin and others emphasise a prosperity gospel* over all other things and teach that it is God’s will for all to be healed and to be wealthy. They preach faith in faith as opposed to Faith in God and a complete surrender to His Holy Will. So if something is wrong with one and one is not healed or is lacking in prosperity, it is NOT because God willed it or allowed it to be that way but because one did not pray correctly or with the ‘right’ attitude.

History shows that such preaching has benefited the Pentecostal ministers and their “churches” more than their subjects, if you get what I mean.




On TBN & "Miracle Channel" by Fr. Fio Mascarenhas SJ;

"Healing Your Faith vs. Faith Healing" by Mother Angelica, EWTN
Such interpretation of Scripture has destroyed the lives of many Christians who could not live up to these false expectations. If Dr. Leela D’Souza is using Wommack’s teaching to “help further my understanding of spiritual healing”, Catholics had better watch out.

One can see that she uses Andrew Wommack and Fr. Rufus Pereira to her own advantage.

Here’s what Andrew Wommack teaches according to Dr. Leela D’Souza: AN EXTRACT

Failure (by the Church – Leela) to present this truth properly has caused many people to disbelieve it’s always God’s will to heal because according to their thinking, the sick person would have to be bad or evil in some way; yet they know there are many godly people who are sick and die.
Not all sickness is caused by something we do. Regardless of the reason, however, there is always something we can do about it. We can believe God, and He will heal ALL our diseases (Ex. 15:26, Ps. 103:3).5:15). Prayer doesn’t save the sick; the prayer of faith saves the sick….. …I went over to pray for Niki the following afternoon. I didn’t know how bad she was. I just knew she had been in pain for over four years and was really hurting. Niki’s faith and the faith of her parents had been redirected, and they were ready to believe for a healing NOW!

If it is God’s will to heal all our diseases, why isn’t everyone healed? That’s a simple question with a complex answer.

The bottom line is faith. The prayer of faith saves the sick (James THE SENTENCE ENDS ABRUPTLY- Michael

The above extract bears me out. Our “believing” faith is superimposed on God’s will, and thus every “believer” can attain healing and prosperity. This is HERESY!

Dr. Leela D’Souza quotes Wommack as saying that the Church has failed to present the truth about healing [and prosperity]. The words in brackets “(by the Church – Leela)” are hers and not Andrew Wommack’s. Does she infer that Fr. Rufus Pereira does not preach the truth properly? She has made it clear that she has decided that anyway about Erika Gibello. Though Dr. Leela D’Souza went to great lengths to establish the credentials of Fr. Rufus Pereira, she carefully avoided adding that the “Christian woman from Europe”, is Erika Gibello, who is secretary of the very same organizations.

Despite her eagerness to provide endorsements for the complementability of Homeopathy with the Christian faith, Dr. Leela D’Souza has messed up her careless Scripture references, [highlighted by me], showing that her Christian knowledge is superficial or minimal or both.

By the way, the words that the reader sees in bold black in the above extract are emphases existing in the matter on Dr. Leela D’Souza’s site. To summarise from there, according to Dr. Leela D’Souza, whatever the case or condition may be, if one has faith, if one believes, God has no alternative but to heal! If one is NOT healed, one is lacking in faith. 129.

Nowhere in Dr. Leela D’Souza’s three cited cases of “Spiritual Healing” did she give an instance of anyone who has been healed immediately by Homoeopathic remedies in support of Fr. Rufus’ claim.

Leela D'Souza is a Bombay-based homeopathic professional whose experience includes intensive medical training in one of India's leading homeopathic medical institutions. Her private practice in homeopathic healing spans a decade and a half.
The reason that I am constrained to include the Fr. Rufus Pereira link-up in Dr. Leela D’Souza’s article in this report -- which is basically on Liturgical Dancing and Bharatanatyam -- is because we had started to examine how silence and compromise were affecting Catholics by not giving them information and warning about New Age and the dangerous spiritual effects of Catholics’ dabbling in the spirituality of religions like Hinduism, especially since I am writing in the context of India.

Silence and compromise are already enough of a bane in the many independent charismatic ministries as well as ecclesiastical circles of the Indian church. But when eminent preachers like Fr. Rufus Pereira go public in holding to error and influencing others to follow suit, I must intervene.
Below is a comment from a reader of Dr. Leela D’Souza’s article and Dr. Leela D’Souza’s response.

Dear Leela, I’ve just read your article: Jesus, the Spiritual Similimum. I am so grateful to have found your perspective.

I have been under the care of a homeopath for a number of months and am so intrigued that I’ve considered studying to become a homeopath. But, as a Christian, I’ve been concerned that this energetic medicine might cross into the realm of spirit and studying it would lead me into tinkering with forces by means other than God’s Word and power. I was relieved to hear of your relationship with The Holy Spirit and that you believe spiritual healing is superior but complementary to homeopathy. Your article was posted 5 years ago.

Do you still recommend the study of homeopathy? Thank-you, Patricia Boutan, October 19, 2010

Hi Patricia,

I would certainly recommend that you study homeopathy. Since I wrote this article, I have completed my MD for hospital practice in homeopathy, and an M. Sc. for research in Homeopathy as well. So I haven’t lost any trust in the capacity of homeopathy to heal and complement spiritual healing.

I would caution however, that you focus on studying Homeopathy as outlined in the ORGANON OF MEDICINE, further developed by masters such as Boenninghausen, Boger, Kent, Clarke. These are authentic and time-tested methods of homeopathic practice. Exploring newer ideas that have become more fashionable to day (!) requires a good and solid foundation or one can get sidetracked from true homeopathic healing.
All the best! Leela October 19, 2010

Dear Fr. Rufus Pereira, Patricia Boutan is at least ONE soul that has taken up Homoeopathy because of the sanction that you gave for it to Dr. Leela D’Souza.

What was Patricia afraid of? The very same occult, New Age tinkering with forces” and “energetic medicine” or “vital force” that Fr. Clemens Pilar COp and Erika Gibello and dozens of other Catholic experts describe as being the pre-suppositions for Homoeopathic “healing” and also which the Vatican Document on the New Age warns about.

Patricia Boutan is wrong when she concludes that Dr. Leela D’Souza is convincing that “spiritual healing is superior but complementary to homeopathy”. Dr. Leela D’Souza might “believe” that or have tried to establish it as fact, but has nowhere done so.

When Dr. Leela D’Souza says, “Exploring newer ideas that have become more fashionable to day requires a good and solid foundation or one can get sidetracked from true homeopathic healing”, she is warning Boutan that much of modern Homoeopathy is New Age [as if traditional Homoeopathy is not!].

In the above write-up, Dr. Leela D’Souza gives links to six of her articles.

Homeopathy and Soul – I – In the Beginning

Homeopathy from the Heart: A Spiritual Perspective

Homeopathy and Soul – II – The Homeopathic Process and Christian Philosophy

Homeopathy and Soul – IIIA – Cure of Disease in Homeopathy

Similimum in Life

From Local to Similimum

I am confident that if I check them out, I will find New Age, but since that is not the purpose of this article, I move on.

But I am not finished.

I suspected that Dr. Leela D’Souza is the same person who writes as Dr. Leela Francisco. She is. Check out

She is Leela D'Souza-Francisco MD (Hom). Why is that relevant? 130.

Shortly after my 38-page study of Homoeopathy was made public through its distribution at Fr. Rufus Pereira’s seminar in Kaloor, February 2004, see page 117, a full page article titled "How can anyone condemn Homeopathy" appeared in The New Leader of June 1-15, 2004. Authored by one Dr. Leela Francisco, a leading homoeopath, it was a defense of Homoeopathy making direct point by point rebuttals to issues that had been raised by me in my article, although she made no mention of addressing my article. Since my article was based on the inclusion of Homoeopathy in the list in the Vatican Document on the New Age, Dr. Leela Francisco’s article was a rebuttal not only of my article but also of the Vatican Document on the New Age.

Strange that a Catholic magazine like The New Leader permitted itself to be used as a forum for the defense of an alternative medicine like Homoeopathy.

My detailed correspondence with the editor of The New Leader, Fr. M. A. Joe Antony SJ on this issue, the article written by Dr. Leela Francisco as well as my own rejoinder -- which was not accepted for publication by the editor -- to her defense of Homoeopathy are available at my web site. The related links are serial nos. 1 and 5, see page 122.

From the information that I copied from some pages of Dr. Leela D’Souza’s site, one can see that she does indeed subscribe to Samuel Hahnemann’s New Age doctrine of the “Vital Force”.

Her partner in Hpathy, their “World’s No. 1 Homoeopathy e-magazine” also writes about it:
Organon & Philosophy
Hpathy Ezine, December, 2005 Dec 15, 2005 EXTRACT:

2. In Search of the Vital Force - David Little, In Search of the Vital Force

1. Homeopathy and Soul - Dr. Leela D'Souza

To read a view that addresses this aspect from a general background, I request readers to refer to David Little’s article "In Search of the Vital Force"…Let’s see how Hahnemann sought to explain this phenomenon. To explain his concepts and observations, Hahnemann had to coin a number of new terms. One of the main terms he coined was "Vital Force" or "Life Principle". In Aphorism 9 of the Organon, he describes this energy prevalent in every living being, as the "spiritual vital force" that animated the living organism…

Homeopathy and Soul – I – In the Beginning by Dr. Leela D'Souza December 15, 2005

Last April '04, a Catholic friend who’d been taking homeopathy for over 15 years and whom I’d helped with homeopathic remedies, came over and 'dumped' her stock of remedies on me. "Use them as best you can!" said she, after being informed by some religious person that homeopathic medicines contained 'occult forces'. She explained, "I don’t want to take anything that’s wrong by standards of Christian morality, and I don’t intend continuing with a system of healing that dabbles in the occult!" This shocked me. Obviously, I too did not want to subject anyone whom I loved to anything that could jeopardize his or her faith and relationship with God.

This episode happened at a particularly traumatic time and made me question whether I was to practise homeopathy at all! Thus began an investigation into why my Catholic friend came to such a drastic conclusion and how I could help her and others like her. The ensuing soul-searching quest has led to a life-giving experience of understanding more clearly my own faith vis-à-vis homeopathy, and especially how the spiritual understanding of healing in the Bible (that I experienced, internalized and lived since childhood) blended so beautifully with what I learned as a homeopath. Let me trace out the trajectory of my soul-searching exercise.

First, I clarified why my friend decided to do what she did. She handed me some pamphlets denouncing 'homeopathy' and Hahnemann (including his religious views) in strong terms. The pamphlets’ denouncement was apparently based on views of "The Pontifical Council for Culture and the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue" (Vatican, Rome), which had issued a document on the 'New Age Movement' entitled "Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life".

I procured and read through this Vatican Document in detail. Moreover, I also asked a priest friend to scrutinize it carefully for me. We concluded that this Document only alluded to homeopathy as being “potentially dangerous” (not occult).

I fully endorsed this view since homeopathy can be potentially dangerous if the basic principles of practice enunciated in the Organon and The Chronic Diseases are not faithfully followed. (Note that I will be elaborating this aspect further in subsequent articles from the perspective of Christian philosophy that has developed clear perspectives of dialogue between different religions, faiths, and the sciences ever since the time of the Vatican Council II in the mid-1960s).

Someone dumping their stock of Homeopathic remedies on Dr. Leela D’Souza in April 2004 was the direct result of my February 2004 38-page article exposing Homeopathy, mentioned above.

[Is the “priest friend” who scrutinized the Document Fr. Rufus or Fr. Joe Antony?] It was only after that that she wrote her piece in defense of Homeopathy in The New Leader. Through The New Leader as well as Hpathy e-magazine, Fr. Rufus Pereira‘s wrong guidance has apparently influenced many more Catholics to continue with or take up Homeopathy which is known to be New Age. 131.

There seems to be some confusion on whether Dr. Leela D’Souza-Francisco is the same person as Dr. Leela Francisco. I say that because whereas the former is from Mumbai according to her site and articles, there is this mention in Holy Spirit Interactive [HSI] of the latter as living in Chennai:

"Monday, December 11, 2006 Discipleship Program, San Thome, Chennai

Some of the people who were instrumental in putting the Discipleship Program together were Leela Francisco, who not only opened her heart to this servant of God, but also her home."

Fr. Rufus Pereira whom the former Leela consulted lives in Mumbai while The New Leader in which the latter Leela wrote is a Chennai-based publication.

Still both, the former as well as the latter are homeopaths, both consult a priest and both have big problems with the Christian denouncement of Homoeopathy as New Age! Strange!!

Since the HSI information came in late, I attempted to verify the matter.

I used the Reply link to send the following letter from Angela to the Mumbai Leela Francisco:

Sent: January 15, 2011, 9:10 pm / January 16, 2011, 6:36 am from a second email id. EDITED

Hi, Leela,

I read this* with great interest. I met Fr. Rufus in Delhi around 25 years ago. *her consultation of Fr. Rufus Pereira

I did not know that he too uses homeopathy. I used to use those remedies for my asthma and eczema. I too came to know that it is a spiritual healing. A few years ago I saw an explanation on homeopathy by another Dr. Leela in a Catholic magazine, the New Leader which comes from Chennai in T.N.

If you are the same Dr. Leela, could you please post a copy of that information if you have it with you? Would you want me to give you my postal address? Thanks. [Two email addresses were provided by me for direct correspondence.]
Meanwhile, I did a Google search for “leela francisco chennai” and this is what I came up with: Dr. Leela Francisco

36, S2, Krishna Kuthir, 5th Avenue, Chennai TN, 600090 Tel: 4463191

36, S2 Krishna Kuthir, 5th Avenue Chennai TN 600090 IN**

LEELA: EBook Online -

24 Nov 2010 ... Authored by one Dr. Leela Francisco, a leading Chennai homoeopath, it appears to

be a defense of homoeopathy in direct reference to points . ... [When opened, the file does not give any further info. about Leela]

It is confirmed that Dr. Leela Francisco has a Chennai address. She is one and the same as Dr. Leela D’Souza-Francisco. Aneel Aranha, the founder and leader of a supposedly-Catholic discipleship ministry***, web site, blog and e-newsletter, Holy Spirit Interactive, stays at her home in Chennai and has published several of her articles on his site****, and even roots like her for Homoeopathy:

Friday, February 09, 2007 Homeopathy and the Occult

HTS writes: I would be so pleased if you could tell me if all forms of Homeopathy are of the occult. What about the medication "Glucosamine sulphate" taken for sore joints.
HSI: From what we understand about the subject, homeopathic treatment for the most part is a legitimate, if unorthodox, form of treatment. We invite readers to comment. [Aneel Aranha]

***One may find Pentecostal and Protestant-supplied information in Aneel Aranha’s blogs and e-newsletters

****Fr. Rufus Pereira is a regular contributor to Holy Spirit Interactive.

So, both Fr. Rufus Pereira as well as Dr. Leela D’Souza-Francisco are linked in with Holy Spirit Interactive whose founder-owner Aneel Aranha, like them, advocates the use of Homoeopathy.

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