Dance in the Liturgy

Like his mentor ex-priest

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Like his mentor ex-priest Francis Barboza SVD, Raul D’Souza has also apparently married a Hindu.

Our priests repeatedly claim that they are using this “art form” to preach the Good News of Jesus.

The evidence indicates that just the opposite is happening. A Catholic cannot but be affected to a lesser or greater extent by dabbling in yoga and other eastern meditations, Bharatanatyam, etc.

On pages 107 ff., I will provide some testimonies to back my statement.
Items 1. and 2. reveal Jesuit influences. Item no. 3. indicts a Vincentian congregation priest

2. Aswati Sreedhar - the rising star of Powai by K. Gopinath, Mumbai July 1, 2004

Aswati Sreedhar staged her Bharatanatyam Arangetram with a sublime performance at the Convocation Hall in IIT Powai, Mumbai, in the evening of Sunday, 07 March 2004 … Earlier, at a brief interval, the Chief Guest Rev. Fr. George Athaide, Principal of Powai's St. Xavier’s High School & Junior College, who had witnessed Aswati blossoming from a child into a flowering artiste at the school, complimented Aswati… 

The Bharatanatyam recital is structured like a great temple. You enter through the gopuram or outer hall of alarippu. The first piece prepares you to cross into the ardhamandapam or halfway hall of jatiswaram.  Melody is added to rhythm to reach the great hall, the mandapam of shabdam. In response to the dance, you enter the holy precinct of the deity in the varnam, the heart of the temple.

Dancing to the padam is akin to the juncture when the cascading lights of worship are withdrawn and the drumbeats die down to the simple and solemn chanting of sacred verses in the closeness of god. The tillana breaks into movement like the final burning of camphor accompanied by a measure of din and bustle. In conclusion, the devotee takes to her heart the god she has so far glorified outside; and the dancer completes the traditional order by dancing to a simple devotional verse. 

3. Interview - Rev. Fr. Vincent Chirackamanavalan VC by Sreeni K.R August 12, 2008 EXTRACT 91.

Fr. Vincent Chirackamanavalan VC joined as Principal, De Paul English Medium Higher Secondary School, Choondal, Thrissur, Kerala, in May 2004.

Sreeni K.R: What are the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities you are conducting at your school? How successfully do you implement it in your school?
Fr. Vincent Chirackamanavalan VC: We give special coaching in music, dance, karate and yoga.

Kumari Meena Sreenarayanan, a 10th class student of this school secured 'A' grade in Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi and Bharathanatyam in the State Kalolsavam in January 2008.


In the preceding pages, we have seen umpteen examples of this. There were plenty more that I did not copy here.

A photograph [below right] of the type that has become commonplace - performance of dance during Holy Mass, performance of dance by priests and performances in the holy sanctuary. It was taken in St. Joseph’s Church, Tutzing, Germany, and the dance troupe is the NBCLC’s Nrityavani.


I could not find out if the man in the centre is a priest or a lay person, but how much difference does it really make when one stops to digest the extent and gravity of these serious aberrations?
2. Dancing Indian Nun Puts Estonians Through Their Paces - Estonia EXTRACT

As another long, dark winter enshrouds the northernmost of the Baltic states, a band of girls gathers in a convent in Tallinn, not to share the warmth of communal prayer but to study the art of bodily expression with a dancing nun from India.

TALLINN (AFP) - Sister Crescenzia, 37, originally from Calicut in the south Indian state of Kerala, has been giving Indian dance lessons at the convent since her arrival in Estonia four years ago.

In September, the Sister's youthful dance troupe gave a performance to mark the ordination of French-born Philippe Jourdan as the first Catholic bishop since World War II in this overwhelmingly Lutheran country. And how did the good bishop feel about this rather spicy dance drama?

"Indian dances tell a story with the body," Sister Crescenzia explained. "I think it is very positive that the convent offers these girls the possibility to learn Indian dance," [the Bishop] said. "I liked their dancing, it was rather exotic."
This is probably the Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church where Fr. Biju John is the pastor

3. London Malayalees Celebrated Xmas at Arnos Grove 2006 - London EXTRACT

The Christmas Celebrations for the Syro Malabar faithful in London began with Solemn Holy Christmas Celebrations ("Thirupiraviyude Karmangal") on 24th December, the Christmas eve at 8.00 pm at Arnos grove. Variety Cultural programs like Bharatnatyam, Mimicry, Carol Songs, "Anthahshari" were performed by Children at the Parish Hall. A Christmas dinner was arranged by the Parish committee for the faithful and hundreds of people participated

Miss Carol Thomas and Miss Raina Victor Performing Bharatnatyam on the 24th of December 2006 during the Christmas Party at Arnos Grove.
4. Indian Catholic Community, Vienna - Austria EXTRACT

Kairali Nikethan School, established in 1993 under the guidance of Chaplain, Indian Catholic community Vienna, to promote the linguistic heritage and Indian dances which illuminate and express India's culture in a direct manner to our Malayalee children living in Vienna. School offers Malayalam classes, Indian classical dance courses and modern dance courses to keep our younger generation abreast of our mother tongue, tradition and culture.

Classes meet every Saturday from 13.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs. For Indian classical dance we have 31 students in 4 classes.

5. The Trichy link - Leicestershire, U. K. EXTRACT

Some of the most entertaining things to happen within the Link have been the visits to Leicestershire by two Indian dance groups with links to Trichy.

Kalai Karvari [sic] are a dance group based in Trichy and they visited in 2006, working with St Paul’s Secondary School in Leicester and then performing at the Methodist Church in Oadby. 92.

Nrityavani … are becoming good friends having spent two visits with us. They are based in Bangalore, but are linked to Kalai Karvari and their choreographer, Virgine Jesica, comes from Trichy. During their last visit in 2007 they … also danced during Mass at Sacred Heart Church, Leicester. They are charged by the Bishop’s Conference in South India to use dance to explore how liturgy can be more meaningful and relevant in Indian society. They also challenge cultural prejudices, often having Jesus portrayed in dance by a female dancer… Anglican Canon Michael Rusk
6. Nrityavani at St. Augustine’s High School – U. K. EXTRACT

The male dancer of Nrityavani is Father H. Raj who was ordained to the priesthood in 2005.

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