Dance in the Liturgy

Q. How did you get interested in Carnatic classical music

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Q. How did you get interested in Carnatic classical music? Was that before you joined in seminary or afterwards?

A. It happened after I joined the seminary... In the first year of seminary life a Carnatic musician named Sodharan Bhaagavathar came to teach us the basic of Carnatic music. That’s how I became curious to know more about Carnatic music.

Q. It must be a time when Carnatic music was unacceptable to the Kerala Christian community. So how was the response from your family and the church administration, when you started music classes?

A. …It was after the 2nd Vatican Sunnahadose that the Catholic Church decided to involve with the native culture and music. It was also the time when Catholic Church agreed with the presence of God in other religions. As for me, I wasn’t aware of such historical or theological background of Carnatic music … at that time. I somehow got attracted to Carnatic music… I think this is a great encouragement from my church to let me learn Carnatic music for such a long time. …According to the Indian mythology, an art form is a way to moksha. It’s a path to the spirituality.

Q. How important are the lyrics in Carnatic music? Are there any students or teachers who sing with understanding the lyrics?

A. Hindustani music is a royal or court music system. But Carnatic music is a temple based music system. It is full of bhakthi and the lyrics are really important in Carnatic music because of the narration of Gods.
8. Indian takes on Christ's life by Kundur Sathya Narayanan January 29, 2007

Thrissur: A choreography based on a famous poem** on Christ's life, was staged in Thrissur. What's new is that Christ's life was depicted by blending elements of Mohiniattam and Bharatnatyam in the musical… Father Paul Poovathingal says, "It has been my long standing dream to fuse traditional Indian dance with the X'ian faith."

…Music critic Professor George S Paul says, "It was a great performance. We had been waiting for such a fusion of Indian art and the Christian faith." Twenty centuries after Christianity came to India, this is perhaps one of the best examples of Indian art form merging with the Christian faith. **of Johann Ernst Hanxleden, Arnos Pathiri
9. Five out of fifteen "Indian classical dance" or "traditional Indian dance" [see above] or "Indian art form" [see above] pictures from the photo gallery of Prof. George S. Paul, Thrissur


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