Dance 2 & 4 Final Exam Study Guide

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Dance 2 & 4 Final Exam Study Guide
Use your notes, memory, and knowledge to find and write the answers. Write your answers on your own notebook paper!

1. Label the 5 BALLET POSITIONS:

a. b. c.

d. e.

2. Answer the following questions about BALLET HISTORY:

a. In what country did ballet first become popular?

b. Which King helped popularize ballet?

c. For what reason were point and turn-out used?

d. In what year was the Academy of Dance established?

e. For what reason were stiff upper body positions and turn-out created?
3. Answer the following questions about JAZZ HISTORY:

a. Who choreographed West Side Story?

b. Who was the “father of American jazz dance?”

c. From where did jazz dance come?

d. Who was the only black man allowed to dance professionally before the Civil War?

e. Name the 2 musicals that were first to use jazz dance?

f. List the types of jazz dance.

g. What is the difference between a jazz pirouette and a ballet pirouette?

h. List the characteristics shared between African dance and jazz dance.
4. Identify the following MODERN DANCE PIONEERS using the key words given:

a. Chance dances b. Props, rubber bands

c. Contractions d. Natural movements, theatrical elements

e. Death by scarf f. Oriental art, school with husband

g. Fall and recovery h. Male dancer, school with wife

i. A building j. Blank page review

k. Dances on roofs l. African-American choreographer
5. Answer the following questions about MODERN DANCE:

a. Name the dance company that uses interesting lifts.

b. Name the company/school that Ted Shawn and Ruth St. Denis started.

c. Why did modern dance originally get started?

d. When did modern dance get started?

e. When & why did postmodern get started?

f. What is “music visualization”?

g. What are the major differences between ballet & modern dance?

h. What 2 words sum up today’s modern dance?
6. How can improvisation be used in the choreographic process?
7. List 2 or 3 facts about each of the dancers of the week.
Desmond Richardson Alvin Ailey George Balanchine

Judith Jamison Robert Joffrey Martha Graham

Mia Michaels Jack Cole Gene Kelly

Bob Fosse Agnes deMille Merce Cunningham

Isadora Duncan Suzanne Farrell Susan Stroman

Ted Shawn & Ruth St. Denis

13. Define the following basic choreography terms:
Aesthetic Unison Phrase Improvisation

Transition Energy Dynamics Facing

Rhythm Theme High point Musicality

Formation Focus Flexibility Performance

Sequence Rehearsal Choreograph Choreographer

Tempo Critique Upstage Downstage

Center stage Stage Right Stage Left Repertoire/repertory

Kinesthetic Awareness Pedestrian movement

14. Define the following Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance terms (also, be able to do them):
Arabesque Chassé Pas de chat Port de bras

Demi plié Relevé Passé Hitch kick

Balancé Grand jeté Tendu Piqué

Developpé Degagé Coupé Pas de bouree

Pirouette Reverence Jazz square Hinge

Isolations Contraction Layout Tabletop

Flat Back Opposition Tilt Duplet Triplet Front fall Side fall Back fall Swings
12. There will be a short essay section on the test in which you will have to choose one question to answer in essay form. These questions may deal with anything we’ve done in class (including your dancers of the week) and will test your writing ability, your dance knowledge, and your ability to make connections between this class and others.

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