D. A. R. American history essay contest all grade 5, 6, 7, and 8th grade students

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November 21, 2012


All grade 5, 6, 7, and 8th grade students

Number of Words: Grade 6-8 - 600-1000 words
(All words count. Title page and bibliography excluded. Dates count as one word.)


Essay is to be handwritten in ink, typed, or prepared on a computer or word processor, using black type in a non-script font no smaller than 12 point or larger than 14 point.
All of the essay must be the student’s work. Each essay
must be the student’s original work. Each essay must have a title page.

The Title page must contain:

Contestant’s full name and address, Street, RR, P.O. Box, City, State and Zip Code.

Contestant’s telephone number with area code and e-mail address if available.

Name of contestant’s school with grade level indicated.

Name of sponsoring DAR Chapter (Delaware County).

Number of words in the essay.

Bibliography Guidelines

Your essay must have a bibliography listing all references utilized. Internet resources, if used, should be cited in similar format to that used for printed resources. Add the electronic address used to access the document as supplementary information. Any essay with information copied directly from sources without using quotes will be disqualified.

2012-13 Contest Topic

Focus on the often unrecognized people and groups, including African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, and others who provided military, patriotic, and public service in support of the American Revolution. Describe a particular person or group and how they supported the cause for American Independence. Explain why it is especially important to honor the unsung heroes and often forgotten patriots.

Title of Essay (to appear on the title page): "Forgotten Patriots Who Supported the American Struggle for Independence"
One essay at each grade level is selected as the chapter winner and forwarded to the state American History chairman for state competition.

All Essays Must Be Submitted to NSDARby December 21, 2012

(essays must be turned into your Language Arts teacher by Tuesday, December 18, 2012)

(over )

On-line Resources

  • Wikipedia: http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutionary_War
    See section on Black Americans, Native Americans, and French

Reading Resources

  • Marquette, Scott. America at War: Revolutionary War. Rourke Publishing. Vero Beach, FL. 2003.

  • Slavicek, Louise. Women In History: Women of the American Revolution. Lucent Books. Thomson Gale Publishers. Farmington Hills, MI. 2003.

  • Zeman, Anne and Kate Kelly. Everything You Need to Know About American History Homework. Scholastic Inc. New York, NY. 1994.

  • Patrick, Diane. The New York Public Library: Amazing African American History. John Wiley & Sons Inc. New York, NY. 1998.

Essay Checklist

Each essay will be checked for:

Historical Accuracy
Adherence to subject
Organization of material
Spelling and Grammar

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