Curriculum vitae william I. Robinson

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Honors and Awards

2015 Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity won the Political Economy of the World-System section of the American Sociological Association Distinguished Book Award for 2015. Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity won the Paul Sweezy Distinguished Book Award from the Marxist Sociology section of the American Sociological Association for 2015. Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity received honorable mention from the Global Division of the Society for the Study of Social Problems for Distinguished Book for 2015.

2009 Latin America and Global Capitalism was awarded the British International Studies Association's International Political Economy Book Prize for 2009
2004+ Selected for inclusion as biographee in Who’s Who in Social Science Higher Education.
2004+ Selected for inclusion as biographee in 2000 Outstanding Academics of the 21st Century, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge University.
2003+ Selected for inclusion as biographee in America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals.
2003+ Selected for inclusion as biographee in Who’s Who in the World (Marquis), starting with 21st Edition (2003).
2000+ Selected for inclusion as biographee in Who’s Who in America (Marquis), starting with 55th Edition (2001).
2000+ Selected for inclusion in Directory of American Scholars, starting with 10th Edition.

1999 Promoting Polyarchy was a finalist for the 1999 Distinguished Publication Award of the American Sociological Association.

1999 Globe of the Month Recipient, The Center for International Programs, New Mexico State University. Award in recognition of outstanding efforts in the promotion of international understanding, cooperation, involvement and development.
1997 Promoting Polyarchy won the 1997 PEWS (Political Economy of the World System section of the American Sociological Association) Award for Distinguished Scholarship.
1995 Inductee, Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.
1987 David and Goliath won the Outstanding Book Award, Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Human Rights in the United States, University of Arkansas, for books published in 1987 on the subject of intolerance in the United States.

Invited Public Presentations, Interviews, and Conference Presentations

(The following is a partial listing)

2016 Public presentation in Mexico City of America Latina y el Capitalismo Global, published in 2016 by Siglo XXI publishing house, Mexico City. Also, series of print, television, and radio interviews with diverse Mexican media outlets regarding the release of the book.
2016 Interviewed by World Current Report (Seoul, South Korea), monthly publication of the International Strategy Center, Seoul National University Institute of Latin American Studies, on US policy towards Latin America and the crisis of Latin America’s Left parties, 16 August.
2016 Interviewed live by RT Television on popular street protests in Brazil during 2016 Olympics, 12 August.
2016 “Centroamerica ante la Crisis del Capitalismo Global,” closing keynote address, III National Congress of Sociology, Honduras, National Autonomous University of Honduras, 5 August.
2016 “Imperialism,” two-hour presentation, followed by discussion, by invitation of Political Economy Summer Institute, Seminar on International Political Economy, George Mason University, 15 June.
2016 “From NAFTA to the trans-Pacific Partnership: Understanding Free Trade Deals,” Opening keynote, Trinational Conference in Defense of Public Education, Vancouver, 12 May. Also, “Trends in the Privatization of Higher Education in the United States,” evening plenary presentation, 13 May.
2016 Moderator/co-organizer and introductory remarks, panel on Immigration, Identities and Injustice, UCSB Multicultural Center, 28 April.
2016 “Humanity Faces Global Crisis,” speech at “The Next System” teach-in, University of California at Santa Barbara, 26 April.
2016 One-hour live radio interview on The Gary Null Show, WBAI (New York), on the New York primary elections, on U.S. foreign policy, and on Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, 18 April.
2016 Half-hour radio interview on The Gary Null Show, WBAI (New York), on the global crisis and current world affairs, April 15.
2016 Presentation and discussion by invitation with Global Studies Program faculty on my assessment of the concept of global studies, and its programmatic and curricular content at Lehigh University, 6 April.
2016 Invited university-wide and public lecture: “Global Crisis: A Critical Sociological Perspective on the Challenge for our Survival,” Lehigh University, 6 April.
2016 Interviewed live on Russia Television (24-hour news service) on President Obama’s trip to Latin America, March 24.
2016 Closing Keynote, “Global Crisis: Six Urgent Matters for Humanity,” Social Theory Symposium, Department of Sociology, California State University-Los Angeles, 26 February
2016 Interviewed on Trans-Pacific Partnership trade accord by Venezolana de Television (Venezuelan television station, affiliate of ABC), 19 February.
2015 One hour radio interview on global issues, The Rob Kall Bottom-Up Radio Show 1360 AM, 25 November.
2015 “The Global Moment,” keynote address, California Sociological Association, annual congress, Sacramento, 13 November.
2015 “El Tratado de Libre Comercio de America del Norte en el Marco de la Crisis del Capitalismo Global,” all day workshop sponsored by the Frente Autentico del Trabajo (FAT – Authentic Worker’s Front) of Mexico, and the Permanent Workshop on Chicano and Border Studies of the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History. Juarez, Mexico, 29 October.
2015 “Reflexiones Sobre el Capitalismo Global,” inaugural keynote address, XV International Congress on Regional Integration, Borders, and Globalization in the American Continent, Autonomous University of Juarez, Juarez, Mexico, 28 October.
2015 “Global Crisis and The Future of Humanity,” California State University San Marcos, public lecture, Arts and Sciences Lecture Series, 21 October.
2015 “Global Capitalism and the Political Economy of Israeli Apartheid,” university-wide public lecture, Al Quds University, Palestine/West Bank, October 7.
2015 “The Crisis of Global Capitalism and the Future of Liberation in Palestine,” university-wide public lecture by invitation of the Dean of Research, Bethlehem University, Palestine/West Bank, October 1.
2015 Convener, organizer and presider, three panels at 2015 Annual Congress of the American Sociological Association: 1) Race and Ethnicity in the Capitalist World-System I; 2) Race and Ethnicity in the Capitalist World-System II; 3) Global Class Relations and the New ‘Precariat’.
2015 “Global Capitalism, Crisis, and the North American Free Trade Agreement,” public lecture by invitation, Department of History and Latin American Studies, University of California at Irvine, 20 May.
2015 “Afro-Colombian Social Movements, Global Capitalism and the Colombian Political Economy,” speech and meeting with 50 representatives of Afro-Colombian social movements, Cali, Colombia, 9 May.
2015 Keynote closing speech, “Colombia en el Sistema de Capitalism Global: Desafios y Perspectivas para la Comunidad Sociologica,” XI National Congress of Sociology Students, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia, 8 May.
2015 Two-day graduate seminar by invitation, “El Capitalismo Global y su Crisis: Colombia en la Mira,” Department of Sociology and Economics,” Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia, 8-9 May.
2015 Live interview on Pacifica Radio “The Project Censor Show” on global crisis and the current global conjuncture, April 24.
2015 Keynote closing speech, “Mexico and the Global Crisis: Alternative Scenarios.” XL International Colloquium on “Reconstructing International Relations,” National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM Center on International Relations, 17 April.
2015 Week-long series of public lectures at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) titled “Reflections on a Theory of Global Capitalism”, jointly sponsored by UNAM’s faculties of Economics and Political Science, the Permanent Seminary on Border and Chicano Studies of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, the Latin American Economic Observatory, and the Center for Political Economy of the Autonomous University of Puebla, 13-17 April.
2015 Interviewed on Telesur, Latin-America wide television station, on forthcoming the Summit of the Americas, 6 April.
2015 “The Transnational State and the Crisis of Humanity,” invited lecture, Center for International Affairs and World Cultures, Northeastern University, March 26.
2015 “Rethinking the Nature, History, and Centrality of the State in International Relations,” paper presentation and panel discussion, Presidential Roundtable, International Studies Association, annual congress, New Orleans, 21 February.
2014 “La Crisis Global y La Coyuntura Mexicana a raiz de Ayotzinapa,” all-day workshop with the Trabajadores Democraticos de Occidente (TRADOC) cooperative, of the Blackstone Tire Factory, El Salto, state of Jalisco, Mexico, sponsored by Seminario Permanente de Estudios Chicanos y de Fronteras/National Institute of History and Anthropology, 17 January.
2014 Panel discussion and Closing Comments, by invitation, workshop on “The Role of Youth and Students in a Revolutionary Movement,” organized by trade unionists, community and youth/student activists in Los Angeles, sponsored by Union del Barrio (California), Frente Indigena Bi-Nacional, and Seminario Permanente de Estudios Chicanos y de Fronteras (Mexico, National Institute of History and Anthropology), 13 December.
2014 “The Future of Political Economy,” Interview in PEWS News, 14(1), Fall.
2014 Interviewed live on “Latin America’s Pink Tide” governmetns on “This Morning”, South Korean national news radio station, morning news hour program, 4 Deember.
2014 Interviewed by The Independent (Santa Barbara) on Obama’s executive action on immigration, 21 November.
2014 Panel presentation, “Todos Somos Ayotzinapa,” panel presentation and discussion on 43 missing students in Ayotzinapa, Mexico, Multicultural Center, University of California Santa Barbara.
2014 Interviewed by Chronicle of Higher Education on the theoretical work and contributions of Saskia Sassen, 19 November.
2014 Organizer, presider, and participant of “The Story of Salsa,” two hour panel on the cultural, historical, social and political meaning of salsa music, Multicultural Center, University of California Santa Barbara, and organizer and host of dance/concert with “Angel Lebron y su Sabor Latino,” “An Evening of Salsa” performance following panel, November 6.
2014 “Global Capitalism, NAFTA, and the Crisis of Humanity,” Paper presentation and panel discussion, “20 Years of the North American Free Trade Agreement Mini-Conference,” California State University Channel Islands, 24 October.
2014 Public lecture, “Global Crisis: Perspectives from Above and from Below,” Bard College, 6 October
2014 Two days of public lectures on the theory of global capitalism and on the 21st century global political conjuncture, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, 18-19 September.
2014 Interviewed live on The Michael Slate Show, KPFK Los Angeles, on the topics of academic freedom and the Israel-Palestine conflict, 29 August.
2014 One hour radio program, interview on KPFA, Berkeley, on the topics of academic freedom and the Israel-Palestine conflict. August 25.
2014 Video Interview on the Ted Asregadoo program, TruthOut, “Truthout Inteviews William I. Robinson on the Israel Lobby Attacking Academic Freedom,” 24 August.
2014 One hour live interview on the Kris Welsh show, KPFA Berkeley, on the topics of global capitalism, Israel-Palestine, crisis, and the BRICS countries. 26 July.
2014 All day workshop with trade unionists and community activists in Los Angeles on the global economy and the challenge for workers’ struggles among Mexican communities in California, sponsored by Union del Barrio (California), and Seminario Permanente de Estudios Chicanos y de Fronteras (Mexico, National Institute of History and Anthropology), 20 July.
2014 One-hour live radio interview in Spanish with Univision national news service on Israel-Palestine conflict, 16 July.
2014 Print interview with FARS Iranian News Agency, “Prof. William I. Robinson: Global Capitalism is in the Midst of its Most Severe Crisis,” 24 June, can be accessed at
2014 All day workshop given at UCLA Labor Center, “20 Anos del Tratado de Libre Comercio de America del Norte: El Capitalism Global y la Crisis Actual,” sponsored by the following community organizations: Seminario Permanente de Estudios Chicanos y de Fronteras (Mexico); El Comité Promotor de la Escuela Sindical Ricardo Flores Magón (Los Angeles, CA); la Organización Política Unión del Barrio (CA);el Frente de Resistencia en Los Ángeles; el Colectivo Todo el Poder al Pueblo (Oxnard, CA) y el Frente Indígena de Organizaciones Binacionales/FIOB (USA-México), 18 May, Los Angeles.
2014 “Global Capitalism” Crisis and Transformation,” University-wide guest lecture, sponsored by Center for Global Studies and Pennsylvania State University, April 9.
2014 “Global Crisis and the Transnational Social Control State,” paper presentation and panel discussion, UCSB Global Studies conference, 1 March, Santa Barbara.
2014 One-half hour television interview in Mexico City with Carmen Aristegui, CNN en Espanol, on global crisis and on release of new Spanish-language edition of A Theory of Global Capitalism, 31 January.
2014 Multiple activities in Mexico City: interviewed by La Jornada (Mexican daily) on global crisis; lecture at Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History “El Tratado de Libre Comercio de America del Norte en el Marco del Capitalismo Global y Su Crisis”; participation in tri-national conference on the 20th anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement; participation on panel presentation for launching of new Spanish-language edition of A Theory of Global Capitalism (Una Teoria sobre el Capitalismo Global) at Autonomous University of Mexico City, January 28-Febrary 1.
2014 Interviewed (one hour) by Killradio, LA community radio, on Latin American and immigration issues, 8 January.
2013 “Towards a Global Police State?,” panel paper presentation, Conference on Power and Justice, co-sponsored by the Political Economy of the World System (PEWS) and the Development Sociology sections of the American Sociological Association, 9 August.
2013 “A Global Social Control State?,” keynote, Global Studies Association, annual meeting, 7-9 June, Marymount College, Palos Verdes.
2013 “Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity,” invited university-wide lecture, California State University Los Angeles (CSULA), 17 April.
2013 “Policing the Global Crisis,” keynote address, Political Economy of the World System (PEWS) conference, 12-13 April, UC-Riverside.
2013 “The Uneven Impacts of the Crisis of Global Capitalism,” paper presentation and panel discussion, Annual Convention of the International Sociological Association, San Francisco, 3-6 April.
2013 “Humanity has Los a Titan: Interview with William I. Robinson on the Legacy of Hugo Chavez,” interview with Greek daily newspaper Elefpherotypia, Sunday edition, 24 March. Republished in English in Upsidedown, on-line news magainze, 25 March.
2013 “’Davos Man’ or ‘Global Capitalist Man’,” paper presentation and panel discussion, Horizons: 2013 Santa Barbara Global Studies Conference,” February 23, Santa Barbara. Also, served as Presider/Moderator, panel on “Political Control in the Age of Global Capitalism.”
2012 Interviewed live by RT-Television on two topics: 1) the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, and 2) U.S. democracy promotion programs in Jordan and the Middle East, Nov. 16.
2012 “Critical Thinking in an Age of Crisis,” Bertrand Russell Distinguished Scholar Presentation, by invitation, The 32nd Annual International Conference on Critical Thinking and Educational Reform, Foundation for Critical Thinking, Berkeley, July 25.
2012 Series of activities at University of Belgrade, May 7-9, at invitation of Faculty of Political Science. Six-hour workshop with ph.d. students on “Global Crisis and the Balkans”; Opening lecture (“Reflections on the Global Crisis and the Transnational State”) and debate, for 3-hour Roundtable with faculty on “The Transnational State in Comparative Perspective,” Series of interviews with Serbian television, radio, and newspapers.
2012 Public lecture, “Promoting Polyarchy: 20 Years Later,” at National Library of Serbia, Belgrade, for launching of Serbian edition of Promoting Polyarchy, published by “Filip Vichnich Publishing House”, May 9/
2012 Interview on U.S.-Iranian relations, Iranian News Agency, 2 May.
2012 “Crisis Global y Rebelion Popular: Reflexiones para Debate,” university-wide & public lecture, inaugural panel presentation, conference on “Jornada de Reflexion Economica ‘Padre Francisco Javier Ibisate’: Analsis Critico del Entorno Economico Mundial,” Central American University, San Salvador, 25 April.
2012 “Brazil in the International System,” public lecture by invitation,, 9th Annual Santa Barbara Brazilian Carnival, March 29. Faulkner Gallery.
2012 “Promoting Polyarchy – 20 Years Later,” Opening Panel Keynote, Democracy Promotion and World Order conference, EU European Research Council, University of Aberystwyth, Wales, UK, 15 March.
2012 “Systemic Crisis: 2008 in Context”, presentation and panel discussion, opening plenary, Global Crisis Conference, UCSB, 24 February.
2012 “The Globalization of Israeli and The War of Legitimacy,” co-panelist, “The Irvine 11 Case: The Assault on Student Activism”, Multicultural Center, UCSB, February 14.
2012 “Placing Immigration and Women in Global Context,” presentation and panel discussion, “A Feminist Issue: The Economics of Immigration,” public forum organized by Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee, 25 January.
2012 “The ‘Big Picture’: Six Theses on the Arab Spring,” presentation and panel discussion, “Taking it to the Streets,” public and university-wide event organized by Multicultural Center, UCSB, 24 January.
2011 “Interview: Dr. William I. Robinson on Power, Domination and Conflicts in Mexico,” Interview published by UpSide Down World on December 11,
2011 “Global Crisis: Immigration, Drug Trafficking, and Financial Meltdown,” Presidential Lecture Series, University of Montana, by invitation of the Office of the President, Dec. 1.
2011 Interviewed by Univision Spanish language television station on California Dream Act, 11 October, Santa Barbara.
2011 Keynote speech, “Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity,” International Conference on “Global Capitalism and Transnational Class Formation,” jointly sponsored by the Global Studies Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Global Studies Association North American branch, and the globalization research unit of the International Studies Association, September 16-19, Prague.
2011 Two panel activities at American Sociological Association, 106th Annual Meeting: 1) paper presentation and panel discussion, “Globalization and the Sociology of Immanuel Wallerstein: A Critical Appraisal”; 2) discussant on panel on “Globalization: Critical Debates,” August 20-23, Las Vegas, NV.
2011 “El Salvador y la Crisis del Capitalismo Global,” all day workshop, sponsored by FMLN-Sur de California. Los Angeles Worker Center, 23 July.
2011 Interviewed live by Worldstreams radio, one-hour, June 8.
2011 “Social Justice, Immigrant Rights, and The Specter of 21st Century Fascism,” paper presentation, conference on :Social Justice and the University,” University of Tennessee, Knoxville, April 29-May1.
2011 “The Crisis of Global Capitalism and Immigrant Rights,” one of two keynotes, conference on “Mobilizing Immigrants in the U.S.: Political Rights, Global Capitalism and the State,” University of Florida, Center for Latin American Studies, April 15.
2011 “The Challenge of the Student Movement in the Face of Global Crisis,” invited inaugural address, Union Salvadoreña de Estudiantes Universitarios (USEU), Annual Congress, Santa Barbara,, 9 April.
2011 “Neo-Fascism, Globalization, and Immigration,” paper presentation and panel discussion, 2011 Congress of the National Association for Chicano and Chicana Studies (NACCS), Pasadena, 29 March-2 April.
2011 “Viene una Crisis Mucho Mas Grave,” Interview with Diario Presente, Villahermosa, Mexico., 6 March
2011 “El Salvador y Centroamerica en el Sistema Global del Siglo XXI,” 3-day mini-course, Central American University, San Salvador, March 14-16.
2011 “El Papel de Mexico en el Sistema Capitalista Global,” public lecture, Faculty of Philosophy, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), March 3.
2011 “Mexico en la Crisis Global,” two-day public lecture/workshop sponsored by “Frente Sindical, Campesino, Indigena, Social y Popular,” Villahermosa, Tabasco State, Mexico, Feb. 28-March 1.
2011 Interviewed by KPFK radio station (Los Angeles) on the 12th anniversary of the Venezuelan Revolution (Feb. 2).
2010 “Power, Domination, and Conflict in Mexico,” interviewed by UpsideDownWorld (on-line new and analysis,, published on Dec. 7. (
2010 Interviewed by Univision, Spanish language television, on debate on Dream Act in U.S. Congress, December 9.
2010 “Democracia y Soberanía Frente a la Crisis del Capitalismo Global: Desafíos para la Revolución Bolivariana,” paper presentation and discusión, seminar, “Analysis del Proceso Democrático Venezolano,” sponsored by the Venezuelan Mission to the United Nations, New York, 3-5 December.
2010 “The Transnationalizacion of Class Relations in Latin America: Comparative Perspectives,” paper presentation and plenary discussion, conference on ‘Urban Classes and Politics in the Neo-Liberal Era: Turkey in Comparative Perspective,’ Bozazici University, Istanbul, 22 October.
2010 “The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Perspectives for Turkey,” Distinguished Scholar Lecture, Koch University, Istanbul, 21 October.
2010 Panel presentation and discussion, “The End of Ideology? Global Capitalism, The transnational Agenda, and the Green Movement,” Iran Ideology Conference, UCLA, 9 October.
2010 Closing keynote address, “Crisis Global y Futuros Incierto de America Latina y Mexico,” annual congress of the Escuela Nacional de Antropologia (National School of Anthropology), Mexico City, 25 September.
2010 Speaking tour through southern Mexico on the global crisis and its impact on Mexico. Public lectures and workshops in: Tlaxiaco (state of Oaxaca), organized by Frente Democratico Mixteco community organization; San Cristobal de las Casas (state of Chiapas), hosted by the Centro Indigena de Capacitacion Integral (CIDECI)-Universidad de la Tierra; Merida (state of Yucatan) hosted by the Department of Economics of the Autonomous University of Yucatan; Villahermosa (state of Tabasco), organized by the petroleum workers union; and Mexico City, organized by the Seminario Permanente de Estudios Chicanos y de Fronteras of the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology. 9-26 September.
2010 “La Crisis Mundial y el Capitalismo Global,” interview published in Voces, weekly news magazine, El Salvador, No. 14, 30 April - 6 May: 1, 6-7.
2010 “Israeli Apartheid and Academic Freedom,” public lecture, University of California-Irvine, sponsored by Muslin Student Union, 12 May.
2010 Hour-long phone interview on global crises and alternatives with Radio Nacional de Venezuela, 7 May.
2010 Three speeches at Foro Social Tematico Mexicano/World Social Forum, 2-4 May, Mexico City. Plenary session speech: “Constructing an Alternative Economic Model to Neo-Liberalism”. Presentations in break out panels: “”Mexico-US Social Bridges: The Crystal Border”; “La Crisis?: Oportunidad para Cambiar el Sistema Global?”
2010 “The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Analytical Notes and Theoretical Debates,” invited lecture, Department of Sociology, Binghamton University, April 7.
2010 “La Crisis de la Globalizacion y el Neoliberalismo y su Impacto en America Latina,” week-long seminar, National University of El Salvador, San Salvador, Post-Graduate Studies unit, 15-19 March.
2010 “Undocumented Students and the Immigrant Rights Movement,” talk before IDEAS (Improving Dreams, Equality, Access, and Success) undocumented students association, University of Californa, Santa Barbara, February 17.
2010 “The Systemic Crisis of Global Capitalism”, and “Critical Debates in Globalization Studies,” two university-wide lectures by invitation, Florida International University, February 11 and 12.
2010 “The V International: An Assessment.” address before the congress of the Union Salvadoreña de Estudiantes Universitarios (USEU), Santa Barbara. Jan. 30.
2010 “The Pink Tide in Latin America and the Global Conjuncture,” keynote address, Pink Tide Conference, Nottingham University, 22-24 January.
2009 “Taller de Analisis y Discusion sobre la Crisis del Capitalismo Global,” gave 3-day, 18 hour workshop, also aired live on three radio stations, sponsored by the National Institiute of Anthropology and History (Instituto Nacional de Antropologia y Historia) of Mexico, Seminario Permanente de Estudios Chicanos y de Fronteras, Mexico City, 24-24 September.
2009 “Crisis of Global Capitalism: Contextualizing the Oromo Struggle,” keynote address, 23rd Annual Conference of the Oromo Studies Association, Atlanta, 1-2 August.
2009 “Global Capitalism Theory and the Emergence of Transnational Elites,” presentation and panel discussion, United Nations University, World Institute for Development Economic Research (WIDER), Conference on the Role of Elites in Economic Development, 12-13 June, Helsinki, Finland
2009 Speech, “Remarks for Seventh Annual International Al-Awda Convention, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition,” Garden Grove, California, May 23.
2009 “The Immigrant Rights Struggle in the Obama Era,” co-organizer and presentation, symposium “Immigrant Rights: Which Way in the Obama Era?,” multiple campus sponsors, University of California at Santa Barbara, 23 April.
2009 Interviewed by Univision, Spanish-language television station, on immigrant rights in Central California, 22 April.
2009 “Challenges for Immigrant Rights in 2009,” Panelist, Community Forum on Immigrant Rights, City of Santa Maria, California, 22 April.
2009 “The Venezuelan Revolution and the Global Conjuncture: Lessons for Latin America and Beyond,” paper presentation and participation in panel, “The Impact of the Venezuelan Revolution,” Left Forum Conference, New York City, 19 April.
2009 “Obama Policy Towards Latin America,” panelist in Roundtable on U.S. policy towards Latin America in the Obama Era, Left Forum Conference, New York City, 18 April.
2009 “Venezuelan Revolution and Global Conjuncture,” presentation by invitation, symposium on “Radical Politics in the Caribbean,” University of California at Santa Barbara, April 9.
2009 “The Structural Crisis of Global Capitalism,” lecture by invitation at the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic, 23 March.
2009 “Latin America in the Global System,” lecture at Charles University, Department of Sociology and Philosophy, 19 March, Prague, Czech Republic.
2009 Presentacion, “Retos del Movimiento Inmigrante ante la Crisis Global y la Nueva Coyuntura Politica 2009,” conference “La Izquierda Mexicana en Los Estados Unidos y las Nuevas Relaciones Bilaterales,” hosted by the Partido de la Revolucion Democratica (Grupo Parlamentario/Camara de Diputados), Zacatecas, Mexico, 27 February-1 March.
2009 Invited “Inaugural Lecture” for 2009 academic year, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencas Sociales (FLACSO), Guatemala branch, February 9, and guest workshop for FLACSO graduate students, “Capitalismo Global y America Latina,” February 10.
2009 Colloquium presentation, “The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Cyclical, Structural, or Systemic?,” Department of Sociology, University of California-Santa Barbara, 28 January.
2009 Interviewed live for nightly newscast by Univision (local California affiliate) on Obama Inauguration and Immigrant Rights, 23 Jan.
2009 Invited Presentation, “Global Crisis and Alternative Futures,” Symposium: Financial Crisis and Globalization, Institute for Global Cooperation and Conflict (IGCC), University of California at Riverside, 13 January.
2008 Presentation, “La Promocion de la Anti-Democracia,” international conference “Revolucion e Intervencion en America Latina,” co-sponsored by Telesur, Patria Grande, and Minstry of Communications and Information (MINCI), Caracas, Venezuela, 15 November.
2008 Co-organizer, and presenter, international conference at University of El Salvador, “Encrucijada Electoral en America Latina: Una Vision de Academicos Norteamericanos,” San Salvador, 25-26 September. Paper presented: “Encrucijada en America Latina y Crisis Global: Los Procesesos Electorales Norteamericanos y Salvadoreños”.
2008 “Elecciones Norteamericanos y Salvadoreños en el marco de la Coyuntura Mundial,” presentacion en foro “Procesos Electorales en Estados Unidos y El Salvador, 2008,” Central American University, San Salvador, 24 September.
2008 “Elecciones en EEUU y Perspectivas para America Latina,” public lecture, at invitation of Polo Democratico Alternativo, party headquarters, Bogota, Colombia, 4 September.
2008 “Crisis Global y Economia Politica Latinoamerica,” invited conference address, X Congress of Economists of Latin America and the Caribbean, Bogota, Colombia, 3 September.
2008 “Economia Politica Latinoamericana: Nuevos Rumbos y Desafios,” public lecture by invitation, Universidad Central de Colombia, Bogota, 2 September.
2008 “U.S. Latinos and Latin American Integration: Intellectual and Strategic Challenges,” conference presentation, conference on “U.S. Latin@s and Latin American Integration: Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century,” University of California at Los Angeles, 27 June.
2008 “El Proceso Electoral Norteamericano: 15 Puntos de Analsis y Debate,” presentation and panel discussion, Mesa de Reflexion Sobre Relaciones Internacionales y Politica Exterior Estadounidense,” Instituto de Altos Estudios Diplomaticos, Caracas, Venezuela, 17-19 June.
2008 “The Follies of ‘New Imperialism’ Theories,” keynote presentation, Global Studies Association, annual conference, New York City, 7 June.
2008 “Democracy and Global Crisis,” invited speaker, “Democracy Dinner,” Center for the Study of Democracy, University of California-Irvine, April 10.
2008 “Labor and the Global System,” public lecture sponsored by the Labor Studies Program, University of California-Irvine, April 9.
2008 Three weeks of public lectures, workshops, and other engagements in Colombia. March 3-7, Medellin, “La Globalizacion, Procesos Sociales, y Medio Ambiente: El Caso de Colombia,” 20 hour intensive workshop for 100 staff and board members of Penca de Sabila, a Colombian national Non-Governmental Organization addressing environmental and social issues. March 10-14, Bogota, “El Capitalismo Global y America Latina: Colombia en la Mira,” 20 hour public lecture series, Universidad Central de Colombia, sponsored by departments of Economics and International Relations. March 15-16, talks given at invitation of indigenous groups and social organizations, Popayan (March 15) and Silvia (March 16), province of El Cauca, western Colombia.
2008 “Crisis Global y America Latina: El Salvador en la Mira,” university-wide lecture, University of El Salvador, San Salvador, 21 february.
2008 “El Salvador y la Crisis del Capitalismo Global,” university-wide and public lecture, sponsored by Department of Economy, Central American University, San Salvador, and Frederick Ebert Foundation, Germany, 19 February.
2008: Seminar/lecture series, “Capitalismo Global y America Latina: Crisis y Desafios”, Universidad Centroamericana “Jose Simeon Cañas,”, San Salvador, 18-22 February.
2008: Invited lecture, “The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Can Humanity Survive It,” Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, 23 January.
2008: Centennial Lecture Series, “Trends in Global Capitalism,” University of the Philippines, Manila, 8-18 January. Two weeks of public, university-wide lectures as visiting professor on occasion of the 100th anniversary of the University of the Philippines, jointly sponsored by the Department of Sociology and Focus on the Global South.
2008: One dozen public lectures and talks given during 3-week stay in the Philippines, Jan. 4-28, at numerous academic, NGO and public venues, including (among others) guest lectures at Miriam University, Ateneo de Manila University, Center for Democratic Projects, Transform Asia Institute.
2007 Invited to give opening lecture for screening of documentary “Assaulted Dream”, about immigrants from Central America in Mexico, UCSB Multicultural Center, Nov. 7.
2007 Interviewed by Univision, Canifornia Central Coast local Spanish television language station, on recent immigrant legislation in United States, Nov. 6, Santa Barbara.
2007 Panel presentation and discussion, “Empire and Dissent: Latin America and the New World Order,” Latin American Studies Association, 27th International Congress, Montreal, 5-8 September.
2007 “Lucha Indigena Colombiana,” speech to indigenous assembly of the Regional Indigenous Council of Colombia, El Cauca, Colombia, 29 August.
2007 “La Mundializacion de las Luchas de Resistencia: Crisis y Futuras Alternativas,” keynote speech to 6th Annual Congress of the Cooperativa Financiera (CONFIAR), Medellin, Colombia, 24 August.
2007 “Democracia e Imperio: la Estrategia Norteamericana hacia Colombia,” workshop given at the party headquarters of the Polo Democratico Alternativo, Bogota, Colombia, 23 August.
2007 “Democracia e Intervencion en las Americas: Colombia en la Mira,” public lecture, Universidad Central de Colombia, Bogota, 22 August.
2007 “Global Labor Pools and Immigrant Rights,” presentation and panel discussion, conference on “Labor, Immigration, and Globalization,” University of California at Riverside, 12 May.
2007 “Conmemorando el Quinto Aniversario del Golpe en Venezuela: El Significado de la Revolucion Bolivariana,” keynote speech, public meeting to commemorate 5th anniversary of coup d’etat in Venezuela, Los Angeles Workers Center/Cine Latinoamericano Roque Dalton, 1 Abril.
2007 “Sistema Global, Crisis Global, y Politica Exterior Norteamericana,” two-week course, Instituto de Altos Estudios Diplomaticos Pedro Gual (Institute for Superior Diplomatic Studies Pedro Gual), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Caracas, Feb. 5-15.
2007 “De Bush a Bush: Globalization, Crisis, y la Political Exterior de Estados Unidos hacia America Latina,” public address, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Caracas, 7 Feb.
2007 “Globalization and the Struggle for Immigrant Rights,” keynote address, Immigrant Rights Conference, March 25 Coalition, Los Angeles, Loyola Law School, Feb. 3.
2007 “Whither Global Capitalism? The Rise and the Coming Demise of Neo-Liberalism,” Lecture, The Humanities Center, Carnegie Mellon University, 25 January.
2007 Interviewed by WBAI (New York) on IMF policies towards Latin America, 13 January.
2006 Media activity, 26 October:: 1) interviewed by O Globo, Brazilian daily newspaper, on Nicaraguan electoral process; 2) interviewed by Univision, Spanish-language television station, on U.S. government immigration policy.
2006 “The Immigrant Rights Struggle: Ten Points for Analysis and Discussion,” public presentation in forum “Immigration: Where are we Going? Local and National Updates,” Alliance for Immigrant Rights/Casa de la Raza, Santa Barbara, October 9.
2006 Multiple professional activities in Costa Rica, September 5-26: 1) One week intensive course (15 hours, 11-15 Sept.) for Masters Program in Political Science, University of Costa Rica (San Jose), titled “Globalizacion en Centroamerica: Crisis y Transformacion”; 2) Public Lecture, 11 Sept, University of Costa Rica, titled “America Latin y Sociedad Global” 3) One week intensive course (15 hours, 18-22 Sept.), Masters Program in International Relations, National University of Costa Rica (Heredia), titled “America Latina y Crisis Global: Perspectivas y Desafios para Centroamerica”; 4) Radio Interview (21 Sept), “Radio Nacional”, Costa Rican public radio station; 5) presentation and intensive roundtable discussion, workshop on “Entre la Acumulacion y la Resistencia: Bosquejando las Nuevas Geografias de Centroamerica,” 23-24 September, organized by PRISMA/Central American University-San Salvador campus and sponsored by Ford Foundation.
2006 Multiple participation in 2006 annual congress of the American Sociological Association, 11-14 August, Montreal, including: “Beyond the Theory of Imperialism: Global Capitalism and the Transnational State, paper presentation and panel discussion; “The Chimera of Democracy and Socioeconomic Development under Neo-Liberal Global Capitalism,” paper presentation and panel discussion; organizer of two panels on Sociology of Globalization.
2006 Keynote Speech, “Globalization, Imperialism, and Resistance: Concepts for the 21st Century?,” conference on “Globalization, Imperialism, and Resistance,” University of Stockholm, Sweden, 12-13 May.
2006 Interviewed by FM Radio KCVX, San Luis Obispo, on immigrant rights and related themes, May 9.
2006 Interviewed on “The Paul Berenson Show,” News Radio 990 KTMS, Santa Barbara, on immigrant rights. May 6.
2006 Interviewed four times during May 1 live from Los Angeles by Radio Payumat and Radio Indimedia Colombia, Putumayo and Bogota, Colombia, May 1.
2006 Interviewed by Radio Nacional de España on theme of immigrant protests in the United States. May 1.
2006 Interviewed by Santa Barbara studios of UNIVISION Spanish-language television on theme of immigrant rights in the United States. April 27.
2006 “Crisis and Transformation in the Global System,” invited presentation and discussion, workshop “Finance, Industry and Power: The Capitalist Corporation in the 21st Century,” York University, Toronto, 11 April.
2006 “Democracy, Polyarchy, and U.S. Policy Towards Latin America,” Keynote address by invitation, conference “In the Name of Democracy: U.S. Electoral Intervention in the Americas,” Yale University, April 7-8.
2006 “Globalizacion y Transnacionalismo: Problemas Tendencias, y Perspectivas en la Politica Exterior Norteamericana Hacia America Latina,” paper presentation and panel discussion, Latin American Studies Association (LASA) Congress, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 15-18 March.
2006 Interviewed (on U.S.-Latin America relations) by 93.3 CFMU FM, in Toronto, “Unusual Sources,” weekly program. February 14.
2006 “Los Desafios Latinoamericanos Frente a La Crisis del Capitalismo Global,” Lecture, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencas Sociales (FLACSO), sede Ecuador, Quito, February 2.
2006 “La Crisis de la Globalizacion y la Coyuntura Latinoamericana, 2006,” invited lecture, Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar, Quito, Ecuador, February 1.
2006 “Politica Exterior Norteamerica Hacia America Latina, Analisis de Coyuntura,” Lecture and discussion by special invitation, “Mesa de Reflexion Sobre Relaciones Internacionlaes y Politica Exterior,” Institute for Higher Diplomatic Studies (Institution de Altos Estudios Diplomaticos ‘Pedro Gual’), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Caracas, Venezuela, January 28.
2006 Participation (presentations and panel discussions) in multiple panels, World Social Forum, Caracas, Venezuela. January 24, panel on “The Struggle for Social Justice in Haiti”. January 27, panel on “Meeting of Sociologists of the Americas: Sociologos Sin Fronteras”. January 28, panel on “In the Name of Democracy: Political Intervention in the 2006 Latin America Electoral Cycle.”
2005 “Toward New Social Cartographies in Development and Trade Studies,” plenary presentation and discussion, conference on “NAFTA and Beyond: Alternative Disciplinary Perspectives in the Study of Global Trade and Development,” Princeton University, December 2-3.
2005 “Crisis in the Global System,” university-wide invited lecture, Texas A&M, November 11.
2005 “Globalization and Global Crisis,” university-wide invited lecture, Bucknell Univeristy, November 1.
2005 “Reigning in on Corporate Power: The NAFTA, the CAFTA, and the Corporate Agenda,” public lecture, Falkner Gallery, Santa Barbara Library, Main Branch, 26 July.
2005 Interviewed by on-line news and analysis journal, Venezuelanalysis: Venezuela Views, News, and Analysis. Interview posted at in June 2005.
2005 “Altering the Course of Globalization,” public lecture, “Forum and Town Hall Meeting: The Impact of Corporate Globalization,” Falkner Gallery, Santa Barbara Public Library, Main Branch, June 9.
2005 Interviewed by Newsday on U.S. involvement in Venezuela. Interview published in May 1 issue and available from n,0,4533593.story?coll=ny-worldnews-headlines.
2005 “The Crisis of Global Capitalism and the Folly of Conventional Thinking on It”, paper presentation and discussion, 29th Conference of the Political Economy of the World System (PEWS) Section of the American Sociological Association, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, April 14-17.
2005 “Marxism, the Crisis of Global Capitalism, and the Folly of Conventional Marxist Thinking on it,” and “Public Sociologies and Critical Globalization Studies: Six Theses,” two panel presentations and discussions, International Studies Association, Annual Congress, March 1-5, Honolulu.
2005 “The Global System and Resistance and Transformation in Latin America,” presentation and discussion, conference on “Homelands, Borders and Trade In Latin America: Freedom, Violence, And Exchange After 9-11”, Center For Iberian And Latin American Studies (CILAS), University of California-San Diego, Feb. 24-25.
2005 “The Crisis of Global Capitalism: 21st Century Challenges,” university-wide invited lecture, University of California, Riverside, January 19.
2004 Interviewed by The NewStandard on Iraqi elections and U.S. involvement. Interview published on Dec. 13 in article titled “Controversial U.S. Groups Operate Behind Scenes in Iraq Vote,” available from
2004 “Latin America and the Crisis of Global Capitalism: Challenges, Opportunities, Hazards,” first Annual Lecture, Society for Lati n American Studies, London, October 29.
2004 “Neo-Liberalism and Global Crisis: Opportunities, Challenges, and Hazards,” keynote address, conference, “Neo-Liberalism: Historical Perspectives and Critical Possibilities,” Princeton University, 15 October.
2004 “Critical Reflections on Global Society,” keynote address, Illinois Sociological Association, Annual Congress, Chicago, 14 October.
2004 “Latin America in the Global System: Crisis and Change,” paper presentation and panel discussion, and Discussant for panel on “Latin America in the Changing International Political Economy,” Latin American Studies Association, Congress, Las Vegas, 6-9 October.
2004 “Nuevas Modalidades de Intervencion Norteamericana en el Marco de la Globalizacion: La ‘Promocion de la Democracia’ y el Caso de Venezuela,” presentation and audience discussion, Conference on “Como Nos Ven? Venezuela en La Academia Anglo-Sajona,” Facultad de Economia y Ciencias Sociales, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, 5 August.
2004 “Los Desafios del Siglo XXI: Globalizacion y Crisis,” Public Lecture, sponsored by Facultad de Ciencias Economicas, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 5 July.
2004 “Debate sobre Globalizacion y Coyuntura Mundial,” Public Lecture, sponsored by Postgraduate Program, Universidad Abierta Interamericana, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 3 July.
2004 “Capitalismo Global y Crisis Global: Respuestas Teoricas y Politicas,” public lecture sponsored by the Facultad de Ciencias Sociales and the Programa de Estudios Sobre Democracia y Transformacion Global, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru, 9 June.
2004 Visiting Professor, Instituto de Asuntos Publicos, Universidad de Chile, May/June, lecture series on “Las Relaciones Internacionales y las Teorias de la Globalizacion,” Santiago, Chile.
2004 “What Empire? Whose Hegemony? The Transnationalization of Capital and the Gramscian Critique of ‘Statolatry’,” paper presentation and panel discussion, International Studies Association annual convention, Montreal, March 16-21.
2004 “Perspectives on Recent U.S. Foreign Policy and Democracy,” radio interview on KZYX and KZYZ, Medocino County, California, Feb. 7.
2003 The Contribution of Latino Immigrants to the California Economy, Television Interview, UNIVISION Spanish language television network, Dec. 10.
2003 “Gramsci and Globalization: From Nation-State to Transnational Hegemony,” paper presented by invitation and plenary discussion, workshop on “Images of Gramsci: Connections and Contentions in Political Theory and International Relations, Oct. 24-25, University of Nottingham, UK.
2003 Lecture by invitation, Moscow Linguistic Institute, “Globalization: The Latest State of Capitalism, From Lenin to Bush,” Moscow, Oct. 20.
2003 Presentation and discussion, “Social Activism and Democracy in South Africa: A Global Perspective,” IDASA (Institute for Democracy in South Africa), conference on “Social Activism and Socio-Economic Rights: Deepening Democracy in South Africa,” Cape Town, Aug. 11-13.
2003 Multiple participation and presentations in plenaries and panels, conference on “Towards Critical Globalization Studies: Continued Debates, New Directions, and Neglected Topics”, UCSB/Global Studies Association, May 1-4.
2003 “Global Capitalism, Global Crisis,” university-wide lecture, by invitation, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Georgia, March 19.
2003 “Latin America in the Empire of Global Capital,” paper presentation and plenary discussion, conference on “Labor, Race and Empire,” University of California-Irvine, UCI Labor Studies Program, March 6-7, 2003.
2003 Public lecture and panel discussion, “The Collapse of Neo-Liberalism and Political-Economic Crisis in Latin America,” “South America Forum,” University of California at Santa Barbara, public forum organized by Honor y Orgullo Latinoamericano student forum.
2002 Week-long series of lectures on globalization, world political economy, transnational processes in Latin America, and U.S. foreign policy, University of Havana, Cuba, November 3-7. Lecture series included paper presentation, “La Crisis Global y la Politica Exterior Norteamericana hacia American Latinoamerica, and panel discussion, conference on “Hemispheric Relations After September 11,” November 4, Center for the Study of the United States and Center for the Study of the Americas.
2002 “Globalization and Resistance: Views from Above and Views From Below,” Center for Historical and Social Change, Historical Perspectives Lecture Series, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, invited speech, October 7.
2002 “The Crisis of Global Capitalism: How it Looks from Latin America,” paper presentation and panel discussion, annual international economics conference, Middle Eastern Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, September 9-11.
2002 “Remapping Development in Light of Globalization: From a Territorial to a Social Cartography,” and “Global Capitalism and Transnational Capitalist Hegemony,” papers presented and panel discussion, American Sociological Association annual conference, August 16-19, Chicago.
2002 "In the Aftermath of War and Pacification: Globalization and Social Change in 21st Century Central America," public lecture sponsored by Latin American and Iberian Studies program, University of California-Santa Barbara.
2002 “The Ongoing Debate on Transnational Class and State Formation,” paper presentation and panel discussion, Global Studies Association conference, Chicago, May 10-12.
2002 “Global Capitalism and Transnational Hegemony,” paper presentation and panel discussion, and discussant on panel on globalization and resistance, Political Economy of the World-System, annual conference, Riverside, May 2-4.
2002 Multiple participation in 43rd Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, New Orleans, March 24-27: 1) “Globalization and Development Theory in the Neo-Liberal Age,” paper presentation and panel discussion; 2) panel participant, “Roundtable on Historicising Globalization: The Question of the Political”; 3) discussant, panel on “The World System, Historical Materialism, and Gramsci: Revisiting the Agency-Structure Problematique”; 4) discussant, panel on “Globalization and the Politics of Protest.”
2002 “The Crisis of Global Capitalism: How it Looks from Latin America,” paper presented and session discussion, “Seminar on the Global Crisis,” Transnational Institute, February 17-18. Amsterdam
2001 Panelist/participant in seminar, “Rethinking Central American Modernization in the Age of Globalization,” Social Science Research Council, New York, October 28.
2001 “The Debate on Globalization, the Transnational Capitalist Class, and the Rise of a Transnational State,” paper presentation and panel discussion, American Sociological Association, 96th Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, August 18-21.
2001 “Transnational State Formation,” paper presentation and panel discussion, special meeting of the International Studies Association (US) and international studies associations from Hong Kong, Japan, and other countries, Hong Kong, July 23-25.
2001 “Globalizacion y Desigualdades Mundiales,” three-week seminar taught to graduate students, Masters Program in International Relations, Central American University, Managua, Nicaragua, June 23-July 15.
2001 “Globalization and Development,” presentation and discussion, conference on “Latin American Sociology and the Sociology of Latin America,” Center for Latin American Studies, University of Florida-Gainesville, April 19-21.
2001 “Promoting Polyarchy: Changing Modes of Social Control in Latin America,” presentation by special invitation and panel discussion, conference on “The United States and Latin America after the Cold War/Estados Unidos y America Latina Despues de la Guerra Fria,” Center for Intercultural Dialogue on Development and NACLA, Cuernavaca, Mexico, April 6-8.
2001 “The Global Economy and 21st Century Politics and Social Struggles,” guest lecture by special invitation, “Forum on the Future of Politics: Globalization,” Northern Arizona University, March 28.
2001 “Alternative Futures in Global Society,” presentation, International Roundtable of Unions, Social Movements, and NGOs, Bangkok, Thailand, March 11-13, co-sponsored by Focus on the Global South and the Friedrich-Ebert -Stiftung Foundation.
2001 “Maldevelopment: Globalization and Social Change in Central America,” presentation, Center for Latin American Studies 2001 Colloquia Series, New Mexico State University, February 28.
2001 “Transnational Processes and Changing Social Hierarchies in the World System: A Central American Case Study,” and “Globalization as a Macro-Structural-Historical Framework of Analysis: The Case of Central America,” papers presented and panel discussion, International Studies Association, 42nd Annual Convention, Chicago, February 21 and 22. Discussant, panel on “Global Capital - global Labour? New Challenges and Strategies of Internationalism and Global Solidarity,” February 22.
2000 “Globalization and Resistance: Views from Above and Views From Below,” guest lecture by special invitation of Croft Institute for International Studies, University of Mississippi, Oxford (Miss.), November 16
2000 “The Emerging Global Society,” guest lecture by special invitation, delivered at Metropolitan State College, Denver, November 2.
2000 “Social Theory and Globalization: The Rise of a Transnational State,” paper presented and panel discussion, American Sociological Association, 95th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., August 13.
2000 “Defining National Interests in the Age of ‘Stateless” Capital,” keynote address, conference on “Globalization and U.S. Foreign Policy,” American Friends Service Committee, Cambridge, Mass., May 6.
2000 “Global Democracy” and “Analysis of a Transnational State Apparatus,” papers presented and panel discussion (two panels), International Studies Association, 41st Annual Convention, Los Angeles, March 14 and 15.
2000 “Sociologia de las Desigualdades Globales,” two-week intensive post-graduate seminar taught, as visiting professor, Central American University, Managua, Nicaragua. February 26-March 3.
1999 “Central America and Global Capitalism: Regional Lessons for the Sociology of Development,” paper presented and panel discussion, American Sociological Association, 94th Annual Meeting, Chicago, August 7; “ and discussant for session on “Cross-Cultural/Comparative Sociology: Comparative Studies Encounter a Global Economy,” August 10.
1999 “Twenty Years Later: Reflections on the Nicaraguan Revolution,” Radio Interview, KGNY, Boulder Couny Public Radio, 19 July.
1999 “La Globalizacion y Su Incidencia en la Sociedad Centroamericana y la Gobernabilidad,” Keynote Address, conference on “Globalizacion, Gobernabilidad, y Desarrollo,” Iberoamerican University for Science and Technology/Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Managua, Nicaragua, May 6.
1999 “Globalizacion y la Transformacion de Centroamerica,” lecture given by invitation of Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO), Guatemala branch, Guatemala City, May 3.
1999 “Globalization and the Rise of a Transnational State,” lecture, Institute of Public Policy, De Montfort University, Leicester, England, April 14.
1999 “Capitalist Globalization and the Transnationalization of the State,” paper presented and panel discussion, Transatlantic Workshop on Globalization and Historical Materialism, University of Warwick, England, April 15-17.
1999 “Globalization and Development,” lecture, Center for Migration and Development, Princeton University, March 11.
1999 “The Nigerian Elections in International Perspective,” radio interview, Pacifica News Service, February 23.
1998 “Global Capitalism and the U.S. Promotion of Polyarchy in Latin America,” and “Central America in the Global System,” papers presented and panel discussion, Latin American Studies Association, (LASA) Congress, Chicago, Sept. 23-26.
1998 "Neo-Liberalism, The Global Elite, and the Guatemalan Transition: A Critical Macrostructural Analysis," paper presented (in Spanish) and panel discussion, conference on "Guatemalan Development and Democratization: Proactive Responses to Globalization," sponsored by National Science Foundation, UNICEP and UNDP (United Nations), Universidad del Valle (Guatemala), and Johns Hopkins University (US), Guatemala City, March 26-28.
1998 "La globalization, el nuevo model de desarrollo en Centroamerica y sus perspectivas," keynote address, conference on "La Globalizacion y los Factores de Riesgo en Nicaragua," sponsored by Fundacion Millennium and Superior Council of Private Enterprise (Nicaragua), Managua, Nicaragua, March 23.
1998 "La economia global y los procesos transnacionales en Centroamerica," talk given by invitation of the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (Costa Rican chapter), San Jose, 24 March.
1997 "Latin America and the United States: The Challenge of the Twenty-First Century," university-Wide and public lecture, University of Tennessee, College of Arts and Sciences, Knoxville, November 24.
1997 "Beyond Nation-State Paradigms: Globalization, Sociology, and the Challenge of Transnational Studies," paper presented and panel discussion, American Sociological Association (ASA) 92nd Annual Meeting, Toronto, August 9-13.
1997 "Centroamerica ante la Globalizacion y las Responsabilidades de los Intelectuales," university-wide address, Central American University, Managua, Nicaragua, June 26.
1997 "Globalizacion y el Sistem Internacional," 20 hour intensive seminar as visiting professor, Master Degree in International Relations Program, Central American University, Managua, Nicaragua, 16-29 June.
1997 "Transnational Processes in Central America: A Study on Globalization and Social Change," paper presented and panel discussion, Latin American Studies Association (LASA) Congress, Guadalajara, Mexico, April 17-19.
1997 "The Ogoni, the Environment, and Transnational Corporations," lecture and panel discussion, Amnesty International, Tennessee Chapter, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, March 17.
1996 "Sistema Contemporaneo Internacional", one-month intensive seminar as visiting professor, Masters Degree in International Relations Program, Central American University, Managua, Nicaragua.
1995 "Democracy in the New World Order," one-half hour radio presentation, "The Gary Null Show: Natural Living," WBAI, New York, 26 October.
1995 "Nicaragua and the World, 1960s-1990s," paper presented and panel discussion, Latin American Studies Association (LASA) conference, September 28-30, Washington, D.C.
1995 "Incorporating Latin American Studies into High School Curriculum," workshops organized and lectures for a two seek seminar on Latin America in high school curriculums, "Resources for Teaching About the Americas," sponsored jointly by the U.S. Department of Education and the Latin American Institute, University of New Mexico, May 30-June 17.
1994 "Fuerzas Armadas, Democracia en America Latina, y Politica Exterior Norteamericana" Invited by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to present lecture and paper, International Conference on "Estado, Sociedad, Fuerzas Armadas y Derechos Humanos," January 13-14, Managua, Nicaragua.
1994 "Central America: Which Way After the Cold War?," lecture for the Central America Peace Alliance, and Channel 27 (local public television), Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 10.
1993 "The National Endowment for Democracy in Latin America: Promoting Polyarchy and Preempting Social Justice," Keynote Speech and paper, Conference on the National Endowment for Democracy and U.S. Policy in Latin America, University of Ohio, Athens, September 30.
1993 "Latin America and the Clinton Administration," lectures at University of Minnesota at Minneapolis, and University of Iowa at Ames, invited by local peace groups, July 17-20
1993 "Cuba and the Clinton Administration," lecture, Latin American Institute, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, 30 April.
1993 "U.S.-Cuban Relations and the New World Order," two weeks of public lectures in Havana, Cuba, on U.S.-Cuban relations and the New World Order. Invited by the University of Havana and the Centro de Estudios sobre America, January.
1990 "The Communications Media in Central America," lecture, Latin American Institute, University of New Mexico, October.
1990 Participant in "Frontline," CNN, panel discussion on results of Nicaraguan elections, Washington, D.C., February.
1987-90 Regular Guest Speaker, Close Up Foundation, Washington, D.C., Lectured on U.S.-Central American relations.
1989 Panelist, "Nicaraguan Dialogue", five days of sessions on conflict resolution in Central America, sponsored by the U.S. Institute for Peace, the Trinity Forum and the Latin American Institute of the University of New Mexico, February and April.
1989 "Anti-Americanism or Anti-Interventionism," speech, Latin American Seminar, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, July.
1988 "Beyond the Cold War in the Caribbean Basin," Lecture and paper presented, Biannual Conference of National Alliance of Third World Journalists," Atlanta, April.
1987 "An Alternative U.S. Policy for Central America," guest lecture, Conference of the Association of Social Anthropologists, Washington, D.C., September.
1984 National Speaking tour in the United States as representative of Agencia Nueva Nicaragua international news service, invited by universities, educational and public advocacy groups to lecture on the November 1984 Nicaraguan elections. Spoke at some 30 university and 10 public forums in 15 states of the United States, September and October 1984.

Numerous Journalist Reports in the Following Outlets (1980-1996)

(partial listing of news publications and media outlets in which articles and commentaries have appeared)

Baltimore Sun (Baltimore)

Barricada (Nicaragua)

British Broadcasting Corporation (London)

Business and Society (New York)

Covert Action Quarterly (Washington, D.C.)

Crossroads (Oakland)

El Nacional (Mexico)

El Nuevo Diario (Nicaragua)

El Pais (Spain)

El Periodista (Argentina)

El Proceso (Mexico)

Excelsior (Mexico)

Insight (Washington, D.C.)

In these Times (Chicago)

La Juventud (Uruguay)

La Prensa (Nicaragua)

Latinamerica Press (Lima)

Multinational Monitor (Washington. D.C.)

Noticiero Latino (Los Angeles radio news reports)

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, CA)

Orlando Spectator (Orlando, Fla.)

Pacific News Service (subscriber news service, San Francisco)

Radio Primerisima (Nicaraguan radio talk show)

San Francisco Examiner (San Francisco)

'Smysl' Magazine (Moscow)

Soberania (Nicaragua)

Southern Africa Magazine (New York)

The Guardian (London)

The Guardian (New York)

Uno mas Uno (Mexico)

Professional Memberships
American Sociological Association

Latin American Studies Association.

International Studies Association.

Global Studies Association.

Sociologists Without Borders

Union of Nicaraguan Journalists (past member and officer 1984-1990)

Language Skills
* Spoken and Written Fluency in Spanish
* Translation/Interpreting Spanish-English,


* Working Knowledge (spoken and written) of Portuguese

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