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2002 Interview with Waco Tribune-Herald on “Why People Change Denominations,” front

page article of Religion section, Easter Sunday, March 25, 2002.

2001 Interview with ABC, National Programming (Mike Von Fremd).

2000 Consultant to directors of two new Baylor foreign site programs.

2000 Consultant to Special Counsel John Danforth’s investigation of Federal action on the

Branch Davidians, June 23, 2000.

2000 Interviewee for Austrian Radio, June 19, 2000.

2000 Interviewee on “Baylor Travel Abroad” for Focus.

1999 Consultant for Prentice Hall on World History: Connections to Today, a high school

text. My assignment was to review the manuscript for accuracy and overall sensitivity

to religious issues.

1999 Asked to serve as consultant for PBS program on Davidian segment of Sociological

Study of Religion in America.

1998 Consultant to media on Branch Davidians (fifth anniversary).

1993 Consultant to national and local TV, radio and print media during and after Branch

Davidian crisis: e.g. in New York Times, Newsweek, Associated Press, etc.

1993 Consultant on Baptist General Convention of Texas Church Planning Calendar: Texas Baptist Heritage Edition

1993 Texas A&M Student Services Division (presentation on cults on campus).

1989 Texas Higher Education Consulting Board (to evaluate religion graduate and

Undergraduate programs in religion in Texas).

1987ff Book manuscript evaluations for Baylor, Broadman, Abingdon, Prentice Hall,

Princeton and Oxford Presses.


2012 T.C.U.


American Academy of Religion

American Society of Church History

Baptist History and Heritage

Conference on Faith and History

National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion

Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality

Texas Oral History Association

Texas Baptist Historical Society


Honors Class Lecturer for World Cultures II, 1997-present.

Civilization Lecturer for Honors Program 1976-1992: “Heroic Materialism”

Honors Program Class Lecturer 1994-1996: “Martin Luther”

Director of Honors Theses for Baylor Honors Program

Honors Independent Reading Course for Kali Rubenthaler-Luther’s Theology,

Fall, 2002 and Catholic Thought, Spring, 2003 and Fall, 2003.

Thesis Director, Spring, 2004


Oral History Institute: Interviewer, 1976-present, 127 interviews with 32 people.

University Voluntary Service

BIC Welcome Day for students and parents, 2003-present

BSU Welcome Week (orientation program for freshmen)

Steppin’ Out (student community involvement program, various years)

Sponsor of Theta Alpha Kappa (honor society for religion students; various years)

Sponsor of Graduate Theological Fellowship (various years)

Sponsor of Baylor Soccer Team, 1978-1982

University Standing and Ad Hoc Committees: (various years)

International Programs Japan Week, 1976; Africa Week, 1977

American Studies Church and State Studies

Regional Studies Oral History

University Curriculum Athletic Council

Founders Day Graduate Credentials

Committee on Committees Religious Affairs

Baptist Heritage Committee Outstanding Professor Selection

Lilly Proposal Committee Rank, Promotion and Tenure

Bear Downs Judge Faculty Orientation, 1976

Interfaith Conference Programs, 1978ff Faculty Development, chair 2005-2008

Humanities ad hoc Committee, 1978-1979

Religion Department Committees: (various years)

Search Committee for Reformation position

Administrative Committee for Grad Program

Faculty Personnel, chair Graduate Studies, chair

Undergraduate Studies Endowment

Bulgaria Liaison, chair Missions Liaison, chair

Privileges and Responsibilities Curriculum, chair

Scholarly Expectations, chair Area Representative: Historical Division

Foreign Site Programs:

2002-present Conduct Travel Study Program for Ph.D. Students in Church History during Spring Break

1995-present Plan and Lead Travel Study Programs for Baylor Interdisciplinary Core Faculty to China, Germany-Switzerland-France, Italy, Spain, Peru

1991-2001 Director, Baylor in the British Isles; renamed Baylor in Great Britain

(five-week summer travel-study program)

1999 Summary: 172 participants; $767,000 budget

1982-2001 Baylor in the British Isles faculty member (20-year involvement; 100-140 students each year)

Foreign Site Lectures Presented at International Conferences and Programs:

2010 Turin, Italy, Cesnur International Conference

2010 St. Gaul, Switzerland, Conference on The Book

2010 St. Andrews, Scotland, The Reformation Studies Colloquium

2009 Melbourne, Australia, International Conference on Baptist Studies

2009 Montreal, Canada, American Society of Church History

2008 London, England, Inform/Cesnur International Conference

2006 Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada, International Conference on Baptist Studies

2005 Palermo, Italy, Cesnur International Conference

2003 Prague, Czech Republic, International Conference on Baptist Studies

1998 Sydney, Australia, Australian Historical Association

1996 Czech Republic, Seminary in Prague

1994 Bulgaria, Seminary in Sofia

1987 Montreal, Canada, Popular Culture Association

1980 Brazil, Seminary in Recife

Baylor Continuing Education, “The Reformation,” October, 2009

Baylor Continuing Education: “The Crusades,” October, 2003

Baylor Continuing Education: “Martin Luther” October, 1993, taped and aired

repeatedly on Baylor University educational channel

SBC Seminary Extension: “Introduction to the Old Testament”


First Baptist Church:

Missions Committee, Chair, 2007-2009

Bylaws Revision Committee, 2007-2008

Teacher, McCall Sunday School Class, 2001-2004

Deacon: Deacon Selection Committee, chair (2005, 2010; 2011)

Policies and Procedures Committee (2005);

Long Range Planning Document (design and editing); Substitute teacher; Church

Training session leader; Priesthood of the Believer statement; Christian Life Committee,

chair; History Committee, chair; New Deacon Orientation lecture 1997, 1998; Baptist

Heritage lectures 1994; Denominational Relations Committee, chair 1998-1999;

Brotherhood program chair, 1978; Brotherhood president, 1979; Instructor for

Leadership Training Course, various years; Building Fund Committee; Church Council;

College Committee; Regularly teach in other area churches.

1985-1995: Conducted services at Regis Retirement Home

1984 Planned and led Wesleyan Commemoration Service for Methodist Bicentennial held at

Baylor (Audience: area Methodist churches)

1983 Planned and led Lutheran Commemoration Service for 500th Anniversary of Luther’s

birth, Baylor (Audience: area Lutheran churches)

1979 College Retreat Leader, Latham Springs


2003 Baptist Senior Adult Summit; Waco Convention Center, March 18, 2003: “Turning

Points of Church History”

2002 “Survey of the Bible,” 4-week Sunday morning study, Riverbend Church, Austin, TX,

October 20 & 27, November 3 & 10

2002 Served on mentoring committee for Truett Seminary student, Jeff Huckeby

2002 Devotional Leader, First Baptist Church, October 30 (“Religious Celebrations”) and

December 11 (“Christmas and Advent”)

2002 “Baptist Life and Thought” 4 week Wednesday night study course, July, 2002

1998 Consultant to and Interviewee for Baptist General Convention of Texas 150 year

Celebration Video Tape

1998 Waco Baptist Association Historical Committee, chair and committee member

(1998 and numerous years)

1994-1997 Baptist Distinctives Committee, Baptist General Convention of Texas

1993 Consultant: Texas Baptist Heritage Calendar Committee

1988 Credentials Committee, Baptist General Convention of Texas

1984-Present President, Independence Association (annually elects the Texas Baptist

Elder Statesman)

1979 Encyclopedia of Southern Baptists, IV (served on Texas Committee to plan Texas

Entries and wrote two articles)

1979 Handbook of Texas Baptist History (committee member)

1976ff Associational Report: annual report on Christian education to Baptist Associations


Storybook Christmas, literacy program, 2002-2012

Waco Symphony Board, 2000-2003

Salvation Army Advisory Board (1983- present) and past president

Allocations Committee, United Way

Emergency Food and Shelter Board (a division of FEMA), 1990-Present (distributes

federal funds to area charities)

Co-founder Waco Soccer Association, 1976

Grand Jury Commission, 1976

Speaker for civic organizations: Rotary Club, Americans United, Business Women’s

Club, Kiwanis Club, etc.
Local Memberships

Friends of the Library

Waco Art Center

Waco Habitat for Humanity


Waco Symphony Association

Baylor Friends of Fine Arts

Waco Peace Association

Greater Waco Interfaith Conference

Senior Ministry

Friends for Life

Waco Humane Society

National Memberships

Amnesty International

Bread for the World


Habitat for Humanity

Baptist Joint Committee

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