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1 February 2011


11253 Springville Boston Road

East Concord, New York 14055-9711

Telephone: 716-592-7100

Cell: 716-941-7492



A.B., Swarthmore, 1951

B. Phil., Oxford, 1954 (Thesis: "Persuading")

Ph.D., Cornell, 1965 (Dissertation: Grammar and Criteria, Ann Arbor: University Microfilms, 1966.)

Academic Positions:

National College of Choueifat (Lebanon), Senior English Master, 1954-56

Cornell University, Instructor (part-time), 1956-57

University of Minnesota, Instructor, 1958-61

SUNY at Buffalo, Lecturer, 1961-66; Associate Professor, 1966-71; Professor, 1971-91; Distinguished Service Professor, 1991--

Visiting Lecturer/Professor:

University of Michigan (Summer, 1962)

Friends World College (Fall, 1966)

University of Rochester (Spring, 1967)

Northwestern University (Spring, 1970)

San Diego State University (Spring, 1994)

Committee Work:


1. Program Committee, Minnesota Philosophical Society, 1960

2. Vietnam Resolution Committee, Central Division, American Philosophical Association, 1966-67

3. Program Committee, Central Division of American Philosophical Association, 1971, 1987-88

4. Parliamentarian, Central Division of American Philosophical Association, 1970, 1971, 1974, 1978, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1985, 1988

5. Referee for NSF Special Projects Grant Proposals, 1972-74

6. American Philosophical Association Committee on the Defense of Professional Rights, 1973-76

7. American Philosophical Association, Sharp Prize Committee, 1991, 1993-5

SUNY at Buffalo:

1. Parliamentarian, Faculty Senate (ex officio on the Executive Committee), 1968-70, 1972-74, 1977-78; sometime parliamentarian, Graduate School

2. English Search Committee, 1966-67

3. Linguistics Advisory Committee, 1967-75

4. Linguistics Search Committee, 1967-68

5. Chairman, Art Search Committee, 1971-72

6. Faculty Senate Committee on Faculty Tenure and Privilege, 1971-73

7. President's Review Board on Appointments and Promotions, 1976-78

8. Chairman-elect, Faculty Senate, 1977-78, Chair; 1978-80

9. President's Academic Cabinet, 1978-80

10. Co-director, Conference on Naturalism and Rationality, April 1985

11. Co-director, Conference on Law and the Legitimation of Violence, March 1989

12. Co-director, Working Group on Conflict and Cooperation, 1988-89

13. Co-director, Graduate Group on Cooperation and Conflict Studies, 1989-95

14. Member, Graduate Group for German and Austrian Studies, 1980-95.
Department of Philosophy:

Committees sometimes chaired:





Graduate Policy

Hourani and Perry Scholarships

Various graduate student advisory committees

Other Committees:


Admissions and Financial Aid


Acting Chancellor, Telluride Association, January-May, 1957

Board of Directors, Telluride Association Summer Programs, 1957-60; Chairman, 1957-58

Founding member of Citizens Council on Human Relations, Executive Secretary, 1963-64; Co-chairman, 1964-65

Executive Board, Niagara Frontier Chapter, ACLU, 1963-66

Council of Churches, Public Affairs Board, 1965-69; Program Board, 1967-68

Steering Committee, Peace and Social Action, Program of New York Yearly Meeting, 1966-69; Chairman, 1967-69

Committee of Oversight, Quaker Project on Community Conflict, 1966-69

Chairman, Advisory Committee, Police Training Workshop (Ford Grant) 1967-69

Chairman, Subcommittee on Education and Employment of the Ellicott-Talbert Service Committee, Community Welfare Council, 1964-65

New York Yearly Meeting (Quaker), Recording Clerk, 1985-88, 1989-92; Trustee, 1988-91

Buffalo Friends Meeting, Trustee, 1971-73; Clerk of Ministry and Counsel, 1968-69; Clerk, 1974-75, 1984-87

Board of Managers, Oakwood School, 1968-86; Trustee, 1971-86; President, 1973-75, 1977-79

Friends World College Committee, 1968-72; Council of Overseers of Friends World Program of Southampton College, Long Island University, 1998-2003.

Member of the Corporation, American Friends Service Committee, 1981-89

Trustee, Calasanctius Preparatory School, 1984-87

General Board, Pendle Hill, 1986-92

Clerk, Ad Hoc Committee on the Future of Powell House, New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, 1987-89.

Clerk, Ad Hoc Committee on the Function of the Yearly Meeting, New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, 199-2001.

Alternatives to Violence Project, Inc., Niagara Frontier Area Council, 1988--; New York State Board of Directors, 1992-5; Vice-President 1992-3; Secretary 1993-4; Coordinator for AVP at Wende Correctional Facility, 1992-2000.

Board, Quaker Bolivia Link, 2000-2001.

President, Bolivian Quaker Education Fund, 2002 —.

Dissertations Directed:

1. Alison Jaggar, "On Communication in Philosophy", 1970

2. Soren Teghrarian, "Meaning and Convention", 1971

3. Eugene Valberg, "Rational Belief and Self-Deception", 1973

4. Grahame Weinbren, "Wittgenstein's Theory of Personal Identity", 1975

5. Jonathan Ketchum, "The Structure of the Platonic Dialogue", 1981

6. M. A. Clay, "The Problem of Criteria for Empirical Knowledge", 1981

7. Ping-cheung Lo, "Humanity as an End in Itself: A New Interpretation of Immanuel Kant's Theory of Moral Obligation", 1982

8. Zosimo Lee, "The Political Conception of Justice: Rawls, Communitarianism, and Rational Conflict-Resolution", 1991

9. Seung Chong Lee, "Wittgenstein's Attitude Toward Contradiction", 1993

10. Eric Reitan, "The Christian Love Ethic", 1993

11. Annalisa Sassano, "From Huizinga to Wittgenstein. A Philosophical Analysis of the Notions of Play, Games and Language-Games", 1994

12. T. Jeffrey Scott, “Need as the Ground for Human Rights”, 2003

13. Laura Arcila Villa, “Philosophy and the Ordinary”, 2004


1. 1984-5 Conversations in the Disciplines: "Naturalism and Rationality", $2000.

2. 1988-9 Baldy Center: (with Dean Pruitt), $3870.

3. 1989-90 Vice President for Research: Graduate Group on Cooperation and Conflict Studies (with Frank Zagare), $9000 ($2000 plus graduate assistant).

4. 1990-1 Vice President for Research: Graduate Group on Cooperation and Conflict Studies (with Frank Zagare), $9000 ($2000 plus graduate assistant).

5. 1990-1 New York State Martin Luther King Institute for Nonviolence: To support a student conference on nonviolence at SUNY at Buffalo, including publication of the proceedings, $3600.

6. 1991-2 Vice President for Research: Graduate Group on Cooperation and Conflict Studies (with C. Holoman), $9000 ($2000 plus graduate assistant).

7. 1991-2 NEH: "Human Rights in Theory and Practice", a Summer Seminar with Claude Welch, $109,862.

8. 1992-3 Conferences in the Disciplines: Ethnic Conflict (with C. Welch), $2000.

9. 1992-3 Vice President for Research: Graduate Group on Cooperation and Conflict Studies (with C. Holoman), $2000.

10. 1993-4 Baldy Center: Human Rights and Ideology (with Pablo DeGreiff), $2000.

11. 1993-5 Vice President for Research: Graduate Group on Cooperation and Conflict Studies (with C. Holoman), $2000.

Honors and Awards:

SUNY Faculty Exchange Scholar, 1986-7

New York State/UUP Excellence Award, 1990-1

SUNY Distinguished Service Professor, 1991.

Friend in Residence, Pendle Hill, Spring Term 2001.
Conferences, Workshops, and Short Courses Organized:

1. Naturalism and Rationality (with Peter H. Hare), SUNY/Buffalo, March 28-30, 1985.

2. Program Committee, Western Division of APA, 1971, 1988.

3. Law and the Legitimation of Violence (with James B. Brady), SUNY/Buffalo, March 16-18, 1989.

4. Peace Bridge Conference, "Dispute Resolution in the 90's," Buffalo, NY, September 14-16, 1989 (member of organizing committee).

5. Human Rights in Theory and Practice (with Claude Welch), an NEH Summer Seminar

6. Ethnic Conflict and International Intervention (with Claude Welch and Jerome Slater), SUNY/Buffalo, April 16-17, 1993.

7. Philosophy in East Asia (with Peter H. Hare), University at Buffalo, April 9, 2000.

8. Wittgenstein, Week-long course, Pendle Hill (Wallingford PA), May 13-18,2001.

9. William James: Pragmatism and Religious Experience, Week-long course, Pendle Hill (Wallingford PA), February 2-7, 2003.

10. Servant Leadership, Day-long workshop, Friends Meeting of Washington (DC), February 26, 2003.

11. Simone Weil: Guidance for the Perplexed, Week-long course, Pendle Hill (Wallingford PA), March 1-6, 2004.

12. Wittgenstein for Quakers, a week-long workshop at the 2007 Gathering of Friends General Conference, June 30-July 7, River Falls WI.
Editorial Consultation (occasional) and Refereeing:

Cornell University Press

Oxford University Press

Northwestern University Press

Philosophical Monographs

University of Texas Press
SUNY Press

Philosophy Research Archives

Wittgenstein Studien (mitausgeber)

National Science Foundation

Journal of Philosophical Reasearc

hPapers Read at Professional Meetings:

1. The Goals of Teaching Philosophy, Minnesota Philosophical Society, 22 November 1958.

2. The Grammar of Prenominal Modifiers in English, Linguistic Society of America, 30 December 1958.

3. Necessary Existence, Western Division of American Philosophical Association, 4 May 1961.

4. Causal Judgments in History, Sec. L. of A.A.A.S., December 1961.

5. Some Queries for Mr. Putnam, Ibid.

6. Criteria: An Aspect of Wittgenstein's Logical Theory, Oberlin Colloquium, 20-22 April 1962.

7. Albritton on Criteria, Western Division of American Philosophical Association, May 1962.

8. Private Language Arguments, Eastern Division of American Philosophical Association, 28 December 1962.

9. Varieties of Use and Mention, Western Division of American Philosophical Association, 1 May 1964.

10. Teaching to Philosophize, Western Conference on the Teaching of Philosophy, 5 May 1966.

11. Privacy in Language and Metaphysics, Western Division of American Philosophical Association, 6 May 1966.

12. Logical Mysticism, Western Division of American Philosophical Association, 4 May 1968.

13. Police as Ambiguous Agents, Society for Philosophy and Public Affairs, St. Louis, 7 May 1970.

14. Pantheism and Ontology in Wittgenstein's Early Work, Pacific Division of American Philosophical Association, 27 March 1971.

15. Grammar and Metaphysics, Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, New Orleans, 30 October 1971.

16. Distinctive Features in Categoriae, Symposium on Modernist Interpretations of Ancient Logic, SUNY at Buffalo, 21 April 1972.

17. From Frege to Wittgenstein, Eastern Division of American Philosophical Association, 27 December 1972.

18. The Contestability of Violence, Eastern Division of American Philosophical Association, December 1974.

19. Intentionality as a Theory of Meaning, Western Division of American Philosophical Association, 26 April 1975.

20. Identity and Resemblance, American Philosophical Association, Chicago, IL, 28 April 1977.

21. The Other Sort of Meaning, Second International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, Austria, 29 August-3 September 1977.

22. The "Picture" of Language in Rousseau and Condillac, Philosophy and Literary Criticism: The Post-Structuralist Enterprise, SUNY at Stony Brook, 30 September-1 October 1977.

23. It can't be said of me at all (except perhaps as a joke) that I know that I am in pain, Creighton Club, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, 21 October 1977.

24. Derrida on Rousseau on Writing, American Philosophical Association, New York, 27-30 December 1977.

25. Value Clarification and the Development of Character, American Society for Value Inquiry, Washington, D.C., 27 December 1978.

26. The Care and Abuse of Children, Symposium of Child Abuse, NY Foundling Hospital, New York, 19 January 1979.

27. Double Articulation and the Theory of Meaning, Fourth International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, Austria, 28 August-3 September 1979.

28. Schemata and Criteria, Fifth International Wittgenstein Symposium Kirchberg, Austria, 25-30 August 1980.

29. Wittgenstein's Legacy to Epistemology, Sixth International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, Austria, 24-30 August 1981.

30. "The poet is a penguin", Conference on Poststructuralist Theory, Brooklyn College, 10 December 1981.

31. Comments on David Hemmendinger, American Philosophical Association, Philadelphia, 28 December 1981.

32. Frege and Husserl on Meaning, Conference on Philosophy and Science in Phenomenological Perspective, Buffalo, NY, 11-13 March 1982.

33. Forms of Life, Seventh International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, Austria, 23-29 August 1982.

35. La forme de vie chez Wittgenstein, Colloque "Wittgenstein", Cerisy, France, 19-25 August 1984.

36. Comments on J. J. Katz, Conference on Naturalism and Rationality, SUNY Buffalo, 29 March 1985.

37. Form of Life as Both Natural and Transcendental, American Philosophical Association, Chicago, IL, 25-28 April 1985.

38. Tit-for-Tat as a Gandhian Strategy, Gandhi-King Society, Chicago, 26 April 1985.

39. Comments on papers at the Conference on Ethical Questions in the Professions, University of Delaware (Newark), 17 May 1985.

40. Kant and Wittgenstein, Tenth International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, Austria, August 1985.

41. Wittgenstein on Grammar and Metaphysics, 17th Annual Philosophy Symposium, CSU Fullerton, CA, 11-14 March 1987.

42. Violence and Social Order, Twelfth International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, Austria, 8-13 August 1987.

43. The Pursuit of Ideals and the Legitimation of Means: Some Notes on the Differential Translation of Ideas into Reality, Conference on Idea and Reality, Budapest, Hungary, 11-12 August 1988.

44. Wittgenstein on Science, Thirteenth International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, Austria, 14-20 August 1988.

45. Gibt es Kritische Philosophie Nach Wittgenstein?, Ludwig Wittgenstein Symposium, Volkshochschule, Brigittenau, 20-22 April 1989.

46. The Metaphysics of the Tractatus, Fourteenth International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, Austria, 13-19 August 1989.

47. Derrida: Wittgensteinian Observations, American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, San Francisco, 28 March 1991.

48. Pugnacity and Pacifism, Keynote address for Nonviolence in a Pugnacious World, SUNY at Buffalo, 26 April 1991.

49. Comments on Sluga, Stern, and Summerfield, American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, Portland OR, 27 March 1992.

50. Teaching Non-Violence: The AVP Experience, Conference on Non-Violence, Elon College, 5-7 October 1992.

51. In Defense of the French, European Philosophy and the American Academy, Wingspread, Racine, WI, 11-14 February 1993.

52. The Nature of Moral Theory, Symposium on the moral philosophy of Kurt Baier, Buffalo, 22 March 1993. 53. Wittgenstein's Conception of Philosophy as Grammar, Sixteenth International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, 16 August 1993.

54. Law and Love, Conference on Eros, Philia, and Agape in the Philosophy of Martha Nussbaum, Brock University, February 1994.

55. Comment on three papers, Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Atlanta, March 1994.

56. McGuinness on the Tractatus, 17th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, 15-20 August, 1994.

57. Wittgenstein's View of Science, International Conference on the Vienna Circle and Contemporary Science and Philosophy: In Memory of Tscha Hung, Beijing, China, 21-24 October 1994.

58. Justice and Mercy in Iris Murdoch's The Green Knight, North American Society for Social Philosophy, Waterville ME, 10-13 August 1995.

59. Lebensformen Sind Unbestimmt und Unbestimmbar, Symposium: Der Konflikt der Lebensformen in Wittgensteins Philosophie der Sprache, Universität Passau, Germany, 22-25 November 1995.

60. Pugnacity and Politics, Sixth Annual Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture Conference, SUNY-Binghamton, 20 April 1996.

61. Two Kinds of Politics, 19th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, Austria, 12-18 August 1996.

Comment on L. H. Nelson, Conference on “Can Epistemology be Naturalized?”, SUNY/Buffalo, 26-28 September 1996.

Beginning at the Beginning, Conference on Wittgenstein’s Treatment of Knowledge in On Certainty, University of Minnesota, 11-13 October 1996.

Politics and Anti-politics, American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, Los Angeles, 26 March 1998.

Vagueness, Context, and Analysis, American Philosophical Association, Central Division, Chicago, 9 May, 1998.

Politics and Anti-politics, World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, 11 August 1998.

The Grammar of Possibility and the Possibility of Grammar, American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, Berkeley, 3 April 1999.

Using AVP in the Classroom, Friends Association for Higher Education, Whittier College, June 1999.

Wittgenstein and Kraus as Cultural Critics, Karl Kraus Symposium, Buffalo, October 16, 1999.

The ‘Silence’ of Wittgenstein and Kraus, interdisciplinary conference on Writing the Austrian Tradition, Toronto, May 2000.

New Paradigms for Quaker Missions: rethinking Outreach as Spirituality in Action, Friends Association for Higher Education, Earlham College, Richmond IN, June 22-25, 2000.

Reason and Necessity, 23rd International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, Austria, August 2000.

Reflections on Punishment, Friends Association for Higher Education, Guilford College, Wilmington NC, June 14-17, 2001.

Living on the Edge: Wittgenstein and George Fox, 24th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, Austria, August 2001.

Language-Games as Categories: An Aristotelian Theme in Wittgenstein’s Later Thought, Metaphysical Society of America, 2001.

Wittgenstein for Quakers, Friends Association for Higher Education, Haverford College, June 17, 2005.

Speaking Truth to Power, Quaker Theological Discussion Group, Washington (DC), November 17, 2006.

Grammar and Silence, 30th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg, Austria, August 6-11, 2007.

Colloquium Presentations and Lectures:


Bielefeld (Germany)

Binghamton (2)

Brock (Canada)


Budapest (Hungary)

Buffalo (many)

Buffalo State

Cooper Union

Deep Springs


Denison (2)

Ecole Nationale Superieure (J.F.) -Paris

Erie Community College

Frankfurt (Germany)


Fribourg (Switzerland)


Göttingen (Germany)

Graz (Austria)

Hamburg (Germany)

Hayward (2)

Heidelberg (Germany)

Hobart & William Smith

Hong Kong


Iowa (2)


L.I.U - C. W. Post

Lancaster (UK)


Manchester (UK)


Minnesota (3)

Moscow Institute of Philosophy (2)

Moscow State University


New Paltz

New Mexico

Nice (France)

Northern Iowa




Oxford (UK)

Pacific Lutheran

Peking University (Beijing, China)


Rennes (France)


Rosary Hill College

Salzburg (Austria)

San Diego State (6)

Santa Barbara

Sheffield (UK)

Siena (Italy) (2)

Sofia (Bulgaria)

Stony Brook

Sung Kyun Kwan (Korea)


US Military Academy

Vienna (Austria)

Western Ontario

Wiener Neustadt (Austria

) Special Invited Lectures and Lecture Series

1. Violence in America, Johnson Lectures, a series of four lectures, San Diego State University, April-May, 1994.

2. Jesus and Jefferson: Violence and Nonviolence in the Context of Religion and Politics, Hourani Lectures, University at Buffalo, a series of eight lectures February-April, 2004

3. Politics and Its Virtues, Hourani Lectures, University at Buffalo, a series of eight lectures September-November, 2005.

4. God Has No Politics, Paul Pfeutze Lecture, Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting, March 25, 2006. Repeated at Lancaster Friends Meeting, September 17, 2006.
1. Derrida and Wittgenstein (with Seung Chong Lee). Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1994.

Korean translation, 1997; second Korean printing (with minor corrections), 1999.

2. This Complicated Form of Life: Essays on Wittgenstein. LaSalle/Chicago: Open Court, 1994.
3. Wittgenstein & Approaches to Clarity. Amherst NY, Humanity Books 2006
4. Limits to Politics: Some Friendly Reminders. Buffalo NY, Center Working Papers, 2006. Second (expanded) edition, 2007.

Books Edited:
1. Naturalism and Rationality (with Peter H. Hare). Buffalo: Prometheus Books, 1986.
2. Justice, Law, and Violence (with James B. Brady). Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1991.
1. Jesus, Jefferson and the Task of Friends, Pendle Hill Pamphlet #250 (Wallingford, PA: 1983).
2. Nonviolence and Community: Reflections on the Alternatives to Violence Project (with Eric Reitan), Pendle Hill Pamphlet #322 (Wallingford, PA: 1995).

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