Curriculum Vitae David Nirenberg Dean, Social Sciences Division

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Curriculum Vitae

David Nirenberg

Dean, Social Sciences Division

Deborah R. and Edgar D. Jannotta Professor

Committee on Social Thought, Department of History,

Department of Romance Languages and Literatures,

Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Center for Jewish Studies,

and the College

The University of Chicago

Committee on Social Thought

1130 E. 59th St.

Chicago, IL 60637

Phone: 773 702 3423

Fax: 773 834 1968




1987-1992: Princeton University, Dept. of History, MA (1989), PhD (1992).

1982-1986: Yale University, AB (1986).
Academic Employment:

Dean, Division of the Social Sciences, University of Chicago, July 1, 2014-

Founding Faculty Director, The Neubauer Family Collegium for Culture and Society, 2011-Oct. 1, 2014;

Roman Family Director, 2014.

Deborah R. and Edgar D. Jannotta Professor, University of Chicago, 2008-present.

Professor, the University of Chicago, 2006-present.

Associate, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften, Human Sciences Section, 2011-present.

Visiting Professor, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Madrid, Summer, 2011.

Charlotte Bloomberg Professor of the Humanities, Department of History, Johns Hopkins University (secondary appointment in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures), 2000-2006.

Director, Leonard & Helen R. Stulman Jewish Studies Program, Johns Hopkins University, 2002-2007.

Director, Center for the Study of Cultures, Rice University, 1997-2000.

Visiting Professor, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, May 2000.

Associate Professor of History, Rice University, 1996-2000.

Assistant Professor of History, Rice University, 1992-1996.

Fellowships, grants, and awards:

Doctor of Philosophy, Honoris Causa, University of Haifa, 2016

Elected Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, History and Philosophy/Religion sections, 2016

Elected Fellow, Medieval Academy of America, 2015.

Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize, Phi Beta Kappa, 2014.

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften, “Convivencia: Iberian to Global Dynamics 500-1750” (1,343,000 Euro, 2014-2019, co-PI with Thomas Duve, Jürgen Renn, Günter Schlee, and Gerhard Wolf).

Spanish Ministry of Science, Collaborative Research Grant, June-Dec 2012.

Fellow, Center for Advanced Study, Ludwig Maximilian Universität, Munich, 2011 (declined).

Fellow, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, 2004-5.

Johns Hopkins Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award, 2003.

Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Palo Alto CA, 2000-2001.

John Nicholas Brown Prize, Medieval Academy of America, 2000

Sarofim/NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor, Rice University, 1999-2000.

Charles Duncan, Jr. Award for research and teaching, Rice University, 1998.

Herbert Baxter Adams Prize, American Historical Association, 1999.

First Book Prize, Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, 1998.

Premio del Rey Prize, American Historical Association, 1997.

NEH Fellowship for University Teachers, 1996-97.

Visitor, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, 1996-97.

Fellow, Center for the Study of Cultures, Rice University, Spring 1995.

NEH Summer Research Grant, 1994.

Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation Honorific Fellowship in the Humanities, 1991-92.

"Comité Conjunto Hispano-Americano para la Cooperación Cultural y Educativa" [for a joint research

project with the CSIC, Barcelona, on Muslims in Spain], 1991-92.

SSRC/ACLS International Doctoral Research Fellowship, funded by the Ford Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, 1989-1992.

Fulbright-Hays/Spanish Government Dissertation Research Fellowship, 1989-90.

Research Grant, Program for Cultural Cooperation Between Spain's Ministry of Culture and American

Universities, 1989.

National Resource Fellowship, US Education Department, Summer, 1988.

Mellon Fellowship in the Humanities, 1986-1989.

Thomas Bergin Prize in the Humanities, Yale University, 1986.


Communities of Violence: Persecution of Minorities in the Middle Ages. Princeton University Press (1996). Paperback edition, February, 1998. Spanish translation: Comunidades de Violencia: Persecución de minorías en la edad media, Peninsula Editorial (2001); French translation: Violence et minorités au Moyen Age, Presses Universitaires de France (2001).

Received John Nicholas Brown Prize, Medieval Academy of America, 2000; Herbert Baxter Adams Prize, American Historical Association, 1999; First Book Prize, the Society for Spanish and Portuguese Studies, 1998; Premio del Rey Prize, American Historical Association, 1997.

Communities of Violence: Persecution of Minorities in the Middle Ages. 20th anniversary edition. Princeton University Press (June 1, 2015).
Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition, W.W. Norton (2013). Published in Great Britain as Anti-Judaism: The History of a Way of Thinking, Head of Zeus (2013). German translation Anti-Judaismus. Eine andere Geschichte des westlichen Denkens, C.H. Beck/Gerda Henkel Stiftung (2015). Italian translation Antigiudaismo: la tradizione occidentale (Viella, 2016); Hungarian translation forthcoming.

Received Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize, Phi Beta Kappa, 2014.

Neighboring Faiths: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, Medieval and Modern, University of Chicago Press (Oct., 2014). Spanish translation Religiones vecinas: Cristianismo, Islam, y Judaismo en la Edad Media y en la actualidad, Critica (2016).
Aesthetic Theology and its Enemies: Judaism in Christian Painting, Poetry, and Politics, 2012 Mandel Lectures, Brandeis University Press (2015).
Shorter Books:
Wie jüdisch war das Spanien des Mittelalters? Die Perspektive der Literatur, Kleine Schriften des Arye Maimon-Instituts, vol. 7 (Trier, 2005).
Jane Taylor and David Nirenberg, a Conversation (dOCUMENTA(13) Notebook #103, Kassel, 2012)
‚Jüdisch’ als Politisches Konzept, in the series Historische Geisteswissenschaften Frankfurter Vorträge, Wallstein Verlag, Göttingen (October 2013). Italian translation: Ebraico. un concetto politico. Una critica della teologia politica (Collana di filosofia, GoWare E-Book: Feb., 2015).
Edited Volumes:

The Body of Christ in the Art of Europe and New Spain,1150-1800 (with James Clifton and Linda Neagley), Prestel Verlag, Munich (1997).

Judaism and Christian Art: Aesthetic Anxieties from the Catacombs to Colonialism (with Herbert Kessler), University of Pennsylvania Press (2011).

Race and Blood in the Iberian World (Racism Analysis | Yearbook 3 - 2012) (with Max S. Hering Torres and María Elena Martínez), Lit Verlag, Berlin (2012).


“What is Islam? (What is Christianity? What is Judaism?),” Raritan (Fall 2016), 1-14.

“Love =,” in What Reason Promises: Essays on Reason, Nature, and History, ed. Wendy Doniger, Peter Galison, and Susan Neiman (Berlin: De Gruyter, 2016), 46-54.

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Television documentaries:

            Appearances: “Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain,” Unity Productions, PBS, 2007; “The Plague,” Gardner Films, History Channel, 2006. Consultant and appearance: “Ornament of the World” Kikim Media (in production).

Professional Service:

Reviews and Evaluations of various departments, institutes, and universities for European and United States institutions of research and higher education.

Advisory Board, “CORPI: Conversion, Overlapping Religiosities, Polemics, Interaction: Early Modern Iberia and Beyond,” ERC Research Project, CSIC, Madrid, 2013-present.

Advisory Board, Center for the Study of Conversion, Ben Gurion University, 2013-present.

Advisory Board, “RELMIN:  The legal status of religious minorities in the Euro-Mediterranean world (5th-16th centuries),” ERC Research Project, Maison des Sciences Ange Guépin, University of Nantes, 2010-14.

Advisory Board, Internationales Kolleg für Geisteswissenschaftliche Forschung "Dynamiken der Religionsgeschichte zwischen Asien und Europa," Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 2007-present.

Advisory Board, Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Neulateinische Studien, Innsbruck, Austria, 2009-present.

Member, Global Forum, National Library of Israel, 2014-present.

Advisory Board, Stanford Humanities Center, 2001-2007.

Editorial Board, Hispania Iudaica Bulletin, 2015-present.

Editorial Board, Medieval Encounters, 2004-present.

Editorial Board, Journal of Religion in Europe, 2007-present.

Editorial Board, History Compass, 2005-present.

Editorial Board, Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies, 2007-present.

Editorial Board, Anuario de Estudios Medievales, 2010-present.

Editorial Board, Modern Language Notes, 2003-2007.

Editorial Board, "Languages and Cultures of the Spanish and Portuguese Worlds" series, University of Michigan Press, 1998-2006.

Editorial Board, "Rewriting the Middle Ages in the Twentieth Century," series, Brepols, 2015-present.

Area Advisor, Oxford Philosophical Concepts, Oxford University Press.

Book Review Editor, Medieval History, Speculum, 2000-2003.

Executive Committee, Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, 1998-2000.

Program Committee, Medieval Academy of America, 2000.

Service on selection panels for Rockefeller Foundation/Bellagio; Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and Wissenschaftsrat; European Research Council; American Council of Learned Societies; Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture; National Endowment for the Humanities; Social Sciences Research Council of Canada; Wolfe Humanities Institute, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York; Premio del Rey Prize and Herbert Baxter Adams Prize, Amer. Hist. Assoc.
University Service, University of Chicago

Dean, Division of the Social Sciences (2014-present)

Founding Director, Neubauer Family Collegium for Culture and Society (2012-2014)

Chair, Faculty Committee on Admissions and Aid (2010-present)

Romance Languages and Literatures Review Committee (2011)

Council of the Senate (2010-2013)

University Publications Board (2010-2013)

Governing Board, Center for Jewish Studies (2009-)

Strategic Planning Committee, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Institute (2008)

Advisory Committee, Mellon Islamic Studies Initiative (2009-)

Strategic Planning Committee, Committee on Jewish Studies (2008, 2009)

Planning Committee, Jerusalem Civilizations Program (2007-8)

Various fundraising activities, as well as lectures to Visiting Committees, Alumni, and Parent groups.
University Service, Johns Hopkins University:

Academic Council (central university committee for tenure and faculty governance), 2002-2003

Founding Director, Jewish Studies Program (2002-2007)

Search Committees: Modern Jewish History (2001-2002); Dean of Libraries (2001-2002); Rabbinics (2003, chair, 2005-6); History of Medicine [School of Medicine] (2005-6); Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships (2005-6). Service on multiple ad hoc and other advisory commitees.

University Service, Rice University:

Director, Center for the Study of Cultures, 1997-2000

Chair, Faculty and Research committee, School of Humanities review, 1999-2000

Search Committee, Vice President for University Advancement, 1998-1999

Graduate and Research Council, 1997-1999

Humanities Building Committee, 1997-2000

Advisory Panel, Center for the Study of Languages, 1997-2000

Search Committee, Arab Studies Chair, 1995-6, 1996-7

Search Committee, Hispanic and Classical Studies, 1997-8

President's Committee on International Education, 1995-96

Dean's Committee on the Foundation Program, 1995-96

Chair, Medieval Studies Workshop, 1995-1996

Program Coordinator, Alumni College, 1995, 1996, 1998

Frequent Alumni Association and Continuing Studies lectures

Rhodes/Marshall Selection Committee, 1995

Search Committee, Dean of Humanities, 1994-5

Interim Director, The Program in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations, 1994

Dean's Committee on Research in the Humanities, 1994

Divisional Adviser, Humanities, Brown College, 1993-4

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 1993-1997

Fellow, Hanszen College, Brown College

History Department Executive Committee (elected member), 1999-2000

Chair, Search Committee, Jewish History, 1998

Chair, Search Committee, Medieval Postdoctoral Fellow, 1998, 1999

Search Committee, Modern Germany, 1993-4

Director of Undergraduate Studies, History Dept., 1993-4

Graduate Committee, History Dept. 1992-3, 1995-6
Other work experience: Financial Analyst, Morgan Stanley and Co., 1986-1987.

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