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Mailing address: Center for Advanced Media Studies

Department of German and Romance Languages and Literatures

The Johns Hopkins University

246 Gilman Hall

3400 N. Charles Street

Baltimore, MD 21218

Phone: 410-5370085


Office Fax: 410 516 5358

Personal Homepage:


1994-1998 Doctoral studies in Romance Philology at the University of Vienna with emphasis on linguistics, media studies and medical anthropology (Committee: Prof. Michele Metzeltin, Romance Languages; Prof. Ludwig Nagl, Philosophy). Topic of doctoral thesis: “The Representation of AIDS in the Media. A Semio-linguistic Analysis and Interpretation.” Graduation Ph.D. 1998 with distinction.

    1. Master of Arts in Philosophy with Honors in Romance Philology, University of Vienna. Topic: “Semiotics of Advertising: an Inter-cultural Case Study of Italian Pasta Advertisement.”

    1. Study of Semiotics and Communication Sciences under the instruction of Prof. Umberto Eco and Prof. Roberto Grandi at the University of Bologna, Italy.

1987-1990 Bachelor of Arts in Romance Philology under the instruction of Prof. Michele Metzeltin and General Linguistics under the instruction of Prof. Ulrich Dressler at the University of Vienna, Austria; study of Russian language.



2012-2014 Development and production of two independent documentaries, The Cure (working title) and Devoti Tutti, as well as related transmedia projects on the culture of breast cancer and the cult of Saint Agatha.
2011-2012 Winner of the 2012 ASCINA (Austrian Scholars and Scientists in North America) Principle Investigator Award
DURA (Dean's Undergraduate Research Award) Grant ($10,000) granted through Johns Hopkins University's Dean's Office for a semester-long research internship of three undergraduate students to work on the development of a documentary on the history and culture of breast cancer.
Technology Fellowship ($5,000) granted through the Center for Educational Resources at The Johns Hopkins University to develop an image database on the history of breast cancer.
Private funding (Larry and Lori Lickstein Foundation) for development of a documentary feature The Cure (working title) about the culture and history of breast cancer $25,000 (in collaboration with editor Patrick Wright). Application for America's Media Makers Production Grant for $500,000.
2008-2010 Funding through the Austrian Film Board and private U.S. donors of $700,000 for the development and production of a documentary portrait of Leo Bretholz, Baltimore-based Holocaust survivor. In collaboration with Lukas Stepanik © Extrafilm Vienna and Waystone Productions LLC.
Funding applications Europe and USA for $300,000 for a documentary on Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo and his pensiero debole. © Waystone Productions.
2008 Bronze Award in the 2008 HeSCA (Health and Science Communications Association) Media Festivals (May 2008) for documentary Made Over in America.
2006-2007 Independent investments through private donors and IRCAF grant of $80,000 for documentary production Made Over in America, © Waystone Productions.
2005-2006 Julian Park Publication Fund for publication of Getting Under the Skin: The Body and Media Theory.
Dr. Nuala McGann Drescher Affirmative Action/Diversity Leave Program (two semester course relief 2005/06).
Interdisciplinary Research and Creative Activities Fund (IRCAF) to finance the research project Reality Made Over and documentary Made Over in America.
2004-2005 Senior Fellow at McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, University of Toronto.
2003 Faculty Educational Technology Grant together with Caroline Koebel for web platform GAPE—a critical complement to teaching resources.
2002 Faculty Educational Technology Grant for course website development Bodyworks: Body, Medicine, and Technology at the Turn of the Millennium.
2001 Faculty Educational Technology Grant for course website Introduction to Film Analysis: Reality and Cinema.
1999-2001 Two year research grant “Charlotte Bühler” from the Austrian government’s Fonds zur Förderung wissenschaftlicher Forschung, to fund the research and writing of the habilitation book, Getting Under the Skin: Corporeal Configurations at the Turn of the Millennium.
1997-1998 Two Visiting Post Doc scholarships (each 3 months) to Stanford University, Department of Comparative Literature (host: Prof. Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht) and Department of History and Philosophy of Science (host: Prof. Timothy Lenoir).
1993-1994 Ph.D. Scholarship awarded from the Austrian Ministry of Sciences for studies at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris. Research in Medical Anthropology.



Since 2010 Research Professor and Director of the Center for Advanced Media Studies at The Johns Hopkins University; the Center is funded through a private endowment by the Grass Family Foundation with a budget of $125,000/year (guaranteed through 2015).

2008-2010 Associate Research Professor in the Department of German and Romance Languages and Literatures, The Johns Hopkins University.
2006-2008 Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of German and Romance Languages and Literatures, The Johns Hopkins University.
2006-2008 Early Tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Media Study, The University at Buffalo (State University of New York).
2002-2006 Assistant Professor in the Department of Media Study, Director and creator of UB’s interdisciplinary Film Studies Program.
Since 2005 Executive developer of “Future Cinema” space at the Vienna Schikaneder and Topkino; programmer for documentary films.

2004 Faculty at the New York Summer Institute of Cognitive and Cultural Studies in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Since 2002 Freelance contributor for the Austrian newspaper Der Standard (weekend section “Album”) on US politics and culture, and freelance documentary-maker for Austrian TV (ORF).
1999-2002 Visiting Assistant Professor in the Departments of Comparative Literature and Media Study at the University at Buffalo; Researching the book project: “Getting Under the Skin: Corporeal Configurations at the Turn of the Millennium.”
1993-1999 Lecturer/Assistant at the Institute of Romance Philology at the University of Vienna.

    1. Lecturer at the Vienna Film Academy.

1997-1998 Representative of the Faculty of the Humanities (Geisteswissenschaftliche Fakultät) of the University of Vienna at the Logistisches Zentrum der Universität Wien (the administrative body responsible for the implementation of the new university system).

1997 Project work at the Austrian Ministry of Science, Department for International Relations (preparation for the Austrian presidency of the European Union in 1998).
1996 Co-organizer of the International Congress on “Bambini per strada” in Venice, Italy, by the University of Venice. Work as freelance journalist for the French TV station TF1.
1987-1992 German-Interpreter for Italian, French, Russian and English. Tourist guide for Italian tourists in Vienna. Teacher of German in Bologna.



2012 The Cosmetic Gaze: Body Modification and the Construction of Beauty, The MIT Press.

2009 Die Arbeit am eigenen Körper: Schönheitskonstruktion und Körpermodifikation vom 18.- 21. Jahrhundert, together with Martina Pippal; Proceedings of the Wiener Vorlesungen 2007-2008, Vienna: Picus Verlag.

2006 Getting Under the Skin. Body and Media Theory, The MIT Press.

Review examples: Metapsychology 10/10 by Brian J. McVeigh (2006); and Culture Machine by Meredith Jones (2008).
1998 Die Darstellung von AIDS in den Medien: semio-linguistische Analyse und Interpretation, Vienna University Press.

Edited Volumes

2011 Living Books About Life: Cosmetic Surgery, Open Humanities Press.

2008 Guest editor: Reality Made Over: The Culture of Reality Makeover Shows; special issue of Configurations 15.1. and 15.2 (Johns Hopkins University Press).


2011-2014 The Cure, production of a documentary feature on the history of breast cancer and beauty culture. Production started August 2012.

2012-2014 Devoti Tutti, a documentary feature about the Sicilian Saint Agatha and the loss of her breast in 251 A.D.
2008-2011 See You Soon Again, feature documentary portrait of Holocaust survivor Leo Bretholz and his efforts to educated Baltimore youth on the Holocaust. In collaboration with Austrian director Lukas Stepanik; Funding by the Austrian Film Fund (OEFI). © Waystone Productions with Extrafilm Vienna; distributed in the U.S. by The Cinema Guild.
Development of a documentary about Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo and his pensiero debole (weak thought) in collaboration with Meltemi publishing house, Italy, and writer author Piergiorgio Paterlini (author of Gianni Vattimo’s autobiography Non essere Dio). The film will focus on the biography of the Italian philosopher, who consolidates his own Marxism, Catholicism, and homosexuality within the politics of Italy. © Waystone Productions.
2007 Made Over in America, documentary film produced and directed by Bernadette Wegenstein and Geoffrey Alan Rhodes; © Waystone Productions, distributed by First Run/Icarus Films.

Book Chapters (peer-reviewed)

2013 "Digital Work" — Lunch Bytes Series, ed. Melanie Buehler, Goethe Institut.

2013 "Is the Body the Medium, or the Medium the Body?," in: Commun(icat)ing the Body. The Body As Medium in Religious Communication Systems, ed. Anna Katharina Höpflinger, Stefanie Knauss, Alexander d. Ornella, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2013.
“Machinic Suture: Technologies of Beautification,” in: Throughout: Art and Culture Emerging with Ubiquitous Computing, ed. Ulrik Ekman, MIT Press, forthcoming, October 2013.
2011 "Attraktivität oder "The Survival of the Prettiest," in: Körperregime und Geschlecht," Ed. Maria Katharine Wiedlack, Katrin Lasthofer; Innsbruck/Wien/Bozen: Studienverlag, 2011.
2010 “The Medium is the Body,” in: IntermedialitiesPhilosophy / Arts / Politics, Ed. Henk Oosterling and Ewa Plonowska Ziarek; Lexington Books, 2010.

2005-2006 “Making Room for the Body: From Fragmentation to Mediation,” in re: skin. Eds. Austin Booth/Mary Flanagan; The MIT Press.

2003-2004 “If You Won’t SHOOT Me, At Least DELETE Me! Performance Art from 1960s Wounds to 1990s Extensions,” in: Data Made Flesh. Embodying Information. Eds. Mitchell, Robert/ Thurtle, Phillip, London and New York: Routledge, 221-229.

“Getting Under the Skin, or, How Faces Have Become Obsolete,” in: Configurations, special issue Makeover: Writing the Body into the Posthuman Technoscape. Part I Embracing the Posthuman, no. 10.2. Spring 2002. Ed. Timothy Lenoir, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 221-259.
2002 “Shooting up Heroines,” in: Reload: Rethinking Women and Cyberculture. Eds. Mary Flanagan/ Austin Booth, Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 332-355.

Articles (peer-reviewed)

2013 "The Good and the Bad Breast: Cosmetic Surgery and Breast Cancer," in: A Companion to the Anthropology of Life and Death, eds. Veena Das and Clara Han, The University of California Press 2013.

2011 “On Physiognomy, Reality Television, and the Cosmetic Gaze,” together with phd Student Nora Ruck, Body & Society 17.4, December 2011.
2010 “Cosmetic Surgery” and “Botox” entries in: The American Beauty Industry, ed. Julie Willett, Greenwood Press, 2010.
“Kosmetische Chirurgie im Film: eine historische Perspektive,” in: “Maskeraden der Schönheit in Literatur und Film” special issue of Grenzgänge. Zeitschrift für eine moderne Romanistik, ed. Martina Stemberger, 2010.
Der kosmetische Blick: zur Geschichte und Theorie der Körpermodifikation von Platon bis Michael Jackson,” in: Vom Zauber des Schönen: Reiz, Begehren und Zerstörung, ed. Konrad Paul Liessman, Zsolnay: 2010.
2008-2009 “Italien als zona grigia. Der italienische Film des neuen Millenniums zeigt ein Land im Ausnahmezustand.” in: Journal Maske & Kothurn, special issue “Das italienische Kino im neuen Millennium,” ed., Birgit Wagner and Daniel Winkler, 2009.
"Body” entry in: Critical Terms in Media Studies, eds. Mark Hansen and W.J.T. Mitchell, University of Chicago Press, 2009.

“The Embodied Film: Austrian Contributions to Experimental Cinema;” in: After the Avant-garde: Engagements with Contemporary Austrian and German Experimental Film, ed. Randall Halle/Reinhild Steingröver; Camden House, 50-68, 2009.

2006-2007 “Mettre en images sa peau,” in: Demain, ma peau? Les Cahiers de l’Observatoire, No. 3; Nancy, France 2006.

“Editierte Frauen in Dans ma peau und In the Cut,” in: Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften, Themenheft “Filmwissenschaft als Kulturwissenschaft” 2/2007, Vienna, Austria, 2007.
“Body Image and Mass Media: the Example of the US Television Makeover Show”, in Imago Hominis, ed. Susanne Kummer, 2007.
UNESCO online Encyclopedia of Social Sciences and Humanities; “Media Impact in Literature” entry, together with William Egginton, 2007.
“Das Ende der Gesichtheit,” in: Bellissima-Katalog, ed. Susanne Holschbach, exhibition catalogue Bellissima, Leipzig Art Gallery, 2007.

2005 “I look and I choose—portraits by Gabi Trinkaus”; catalogue essay for artist’s exhibition catalogue GABI TRINKAUS; Galerie Georg Kargl Vienna, 1-5.

2000 “The presentation of AIDS in the European media,” in: International Journal for Semiotics (IJS), Vienna, 541-570.

“L’estetica cinematografica e (è) fascista,” in: Atti del Convegno “Testualità e mito: Il discorso politico italiano dall’Ottocento ad oggi,” Vienna, 121-133.
“Die Darstellung von Aids in den Medien,” in: Medienimpulse. Beiträge zur Medienpädagogik, Vienna, 56-78.
1996 “L’univers du sida—une planète en guerre. La visualisation d’une mobilisation générale in the Journée du sida, Paris, 7.4.1994,” in: Proceedings of the IVth Congress on Visual Semiotics, São Paulo, 33-47.
1995 “Concettualizzazioni della paura e dell’angoscia,” in: Cuadernos de filología italiana , University of Madrid, 199-228.
1994 “Die Kultur der Angst: Diskurse in und um die AIDS-Debatte,” in: IJS, Vienna, 44-64.
1992 “Semiotik, Marketing und Werbung,” in: IJS, Vienna, 761-784.
“AIDS in der Arzt-Patient-Kommunikation,” in: IJS, Vienna, 23-45.

Newspaper Articles (Selection)

“Die Mafia vergisst nicht” – Interview with judge Roberto Scarpinato (together with Julia Kospach), Palermo 2006, profil nr. 34, August 2006.
“Filter für Fakten: Medien im US-Walhkampf,” Der Standard, August 2004.
“‘How Would You Like Your Coffee?’ oder die Invasion der Schnabelbecher im Starbucks Imperium,” Der Standard (Austria), November 2001.
“He Proposed To Me!—über den Wert von Diamanten in den USA,” Der Standard, Februar 2002.

Editorial and Curational Work
2013- Official Peer Reviewer for European Research Council
2012- Official Peer Reviewer for Theory, Culture and Society
2008- co-director for the first Austrian Human Rights Film Festival thishumanworld at the Vienna based Schikaneder and Topkino (December 2008):
2008- Executive Board Member for the Austrian WWTF Vienna Science and Technology Funding Programme.
Since August 2008: Member of the creative media forum web-platform for creative/critical practices which attempt to make a difference within processes of mediation.
2007- Reviewer for the Austrian Academy of Sciences.
2006- Member of Board of Editors for Corps. Revue interdisciplinaire; biannual French Journal (starting 2006).
2005- Executive Board Member of International Comparative Literature Association.


2013-2014 Camille Henrot: second Media Artist in residence in conjunction with an exhibit at the BMA (Kristen Hileman curator).
2012-2013 Raqs Media Collective: first CAMS Media Artists in Residents in conjunction with an exhibit at the BMA (Kristen Hileman curator).
2012 March: CAMS Digital Capital Symposium at JHU with Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Sean Cubitt, Peter Goodrich, Ron Schneier, Paul Vanouse key-note speakers.
2011 Mar 4-5: CAMS Technologies of Meaning conference at JHU with Tom Gunning, Thomas Elsaesser, Mark Hansen, Marcel O’Gorman, Tim Lenoir, Mary Flanagan and Joanna Zylinska keynote-speakers.
2010 Feb 1: Jon Blair’s Dancing with the Devil — a screening and panel on faith, drugs, and culture. In collaboration with the JHU Program in Latin American Studies, JHU Africana Studies, and MICA.
2009 March 1 and 2: The Holocaust: Children of the Perpetrators Confront Their Parent's Nazi Past through Documentary Film; symposium and panel at Hopkins Hillel. Screenings of 2 oder 3 Dinge, die ich von ihn weiss (Germany 2005) by Malte Ludin; The End of the Neubacher Project by Marcus J. Carney (Austria/USA 2007); and Fatherland (Canada/Germany 2006) by Manfred Becker; symposium with the filmmakers, Holocaust survivors, students, and scholars of Holocaust, trauma, and commemoration.

2003 Nov 17-18: War and Media Conference at The University at Buffalo. This international conference confronted the relations between war and the media from an array of cultural, artistic, and academic perspectives—with a focus on the media coverage of “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” Panels included embedded journalists from the US and Europe, media artists, political theorists and students.




2013 Women, Sexuality and Gender Symposium at the Johns Hopkins University on "The Body Plastic."

Keynote Address for Gensler Symposium on Feminism in a Global Context on "Body Parts," Middlebury College, April 2013.

"The Cure: work-in-progress presentation," School of Liberal Arts Speakers' Series, Tulane University, April 2013.
2012 "Breast Off: from Saint Agatha's Martyrdom to Preventative Mastectomies in Today's Breast Cancer World," at Blurred Body Boundaries: Early Modern Natural Philosophy Meets Postmodern Gender Theory – conference, Freie Universität Berlin, June 2012; panel Contested Borderzones: Humans and Artifacts.
"Die Sehnsucht nach dem Schönen. Zur Geschichte und Theorie der Körpermodifikation," keynote at the 5. Bad Honnefer Disputatio (Köln, Germany) on Sehnsucht — Über die Lust am Leid des nicht Erreichbaren.
"Convulsive Beauty in the Age of New Media," at: MLA conference, Seattle, January 2012; panel Perversion and Revolution organized by Virginia Blum.
2011 Nov 20-21: Presentation of See You Soon Again and Key-note speaker at Messaging to Remember: The Future of Holocaust Education at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York; sponsored by Cardozo School of Law, New York University, and the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research.
“Documentary Techniques in Pornographic Film and Video,” Visible Evidence 18, New York.
2010 Key-note speaker and moderator at the Kunst + Medizin Dialogues at the hosted by MedArt/Somafilm Vienna, Austria.
Key-note speaker at the 10th Critical Themes in Media Studies - conference at The New School.
2009 German Studies Association meeting Washington, DC, Panelist “Engaging Malte Ludin’s Zwei oder drei Dinge, die ich von ihm weiß,” October 2009.
Philosophicum Lech: Keynote speaker on this year’s topic “Vom Zauber des Schönen,” September 2009.
Transatlantic conference on the future of media theory/media studies, University of Potsdam, May 2009.
In flagrante depictor — Law and Film conference at Cardozo Schoool of Law; Discussant to screening of Fatherland (2005) by Manfred Becker.
2008 Keynote Address “Machinic Suture: Technologies of Beautification” at the “Digital Art in the Age of Pervasing Computing” – conference, University of Copenhagen, November 2008.
Keynote Address “Die Arbeit am eigenen Körper: Schönheitskonstruktion und Körpermodifikation vom 18.- 21. Jahrhundert” for the Wiener Vorlesungen der Stadt Wien, Vienna, June 2008.
Screening and lecture at Old Dominion University Film Festival, special topic “Politics in Film,” April 2008.
Lecturer in the inaugural series Articulating Hybridity at Alfred University, April 2008.
2007 Presentation of documentary and research project Made Over in America at The National Library of Medicine, Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD; December, 2007; respondent Dr. Charles Mansueto, Behavioral Therapy Center of Greater Washington, December 2007.

Presentation of documentary and research project Made Over in America; Student critique sessions at Parsons School of Design, New York University, New York, June 2007.

Panelist on symposium “Das Spiel mit dem schönen Körper: interdisziplinäres Symposium über Schönheitsmedizin,” Universitätsklinik für Plastische und Wiederherstellungschirurgie, Medizinische Universität Innsbruck & Imabe Institut, Wien-Innsbruck, May 2007.
Crit sessions at the Digital Master’s Class in New Media Design at Maryland Institute College of Arts, March 2007.
Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCSM) Chicago, March 2007; presentation “From Actionism on Film to Film in Action: Austrian Contributions to Experimental Cinema.”
2006 University Southern California, screening & panel discussion of documentary film work-in-progress, Made Over In America: Contemporary Surgical Beauty Culture.
SLSA (Society for Literature, Science, and Art) annual meeting New York, November: organization and chair of Reality Made Over: Cosmetic Surgery, New Media, and Celebrity panel.
“Body Bilder” conference, Schikaneder-Kino Vienna, Austria, panel, and screening of documentary work-in-progress, Made Over In America.
Respondent to the conference “No Guarantees,” at the Internationales Forschungszentrum Kulturwissenschaften, Vienna, April 2006.
SCSM Vancouver, Canada, March 2006; presentation “Constructing the Cosmetic Gaze: The Culture of Reality Television Makeover Shows.”
Invitation to speak at the conference “Soigner le corps? Santé et sujet corporel” at the Faculté du Sport, University of Nancy, France, March 2006.

  1. Invitation to present Getting Under the Skin at the Graduiertenkolleg of the Center for Gender Studies at the University of Zürich, Switzerland, December 2005.

SLSA Chicago annual meeting, November; organization and chair of The Swan-Cutting The Real panel.

“The Role of Emerging Media in the Field of Comparative Literature;” International Comparative Literature Association, Venice, September 2005.
2004 “Naked Spaces—Self-Mutilation in Marina de Van’s In My Skin (2002), and Fox’s Latest Reality TV Body Makeover Spectacle The Swan, “ The Society for Science and Literature annual conference (SLS) in cooperation with Duke University, Durham, North Carolina; panel chair for Posthuman Identities, October 2004.
“Is That Really Me? Modes of Misrecognition and Spectatorship in The Swan” (collaboration with graduate student Holly Johnson), [ctrl] conference, McGill University, Montréal, Canada, October 2004.
Co-curator of the 8th International Women’s Film Festival at Buffalo, March-April 2004.
2003 “Making Room for the Body,” (SLS) 2003; special topic “Decodings,” Austin, Texas, October 2003.

Video screening in collaboration with Caroline Koebel: “Mike More: Model of Courage” Buffalo State Technology Fair, April 2003.

2002 “Getting Under the Skin: Corporeal Configurations at the Turn of the Millennium,” invited guest-lecture at the University of Leipzig by the multi-media artist Alba d’Urbano, Leipzig, Germany, June 2002.
“The Medium is the Body,” International Association for Philosophy and Literature; special topic “Intermedialities,” Rotterdam, The Netherlands, June 2002.
Panel organizer for: “Bodyworks: Medicine, Technology, and the Body at the Turn of the Millennium,” Buffalo State Technology Fair, April 2002.
“Bellissima—Femininity and Italianità in recent Italian Advertisement,” invited speech at the Portrayal of Women in Mass Media-conference of the American Association of University Women, Buffalo, March 2002.
2001 Panel organizer for: “Bodyworks: Medicine, Technology, and the Body at the Turn of the Millennium,” (SLS) Buffalo, October 2002.

  1. “Getting Under the Skin,” (SLS) Atlanta, October 2002.

  1. “L’estetica cinematografica e (è) fascista,” Conference at the Italian Cultural Institute, Vienna, October 1999.

“Techno-Cyber-Posthuman-Virtual-Corporeal-Flesh-Bodies or the Language of current Body Criticism,” conference paper for the Real Artificial Life— symposium at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco.

1998 “Convulsive Beauty,” 7th Conference of the European Academy of Dermatology & Venerology in Nice, France.
1997 Lectures on “The Representation of AIDS in the European Media” at the Department of Linguistics (Prof. Wolfgang Wölck) at the University at Buffalo.

“AIDS and Aging,” 47th Symposium on the Biology of Skin in Aspen, Colorado.

“Doctors and patients within the AIDS-discourse-universe,” Vienna General Hospital (AKH), Department for Immunodermatology (Prof. Dr. Georg Stingl), Vienna, Austria.
AIDS-Conference of the Zonta Association, Vienna, Austria.
AIDS-Conference on the occasion of the AIDS-Day at the State Hospital of Aosta, Italy.

1996 “Aids and the Media,” V. Congresso da Associação Internacional de Semiótica Visual in São Paulo, Brazil.

1995 Lectures on Applied Semiotics at the University of Chemnitz-Zwickau, Germany.
“Hervé Guibert’s AIDS literature,” International Congress of Semiotics in Imatra, Finland.
1994 “Semiotics of Pasta Advertising,” Symposium on Austro-Hungarian Semiotics in Vienna, Austria.
1992-1993 International Congresses of Semiotics in Urbino, Italy.

The Johns Hopkins University

2013-2014 Undergraduate seminars:

Community based learning: raqs media collective

Visual Culture and Medical Knowledge: class co-taught with professor Veena Das, Anthropology

2011-2012 Undergraduate seminars:

Documentary Film: Survey
Breast Cancer: A Cultural Theoretical Approach to an Illness and its Meaning

Graduate seminars:
# internet (in combination with symposium Digital Capital)
Rossellini-Fellini-Pasolini: Italian Cinema and its Meaning Beyond Italy

2010-2011 Undergraduate seminars:

Holocaust & Film (survey class with 55 students)

La commedia all’italiana: the films of Dino Risi, Mario Monicelli, and other Italian filmmakers of the 1960ies
Graduate seminars:
Critical Terms for Media Studies
Word & Image: an Introduction to the Languages of Literature and Cinema, team-taught with Pier Massimo Forni
2009-2010 Undergraduate seminars:
Bodyworks: Body, Medicine, and Technology in the 21st Century

Wien—Baltimore: Holocaust Education and Documentary Film (production internship)
Gradutae seminars:
Italian Film Moments at Cannes: 1946, 1972, 2008
Media Arts & Theory


Undergraduate seminars:
Italian Neorealism and Its Impact on the Internatinal Documentary Film Tradition (from the New Realists to Nouvelle Vague, Direct Cinema, Dogme, a.o. realist traditions up to today’s Reality TV channels).

Holocaust & Film: From Filmic Configurations of Guilt (e.g., Two or Three Things I know About Him, 2004; Fatherland, 2006) to Survivor Dramas (e.g., Schindler’s List, 2002; The Grey Zone, 2005).

Graduate seminars:
The Cosmetic Gaze: Body Modifications and the Construction of Beauty.
Confessions: a Critical History of the Genre and its Media of Representation from Augustinus to the Confessional “Guilt-Documentaries” of second-generation Holocaust perpetrators.
2007-2008 Teaching relief (finishing the book manuscript The Cosmetic Gaze):
2006-2007 Undergraduate seminar:
Mafia Wars in Literature and Film: From Leonardo Sciascia’s Mafia Novels to The Sopranos
Graduate seminar:
Graduate Seminar in Film and Film Theory: European Auteurs
2005-2006 Grant supported course relief from SUNY Buffalo

The University at Buffalo

2004-2005 Undergraduate course:

Avantgarde Cinema
Graduate course:
Postmodern Auteurs: from the New Wave to the New Melodrama (Fellini, Godard, Wenders, Almodóvar)

2003-2004 Undergraduate course:

Introduction to Media Analysis: War & Media

Graduate course:
The Advertising Media

1999-2002 Undergraduate courses:

Holocaust and Film

Honors Students Section: On Gilles Deleuze’s Movement-Image and Time-Image
Film History: The Syntax of Paranoia
Introduction to Film Analysis: Reality and Film
World Civilizations I
Graduate courses:

Bodyworks: Medicine, Technology, and the Body at the Turn of the Millennium as an interactive video course via an internet 2 web-link with Prof. Timothy Lenoir at Stanford University

    1. The University of Vienna

Undergraduate seminars for French and Italian Studies:
Linguistic History of French and Italian; Introduction to Romance Languages Studies; Contemporary Politics in Italy (rise of Berlusconi’s Forza Italia); Comparison between Communication Strategies in Italian and French Advertising; Representation of the Mafia in Literature and Film; the Language of Italian Fascism; Marinetti and Italian Futurism. Theoretical background to courses: applied semiotics and historical linguistics.
1998-1999 Vienna Film Academy
Undergraduate seminars in film theory:
History of Mass Media, Austrian Media Analysis, Italian Film.

    1. Polycollege Stöbergasse Vienna (private college)

Courses on “Il cinema italiano” (Italian film history and film analysis) and “Intensive Italian for University Students.


The Johns Hopkins University

2006-2013 Elena Luongo (Phd Italian, JHU)

Amrita Ibrahim (Anthropology)

Jeroen Gerrits (Phd, Humanities Center)

Angelika Rothardt (German, JHU)

Katie Johnson (Art History, JHU)

Michael Strayer (Phd Spanish, JHU)

Tania Zampini (Phd Italian JHU)

Janet Gomez (Phd Italian, JHU)

Philip Wabbel (Phd Communications Studies JHU/Hamburg)

Eleanor Vanden Heuvel (Phd Italian JHU, primary dissertation advisor)

Jessica Nadeau (Phd Italian JHU)

Nicoleta Ghisa (Phd Italian, Johns Hopkins University)

Nora Ruck (Visiting Phd student from the Vienna Institute of Cultural Research at Johns Hopkins University)

Robert Slammon (Phd English, The University at Buffalo)

Valerie Mirshak (Phd Italian, Johns Hopkins University)

The University at Buffalo

    1. Deveryle James (Phd Comparative Literature)

Nicholas Laudadio (Phd English)

Yunyung Seo (MAH Film and English)

Mei Yi Wong (MAH Art History and Media Study)

Geoffrey Alan Rhodes (MFA Media Study)

Holly Johnson (MFA Media Study)

Deepa Govindaraj (Faculty Mentor for University Honors)

Lisa Rooth (MAH Art, Media Study)

Inho Song (MAH Film and English)

Orkan Telhan (MFA Media Study)

Christopher Boles (MAH Film and English)

In-Ho Song (MAH Film and Communication)
2003-2004 Terry Cuddy (MFA Media Study)

Deepa Govindaraj (Faculty Mentor for University Honors)

Chrysavgi Papagianni (Phd English)


German, Swiss German, Italian (native)

English, French (very good)

Spanish (fluent)

Portuguese, Russian (reading)

Greek, Latin, Arabic, Basque, Mataco (passive)
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