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Reviewer / referee voor bijdragen voorgesteld aan de 20th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI 2016,

georganizeerd door het International Institute of Informatics and Systemics, July 5-8 2016, in Orlando, Florida, USA, zoals vermeld in de proceedings printed and on CD-ROM.
Lecture accepted after peer review, with publication in the proceedings “Information discovery on the Internet, using a search query that consists of text and an image”,
at the 8th biannual Shanghai International Library Forum = SILF 2016, Libraries: Enabling Progress, 6-8 July 2016, in the Shanghai Library, Shanghai, China.
Invited lecture “Search by image is reality: implications for digital publishing & digital libraries”

at the annual International Conference on Integrated Development of Digital Publishing and Digital Libraries (CDPDL), 10-15 July 2016, in Hangzhou, China,
Invited member of the Program Committee of the "7th International Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World” organized by the Department of Information Management of Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey, and the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) in Vienna, Austria, 10-11 October 2016.
Lecture at the 2nd international workshop on information science, organized in Cayo Santa Maria, province Las Villas, by the university of Las Villas = UCLV in Santa Clara, Cuba, 21-23 October 2016.
Planned: Lecture accepted after peer review “Information discovery on the Internet, using a search query that consists of text & an image” at the ALIEP conference in Nanjing University, Nanjing/Nanking, Jiangsu province, China, 3-5 November 2016.
with full paper published in the proceedings.

Nieuwenhuysen, P.

Information discovery on the Internet, using a search query that consists of text and an image.

in “Libraries: Enabling Progress”, Proceedings of the 8th Shanghai International Library Forum, organized by the Shanghai Library, in Shanghai Library = SILF 2016, China, 6-8 July 2016 Shanghai : Shanghai Scientific and Technological Literature Press,, ISBN 978-7-5439-7063-2, 442 pp., pp. 153-162.

Goovaerts, Marc, Nieuwenhuysen, Paul, Dhamdhere, Sangeeta

Chapter 1. VLIR-UOS Workshop “E-info Discovery and Management for Institutes in the South”: Presentations and Conclusions.

In E-Discovery Tools and Applications in Modern Libraries, Egbert de Smet & Sangeeta N. Dhamdhere, editors, A volume in the Advances in Library and Information Science (ALIS) Book Series, Information Science Reference, and imprint of IGI Global, 2016, 400 pp., ISBN13: 9781522504740, ISBN10: 1522504745, EISBN13: 9781522504757,
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0474-0.ch001, pp. 1-40.
P. Nieuwenhuysen

Digital information discovery systems for universities.

Submitted for publication in World Digital Libraries, an international journal.

P. Nieuwenhuysen and Grizly Meneses Placeres

Information Literacy Didactics for Higher Education and Research: Some Lessons from an International workshop

PDF file In proceedings of the 2do Taller de Ciencias de la Información, in Hotel Memories, on Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba, 21-23 October 2016, on DVD, Dr. C. Carlos Cristóbal Martínez Martínez, Presidente Comité Organizador,,,

ISBN: 978-959-312-171-2
P. Nieuwenhuysen

Information discovery on the Internet, using a search query that consists of text & an image.

Submitted for publication in the proceedings of the ALIEP 2016 conference in Nanjing, China.


Lecture & workshop on “Information discovery on the Internet, using a search query that consists of text & an image” organized by the Department of Library and Information Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 2016-11-08.


Invited member of the Programme Committee
& Tutorial presentation of 3 hours
& Invited lecture
& invited member of the panel on Digital humanities
at ICDL2016 = the International Conference on Digital Libraries, “Smart Future”, at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), in Habitat Centre (IHC), New Delhi, India, 13-16 December 2016.

Full text paper & slides prepared to support the presentation available from


Invited member of the Program Committee of the International Conference on Advanced Technologies Enhancing Education (ICAT2E 2017) in Qingdao, China, March 18-20, 2017.

Hoogleraar aan de Vrije Universiteit Brussel, voltijds=100% tot en met academiejaar 2012-2013; 10% vanaf academiejaar 2013-2014.

Co-ordinator Vrije Universiteit Brussel Universiteitsbibliotheek  
Faculteiten Wetenschappen en Ingenieurswetenschappen sinds 1985
medebeheer van de Universiteitsbibliotheek van de Vrije Universiteit Brussel als lid van de staf, tot en met academiejaar 2012-2013.
Lid van de formele VLIR-UOS “Expertengroep Bibliotheeksamenwerking” sinds 2002.
Voorzitter sinds 2012.
Team member in projects in the framework of International University Co-operation by VLIR in

  • Mozambique

  • Burundi

  • Uganda

Co-promotor and professor: VLIR International Training Programs named Lib@Web, organized mainly at University of Antwerp.

Onderzoek in de informatie-, documentatie- en bibliotheekwetenschap, vooral i.v.m. toepassingen van informatie- en communicatietechnologie in de hedendaagse academische bibliotheek.

Meer specifiek:

-- evaluatie van Internet-gebaseerde informatiebonnen met als doel publicatie hierover en selectie voor opname in de WWW-site van de Universiteitsbibliotheek

-- onderzoek van de overdraagbaarheid van hedendaagse methods en technieken in de informatie- en bibliotheeksector naar bibliotheken in ontwikkelingslanden

Recente, concrete onderwerpen:

  • Information discovery in a scientific context.

  • Information retrieval through image searching by text and by image.

  • Finding information about book titles and copies of books for sale.

  • Traditional African art on the WWW (retrieval, perception…).

Begeleider / promotor officieel aan de Vrije Universiteit Brussel van een deeltijdse navorser met onderzoek rond toepassingen van informatie en communicatietechnologie in ‘management of non-tangible cultural heritage in Morocco’, met het oog op een doctoraat in de Communicatiewetenschappen.

"External expertise partner" of the Ocean Data and Information Network for Africa, Project ODINAFRICA, organized by The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and supported by the Government of Flanders, vanaf mei 2000.

Lid van het bestuur van de sectie “Wetenschappelijke documentaire informatie” van de Vlaamse Vereniging voor Bibliotheek-, Archief- en Documentatiewezen = VVBAD.
Lid van de redactieraad van Bibliotheek- & archiefgids, sinds 2011 genaamd META, en van de publicatiereeksen Bibliotheekkunde en Archiefkunde, uitgegeven door de Vlaamse Vereniging voor Bibliotheek-, Archief- en Documentatiewezen (V.V.B.A.D.), sinds 1988.
Associate editor / member of the editorial board of LIBRES: Library and Information Science Research. International electronic Journal. ISSN:1058‑6768. since 1993.,
Lid van de redactieraad van het tijdschrift Informatie Professional / IP, ISSN 1385-5328, maandblad voor informatiespecialisten, Amsterdam, waarin opgenomen
-- Open, vaktijdschrift voor bibliothecarissen, literatuuronderzoekers en documentalisten, en
-- Login, tijdschrift voor gebruikers van on-line, interactieve informatiesystemen,
vanaf januari 1997.
Reviewer voor artikels submitted to Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, sinds 2003
Editorial Board member of the new
“World Digital Libraries: an international journal”. ISSN No.: 0974 – 567X
Since 2008.
Member of the advisory board of the new journal
“BHU Management Review - A journal of Contemporary Management Research"(ISBN 81-85305-33-1). Since 2009.

Hoger vermelde publicaties werden volgens Google Scholar tot 2014 al 441 x geciteerd in internationale publicaties, en leiden tot een Hirsch index number van 10.

The Hirsch index is based on the distribution of citations received by a given researcher's publications. Hirsch writes: “A scientist has index h if h of his Np papers have at least h citations each, and the other (Np - h) papers have at most h citations each. In other words, a scholar with an index of h has published h papers each of which has been cited by others at least h times. Thus, the h-index reflects both the number of publications and the number of citations per publication. The index is designed to improve upon simpler measures such as the total number of citations or publications. The index works properly only for comparing scientists working in the same field; citation conventions differ widely among different fields.

Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of new Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences,

ISSN 2079-8407
an International refereed research publishing journal with a focused aim of promoting and publishing original high quality research dealing with theoretical and scientific aspects in all disciplines of Computing and Information Sciences.
since May 2010.
Editor “Information Management” for OceanTeacher: a training system for ocean data and information management. [continuously updated].
Paris, France: Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. Available from:
sinds 2004.
Member of the “International Board of Editorial Reviewers” of the annual international conference Informing Science + Information Technology Education - Joint Conference InSITE, since 2005.
Invited member of the Program Committee (reviewer of papers submitted) of the annual International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries, ICADL, since 2005.

Member of the Editorial Board of the new electronic open access journal named QQML e-journal = Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries .since 2012.
Editorial Advisor for the-open access electronic journal’ Evidence Based Library and Information Practice’, ISSN: 1715-720X, for a period of 2 years starting from 2012-10.

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