Curriculum Development in Pakistan Presented By: Tanveer Salman(22-ms-engl-17) Awais Jokhiyo(22-ms-engL-32) Muzzamil Shah

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Curriculum DesignB

Curriculum Design In Pakistan

Group presentation by:

  • Tanveer Salman 22S-MS-EngL-17
  • Muzamil Sahah 22S-MS-EngL-26


  • Introduction
  • Composition of Curriculum Bodies
  • Curriculum Development Process

Definition of Curriculum

  • Definition of Curriculum
  • David G. Armstrong (1989):
  • Is a master plan for selecting content and organizing learning experiences for the purpose of the changing and developing learner's behaviors and insights.

Federal Ministry of Education is responsible for the national cohesion, integration and preservation of the idealogical foundations of the state.

  • Federal Ministry of Education is responsible for the national cohesion, integration and preservation of the idealogical foundations of the state.
  • Ministry of Education is aslo responsible for making of:
  • Curriculum
  • Syllabus
  • Planning
  • Policy and
  • Development of Educational standards.

National Bearue of Curriculum and Textbooks (NBTC)

  • National Bearue of Curriculum and Textbooks (NBTC)
  • Also known as curriculum wing.
  • Supervise curriculum and textbooks.
  • Approves and mantain curriculum standards from primary to the higher secondary level.
  • Provincial Curriculum Centre
  • Every province has a provincial curriculum centre
  • To ensure provincial collabration.
  • Involve in all activities falling withen the preview of fedration

Main Functions of these bodies

  • Main Functions of these bodies
  • Prepare scheme of studies, currcula, manuscripts of textbooks, standards of education or schedules or strategy for their introduction in various classes of an institution in connection with the implementation of the education policy of the Government.

Curriculum Design and Development Process in Pakistan

  • Curriculum Design and Development Process in Pakistan
  • Evolution of curriculum objectives
  • Development of scheme of studies
  • Development of syllabus of each subject
  • Development of textbooks, instructional material
  • Approval of textual material
  • Implementation

Evolution of Curriculum Objectives

  • Evolution of Curriculum Objectives
  • Prepares the draft Objectives (Send to inner provincial ministry for discussion curriculum development).
  • Objectives are finalized
  • Translated to specific teaching objectives
  • Factors considered in finalizing the objectives

  • Be precise
  • Assist in selection of teaching strategy
  • Produce a designated Behaviour pattern
  • Enables teachers to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of learning.

The Studies Scheme (The Scheme of the studies)

  • The Studies Scheme (The Scheme of the studies)
  • It is based on three key factors
  • The Educational Policy
  • The Market Demand
  • Global issues

Development of Syllabus

  • Development of Syllabus
  • It is based on objectives and scheme of study, Subject specific syllabi is prepared in consultation with:

  • Subject Expert
  • Psychologist
  • Serving Teacher
  • Syllabus must satisfy following conditions:
  • Based on needs of learners
  • Take into account the existing knowledge And Environmental experiences of learner
  • The Development Level of the learner is considered in cognitive,effectiveness and psycho motor domain.
  • Content must be focused on attaining the objectives.

Textbook Development

  • Textbook Development
  • Provisional text book boards are responsible for development Of text books according to approved syllabus.
  • How Textbook is developed?
  • Establish lists of text book writers
  • Invitations are sent to writers to submit material within the syllabus parameter.
  • Selection is based on basis of relevance of the material
  • The selected material is transformed into textbooks.

Review the Approval

  • Review the Approval
  • Review comitee comprises on five or six members:
  • At least one member from the syllabus formulation comitee
  • Two subject experts

    Two school teachers

    Text books review parameter

  • The books truely reflect the curriculum.
  • It meets the objectives satated in curruculum.
  • Book does not contain any material repugnant to Islamic and Pakistani idealogy.
  • In case of approvalŮ« text book is sent for publishing and distribution.
  • In case of rejectionŮ« complaints are relayed with reivision recomendations.

What is curriculum implementation?

  • What is curriculum implementation?
  • "Is a network of varying activities involved in translating curriculum designs into classroom activities and changing people's attitude to accept and participate in these activities"
  • curriculum implementation according to Okello & Kagoire(1996,124)

    Implementation is a process of making something active or effective

  • Problems in curriculum implementation
  • Economic Problems
  • Political Problems
  • Lack of teacher's training
  • Lack of sequence
  • Feeling of uncertainity in parents
  • Unavailbility of teaching resources

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