Ct ffa alumni Scholarship Application 2011

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CT FFA Alumni

Scholarship Application

We believe that knowledge is the key to the future for our community. We are inspired by the successes of young people that have benefited from the FFA program.
On a yearly basis, the State CT FFA Alumni expects to competitively award two (2) $500.00 scholarships to registered undergraduate or graduate students in good standing. This is a scholarship for those students currently enrolled in a continuing education program (no high school applicants, please) and is not a freshman in the program. Applicants must also be a current, paid member of the CT FFA Alumni, with the exception of those students still paying dues to their local FFA chapter for American Degree Candidacy.
Who is Eligible for the CT State FFA Alumni Scholarship?
Each applicant must be a student in good standing in his/her academic institution. Each applicant must be a registered student at such an institution of continuing education in the U.S. for the scholarship year. Each applicant must answer questions in the personal statement and all of the questions on the application form. Each must provide all grades and scores requested and provide 2 letters of recommendation as requested. Submitted applications must be complete and must arrive no later than the postmark deadline established by the CT State FFA Alumni. Preference will be given to members who have graduated from an agricultural education high school program and are now Alumni Members.
The Process
Applications are distributed and/or highlighted in the following ways. They are distributed to FFA Chapters and are available on the CT State FFA Alumni web page.
The scholarship preview panel will include 3 members of the CT State FFA Alumni Executive and Officers committee. These members, on a yearly basis, will then select a panel of impartial lay people, educators, and business people from the Agriculture Community. This will constitute the panel to review and judge applications. The students name and address will not be shared with the committee. Criteria will include academic excellence, recommendations, and personal statements.
Applications will be accepted between February 1 and April 4 of each year. Awards will be announced in June of each year. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
Scholarship Funds
Scholarship funds will be awarded in one payment of $500.00 during the academic year. Payments will be made directly to the institution or students as requested in August/September.

CT FFA Alumni

Scholarship Application

General Information:
Name: ________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________________________
Phone Number: _________________________________________________________
FFA Chapter: ___________________________________________________________
How many years were you an FFA member? __________________________________
FFA Alumni Chapter: _____________________________________________________
Name of college/university you are attending: __________________________________
Planned Major: __________________________________________________________
Current G.P.A: ___________________________________________________________
Required Short Answer Essay Questions (1,000 words or less):
1. What are your academic goals? What would you like to be able to do after you receive your diploma? What role do you believe your FFA experience will have in helping you reach your future goals?
2. Why do you feel you would be a good choice for this scholarship award?
Other Required Items:
1. Two letters of recommendations. Professors, teachers, and employers are preferred, but not required. =

2. Official Transcripts from each college attended.

3. Current Resume
Submission Information:

CT FFA Alumni

226 Putnam Pike

Dayville, CT 06241


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