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  • Click “Sign up”
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Creating A Project

  • Create a new project, then click on “Bibliography” to start citing your sources.

Citation Basics

  • Why do we cite?
  • To give credit to those authors who contributed information to your research.
  • To make arguments more credible.
  • To show that you have found credible and relevant sources.
  • To help readers find your sources.
  • *No matter which citation style you choose, citations often require the same data. They are just arranged in a different way.
  • Here is some information that you can include in a citation:
  • Citation Styles
  • EasyBib has 3 citation styles: MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian. Ask your instructor which style you should use for your research project.
  • Author
  • Title of Work
  • Publisher or Sponsor Name

Using the Notebook

  • The Notebook allows you to organize your research by creating virtual notecards and building outlines. Click “New note” and fill in your information.
  • Title – what is the notecard about?
  • Source – link a source from your bibliography.
  • Evidence from text (direct quote) – copy/paste or type in the text from the source.
  • Paraphrase – information from the source in your own words and writing style
  • Comment – provide your own thoughts or ideas about the topic.
  • Identifier – include page numbers, paragraph numbers, etc.
  • At the bottom of the New Note, Click +Organize to expand the view.
  • Group information into main ideas.
  • Tag information to make it easier to find it later!
  • Use color to visually organize information.

Download 426.5 Kb.

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