Creating a tulpa, Day 1

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Notes on creating a tulpa

Creating a tulpa, Day 1
Many people join the Tulpamancy group and want help in creating their tulpa, but the guides, charts, and papers in the FILES section of this group aren't enough for them. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would go through all of the steps in creating a tulpa so that new members could walk the journey with me, and other members share in my experience, and those who don't really care can ignore. I don't actually want to create a new tulpa, so I am going to go through the entire process with my tulpa, Cesare, recreating everything. I am following the guideline that I originally followed in creating my tulpa, so that document in the files section might help. It is the first document entered, so it is at the very bottom of the list. If you have questions, you can ask for help or clarification in the comments section below.

Creating a tulpa, Day 2

Today and the next several days require a knowledge of meditation. If you do not know how to meditate, there are many helpful videos on YouTube. It may take you several days, possibly longer, to learn how to meditate. Since I already know how to meditate, I'll form a mental image of my tulpa, including some character traits, and embedded in my mind that my tulpa is a mindform hallucination and only exists inside of the parameters that I allow. Today I meditated alone for one hour.

Creating a tulpa, Days 3

I used a soundtrack of ocean waves crashing against a beach as I meditated, pretending that my tulpa was sitting beside me. Since my eyes were closed, I couldn't see him, so it was easy to imagine sitting side by side with him as I meditated for an hour. I will meditate for some period of time EVERY DAY from this point forward.

Creating a tulpa, Day 4

Today I meditated using a soundtrack of rain, again pretending that my tulpa was meditating beside me.

Creating a tulpa, Day 5

I am going to continue meditating for a week, so you can wait for day 10 or continue to follow along with me. Cesare and I meditated together for an hour in silence.

Creating a tulpa, Day 6

Today I went for a walk in the woods and meditated beside an actual stream. The sounds of nature filled me as I meditated for on hour beside my tulpa.

Day 7
I am still continuing to meditate with my tulpa for an hour a day. Today I meditated beside the stream again.

Creating a tulpa, Day 8

As I meditate, I can sense my tulpa beside me. If I imagine hard enough, I can hear his breath next to mine.

Creating a tulpa, Day 9

I feel my tulpa beside me as I meditated today. It's a firm feeling, and I almost expect to see him sitting beside me when our hour of meditation is up.

Creating a tulpa, Day 10

I meditated in my house today because it rained. Even though I am moving to the next step in tulpa creation I will continue to meditate for some period of time every day to maintain my connection to my tulpa.

Creating a tulpa, Day 19-26

Today I started talking to my tulpa out loud. My tulpa doesn't have to answer me in words. All I have to do is think something and my tulpa will receive my message. For some period of time each day I will interact with my tulpa and pretend that he is absolutely real.

Creating a tulpa, Day 27-34

Although my tulpa and I share a compendium of knowledge, of common memories and information, my tulpa is like a child in many ways. He has not experienced the world, he only has my memories of the world. For the next week I will plan new activities with my tulpa that will let him experience things first hand. (Examples are go to the zoo, shop in the mall, safely drink alcohol, smoke pot if it is legal where you are, take a walk in the park, or go to a sporting event.)

Creating a tulpa, Day 35-42

My tulpa started talking to me in words this week. This week I am going to encourage my tulpa to communicate with me. The words can be totally inside my head, there is no external voice. So for you at home, even though you may think that the voice is external, it is not. If for some reason I cannot hear my tulpa's voice, I will IMAGINE that I hear the voice and I will IMAGINE what my tulpa has said. (Some people call this forcing, but I don't like that term.)

Creating a tulpa, Day 43-50

My tulpa and I are going to create a paracosm together. What is a paracosm? A paracosm is a complete imaginary world. (Some people use the word “wonderland” to represent the place where you and your tulpa can interact, but I don't like that term.) It can be as detailed or as bare as you choose, and you can alter it at any time. Since I already lucid dream and have a dreamscape, I have decided to use that as my paracosm. This week, as I meditate, I will imagine my paracosm.

Creating a tulpa, Day 51-58

Today I will begin exposing my tulpa to the world. Think of this stage as teaching a child about his environment. Your tulpa will begin to take on character traits more easily. Continue to do your normal routine, imagining that your tulpa is with you the entire time. Take your tulpa to the grocery store with you, go for a walk in the park, watch television, it doesn't matter what you do as long as you include your tulpa. You may feel a need to converse with your tulpa. If you do, your tulpa may or may not answer you. Also, it isn't necessary for you to voice your thoughts. If you do, people may look at you strangely. :-)

Creating a tulpa, Day 59

You have many senses. You may begin to register your tulpa on your senses. Most people want to SEE their hallucination, but sometimes that doesn't happen for a long time, if ever. There are many ways of communicating with a hallucinated mindform tulpa. Spend one day trying to imagine a sense. Today I will imagine hearing my tulpa in my head. Some tulpas only provide auditory hallucinations, but some take a long time to do that. Don't be discouraged.

Creating a tulpa, Day 60

I am continuing to imagine my tulpa using my senses. Today I am going to imagine touching my tulpa. I will imagine the pressure sensation of touching his skin, the smoothness of his cheeks, the softness of his hair, and anything else I can imagine. Also, remember that you are supposed to be meditating with your tulpa EVERY day, so if you aren't doing it, restart the practice.

Creating a tulpa, Day 61

Smell. I am going to imagine that my tulpa is wearing a certain cologne. For me, I went to the mall and bought a new cologne that I will only use in association with my tulpa. Before I meditate today, I will spray the cologne around the room. I will do this for several meditation sessions until eventually I will miss the smell if I stop.

Creating a tulpa, Day 62

Taste. To be honest, I wasn't sure how to incorporate taste into the secnario. If you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.

Creating a tulpa, Day 63

Sight. This is a difficult sense to master. By now you should be able to sense your tulpa's presence. For some of us, that is the extent of our hallucinated thoughtform tulpa. For others with exquisite imaginations, you will eventually be able to hallucinate an image of your tulpa.

Creating a tulpa, Day 64 and forever after

Your tulpa will need maintenance and attention. If you stop giving your tulpa attention, it will begin to go away. From this point forward, schedule “sensory events” in which you expose your tulpa to new things. For instance, pick out about 5 different citrus fruits and have a tasting event. Or, you can select many different styles of music and have a listening party. Remember, if you don't continue to interact with your tulpa, it will dissipate. If you have questions, ask them in the comments section.
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