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Create your Own Recipe”-Expository Essay Project

Ms. Garcia-6th Grade Language Arts

Directions: In groups of 4-5, you will be creating and designing your own cookbook with a recipe of your choice. It can be a breakfast dish, a lunch platter, an enjoyable dinner or even a scrumptious dessert. You can either create a cookbook with food that already exists or you can make up a dish of your own. We will be focusing on important aspects of expository writing. You will also be incorporating your recipe into a uniquely designed cookbook. Make sure to follow the guidelines listed below:
EXPOSITORY ESSAY TOPIC: Explain why the recipe you have selected is delicious and why everyone should have a taste of your scrumptious dish.
I. Front Cover

  • Must include group member names, class period and the name of your food.

  • Be creative! You can add pictures and images to make it nice and presentable.

II. Table of Contents

  • Include all pages in your recipe book along with a description of what’s on each page.

    • Example:

      • Ingredients……Page 1

      • Picture….Page 2

III. Picture of Food with 5-6 Sentence Description

  • In this portion, you can either draw or use images from a magazine or the internet to put a picture of your dish.

  • Use you must use 2 examples of sensory details (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch), 1 simile and 1 metaphor.

IV. Detailed Recipe with Ingredients

  • You must include all the ingredients necessary to make your dish.

V. Pre-Writing

  • As a part of the writing process, you must pre-write in order to organize your thoughts and ideas.

  • You choose the pre-writing strategy of your choice (web, drawing, list, etc.)

VI. Expository Essay

  • You essay will consist of 5 paragraphs of 5-6 sentences each.

  • Each paragraph will be separated in your recipe cookbook (1 paragraph per page)

    • Introduction:

      • Must begin with AQQS.

      • Must include a thesis statement.

      • Must include 3 supporting reasons as to why this dish is by far the most delicious of all and why everyone should taste it.

    • Body Paragraph 1:

      • Topic Sentence.

      • Must use details to support reason #1.

      • Sensory Details/Figurative Language.

    • Body Paragraph 2:

      • Topic Sentence.

      • Must use details to support reason #2.

      • Sensory Details/Figurative Language.

    • Body Paragraph 3:

      • Topic Sentence.

      • Must use details to support reason #3.

      • Sensory Details/Figurative Language.

    • Conclusion:

      • Restate your thesis and three reasons.

      • Strong concluding/closing statement (zinger).

VII. Class Presentations

    • Depending on the day I see you, you will be presenting your projects to the class (see website for specific due date).

      • A Day-Dec. 9

      • B Day-Dec. 10

    • If you decide to actually make the food and bring it to class for your presentation, I will give you EXTRA CREDIT!

    • You must go over your recipe book and read your expository essay.

    • Your overall goal is to explain why this is the best dish of all.

    • When you present, you must turn in your rubric to me. You only need one rubric for the entire group!

    • This is worth a total of 3 project grades!

    • Use the rubric to make sure all the requirements are included in your project!

Download 12.77 Kb.

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