Cpe 2013 marathi report

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General comments
This year also the CPE question paper was prototype. The prototype question paper was prepared bearing in mind the capability of the candidates. However this year`s performance was not satisfactory. The objective of this report has always been to draw the attention of teachers as to how to promote the reading and writing skills of students as well as the assimilation capabilities of the latter. Teachers are expected to devise various teaching methods so as to encourage learning and improve the performance of students. Teachers are therefore requested to read this report attentively and guide students accordingly. Special attention should be focussed on average learners.
This question paper is divided into two sections. Section A and Section B. Students should be trained to answer the different type of questions. Students` mistakes should be highlighted and appropriate measures should be taken to explain how these mistakes should be tackled. Our congratulations go to those who have fared well this year. These students have been rightly guided by their teachers and parents.

Specific comments
Section A

Question 1

In this question, 20 multiple choice items are given aiming at testing the candidates` knowledge on grammar. Although most candidates had fared well in this question, yet certain items on cases, tense, verbs and interrogative sentences were wrongly answered. Students have not worked well in item number 3, 6, 11 and 16. Teachers are kindly requested to give more practice to their pupils on such types of questions.

Question 2A, 2B

Reading comprehension

Students are requested to attempt questions after reading the short passage. Some students have attempted the questions correctly but it is apparent that some students did not read the passage attentively. Refer to Marathi version for examples.

Question 3
Close test

The close test` aim is to test candidates` ability to read and understand words and fill in the blanks appropriately. It seems that some students did not read the words properly. Some have even made mistakes while recopying the given words. Some have written grandfather reads the movie instead of grandfather reads the newspaper.

Some students have used _rahNyaasaʼ intead of _rahayalaaʼ. Besides, some students got confused with the words _manaaorMjakxʼ and _AanaMdataʼ
Teachers are expected to train students to read, understand and to provide sufficient practice to improve performance of candidates in this question.

Question 4

Jumbled sentences
In this question candidates are required to write sentences in a sequential order. Candidates who have not read the sentences have not been able to write the sentences in the correct order.
Question 5

Sentence construction
Candidates are expected to write a meaningful sentence with the given pair of words. All candidates have tried to make meaningful sentences, however some have used incorrect case endings and have not been able to write relevant word formation.

Some have used vocabulary of other languages like Hindi and English to express themselves.

  1. Aa[_ kxpaDo pahnatao.

  2. paa{]sa paDtaao maaJao kxpaDo vaoT Aahota.

Stereotype sentences are penalised.

Question 6
High achievers have excelled in this question but others have not been able to perform well. Students should read instructions given in brackets and attempt confidently what is expected.
Sub questions:
1. Some students have written this question interrogative.

  1. Some students have forgotten to add question mark after writing the sentence interrogative.

  2. Though the word taa[_ is familiar students have not been able to write the masculine of the word.

  3. Students have been unable to write pau%yaa they have written pauryaa, pauyyaa, paura.

  4. In this question some students have used Saabaasa, vaa.

Question 7
The objective of the comprehension passage is to test understanding and expression skills of candidates. Some candidates did not fared well in this question and others did not attempt the question at all. Some could not attempt question 2. Adequate practice in answering question in complete sentences is needed to improve answers in this question.
Question 8
Candidates are expected to write a composition on the given canvas. Most of the students have used expressions, adjectives and have written beautiful essays. But some students have not understood the word saman and have used this as a proper noun. For example:

1. saamaanalaa BaUkx laagalaI.

2. saamaana saayakxlaInao dukxanaalaa jaataao.

3. saamaanalaa rstyaata ima~a BaoTtaao.

Conclusion and recommendations
Through this report teachers` attention have been drawn to common errors of students and how to guide teachers to improve performance of students. Teachers should encourage candidates to read their answers once they have already answered the questions. Teachers are requested to encourage composition writing skills and guide students how to use effective adjectives and expressions in their compositions. They should promote the reading culture among students by encouraging students to read story books and poems. They should request students to watch Marathi programs on tv and also to listen to radio programs. Teachers are requested to use different teaching strategies which will make teaching and learning interesting.

Section A
Question 1
pa`Sna 1laa– yaa pa`SnaamaQyao naohmaI vyaakxrNaavar AaQaairta pa`Sna ivacaarlao jaataata. ivaÒaqyaa_Mcao vyaakxrNaacao &aana tapaasalao jaatao. yaa pa`SnaamaQyao ekUxNa vaIsa {papa`Sna idlaolao haotao. yaapaOkxI javaLjavaL sava_ {papa`Sna ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI saaoDvalao. parMtau ba%yaaca ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI 3,6,11,16 yaa {papa`SnaaMcao yaaogya {$ar idlao naahI. ivaBaWtaI pa`tyaya, ik`xyaapad, kxaL, pa`Snaaqa_k Sabd Asalaolyaa vyavasaayaaMvar AavaSyak Bar Òavaa. tasaoca SabdaMcyaa sava_jaataIMvar AaQaairta yaaogya vyavasaaya tayaar kxr]na ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa Òavaota.
Question 2
pa`Sna 2ra- yaa pa`Snaata idlaolyaa {taa%yaacao yaaogya vaacana kxr]na {taa%yaavar AaQaairta pa`Sna samajaUna Gao{]na tyaaMcaI {$aro ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI ilahavaIta ASaI ApaoXaa Asatao.
bahutaokx sava_ ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI sava_ pa`SnaaMcaI {$aro ilaihNyaacaa pa`yatna koxlaolaa Aaho. kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa {$ama yaSa imaLalao Aaho. paNa kxahI {$araMmaQaUna ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI yaaogya rItaInao vaacana va {taa%yaacao Aakxlana na kxrtaa {$aro idlaolaI Aahota Asao pa`taIta haotao. pa` 2 (A) va pa` 2 (ba) paOkxI pa` 2 (A) maQyao bahutaok xivaÒaqyaa_MnaI caaMgalao kxama koxlao Aaho. parMtau pa` 2 (ba) maQaIla pa` 1 va pa` 2cao ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI naIT vaacana na kxrtaaca {$ar ilaihlyaacao jaaNavatao tar kxahIjaNa gaaoMQaLlaolao AaZLtaata. mhNajaoca {da. pa` 2 cao {$ar pa` 1maQyao ilaihlaolao, pa` 1cao {$ar pa` 2 maQyao ilaihlaolaoo AaZLtao.
taovha iSaXakxaMnaI yaaogya pa`kxarcao {taaro va tyaavar vyavasaaya tayaar kxr]na ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa Òavaota. maMd ivaÒaqyaa_MsaazI ivaSaoYa vyavasaaya tayaar kxravaota.

Question 3
pa`Sna 3ra -yaa pa`SnaamaQyao idlaolaa {taara naIT vaacaUna samajaUna Gao{]na ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI irkxamyaa jaagaI yaaogya Sabd ilahavaa hI ApaoXaa Asatao.
yaa pa`Snaata ba%yaaca ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa yaSa imaLalaolao Aaho. paNa ek xgaaoYT ivaSaoYa jaaNavalaI taI mhNajao jao Sabd irkxamyaa jaagaI BarNyaasa idlaolao Aahota. tyaacao naIT vaacana kxr]na samajaUna Gao{]na yaaogya irkxamyaa jaagaI Barlaolao naahIta. irkxamyaa jaagaI Sabd ilaihtaanaa kxahIMnaI SauÔ laoKanaacyaa caukxa koxlaolyaa Aahota.
kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI ‘rahNyaasa’ eovajaI ‘rahayalaaʼ ha Sabd ilaihlaolaa Aaho. tasaoca ‘manaaorMjakxʼ va ‘AanaMdataʼ yaa SabdaMmaQyao kxahI ivaÒaqaI_ gaaoMQaLlaolao idsataata. kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI ‘Aajaaobaa vata_maanapa~a vaacataataʼ Asao na mhNataa ‘Aajaaobaa ica~apaT vaacataataʼ Asao mhTlao Aaho.
Question 4
pa`Sna 4qaa-yaa pa`SnaamaQyao idlaolyaa vaaWyaaMcao naIT vaacana kxr]na Aqa_ samajaUna Gao{]na ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI tyaaMcaa yaaogya k`xma laavaavaa hI ApaoXaa Asatao.
yaa pa`SnaamaQyao ba%yaaca ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI samaaQaanakxarkx kxama koxlaolao AaZLta naahI. jyaa ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI vaaWyaaMcao naIT vaacana kxr]na Aqa_ samajaavaUna Gaotalaa tyaaMnaa vaaWyaaMcaa yaaogya k`xma laavataa Aalaa.
yaa pa`Snaata –

AamhI maulao lagaoca baahor KaoLayalaa jaataao.

Aamha savaa_Mnaa jaovaNa AavaDlao.

saata vaajataa jaovaNaasaazI Aa[_ Aamhalaa baaolaavatao.

yaa vaaWyaaMcaa Aqa_ ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI vaaWyao naIT vaacaUna samajaUna na Gaotalyaanao tyaaMnaa vaaWyaaMcaa yaaogya k`xma laavataa Aalaa naahI.

iSaXakxaMnaI ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa saravaasaazI vyavasaaya tayaar kxr]na Òavaota.
Question 5
pa`Sna 5vaa- yaa pa`SnaamaQyao idlaolyaa SabdjaaoDIcaa vaapar kxr]na ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI Aqa_paUNa_ vaaWya ilahavao hI ApaoXaa Asatao. sava_saaQaarNapaNao sava_ca ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI SabdjaaoDIMcaa vaapar kxr]naAqa_paUNa_ vaaWyarcanaa kxrNyaacaa pa`yatna koxlaolaa Aaho. yaata kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa caaMgalao yaSa imaLalao tar kxahIMnaa kxmaI pa`maaNaata yaSa imaLalao.
kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI caukxIcao pa`tyaya vaaparlao va SabdaMcao saamaanyar]pa tyaaMnaa jamalao naahI. kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI [tar BaaYaotaIla SabdaMcaa vaapar koxlaa. jasao-

  1. Aa[_ kxpaDo pahnatao.

  2. paa{]sa paDtaao maaJao kxpaDo vaoT Aahota.

kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa tyaaMcao ivacaar spaYTpaNao vaaWyaata pa`kxT kxrNao Aalao naahI. SauÔ laoKanaacyaa caukxadoKaIla ba%yaaca pa`maaNaata ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI koxlaolyaa AaZLtaata.
kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI SabdjaaoDI samaaor fxWta ik`xyaapad ilaihlaolao Aaho. kxahI Aqa_hIna vaaWyaodoKaIla AaZLlaI. SabdjaaoDIcaa vaapar kxr]na Aqa_paUNa_ vaaWyarcanaa kxSaI kxrtaa yao[_la tao iSaXakxaMnaI ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa iSakxvaavao. iSaXakxaMnaI ivaivaQa vaaWyarcanaa ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa kxr]na daKavaavyaata. ekxacaSabdjaaoDIpaasaUna Anaok xvaaWyao ilaihtaa yaotaata. ivaSaoYaNao, ik`xyaapado, SabdyaaogaI Avyayao kxSaa pa`kxaro vaaparavaIta. sauMdrva AakxYa_kx vaaWyao kxSaI ilaihtaa yaavaIta yaacaa KaUpa sarava iSaXakxaMnaI ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa Òavaa.
ivaSaoYa mah$vaacaI gaaoYT mhNajao saacaobaMQa vaaWyao maanya koxlaI jaaNaar naahIta yaa baabataIta iSaXakxaMnaI ivaSaoYa kxaLjaI GyaavaI. iSaXakxaMcyaa maaga_dSa_naasaazI KaalaI kxahI caaMgalaI vaaWyao tasaoca ASauÔ vaaWyao doNyaata AalaI Aahota.

caaMgalaI vaaWyao

dr ra~aI taa[_ Anaokx paustakox vaacatao.

sau×Ita AamhI samaud`kxazI jaataao.

rItaa paava Kaatao va taI SaaLolaa jaatao.

drra~aI maI ekx paustak vaacataao.

SaaLota maI paava Kaatao.

maI SaaLota daona paava Kaatao.

drraoja SaaLota AamhI paava AaNataao.

raoja sakxaLI SaaLocyaa AMgaNaata maI paava Kaataao.

kxala ra~aI itanao Anaokxx paustakox vaacalaI.

pauZcyaa sauTIta AamhI samaud`kxazI jaa{].

dr ra~aI maI Aapalao paustak xGao{]na AByaasa kxrtao.

Aa[_ kxpaDo Qauta naahI kxarNa Qaao Qaao paa{]sa paDta Aaho.

AapaNa paaNyaacyaa madtaInao hata Qautaao.

paavasaamauLo Aa[_ kxpaDo Qauta naahI.

pauZcyaa vaYaI_ AamhI samaud`kxazI jaa{].

Aaja saava_jainakx sauTI Aaho mhNaUna AamhI paava Kaataao.

kxala mausaLQaar paa{]sa paDlaa haotaa mhNaUna Aa[_nao Aamacao kxpaDo Qautalao naahI.

rajaoSa Aapalao kxpaDo badlataao kxarNa taao paavasaata iBajalaa.

paavasaata baabaa kxpaDo Qauta naahI.

ASauÔ vaaWyao

maI paaNaI Qautaao.

sauTI samaud`kxaz jaatao.

sauTI samaud`kxazI kxrtaao.

paa{]sa kxpaDo Aaho.

maI samaud`kxaz sauTI Aaho.

maaJao kxpaDo paa{]sacaI paaNaI yaotaao.

Aa[_ kxpaDo paohonatao.

maI Aa[_caI saaDI paaNaI AaiNa Qautao.

raoja paa{]sa kxpaDolaa paaNaI paDlaa.

paaNaIsaazI maI drraoja maaJaa hata Qautaao.

Aaja paa{]sa paDlaa parMtau Aa[_nao kxpaDo Qaulao.

paa{]saata KaoLtaanaa maaJao kxpaDo gaMda Jaalao.

maI ra~a paustakx vaacataI.

paustak x ra~a Aaho.

jaovha paa{]sa paDtaao taovha Aamacao kxpaDo ibaQaar jaataao.

jaovha paa{]sa kxpaDolaa paaNaIvar paDlaa.

maI paaNaImaQao hata Qautaao.

maI SaaLacaa maaoza JaaDaKaalaI maI maaJao paava Kaatao.

Aa[_ paaNaI Qautao.

maI paaNaIsaazI kxpaDo Qautaao.

dr raoja SaaLalaota garmaagarma paava imaLtao.

Question 6
pa`Sna 6vaa -yaa pa`SnaamaQyao ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI kMxsaamaQyao idlaolyaa saUcanaopa`maaNao vaaWyao ilahavayaacaI Asataata. bahutaokx sava_ ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI ha pa`Sna saaoDivalaolaa Aaho. naohmaIpa`maaNao huSaar ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI {$ama kxama koxlao. baakxIcyaa ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI pa`yatna kxr]na doKaIla tyaaMnaa yaSa imaLalao naahI. [qao tyaaMnaa yaaogya saravaacaI AavaSyakxtaa haotaI ho spaYT idsatao.
iSaXakxaMnaI ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa yaaogya maaga_dSa_na kxravao. saravaasaazI ivaivaQa vyavasaaya tayaar kxr]na Òavaota. ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa kMxsaata idlaolyaa saUcanaa vaacaUna samajaUna Gao{]na idlaolyaa saUcanaopa`maaNao kxama kxrNyaacaI savaya ÒavaI.
{papa`Sna 1. kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI vaaWya pa`SnaaqaI_ koxlao.
{papa`Sna 2. pa`Snaicanhacaa vaapar kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI koxlaolaa naahI.
{papa`Sna 3. taa[_ ha Sabd paircayaacaa AsaUnadoKaIla kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI yaaogya pauilaMgaI Sabd ilaihlaolaa naahI.
{papa`Sna 4. paurI yaa Sabdacao Anaokxvacana pau%yaa na ilaihtaa kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI pauryaa, pauyyaa, pauraAsao ilaihlao Aaho.
{papa`Sna 5. caukxIcaa {d\gaarvaacakx Sabd kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI vaaparlaa Aaho. {da:- Saabaasa, vaa.
Question 7
pa`Sna 7vaa- yaa pa`SnaamaQyao ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa idlaolaa {taara kxaLjaIpaUva_kx vaacaUna tyaavarIla pa`SnaaMcaI {$aro paUNa_ vaaWyaata ilahavaIta ASaI ApaoXaa Asatao. ba%yaaca ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI {$aro ilaihNyaacaa pa`yatna koxlaa. parMtau pa`Snaacao yaaogyarItyaa vaacana kxr]na samajaUna Gao{]na {$aro doNao kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa jamalaolao AaZLta naahI. kxahIMnaI AapalaI {$aro paUNa_ va sauMdr vaaWyaata ilaihlaI tar kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI AgadI qaaoDWyaata {$aro ilaihlaI. kxahIMnaI pa`Sna saaoDvalaoca naahIta. tar kxahIMnaa SaUnya gauNa imaLalao.

pa` 1,3,4,5cao {$ar javaL javaL sava_ ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa dotaa Aalao. parMtau pa` 2cao {$ar doNao kxahIMnaa jamalao naahI.

iSaXakxaMnaI ivaÒaqyaa_Mcyaa AQyayana ADcaNaI laXaata Gao{]na AavaSyakx {paaya yaaojaavaota. ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa pa`SnaaMcaI {$aro svata:cyaa SabdaMta va paUNa_ vaaWyaata ilaihNyaacaa sarava Òavaa.

Question 8
pa`Sna 8vaa– yaa pa`SnaamaQyao ivaÒaqyaa__MnaI idlaolyaa mauÕËaMcyaa AaQaaro sauMdr inabaMQa ilahavaa ASaI ApaoXaa Asatao. javaL javaL sava_ ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI inabaMQa ilaihNyaacaa pa`yatna koxlaolaa Aaho. kxahI inabaMQa {$ama Aahota. ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI sauMdr vaak\xpa`caar, ivaSaoYaNao, ik`xyaaivaSaoYaNaaMcaa jaaoDSabdaMcaa vaapar koxlaolaa Aaho. kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI SauÔ vaaWyarcanaa kxrNyaacaa pauropaur pa`yatna koxlaa Aaho. paNa kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa SauÔ vaaWyarcanaa kxrNyaasa jamalao naahI. kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa saamaana yaa Sabdacaa Aqa_ samajalaolaa naahI. tyaaMnaI yaa Sabdacaa vaapar pauilaMgaI ivaSaoYanaama yaa AqaI_ koxlaolaa Aaho.

{da: 1. saamaanalaa BaUkx laagalaI.

2.saamaana saayakxlaInao dukxanaalaa jaataao.

3.saamaanalaa rstyaata ima~a BaoTtaao.

kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI [Mga`jaI va ihMdI SabdaMcaa vaapar koxlaolaa Aaho.

{da: 1. Aa[_laa vacana dotaao kxI yaMda yao nahI haogaa.

2. maora Accaa ima~a

3. hmaoSaaivajaar

kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI fxWta mauÕo ilahUna kxaZlao.fxWta kxahI izkxaNaI eKaada Sabd Aqavaa ik`xyaapad jaaoDlao Aaho.

kxahI inabaMQaamaQyao ʻrajaʼ ho saur]vaataIsa pauilaMgaI naama naMtar taoca naama s~aIilaMgaI r]paata vaaparlaolao Aaho. saMpaUNa_ inabaMQaata ʻrajaʼyaa vyaWtaIcao ilaMga daonada badlatao. ([qao ʻrajaʼ ho naava kxalpainakx Aaho) tasaoca kxahI ivaÒaqyaa_MnaI inabaMQaata kxaLacaa vaapar yaaogya pa`kxaro koxlaolaa naahI.

iSaXakxaMcyaa maaga_dSa_naasaazI kxahI caaMgalao inabaMQa va kxahI ASauÔ inabaMQa doNyaata Aalao Aahota. kRxpayaa iSaXakxaMnaI tao vaacaavaota va tyaapa`maaNao inabaMQalaoKanaata sauQaarNaa AaNaNyaasaazI AavaSyakx {paayayaaojanaa kxravaI. yaa inabaMQaaMtaIla caukxadoKaIla ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa samajaavaUna saaMgaavyaata. tyaa caukxa kxa Jaalyaa yaacaI kxarNao doKaIla samajaavaUna ÒavaIta.

iSaXakxaMcyaa maaga_dSa_naasaazI kxahI inabaMQa:

  1. SaaLocaI sauTI Aaho va Aaja gaur]vaarcaa idvasa Aaho. sakxaLcaI vaoL Aaho va hvaamaana fxar Cana Aaho. maMd maMd vaara vaahta Aaho. igarISaokx naavaacaa ekx sahavaIcaa maulagaa Aaho. Aaja taao GarI ivaiDAao gaoma KaoLtaao. kxahI vaoLanaMtar tyaacaI Aa[_ tyaalaa hakx maartao va dukxanaalaa jaa{]na saaMgatao. igarISaokx lagaoca dukxanaalaa jaaNyaacaI tayaarI kxrtaao va kxahI imainaTaMnaI taao tayaar haotaao. maga Aa[_ tyaalaa paOsao va ekx maaozI TaopalaI dotao. tyaa naMtar igarISaokx JapaaJapa paavaLo TakUxna dukxanaacyaa idSaonao jaataao. paNa vaaTota taao tyaacaa ima~a kxvaISa BaoTtaao. tao gappaa maarIta Aahota. kxvaISa ekxTa Aaho va taao ekxa caoMDUnao KaoLtaao. igarISaok tyaacyaabaraobar KaoLNyaasa zrvataao. tao daoGao AanaMdanao paayacaoMDU KaoLtaata. ekxa taasaanaMtar igarISaokx GarI partaNyaasa zrvataao. taao JapaaJapa paavaLo TakUxna Garacyaa idSaonao jaataao paNa taao saamaana ivakxta GaoNyaasa ivasartaao. kxahI vaoLanaMtar taao GarI paaohaocataao. taoqao tyaacaI Aa[_ tyaacyaavar KaUpa ragaavatao. igarISaokx Aa[_laa maafxI maagataao va taao dukxanaalaa parta jaataao. dukxanaalaa parta jaaNyaapaUvaI_ tyaacaI Aa[_ tyaalaa mhNatao,"Co Co! kxaya vaa[_T va ivasaraLU maulagaa Aahosa taU.ʺ

  1. Aaja maMgaLvaar Aaho. hvaamaana Cana Aaho mhNaUna Aa[_ dukxanaalaa jaa{]na kxahI AavaSyakx saamaana ivakxta GaoNyaasaazI zrvatao. paNa Aa[_ AajaarI Aaho. raja naavaacaa ekx maulagaa Aaho. taao KaUpa huSaar Aaho. tyaalaa SaaLocaI sauTI imaLtao. mhNaUna taao javaLcyaa dukxanaalaa jaa{]na Aa[_saazI saamaana ivakxta Gaotaao. taao AapalaI saayakxla Gao{]na dukxanaalaa inaGataao. kxahI imainaTaMnaMtar, rstyaata raja ekx ima~a BaoTtaao. Acaanakx taao tyaacyaasaazI paayacaoMDU KaoLayalaa jaataao. maga dupaarI GarI Aalyaavar Aa[_ tyaalaa saaMgatao, ‘raja taU GarI {iSara kxa Aalaasa?’ raja rDU laagalaa. taao Aa[_laa baaolataao kxI taao paayacaoMDU KaoLayalaa gaolaa AaiNa saamaana KarodI kxrNyaasa ivasarlaa. ho eokUxna Aa[_ tyaacyaavar ragaavatao. raja QaavaUna Aapalyaa KaaolaIta jaataao.

  2. Aaja saaomavaar Aaho va saaomavaar AazvaDyaacaa paihlaa idvasa Aaho. hvaamaana fxar Cana Aaho va AakxaSaata saUya_ camakxta Aaho. maMd maMd vaara vaahta Aaho va sakxaLcaI vaoL Aaho. Aaja Aa[_ malaa mhNatao dukxanaalaa jaa. kxarNa maI KaUpa AanaMd Aaho. Aaz vaajataa maI paayaI AanaMdanao dukxanaalaa jaa{]na Aa[_saazI Anaokx saamaana ivakxta Gaotaao. rstyaavar jaataanaa maI ekx caaMgalaa ima~a BaoTtaao. vaoL na laavataa maI ima~aabaraobar paayacaoMDU KaoLtaao. AamhI KaUpa AanaMd Aaho. kxahI taasaanaMtar maI qaaMbataao kxarNa maI KaUpa qakxlaao. maI paayacaoMDU KaoLta naahI kxarNa Aataa saaDo dha vaajataa Aaho. maI paaNaI ipataao va GarI jaataao. Akxra vaajataa maI GarI partataao. maI GarI {iSara parta yaotaao va maI saamaana KarodI kxrNyaasa ivasartaao. Aa[_ maaJyaavar KaUpa laala BaDkx Aaho va kxahI imainaTaMnaMtar taI malaa ragaavalao. maI maaozyaa Aavaajaanao rDtaao. rDtaanaa maI Aa[_laa maafI maagataao. kxaya vaa[_T sakxaL Aaho.

  1. Aaja saaomavaar Aaho. hvaamaana Cana Aaho. maI saha vaajataa {ztaao. maI data Gaasataao va Gaa[_ Gaa[_nao Aaho. maI dovaGarata jaataao va pa`aqa_naa kxrtaao. naMtar maI saOpaakxGarata jaataao va Aa[_laa namaskxar kxrtaao. maI dukxanaalaa jaa{]na Aa[_saazI saamaana ivakxta Gaotaao. naMtar rstyaata ekx ima~a BaoTtaao. ima~aabaraobar KaoLtaao. maI GarI {iSara parta yaotaao. maI saamaana KarodI kxrNyaasa ivasartaao. maaJaI Aa[_ ragaavatao.

  1. Aaja saaomavaar Aaho. idvasa Cana Aaho AaiNa saUya_ AakxaSaata camakxta Aaho. Aaja sava_ maaNaUsa sauTIta Aaho. Aa[_ malaa dukxanaalaa kxahI saamaana ivakxta GaoNyaasaazI jaaNyaasa saaMgatao. maI Aapalyaa saayakxla Gao{]na dukxanaalaa jaataao. jaataa jaataanaa maI rstyaata maaJao ima~a raoja BaoTtaao. maga maI rajabaraobar paayacaoMDU KaoLtaao. KaoLta KaoLta {iSar haotaao AaiNa maI GarI {iSara parta yaotaao. maI saamaana KarodI kxrNyaasa ivasartaao. GarI parta Aalyaavar maaJaI Aa[_ malaa saaMgatao kxI maI {iSara kxa Aalao AaiNa malaa saamaana doNyaasa saaMgatao. maga maI tyaalaa sava_ kxahI saaMgatao AaiNa taI malaa ragaavatao. yaa idvasaanaMtar maI dukxanaalaa jaa{]na KaoLta naahI.

  1. Aaja saaomavaar Aaho. maI {ztao AaiNa maI dukxanaalaa jaa{]na Aa[_saazI saamaana ivakxta Gaotaata. paNa maI rstyaata ekx ima~a BaoTlao. maI ima~aabaraobar AaiNa KaoLtaata. ekxaekxI maI GarI {iSara parta yaotao. maI saamaana KarodI kxrNyaasa ivasarNao. maaJaI Aa[_ malaa ragaavaNao. paNa maI KaoLtaa KaoLtaa AapaNa maI KaoLtaata. maI dukxanaalaa jaa{]na Aa[_saazI saamaana ivakxta GaoNao. rstyaata ekx ima~a BaoTNao. ima~aabaraobar KaoLNao. maI GarI {iSara parta yaoNao. saamaana KarodI kxrNyaasa ivasarNao. Aa[_ malaa ragaavaNao.

  1. Aaja rivavaar Aaho. idvasa Kaopa Cana Aaho. sakxaLI maI maaJaI Aa[_saazI dukxanaalaa jaataao. dukxanaataUna maI AaiNa Aa[_ Anaok xsaamaana ivakxta Gaotaao. rstyaatanao ek xmaaJao ima~a, snaoha BaoTtaao. maI snaohacao Gar jaataao. snaoha AaiNa maI caoMDU AaiNa Daoimanaao KaoLtaao. snaoha AaiNa maI Anaokx koxk xKaataao AaiNa paoya ipataao. AamhI Ananasa, papa[_ AaiNa par} Kaataao. AamhI Anaokx marazIcao sauMdr paustakox vaajataao. AamhI TI.vhIvar ica~apaT paahtaao.taIna vaajataa maI GarI jaataao. GarI Aa[_ malaa ragaavatao kxarNa maI GarI {iSaranao yaotaao AaiNa sava_ saamaana snaohacao Gar rahtaata. naMtar maI snaohacao Gar jaataao AaiNa sava_ saamaana AaNataao.

yaa Ahvaalaata iSaXakxaMcyaa maaga_dSa_naasaazI AavaSyakxxAsao sava_ mauÕo yaata caica_lao Aahota. iSaXakxaMnaI ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa pa`Snapai~akoxtaIla pa`SnaaMcaI {$aro ilahUna Jaalyaavar vaacaNyaacaa sarava Òavaa. inabaMQaasaazI tasaoca vaaWyarcanaosaazI AavaSyakx SabdsaMga`h ivaÒaqyaa_Mnaa Òavaa. marazI BaaYaotaIla maulaaMsaazI {palabQa AsalaolaI gaaoYTIMcaI paustakox va kxivataa vaacaNyaasa tyaaMnaa pa`aotsaaihta kxravao. roiDAao va TI.vhIvarIla marazI kxaya_k`xma eokxNyaasa va paahNyaasa saaMgaavao. iSaXakxaMnaI vaogavaogawyaa AQyaapana paÔtaIMcaa vaapar kxravaa. yaamauLo AQyayana va AQyaapana raocakx hao[_la.

iSaXakxaMnaI kRxpayaa yaa AhvaalaakxDo dula_Xa kxr] nayao. iSaXakx naohmaIpa`maaNao yaabaabataIta sahkxaya_ kxrtaIla yaacaI Aamhalaa paUNa_ Kaa~aI Aaho.

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