Could you imagine life without color, personal freedom and love? It may seem strange to you but in the book

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Cody York

Could you imagine life without color, personal freedom and love? It may seem strange to you but in the book, “The Giverby Lois Lowry, its everyday life. In, “The Giver”, the community in which they live has relinquished all of these freedoms we know and experience everyday. In order to ensure no pain, no suffering, and that everything is in order the community relinquishes color, personal freedom, and love.

To begin, there is no color in their society. By relinquishing color from their society the community tries to ensure peace and order. The reason for this is because to get rid of color meant to get rid of difference. The Giver says, “We relinquished color when we relinquished sunshine and did away with difference.”(pg. 95) With sameness comes peace and order.

Within their society they have no personal freedoms. Without personal freedoms the people don’t make their own decisions. The community decides their careers, spouses, and many other things for the people. The book says, “Like the Matching of Spouses and the Naming and Placement of new children, the Assignments were scrupulously thought through by the Committee of Elders.”(Chapter 6)

Lastly, the community relinquishes love in their society. One reason is because the population would increase and starvation could occur. Another reason is love can create pain. It says,”He felt such love for Asher and Fiona, but they could not feel it back.” Love can cause happiness and pain which is why the community relinquished it.

In the end, the community leaders thought they were doing the right thing by keeping the memories of color, love, and personal freedoms from the people. By relinquishing these freedoms the community became a place of sameness and happiness. At the ceremony of 12 the community’s elders decide which career each member will have. The elders in the community have created a perfect utopian society. No love no color and no personal freedoms are things the members experience everyday.

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