Cornell Supplement Essay (cals) accepted!!!

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Cornell Supplement Essay (CALS) ACCEPTED!!!

Major: Agricultural Sciences

Growing up on an apple farm in the Hudson Valley, I have always been involved in multiple parts of my family’s business. Finding it difficult to choose only one aspect of the farm to major in, I found Cornell’s Agricultural Science major to be a perfect fit. Cornell’s beautiful campus and outstanding academic record has always been prominent in my life because of the fact that so many members of my family have attended or are attending now, so it seems only natural for me to apply as well.

One feature of the farm that thrills me is the retail store. For the past four years I have worked as the assistant manager at my family’s ice cream stand and my responsibilities range from making schedules to counting up hours at the end of the week so that my mother had less work to do for payroll. At the same time, I have been working at the road-side stand, in charge of both the register and also of stocking shelves and keeping the display nice. My skills within the retail store have become very diverse and I love every minute of it--I cannot get enough of the new faces and ideas. However, despite the love I have for the retail portion of life on the farm, it is not enough to satisfy my curiosity for the entirety of farm management.

A few years ago, my father asked me to help him do something he referred to as “scouting”. By this, I soon learned, he meant searching for bugs within the orchards. The first few excursions with him that summer were all about teaching me what to look for and where to look for them. Soon after, we would go out to the orchard together and then split up and each of us would scout a section. Since then, I have learned the different insects and go out alone. The entomology aspect of the farm has become one of my favorite characteristics. I enjoy the responsibility that my father bestows upon me now because he trusts me to give him an accurate report of the bug status in the orchards. So, between the retail store and the entomology, I have had a difficult time deciding what to major in. Fortunately for me, CALS offers an Agricultural Science major that would enable me to get an education in everything that I am looking to learn.

Because farm life is so broad and diverse, I believe that my education should be the same way. Otherwise, how can I possibly learn everything I am craving to know? The broad education offered by the Agricultural Science major that only Cornell can provide for me is everything that I have ever looked for to tie together all of the various features of my life and of my curiosity. Being enrolled as a student in the CALS Agricultural Science major would be the perfect opportunity for me to expand my horizons and satisfy my curiosity.
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