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Complex - Anticipation (Subordinates and punctuation)

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14 Complex - Anticipation (Subordinates and punctuation)
“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” —Loren Eiseley, The Immense Journey
The thought of lesser importance, subordinated in a complex sentence which consists of one independent and one or more dependent clauses. Always phrase the main thought as an independent and subordinate details as dependent clauses. Never obscure the main thought with unnecessary subordinate details or by sequence of subordinate clauses each one dependent upon the one before. Subordinators are: who, whom, where, which, that, what. Some more surely distinguish dependent from main clause: although, as, as if, so, so that, because, before, after, if, since, that, until, till, unless, when, where. Some (as, so, while) can lead to ambiguity. Be careful.

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