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09 Elaborated Simple
“The gulls went in slanting flight up the wind toward the grey desolate east.” —Stephen Crane, The Open Boat
Once you begin modifying the various parts of a simple sentence by adding phrases at the beginning, middle or end, you find the basic pattern can be extensively elaborated without loss of lucidity. Remember a primer style is less to be afraid of than a pretentious one, for clarity is the writer's first objective. You might compose a second version of the same sentence in which you modify the subject or use a compound subject or in which you modify the subject instead of the verb.
10 Compound
“The great tragic artist of the world are four, and three of them are Greek.” —Edith Hamilton, The Greek Way
Coordinates grammatically independent but logically related thoughts. Develop vocabulary of coordinators—and, or, but, however, for, nor, so, consequently, therefore, then, still, yet, otherwise. Develop also a vocabulary of punctuation. Semicolons, commas, dashes and colons. Some coordinators need a semicolon before and a comma after: also, however, nevertheless, therefore, consequently, hence, furthermore, indeed, still, then. Be sure clauses joined by conjunctions are of equal importance and clearly belong in the same sentence.

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