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07 Simple - Interruption
“A barn, in day, is a small night.” —John Updike, The Dogwood Tree: A Boyhood
“The thought of her was like champagne itself!”
“You, the listener, sit opposite me.”
First has brief phrase interrupted by a connecting word, "in," and enclosed in commas, partly for emphasis and partly because it does interrupt the syntactic flow of the sentence. The second is so mild as to hardly be noticed. The third uses appositive phrase.
08 Simple - Afterthought
“How beautiful to die of a broken heart, on paper.” —Thomas Carlyle, Sartor Resartus
“There are our young barbarians all at play.”
“The steadiest winds are the trades, blowing diagonally toward the equator from the northeast to the southwest.” —Rachel Carson, The Sea Around Us
Any syntactical subordinate thought that comes after the main thought. It may be dramatic and significant, or casual and superfluous. The first actually has two such phrases. The second is so mild it needs no punctuation. The third consists of two phrases, and needs a comma partly because of its length and complexity, also the writer wanted to express a single afterthought by using several phrases.

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