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60 Metrical (Varied beat)
“May in Venice is better than April, but June is best of all.”
“He was the man that cannot steer, that cannot splice, that ditches the work on dark nights; that, aloft, holds on frantically with both arms and legs, and swears at the wind, the sleet, the darkness; the man who curses the sea while others work.”
In the first example and first clause, the metrical feet are a mixture of trochaic and dactylic measures, but in the second clause is straight iambic feet. In the second sentence we find elements of rhyme added to meter. In the last part the last line is iambic pentameter, this exaggerated form of the metrical sentence is rarely used, you may need it sometime though, perhaps to be funny.
61 Master
“The worst part of war is not death and destruction but just soldiering; the worst part of soldiering is not danger but nostalgia; and the worst part of a soldier's nostalgia is the lack of intimacy, the lack of privacy and the deprivation of the rights of self-determination and ownership.”
This uses a rich number of stylistic devices and combinations. Here; alliteration, balanced two-part series, negative-positive sequence, modified anadiplosis, keyword repetition, and a three-part series without adaphora.
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