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Topic: - Custom Writing

Dissertation and Coursework Writing Companies/Businesses/Individuals

Date: - February 2013


1. Classification/Types of Custom Writing Companies

2. Classification /Types of students

3. Suggestions - Re Dissertations/essays – custom writing

4. Listed Names of just some Companies: adverts found on Gumtree and Google

5. Student comments on a review page for dissertation and essay writing companies-reporting scam essay writing experiences

6. Student WANTED ADVERTS for custom writers to apply

7. Competition FREE ESSAYS and monthly draw

My own personal opinions and comments gained from my own experience as a dissertation supervisor, university level private tutor over the past two years. Key words for my business:- Tutoring, Dissertation Supervision, Dissertation help, Proofreading, pre marking review with comments for students to address.

Nowhere on my advert do I state that I write for students. My previous experience:- senior lecturer, course leader, industrial placement manager, dissertation supervisor etc at U.K. University 1990- 2011 -full and part time. I currently work as a private tutor and I advertise on Gumtree web site as a tutor, dissertation supervisor and proof reader.

My increased awareness of Custom writing companies is gained from:-

  • observing adverts on Gumtree and Google

  • talking to students who ring me up enquiring the cost of a custom written dissertation a service I do not advertise

  • talking to my tutorial students who know students who have used the writing services of companies to write whole pieces of work for them which they then submit as their own work

Searches carried out:-



I have copy and pasted just a few adverts /web pages below. I can assure you as you are probably aware, that there are many more of these companies advertising on the internet. This custom writing service sector has past its infancy stage and is now a mature business model. There is a well established business model in existence for writing essays and dissertations for students. The larger companies maybe sub contracting student work out internationally. When students telephone me or email me asking the price of a dissertation they have no shame or embarrassment. It appears that the purchasing of academic work has progressed to being one option open to some sections of the university student community. One student asked if I have one ready on the shelf to buy - like a shop. If you look towards the end of this document you will see how far the custom writing business sector has progressed- students are placing specific WANTED adverts for custom dissertation writers- web reference (worth looking at this site). There is a lot of chat on this web page about scams. However, custom writing company –one particularly Critical Proofread uses the opportunity to advertise themselves on this web site - The Title of Web page :-Best Essay Writing Services- Sub heading -Be Part of a Community and review your essay writing Service-Essay Writing Service Reviews! I have also seen an advert for buy one get one free for custom written essays.

I have been approached by a writer in India asking me if I can sub contract dissertation writing work to her. She said she was very experienced and had been doing dissertation writing for years. She had the confidence to video skype me and talk to me for a number of minutes selling herself before I hung up. In addition to being approached by students wanting dissertations written for them I have also been approached to sit an examination for a student. The student guaranteed that as the examination hall was so large and that there would be hundreds of students there that no one would know. Obviously this did not happen.

1. Types of Companies

There seem to be a number of types of writing service providers/custom writing companies

1. Well established and well developed who may be able to write dissertations and essays for students which go under the radar of any plagiarism/turnitin system the university uses.

2. Writing service companies which just copy parts from other written work and fit together on “new” dissertations and essays.

The resources they could use are

  • Phd level database at British Library,

  • web sites such as Marked by Teachers essay database

  • other masters and undergraduate dissertations accessible online

  • Past work they have produced for other students

These will be picked up by turnitin and the student will fail. However owing to the companies changing their names/telephone numbers the student has no recourse after the work has failed. I have had many students ask me to remove plagiarism from a bought dissertation which has failed (one was 65% plagiarism). I will not work with such documents.

3. Companies who write and produce absolute rubbish and also can then change name/phone number etc so cannot be contacted

4. Total scam companies who draw students in – take their money and produce no work- not answer phone etc after money received. Possibly just individuals jumping on the band wagon for short periods.

(5. I have been informed by a university lecturer that one foreign embassy has a dissertation writing department- this is second hand information and I obviously cannot qualify this)

Many adverts of the custom writing businesses on gumtree will include the word tutor in an attempt to look professional and gain credibility but in the majority (possibly all) of cases there is no tutoring going on. Some of the gumtree adverts are blatantly stating writing for students, some will clothe the writing service within professionalism and then blatantly state on their web page writing for students. The students seem to know what they are looking for.

I advertise my tutoring/supervision services on many advertising web sites but it is only Gumtree which brings the enquiries for my services. Gumtree is a very effective advertising system for my services and also the dissertation writing companies who go against the policy of NO multiple adverts and advertise multiple adverts throughout the whole country on a daily basis. I think that these companies have sub contracted their advertising as their manipulation of the gumtree policy of no multiple adverts is persistent and the adverts flood the web site- some appear over night leading me to believe that they are coming from abroad. One company at present is offering three free 3000 word essays if their facebook page reaches 1000 likes. They also have a monthly draw for similar. I have a feeling that there are many companies advertising to write custom essays for students which if researched would lead back to India or other countries abroad. The essay writing review pages above noted ( seem to be an advertising site for the custom writing companies also in addition to discussion of students bought essay experiences.

2. Types of students from my experience of the telephone calls and emails I have received

  • Mostly undergraduate students

  • A mixture of UK nationals and foreign students

  • Mostly male

  • Mostly young males if UK nationals

  • All male and not so young if foreign students

3. Suggestions - Re Dissertations/essays – custom writing

  • Make dissertation supervision attendance compulsory which contributes to the mark ie half (0.5) of a mark for every weekly meeting attended

  • Every essay and dissertation has a presentation with questions from lecturers- which also gains percentage of mark

  • Allow the student to work on their essays and dissertations only through the university intranet/moodle/blackboard systems. The University providing a log book/diary which logs/shows times worked on the piece of academic work.

Diary/ online log book kept such as NVQ portfolio /diary documenting stages of the academic work carried out- expansion of Gantt chart signed online at supervisory weekly meeting for dissertations. Online Logbook submitted online with the academic work. Preferably online log book which is not printable as the student will just hand over a paper log book to the custom writing companies to complete. If an essay is expected to take 20 hours of student time then the online log should show the 20 hours work.

  • Press exposure of Google and Gumtree mentioning their support of the fraudulent behaviour of students and the companies involved putting pressure on Gumtree and Google to stop promotion of these companies

  • More weighting on examinations

  • Bring the custom writing sector out into the open with information for the student from the University in relation to dissertation and essay custom writing companies. Show the student that the university is up to date and aware and pro active on such fraudulent behaviour. Definitive list, if possible, of current names of the custom writing Companies published every month to show the student that the university is aware of the situation of some student use of custom writing companies. Perhaps monitoring of how many times these web pages have been accessed through the university computer control system to have an idea of interest and use of these sites by students. As a past lecturer I would feel very annoyed if my students thought that they could have one up on me and belittle my position in the university through thinking that they could purchase an essay and get away with it.

  • Name and shame people who have used such sites and have been caught-stating % of plagiarism of the failed essay etc - to be published.


4. Just some Custom writing Companies adverts found on Gumtree and Google

1. Essay, Assignment, Research Proposal and Dissertation

2. Ivory Research Ltd

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15th February 2013

Google search of Custom writing dissertations brings you

About 1,060,000 results (0.21 seconds)

5. Student comments on a review page for dissertation and essay writing companies-reporting scam


Omg... I didn't even release it was a whole scam... i'm so stupid! I managed my time really BAD..done half of my assignment and asked them if they could finish it off as i was so stressed. The essay company changed my £250!! (which is alot of money being a student) however i still paid thinking it would be worth getting a 1st in my assignment!

Once i paid... i had a horrible feeling after this wasnt right, money was pending to come out of my account.. the the confirmed in an email it was dollars.. (which meant it wasnt a UK based company)... I rang my bank to recover money - which they couldn't - i made the purchase therefore i have to recover it myself!!
I email the company to cancel my order and for a refund before they started my work - no response... I stayed up all night completing my assignment..
The next day, i handed my assignment.... The essay company DIDNT REFUND MY MONEY BACK or SEND THE ASSIGNMENT! I was robbed basically - my stupid fault... 2 days later after emailing them consistently they would not refund my money - but they send the assignment!
The assignment is plagised - i put it through (Turnitin) via my uni website just to check.
My point is i am lucky to an excent because i managed to do my own work which i normally do...
But if i relied on them - firstly i would not of reached the deadline - secondly it was copied work which was ****!!!!

2. University dissertation scams

University students feeling the pressure may turn to a writing service to help them complete an assignment or dissertation. Most people would agree that the students should do the work themselves.

Regardless, there are online companies taking advantage of desperate students. They offer to write a unique piece of work guaranteed not to be plagiarised. Some companies even offer £1,000 guarantee that their work is plagiarism free.

Depending on the assignment students can expect to pay £250-£600.

However, the work is often late, poor quality and yes it is often plagiarised. We have had victims that have been kicked out of their university for handing in a plagiarised dissertation. Three years of work and now they don't have a degree and they have lost their money.

The scam works because victims are too embarassed to report the crime. Victims are given a product - it is not fit for purpose. The company doesn't care. They provide enough of a product that they can...


I tried Gave them a dissertation of 12,000 words. They were good. atleast I got something what I had paid for. they allowed me to pay in 2 installments. One at the time of order and second before the order is delivered. They kept me updated week by week with my dissertation


Upon information and belief, the person who is and/or has been the owner of is a Pakistani/Indian who uses the name of " - Sid Salvi." Upon information and belief, he is and/or has been associated with all of the following sites:

Upon information and belief, the freelance writer site,, is the behind-the-scenes More evidence points to

the sites' true location in Pakistan.

1. Following is a job ad from, a Pakistani jobs site:

WE are currently looking for FREELANCE WRITERS who are familiar with academic paper formats such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. You must be able to start right now. We pay monthly and many of our writers are earning Rs/ - 10,000 to Rs/- 40,000 per month. You must be able to provide non-plagiarized original academic content such as term papers essays thesis and dissertations. We have plenty of work and the income you can earn depends on how many pages you are willing to write. If you are interested , please email your resume along with 2-3 writing samples to Please send us academic writing samples only.

Contact :

SOURCE: of "writing" for the consumer-end sites.

Evidence suggests that the Pakistani company behind these paper sites is "RightClick":
Suite # 506 5th Floor APTC Building
Block 19 Gulistan e Jauhar,
(92)-21-4663489, 4616132


I've just registered to this forum and this is my first post. I was not wise enough to check this website before or visit this forum. I have ordered my dissertation via this website ( almost one month ago and I still did not receive demanded writing. Probably I lost £640... I have serious problems in my family and I just cannot concentrate on work. I am not able to write my dissertation in 2 weeks. Could you recommend me safety and good quality service that will be able to complete my order? Or maybe there is still hope that I will receive writing from Does anyone had so bad experience with this service?
Thanks a lot.

6. Student WANTED ADVERTS for custom writers to apply

January 26th 2013 01.44pm

Dissertation writer needed for a business management and essay papers

Need a writer that can do a proper dissertation paper. Efficient writers contact me on

January 26th 2013 01.41am

Wanted: a professional writer in qualitative analysis

I need a professional writer in a Qualitative analysis for PHd thesis thesis in e commerce.please just for expert in the field,otherwise do not contact me.


Looking for a writer for an undergraduate economic dissertation Feb 4th 2013 01.46pm

Hi Im looking for a freelance writer or a company that can write a 8000-9000 word undergrad dissertation.

I've already decided on writing it on Economics of Advertising so if you have experience with that it would be a massive plus but the topic should be relatively simple if you have an Economics degree.
Look forward to hearing from you.

7 Competition FREE ESSAYS and monthly draw

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