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Subject: English Grade: B10

Lesson Length: 57 minutes Date: November 20th, 2012

Content: (topic)

Teaching Strategy (and/or strategies):

Learning Objectives:

- Students will be able to contribute to class discussion even if they’re unsure of the answer.

- Students will be able to start coming up with an individual that they want to research.

- Students will be able to recognize that sharing their thoughts and feelings in a journal is helpful.

Pre-requisite Learning:

  • Some knowledge of how social inequity impacts their everyday lives.


  • The eventual essay that will be submitted.


Set: (estimated time 2-3 minutes)

Greet students. Let students know that the topic at hand will be pertaining equality.

Development: (estimated time 55 minutes)

Input (oral instruction)

  • Take attendance. Follow up with students who are late.

  • Personal Journal: Anything that students want to do.

  • For everyone who wasn’t here, please ensure that you catch up on the notes and information missed from last day.

  • Recap what we did last day. Briefly touch on the concept of equality for students.

    • Treating people the way you want to be treated

    • “Don’t judge a book by its cover”

    • Racism

    • Sexism

    • Sexual orientation

    • Ageism

    • Religious beliefs

    • Disabilities

    • Social groups (jocks, nerds, etc.)

  • Equality – everyone is treated equal; fairness; justice.

  • Give students biography assignment handout and let them know that they’ll be making an essay for me.

  • Let them know that it will be a great introduction to the “Cry the Beloved Country” novel that we’ll be pursuing next week.

  • Let students know that the assignment will be worth 10% of their final mark so if they’re looking to bump up their grade, this would be a great opportunity for it.

  • The essay will be due at some point next week.

  • Let students know that they’ll have to go through the writing process with this essay as they did with the paragraph except using more time. They have to go through the planning phase, 1st writing phase, 1st editing phase, peer revision (with typed copy), 2nd revision, and final copy. They will get marks for submitting each phase.

  • Hand out the “Essay writing” guide and start going over it with students.

  • Use the annotated copy with students to go over a mock example with students on the board.

Closure: (Estimated time 2-3 minutes)

  • Challenge students to start thinking about who they want to research when it comes to their biography assignment.

Adaptive Dimensions:

  • Agenda

  • Blocking

Professional Development Plan:

Topic: Inequality/Biography Assignment/Essay Writing Date: November 20th, 2012

Name: Stephanie Possberg


Professional Target/Goal/Objective

  • Clarification of explanations.

Instruction(s) for Observer

  • Did the teacher ask for students to relay back the expectations of them for the assignment and for essay writing?

  • Additional comments? Suggestions?

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