Consciousness Unit Essay Options

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Consciousness Unit Essay Options
1. Discuss how social and biological factors have an impact on each of the following in the individual.

Social biological

A. Body weight cultural body image, set point, genetics

modeling or observational

learning, ex. advertizing,

pressure (peers, parents,

culture), wealth
B. Perception media influences, top-down personality predisposition,

processing, expectations, circadian rhythm - peer pressure alertness, genetics –

temperament, differences

in sensory sensitivity,

gender, i.e. color blindness
C. Alcoholism observational learning, genetic predisposition peer pressure, (males), tolerance,

cultural (environment) physical dependence
D. Extroversion observational learning, genetic temperament,

# of friends, comfort w/ personality, appearance

environment, reinforcement,

E. Schizophrenia environment – stress, genetic predisposition,

addictions, social norms drug abuse

concerning behavior

2. The human organism displays various reactions that are characterized by opposing tendencies. Use a specific physiological or psychological mechanism to explain how both aspects of opposing processes apply to EACH of the following.

Appetite psychological eat when bored, but not

hungry (physiological); hypothalamus, lateral = hunger, ventromedial = satiety

(negative feedback loop, glucose level signaling hunger or satiety)
Autonomic nervous system sympathetic, parasympathetic
Color vision Opponent Process theory; rods and

Drug use psychological addiction and

physiological addiction, tolerance vs.

withdrawal, use vs. dependence;

addiction (craving) and withdrawal
Nerve firing reflex vs. voluntary, excitatory and

inhibitory neurotransmitters, action

potential (all-or-nothing), action

potential vs. refractory period

3. Psychologists conduct research to investigate controversial issues. Consider the following:

* The value of diagnostic labeling
* Children’s acquisition of language
* Explanations of hypnosis
A. Describe the opposing points of view on each of the psychological issues listed above. Your description must provide one argument on each side of the controversy.
* The value of diagnostic labeling

common understanding of diagnosis, research, help with

effective treatment vs. stigma
* Children’s acquisition of language

Chomsky, inherited biological language acquisition device

vs. Skinner, language is learning through reinforcement
* Explanations of hypnosis

hypnosis is unique state of conscious (Hildegard, hidden

observer, dissociated consciousness)
Spanos, hypnosis is roleplaying
B. For each issue, choose one point of view to support. Using evidence from psychological research, justify why you think this point of view is correct.

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