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  1. Dobzhansky, Theodosius [et al.] (1977) Evolution. San Francisco: W.H. Freeman & Co. ISBN: 0716705729

  1. Dobzhansky, Theodosius (1955) Evolution, genetics, and man. New York: John Wiley.

  1. Dobzhansky T Genetics and the origin of species. 3rd Rev Ed. New York; London: Columbia University Press. 364pp. 1964, (PEP)

  1. Dobzhanksy, T, Heredity and the Nature of Man, John Dickens & Co Ltd, 1964 (PSH)

  1. Dobzhansky T Heredity and the nature of man. London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd. x, 179pp. 1965, (PEP)

  1. Dobzhansky, Theodosius (1962) Mankind evolving: the evolution of the human species. New York: Bantam Books.

  1. Dodson EO Genetics: the modern science of heredity. Philadelphia; London: W B Saunders. vii, 329pp. 1956

  1. Doncaster L, Heredity In the Light of Recent Research, Cambridge University Press, 1911 (PSH)

  1. Donnai D & Winter RM Congenital malformation syndromes. London: Chapman & Hall Medical. xvii, 612pp. 1995 0412565900

  1. Dover GA & Flavell RB, eds. 1982 Genome evolution. London: Academic Press. xvi, 382pp. (the Systematics Association special volume no. 20) 0122213823 (PEP) (2)

  1. Dowdeswell, W.H. (1963) The mechanism of evolution (3rd ed.). London: Heinemann.

  1. Dowdeswell, W.H. (1975) The mechanism of evolution (4th ed.). London: Heinemann Educational Books. ISBN: 0435612514

  1. Drake JW. 1970 The molecular basis of mutation. San Francisco; London: Holden-Day. 273pp. (PEP)

  1. Drake JW & Koch RE, eds Mutagenesis. Stroudsburg, PA: Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross, Inc. xiii, 363pp. (Benchmark Papers in Genetics; no 4.) 1976 0470149906, (PEP)

  1. Drife JO & Donnai D, eds Antenatal diagnosis of fetal abnormalities. London:

Springer-Verlag. xiv, 363pp. 1991 3540196730

  1. Dronamraju, Krishna R. (1986) Cleft lip and palate: aspects of reproductive biology. Springfield: Charles C. Thomas. ISBN: 039805228x

  1. Dronamraju K (Ed) Haldane and Modern Biology, The Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore, 1968 (PSH)

  1. Dronamraju K, (Ed) Haldane’s Daedalus Revisited, Oxford University Press, 1995, ISBN 019854846 (PSH)

  1. Dronamraju, Krishna R. (1985) Haldane: the life and work of J.B.S. Haldane with special reference to India. Aberdeen: Aberdeen Uni Press. ISBN: 0080324363

  1. Dronamraju, Krishna R. (1989) The foundations of human genetics. Springfield, Ill.: Charles C. Thomas. ISBN: 0398055378

  1. Dronamraju, K R (Ed) What I Require from Life: Writings on Science and life from J.B.S . Haldane. Oxford University Press

  1. Dubowitz V A colour atlas of muscle disorders in childhood. London: Wolfe

Medical. 182pp. 1989 0723408114

  1. Dubowitz, Victor. Muscle Disorders in Childhood. London: WB Saunders Company Ltd, 1978 Major Problems in Clinical Pediatrics Vol 16. Series editors: Alexander J Schaffer and Milton Markowitz

  1. Dudenhausen JW & Saling E, eds Perinatale Medizin, Deutscher Kongress fur

Perinatale Medizine, Berlin, 1987. Stuttgart: Georg Thieme Verlag. x, 327pp.

(Perintale Medizin; band 12.) 1988 3137286018

  1. Dudok de Wit AC, To Know or Not to Know, The Psychological Implications of Presymptomatic DNA Testing for Autosomal Dominant Inheritable Late Onset Disorders, 1997 (MFS)

  1. Duke-Elder, Stewart. Normal and Abnormal Development Part 2: Congenital Deformities. London: Henry Kimpton, 1964 System of Ophthalmology Vol 3. Series editor: Stewart Duke Elder

  1. Dunn, L.C. (1965) A short history of genetics. New York: McGraw- Hill.

  1. Dunn LC, A Short History of Genetics, The Development of Some of the Main Lines of Thought: 1864-1939, Iowa State University Press, 1991 ISBN 0813804477 (PSH)

  1. Dunn, LC. Genetics in the 20th Century. New York: Macmillan, 1951

  1. Dunn, LC, Heredity and Evolution in Human Populations, Harvard Books in Biology, Number 1, Harvard University Press, 1959 (PSH)

  1. Dunn, LC, Heredity and Evolution in Human Populations, Revised Edition, Oxford University Press, 1968 (PSH

  1. Dunn LC & Dobzhansky TH, Heredity, Race and Society, Penguin Books, New York, 1946 (PSH)

  1. Dunstan GR & Seller MJ, eds Consent in medicine: convergence and divergence in tradition. London: King Edward's Hospital Fund for London. 128pp. 1983 0197246222, (PEP)

  1. Dunstan GR & Seller MJ, eds The status of the human embryo: perspectives from moral tradition London: King Edward's Hospital Fund for London. 119pp. 1990 1855510596, (PEP)

  1. Dunstan GR & Shinebourne EA, Doctors’ Decisions, Ethical Conflicts in Medical Practice, Oxford University Press, 1989 ISBN 0192616315 (MFS)

  1. Dupraw EJ DNA and chromosomes. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston Inc. xi, 340pp. (Molecular and Cellular Biology Series.) 1970 030841313, (PEP)

  1. Duprez A Les dysgonosomes males. le syndrome de klinefelter et ses variantes. Paris: L'Expansion Scientificque Francaise. 204pp. 1965

  1. Durell, Clement V. (1936) Advanced algebra (vol. 1). London: G.Bell & Sons.

  1. Dutrillaux B Sur la nature et l'origine des chromosomes humains. Paris:

L'Expansion Scientifique francaise. x, 104pp. Monographics des Annales de

Genetique. 1975 2704608040

  1. Dyban AP & Baranov VS Cytogenetics of mammalian embryonic development. Oxford: Clarendon Press. x, 362pp. 1987 0198545843

  1. Dyer AF Investigating chromosomes. London: Edward Arnold. vi, 138pp. 1979

0713127228, (PEP)

  1. Dyson, Freeman (1992) From Eros to Gaia. London: Penguin. ISBN: 0140174230

  1. Eaton, Theodore H. (1970) Evolution. New York: Norton.

  1. Eberle P. 1966 Die chromosomenstruktur des menschen in mitosis and meiosis. Gustav Fischer Verlag. Stuttgart. 261pp. (PEP)

  1. Ebstein, W. 1902 Vererbbarre cellulare Stoffwechselkrankheiten. Stuttgart, Ferdinand Enke Verlag

  1. Edelson, E, Francis Crick, James Watson and the Building Blocks of Life, Oxford University Press, 1998 ISBN 0195114515 (PSH)

  1. Edelman GM Bright air, brilliant fire: on the matter of the mind. London: Alan

Lane. The Penguin Press. xvi, 280pp. 1992 0713990961, (PEP)

  1. Edwards AWF, Cogwheels of the Mind, The Story of Venn Diagrams, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004 0801874343 (PSH)

  1. Edwards JH. 1978 Human genetics. London: Chapman & Hall. 80pp. 0412131706 (PEP) [3 copies donated – 1 added to catalogue]

  1. Edwards, J.H. (1997) ‘[Chapter 5] Recessive disease and allelic association’ Offprint from Pawlowitzki, Ivar-Harry, Edwards, John H., & Thompson, Elizabeth A. (eds.) Genetic mapping of disease genes. London: Academic Press, pp.31-57.

  1. Edwards, J.H. (1997) ‘[Chapter 1] Introduction’ Offprint from Pawlowitzki, Ivar-Harry, Edwards, John H., & Thompson, Elizabeth A. (eds.) Genetic mapping of disease genes. London: Academic Press, pp.3-7. [24 copies]

  1. Edwards JH, Lyon M F & Southern, EM. The Prevention and Avoidance of Genetic Disease. Proceedings of a Royal Society Discussion Meeting held on 29 and 30 April 1987. London, The Royal Society 1988 ISBN 0854033521

  1. Edwards RG, ed. Preconception and preimplantation diagnosis of human genetic disease. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. xii, 340pp. 1993, 0521404258

  1. Elias S & Annas GJ, Reproductive Genetics and the Law, Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc. 1987 ISBN 0815130627 (MFS)

  1. Elliott, Katherine & Fitzsimons, David W. (1973, eds.) The human lens – in relation to cataract [Ciba Foundation Symposium ; 19 (new series)]. AmsterdamL Associated Scientific Publishers. ISBN: 0444150161

  1. Elton, Charles S. (1958) The ecology of invasions by animals and plants. London: Methuen & Co.

  1. Emery, Alan EH. An Introduction to Recombinant DNA. Chichester: John Wiley and Sons, 1984 ISBN: 0471903639

  1. Emery, Alan EH (ed). Antenatal Diagnosis of Genetic Disease. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 1973 ISBN: 0443009864

  1. Emery AEH, ed. Diagnostic criteria for neuromuscular disorders. Baarn: European Neuromuscular Centre. 72pp. 1994 9026107196

  1. Emery, Alan E.H. (1987) Duchenne muscular dystrophy [Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics ; no. 15]. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 0192615564

  1. *Emery, A. E. H. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Revised Edition, Oxford University Press, 1988 ISBN 0192615564

  1. Emery AEH Duchenne muscular dystrophy. 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press. xv, 392pp. (Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics; no 24). 1993, 0192623702

  1. Emery, Alan EH. Elements of Medical Genetics. Edinburgh: E and S Livingstone, 1968 (2)

  1. Emery AEH Elements of medical genetics. 2nd ed. Edinburgh; London: E & S

Livingstone. 222pp. 1971 0443007675, (PEP)

  1. Emery, Alan EH. Elements of Medical Genetics. 3rd ed. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 1974

  1. Emery AEH Elements of medical genetics. 5th ed. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone. 243pp. 1979 0443018324

  1. Emery, Alan CH. Elements of Medical Genetics. 6th ed. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 1983 ISBN: 0443027242

  1. Emery AEH. 1976 Methodology in medical genetics: an introduction to statistical methods. Edinburgh; New York: Churchill Livingstone. 157pp. 0443014388 (PEP) (3)

  1. Emery, Alan E.H. (1986) Methodology in medical genetics: an introduction to statistical methods (2nd ed.). Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone. ISBN: 0443035091

  1. Emery AEH, ed. 1970 Modern trends in human genetics. Vol 1. London: Butterworths. ix, 379pp. 040729580X (PEP) (3)

  1. Emery AEH, ed. 1975 Modern trends in human genetics 2. London; Boston: Butterworths & Co (Publishers) Ltd. ix, 499pp. 0407000283 (PEP)

  1. Emery, Alan EH. Muscular Dystrophy: The Facts. 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000 ISBN: 0192632175

  1. Emery AEH, Emery MLH, The History of a Genetic Disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or Meryon’s Disease, Royal Society of Medicine Press Limited, 1995 ISBN 1853152493 (PSH) (2)

  1. Emery AEH & Miller JR, eds. Registers for the detection and prevention of

genetic disease. Proceedings of a workshop held in Albany, New York, October

13th 1975. Miami, FL: Symposia Specialists; New York: Stratton Intercontinental medical book corporation. viii, 124pp. 1976 0883720841

  1. Emery AEH & Pullen IM, eds. Psychological aspects of genetic counselling. London: Academic Press. x, 236pp. 1984 0122382226

  1. Emery, Alan EH and Rimoin, D L (eds). Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics Vol 1 and Vol 2. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 1983 ISBN: 0443021295

  1. Emery, Alan EH and Rimoin, D L (eds). Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics, Second Edition. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 1990 ISBN 044303583 (2)

  1. Engel, Leonard (1967) The new genetics. New York: Doubleday & Co.

  1. Ephrussi, Boris. Hybridization of Somatic Cells. New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1972

  1. Epstein, Charles J. The Consequences of Chromosomal Imbalance. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1986 ISBN: 0521254647

  1. Epstein CJ, Curry CJR, Packman S, Sherman S & Hall BD, eds. Risk, communication, and decision making in genetic counseling. Annual review of birth defects, 1978. Part C. New York: Alan Liss. xii, 376pp. (Birth defects: original article series; vol 15, no 5C). 1979 0845110306

  1. Epstein HF & Wolf S, eds. Genetic analysis of the X chromosome: studies of

Duchenne muscular dystrophy and related disorders. New York; London: Plenum. xviii, 203pp. (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology; vol 154.) 1982 0306411296

  1. Epsteinaite, Dalija (2001) Zydu muziejus. ISBN: 9986494583

  1. Eriksson, Aldur W. (1980) Population structure and genetic disorders: Seventh Sigrid Juselius Foundation symposium…Finland, August 1978. London: Academic Press. ISBN: 0122414500

  1. Esser K & Kuenen R. 1967 Genetics of fungi. Berlin; New York: Spinger-Verlag. 499pp. (PEP)

  1. Etzioni A Genetic fix. New York: Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc. 276pp. 1973 (PEP)

  1. European Medical Research Councils, Prenatal Diagnosis of Genetic Disorders, 3rd European Conference held in Munich April 12th – 14th, 1978 (MFS)

  1. The European Science Foundation. Report on Genome Research 1991. (MFS)

  1. Evans HJ, Court Brown WM & McLean AS, eds. 1967 Human radiation cytogenetics. Proceedings of an International Symposium held in Edinburgh, 12th-15th October 1966. Amsterdam: North-Holland Publishing Co. 218pp. (PEP)

  1. Evans HJ & Lloyd DC, eds. Mutagen-induced chromosome damage in man. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. xi, 355pp. 1978 0852243286

  1. Evans JA, Hamerton JL & Robinson A, eds. Children and young adults with sex

chromosome aneuploidy: follow-up, clinical and molecular studies. Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Sex Chromosome Anomalies held at Minaki, Ontario, Canada, 7-10 June 1989. New York; Chichester: Wiley-Liss. xiv, 312pp. (Birth Defects: Original Article Series; vol 26 no 4). 1991 0471568465

  1. Evers-Kiebooms G, Cassiman JJ, Van den Berghe H & d'Ydewalle G, eds. Genetic risk, risk perception, and decision making. Proceedings of a conference held July 28th-29th 1986, Leuven, Belgium. New York: Liss. xiii, 333pp. (Birth

Defects: Original Article Series; vol 23, no 2). 1987 0845110640

  1. Evers-Kiebooms, G, Zoeteweij MW, Harper PS (Eds) Prenatal Testing for Late-Onset Neurogenetic Diseases, Bios Scientific Publishers Ltd, 2002 ISBN 1859960197

  1. Ewens WJ. 1969 Population genetics. London: Methuen & Co Ltd. 147pp. Methuen’s Monographs on Applied Probability and Statistics. Series editor: MS Bartlett 416031609 (PEP) (3)

  1. Eysenck HJ Race, intelligence and education. London: Temple Smith. 160pp. 1971 0851170099, (PEP)

  1. Fairweather DVI & Eskes TKAB, eds. Amniotic fluid. Research and clinical

application. Amsterdam: Excerpta Medica. 343pp. 1973 9021920565

  1. Falconer, DS. Introduction to Quantitative Genetics. Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd, 1960 (PSH) (2)

  1. Falconer DS Introduction to quantitative genetics. 2nd ed. London: Longman.

viii, 340pp. 1981 0582441951, (PEP)

  1. Farrar, Frederic W. (1878) Language and languages: being ‘Chapters on language’ and ‘Families of speech.’ London: Longmans, Green & Co.

  1. Fay EA. 1898. Marriages of the Deaf in America. Washington DC. Volta Bureau

  1. Fenoglio CM, Goodman R & King DW, eds. 1976 Developmental genetics. Based on a series of lectures presented at the Given Institute of Pathobiology of the University of Colorado in Aspen, Colorado, July 6th-11th, 1975. New York: Stratton Intercontinental Medical Book Corporation. 118pp. 0913258393 (PEP)

  1. Ferencz C, Loffredo CA, Correa-Villasenor A & Wilson PD, eds Genetic and

environmental risk factors of major cardiovascular malformations: The

Baltimore-Washington Infant Study: 1981-1989. Armonk, NY: Futura Publishing

Company, Inc. xiii, 463pp. (Perspect Pediatr Cardiol; vol 5). 1997


  1. Festing MFW Inbred strains in biomedical research. London: Macmillan. xii,

483pp. 1979 0333238095

  1. Fincham JRS Genetic complementation. New York: W.A. Benjamin, Inc. xii, 143pp. (Microbial and Molecular Biology Series;) 1966, (PEP)

  1. Fincham, John RS. Genetics. Bristol: John Wright, 1983 ISBN: 0723606617 (2)

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Publications. x, 326pp. (Botanical Monographs, vol 4.) 1965, (PEP)

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  1. Fishel, S and Symonds EM (Eds). In Vitro Fertilisation, Past Present Future. IRL Press Limited, 1986 ISBN 0947946500 (MFS)

  1. Fisher NL, ed Cultural and ethic diversity: a guide for genetics professionals.

Baltimore; London: John Hopkins University Press. xxi, 246pp. 1996 080185346X

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  1. Fisher RA. 1958 The genetical theory of natural selection. 2nd ed. New York: Dover Publications Inc. 291pp. (PEP)

  1. Fisher RA, The genetical theory of natural selection, Second revised edition, Dover Publications Inc, 1958 (PSH) (2)

  1. Fisher RA, The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection, A Complete Variorum Edition, Oxford University Press, 1999[reprint of 1930 ed.]) ISBN 0198504403 (PSH) (2)

  1. Fisher RA The theory of inbreeding. 2nd ed. Edinburgh; London: Oliver & Boyd.

viii, 150pp. 1965, (PEP)

  1. Fisher, Ronald A and Yates, Frank. Statistical Tables for Biological, Agricultural and Medical Research. Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd, 1957

  1. Fisher, Ronald A and Yates, Frank. Statistical Tables for Biological, Agricultural and Medical Research. 5th ed. Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd, 1957

  1. Fisher, Ronald A and Yates, Frank. Statistical Tables for Biological, Agricultural and Medical Research. 6th ed. Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd, 1963

  1. Fitzsimmons JS & Fitzsimmons EM A handbook of clinical genetics. London:

Heinemann Medical. 159pp. 1980 0433105305

  1. Fitzsimons DW & Wolstenholme GEW, eds. 1975 The structure and function of chromatin. Proceedings of the symposium held at the Ciba Foundation, London, on 3rd-5th April, 1974. Amsterdam: Associated Scientific Publishers. ix, 368pp. 9021940130 (PEP)

  1. Fletcher, F.D. (1980) Darwin: an illustrated life of Charles Darwin, 1809-1882 (Shire Lifelines ; 34). Aylesbury: Shire Publications. ISBN: 0852635230

  1. Fletcher, John C. Coping with Genetic Disorders: A Guide for Clergy and Patients. San Francisco: Harper and Row, 1982 ISBN: 0060626658

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University Press. x, 251pp. (John Hopkins Series in Contemporary Medicine and Public Health). 1990 0801838606

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  1. Ford EB, Genetics for Medical Students, Methuen & Co Ltd, 1967 (PSH)

  1. Ford, EB. Genetics for Medical Students. 3rd ed. London: Methuen and Company Ltd, 1948

  1. Ford, EB. Genetics for Medical Students. 4th ed. London: Methuen, 1956

  1. Ford, EB. Genetics for Medical Students. 6th ed. London: Methuen, 1967

  1. Ford EB Genetics for medical students. 7th ed. London: Chapman and Hall. xvi,

240pp. 1973 0412109506, (PEP)

  1. Ford EB. Mendelism and evolution, 8th ed. London: Methuen & Co Ltd. 122pp. 1965 (PEP)

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