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Bergsma D, Hecht F, Prescott GH & Marks JH

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Bergsma D, Hecht F, Prescott GH & Marks JH, eds, vol 13, no 6.

  1. Bishop A & Cooke P Human chromosome an illustrated introduction to human

cytogenetics. London: William Heineman Medical Books Ltd. 56pp. 1966

  1. Bishop JA & Cook LM, eds. Genetic consequences of man made change. London: Academic Press. xiv, 409pp. 1981 012101620X (PEP)

  1. Bishop MJ & Rawlings CJ, eds. Nucleic acid and protein sequence analysis: a

practical approach. Oxford: IRL. xviii, 417pp. (Practical Approach Series;)

1987 1852210060

  1. Bittar EE & Bittar N, eds. The biological basis of medicine, vol 4. Molecular

genetics, immunology and transplantation. London; New York: Academic Press. 396pp. 1969

  1. Bittles AH & Roberts DF. Minority Populations. Genetics, Demography and Health. The Macmillan Press & The Galton Institute. 1992

  1. Blacker CP Eugenics, Galton and after. London: Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd. 349pp. 1952

  1. Bland M An introduction to medical statistics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

xii, 365pp. 1991 0192615025

  1. Blasi F, ed. Human genes and diseases. Chichester: Wiley. xii, 676pp. (Horizons in biochemistry and biophysics; vol 8). 1986 0471911674

  1. Blumberg BS, ed. Proceedings of the Conference on Genetic Polymorphisms and geographic variations in disease. Held at National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, 23rd-25th Feburary 1960. London: Grune & Stratton. 229pp. 1961

  1. Bock G & Collins GM, eds Molecular approaches to human polygenic disease.

Symposium held at the Ciba Foundation, London, 25th-27th November 1986.

Chichester: John Wiley & Sons. ix, 274pp. (Ciba Foundation Symposium no 130.) 1987 0471910961 (PEP)

  1. Bock, Gregory R. & Marsh, Joan (1991, eds.) Biological asymmetry and handedness (Ciba foundation symposium 162). Chichester: Wiley-Interscience. ISBN: 0471929611

  1. Bock G & Marsh J, eds. Neural tube defects. Symposium on Neural Tube Defects held at the Ciba Foundation, London, 18th-20th May 1993. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons. ix, 299pp. (Ciba Foundation Symposium; no 181). 1994 0471941727

  1. Boczkowski K Intersexuality, Genetic studies in cases of abnormal sex

determination and differentiation. Warszawa: Panstwowy Zalad Wydawnictw

Lekarskich. 180pp. 1970 (PEP)

  1. Bodmer WF & Cavalli-Sforza LL 1976 Genetics, evolution and man. San Francisco: WH Freeman & Co. xi, 782pp. 0716705737 (PEP) (3)

  1. Bodmer, W.F. & Kingman, J.F.C. (1983) Mathematical genetics (Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, vol. 219, no. 1216, 22 October 1983). London: Royal Society.

  1. Bodmer, W & McKie R (1994). The book of Man: The Quest to Discover Our Genetic Heritage. Little, Brown and Company

  1. Boland P, Krone HA & Pfeiffer RA Kindlische Indikation zum

Schwangerschaftsabbruch. Bamberger symposion, 12th-14th Juni 1981.

Wissenschaftliche information, 7 (7) pp1-173. 1981

  1. Bond DJ & Chandley AC, Aneuploidy, Oxford University Press, 1983 Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics ISBN 0192613766 (PSH) & (PEP) (2)

  1. Bonne-Tamir B, ed. Human genetics. Part B. Medical aspects. New York: Alan Liss. xxxiii, 619pp. (Progess in clinical and biological research; vol 103B). 1982


  1. Bonner J The molecular biology of development. Oxford: Clarendon Press. vi,

155pp. 1965

  1. Book JA Clinical cytogenetics. In: De Genetica Medica. L Gedda (ed). Rome. 35pp. 1961

  1. Book JA, Chu EHY, Ford CE, Fraccaro M, Harden DG, Hungerford DA, Hsu TC, Jacobs PA, Lejeune J, Levan A, Makino S, Puck TT, Robinson A, Tijo JH, Catcheside DG, Muller HJ & Stern C (A Human Chromosomes Study Group)A proposed standard of nomenclature of human mitotic chromosomes. Cerebral Palsy Bull, 2 (3 Suppl) 9pp. 1960

  1. Borek E The code of life. Revised (2nd) ed. Paperback. New York; London:

Columbia University Press. xi, 266pp. 1969

  1. Borgaonkar, Digamber S. Chromosomal Variation in Man: A Catalog of Chromosomal Variants and Anomalies. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 1975 ISBN: 0801817196

  1. Borgaonkar, Digamber S. Chromosomal Variation in Man: A Catalog of Chromosomal Variants and Anomalies. 4th ed. New York: Alan R Liss, 1984 ISBN: 0845102311

  1. Borgaonkar, Digamber S. Chromosomal Variation in Man: A Catalog of Chromosomal Variants and Anomalies. 5th ed. New York: Alan R Liss, 1989 ISBN: 0845142755

  1. Borgaonkar DS Chromosomal variation in man: A catolog of chromosomal variants and anomalies. 6th ed. New York: Chichester: Wiley-Liss. lxxvi, 1024pp. 1991 0471561576

  1. Borgaonkar DS, Lillard DR & Khaldi AS Repository of chromosomal variants and anomalies in man. 5th listing, November-December 1978. Denton; TX: Genetics Center/Department of Biological Sciences, North Texas State University. xxxxiv, 377pp. 1978

  1. Borghi A & Giusti G Aberrazioni cromosomiche e anomalie congenite del sesso. Pisa: Edizioni Omnia Medica. 326pp. 1965 (PEP)

  1. Bostock CJ & Sumner AT 1978 The eukaryotic chromosome. Amsterdam; Oxford: North-Holland Publishing Company. xviii, 525pp. 0444800034 (PEP)

  1. Boué A (Ed), Fetal Medicine, Prenatal Diagnosis and Management, Oxford University Press 1995, ISBN 0192619047 (PSH) (2)

  1. Boué A, Prenatal Diagnosis, Paris 3 – 5 juin 1976 Groupe de Recherches de Biologie prenatale – INSERM U.73 ISBN 285598184 (MFS)

  1. Boué A & Thibault C (Eds) Chromosomal Errors in Relation to Reproductive Failure, Proceedings of the Symposium sponsored by INSERM – DGRST OMS, Centre International de l’Enfance – Paris, 12-14 septembre 1973 (MFS)

  1. Bourne GH & Danielli JF, eds. International Review of Cytology, vol XII. New

York; London: Academic Press. 424pp. 1961

  1. Bowen, EG (ed). Wales: A Physical, Historical and Regional Geography. London; Methuen and Co Ltd, 1965

  1. Bowen, H.J.M. (1965) Introduction to botany. New York: Arco.

  1. Bowler P J, The Mendelian Revolution The Emergence of Hereditarian Concepts in Modern Science and Society, The Athlone Press Ltd, 1989 ISBN 0485113759 (2) (PSH)

  1. Bowling, A.T. & Ruvinsky, A. (2000, eds.) The genetics of the horse. Wallingford: CABI Publishing. ISBN: 0851994296

  1. Bowman, J E and Murray, R. F. Genetic Variation and Disorders in Peoples of African Origin, The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore and London, 1990 ISBN 0801839629

  1. Box JF R.A. Fisher: the life of a scientist. New York; Chichester: John Wiley &

Sons. xii, 512pp. 1978 0471093009 (PEP)

  1. Boyce, AJ (ed). Chromosome Variations in Human Evolution: Symposia for the Society for the Study of Human Biology Vol 14. London: Taylor and Francis, 1975 ISBN: 0850660815 (2)

  1. Boyd W C, Genetics and the Races of Man, An Introduction to Modern Physical Anthropology, Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, 1950

  1. Boyd, William C. Genetics and the Races of Man. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1950

  1. Boyer HW & Nicosia S, eds. Genetic engineering. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Genetic Engineering: Scientific Developments and Practical Applications, Milan, March 1978. Amsterdam; Oxford: Elsevier/North-Holland. ix, 300pp. (Symposia of the Giovanni Lorenzini Foundations; vol 2.) 1978 0444800654

  1. Boyer, Samuel H (ed). Papers on Human Genetics. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1963 (PSH) (3)

  1. Brackenridge, RDC and Elder, W John. Medical Selection of Life Risks. 3rd ed. Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1992 ISBN: 1561590681

  1. Bradbury EM, Maclean N & Matthews HR DNA, chromatin and chromosomes. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific. xvii, 281pp. 1981 0632003553 (PEP)

  1. Brambati B, Simoni G & Fabro S, eds. Chorionic villus sampling: fetal diagnosis

of genetic diseases in the first trimester. New York: Dekker. xiii, 310pp.

(Clinical and biochemical analysis; vol 21). 1986 0824773608

  1. Brandt S Wernig-Hoffman's infantile progressive muscular dystrophy: Clinical

aspects, pathology, heredity and relation to Oppenheim's Amyotonia Congenita and other morbid conditions with laxity of joints or muscles in infants. Copenhagen: Ejnar Munksgaard. 328pp. 1950 (PEP)

  1. Branfield, J.R. (1971) Matrices [Exploring mathematics on your own ; v.19]. London: John Murray. ISBN: 0719520134

  1. Bresch C & Hausmann R Klassische und molekulare Genetik. Berlin:

Springer-Verlag. vii, 373pp. 1970 (PEP)

  1. Brewbaker JL. 1964 Agricultural genetics. Englewood Cliffs; New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc. 156pp. (PEP)

  1. Bridges, B.A. & Harnden, D.G. (1982, eds.) Ataxia-telangiectasia: a cellular and molecular link between cancer, neuropathology, and immune deficiency. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 0471100552

  1. Bridges C, Brehme K, The Mutants of Drosophila Melanogaster, Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 552, Washington DC, 1944 (PSH)

  1. Brimley, R.C. & Barrett, F.C. (1953) Practical chromatography. London: Chapman & Hall.

  1. Brink RA, ed. 1967 Heritage from Mendel. Proceedings of Mendel Centennial Symposium (1965): Genetics Society of America. Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press. 455pp. (PEP)

  1. Brink, R Alexander (ed). Heritage from Mendel: Proceedings of the Mendel Centennial Symposium Sponsored by the Genetics Society of America. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1967

  1. British Journal of Psychiatry. Genetic Studies in Mental Subnormality: Special Publication Number 8. London: Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1973

  1. British Journal of Psychiatry Special Publication Number 8: Genetic Studies in Mental Subnormality. Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1973

  1. British Medical Association (1998) Human genetics: choice and responsibility. Oxford : BMA. ISBN: 0192880551

  1. British Medical Association Our genetic future: the science and ethics of

genetic technology. Oxford: Oxford University Press. viii, 263pp. 1992


  1. British Medical Bulletin, Early Prenatal Diagnosis, Volume 39, Number 4, October 1983 ISSN 0007-1420 (PSH)

  1. British Medical Journal 12/6, Porphyria – A Royal Malady, Published by the British Medical Association, 1968 (PSH)

  1. British Museum (Natural History) A handbook on evolution. London: British

Museum. ix, 110pp. 1958, (PEP)

  1. British Paediatric Association 1969 The Cardiff diagnostic classification. Codes designed for use in paediatric departments. London: British Paediatric Association. 163pp. (PEP)

  1. Brobeck, O. Heredity in Cancer: A Genetical and Clinical Study of 200 Patients with Cancer of the Cervix Uteri and 90 Patients with Cancer of the Corpus Uteri. Kobenhaven, 1949

  1. Brock DJH Early diagnostic of fetal defects. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone.

xi, 165pp. (Current Reviews in Obstetrics and Gynaecology; vol 2.) 1982


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  1. Bronowski, J. (1960) The common sense of science. Harmondsworth: Penguin.

  1. Brown R & Danielli JF, eds. Evolution. London: Cambridge University Press.

448pp. (Symposium of the Society for Experimental Biology; no VII). 1953

  1. Brown TA Gene cloning: an introduction, 2nd ed. London: Chapman & Hall. xii,

286pp. 1992 0412342103

  1. Brown TA. (1995) Gene Cloning: an introduction 3rd Edn. Chapman and Hall. ISBN: 0748740708

  1. Brown TA Genomes, 2nd ed Oxford: BIOS Scientific Publishers Ltd. xix, 572pp.

2002 1859962289 (PEP)

  1. Brown, WM Court. Human Population Cytogenetics. Amsterdam: North Holland Publishing Company, 1967 North Holland Research Monographs: Frontiers of Biology Vol 5. Series editors: Neuberger, A and Tatum, EL

  1. Brusick D Principles of genetic toxicology. New York; London: Plenum Press. ix, 279pp. 1980 0306404141, (PEP)

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Institute of Microbiology of Rutgers. The State University. New York; London:

Academy Press. 629pp. 1965

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  1. Buettner-Janusch J Evolutionary and genetic biology of primates. Vol 1. New

York; London: Academic Press. 327pp. 1963

  1. Buettner-Janusch J Evolutionary and genetic biology of primates. Vol 2. New

York; London: Academic Press. 330pp. 1964

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  1. Bukhari AI, Shapiro JA & Adhya SL, eds. 1977 DNA insertion elements, plasmids and episomes. Cold Spring Harbor: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. xiii, 782pp. 0879691182 (PEP)

  1. Bull JJ Evolution of sex determining mechanisms. Menlo Park; London:

Benjamin/Cummings. xx, 316pp. (Evolution series; vol 1.) 1983 0805304002


  1. Buller, A J, Goodfellow, J, Newsom-Davis, J.M. Molecular Genetics of Muscle Disease, Duchenne and Other Dystrophies, British Medical Bullentin, Volume 45, Number 3, July 1989, Published for the British Council by Churchill Livingstone ISBN 0443041997

  1. Bullough WS The evolution of differentiation. New York; London: Academic Press. vi, 206pp. 1967 (PEP)

  1. Bulmer MG 1970 The biology of twinning in man. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ix, 205pp. (PEP)

  1. Bulmer, M, Francis Galton, Pioneer of Heredity and Biometry, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003 ISBN 0801874033 (PSH)

  1. Bulyzhenkov V, Christen Y & Prilipko L, eds Genetic approaches in the prevention of mental disorders. Proceedings of the joint-meeting organized by the World Health Organization and the Fondation Ipsen in Paris, 29th-30th May 1989. Berlin; London: Springer-Verlag. x, 119pp. 1990 3540522441

  1. Bundey S Genetics and neurology. 2nd ed. Edinburgh; London: Churchill

Livingstone. xvi, 459pp. (Genetics in Medicine and Surgery). 1992


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Symposium, Covento delle Clarisse, Rapallo, Italy, November 8th-10th, 1979.

Berlin: Springer-Verlag. vi, 265pp. (Human Genetics; suppl 2). 1981


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Medical and Technical Publishing Co. Ltd. ix, 244pp. 1974 0852000995 (PEP)

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proceedings of the 5th Workshop on the Development and Function of the

Reproductive Organs, Copenhagen, July 6th-9th, 1981. Amsterdam; Oxford: Excerpta Medica. xiii, 366pp. (International Congress Series; no 559). 1981, 0444902309

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4th International Symposium 'The Fetus as a Patient' held in Bari, Italy,

22nd-24th September 1988. Amsterdam; Oxford: Excerpta Medica. viii, 250pp.

1989 0444810757

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