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  1. Neel, James V. Changing Perspectives on the Genetic Effects of Radiation. Springfield, Illinois: Charles Thomas, 1963

  1. Neel, J V, Physician to the Gene Pooe, John Wiley & Sons, 1994 ISBN 0471308447 (PSH)

  1. Neel, James V. And Schull, William J. Human Heredity. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1954

  1. Neel, James V. & Schull, William J. (1991, eds.) The children of atomic bomb survivors: a genetic study. Washington: National Academy Press. ISBN: 0309045371

  1. Neel, JV and Schull, WJ. The Effect of Exposure to the Atomic Bombs on Pregnancy Termination in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Washington: National Academy of Sciences – National Research Council, 1956

  1. Neel JV, Shaw MW & Schull W Genetics and the epidemiology of chronic diseases. A symposium. June 17th-19th, 1963. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Washington; DC: US Department of Health Education and Welfare. 395pp. 1965

  1. Nei, Masatoshi (1975) Molecular population genetics and evolution (North-Holland research monographs: Frontiers of biology vol. 40). Amsterdam: North Holland. ISBN: 0720471419

  1. Neidle S Nucleic acid structure and recognition. Oxford: Oxford University Press. xi, 188pp. 2002 019850635X (PEP)

  1. Nelson, Waldo E (ed). Textbook of Pediatrics. 8th ed. Philadelphia: WB Saunders, 1964

  1. Nevin NC & Weatherall JAC, Illustrated Guide to Malformations of the Central Nervous System at Birth, Churchill Livingstone, 1983 ISBN 0443026351 (MFS)

  1. New Scientist A century without Darwin. New Sci, 94 (1301) pp121-192. 1982

  1. Newman HH, Freeman FN & Holzinger KJ Twins: a study of heredity and environment. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 369pp. 1937

  1. Newmark M.E & Penry J.K (1980) Genetics of Epilepsy: A Review. Paven Press, New York.

  1. Nicholas FW Introduction to veterinary genetics. Oxford: Oxford University Press. xiv, 317pp. (MJS)

  1. Nicholas, F.W. (2003) Introduction to veterinary genetics (2nd ed.). Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. ISBN: 1405106336

  1. Nicholas, FW. Veterinary Genetics. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1987 ISBN: 0198575696

  1. Nicoletti, Benedetto; Kopits, Steven E, Ascani, Elio and McKusick, Victor A. Human Achondroplasia: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Human Achondroplasia, Rome, November 19 – 21 1986. New York: Plenum Press, 1988 ISBN: 3606430061

  1. Nielsen J Klinefelter's syndrome and the XYY syndrome. A genetical,

endocrinological and psychiatric-psychological study of thirty-three severely

hypogonadal male patients and two patients with karyotype 47,XYY. Copenhagen: Munskgaard. 353pp. (Acta Psychiatr Scand; 45, suppl 209). 1969

  1. Nielsen J, ed. The Danish cytogenetic central register: organization and results. Stuttgart: Thieme. vii, 86pp. (Topics in human genetics; vol 5). 1980 3132249017

  1. Nielsen J, Nyborg H & Dahl G. 1977 Turner's syndrome. A psychiatric-psychological study of 45 women with Turner's syndrome, compared with their sisters and women with normal karyotypes, growth retardation and primary amenorrhoea. Denmark: Arhus University. 190pp & 106pp. (PEP)

  1. Nielsen J & Sillesen I Turner's syndrome in 115 Danish girls born between 1955 and 1966. Risskov: Arhus University. 150pp. (Acta Jutlandica; vol 54). 1981 8787671107

  1. Nielsen J & Videbech P, eds. Danish cytogenetic literature 1978. Risskov; Denmark: The Cytogenetic Central Register, Cytogenetic Laboratory, Aarhus Psychiatric Hospital. 1978

  1. Nielsen J & Videbech P, eds. Danish cytogenetic literature 1978-1980. Risskov; Denmark: Cytogenetics Central Register, Cytogenetics Laboratory, Aarhus Psychiatric Hospital. 27pp. 1980

  1. Niermeijer MF Prenatal diagnosis of congenital diseases. Den Haag: Drukkerij Pasmans. 158pp. 1975, (PEP)

  1. Nijhoff JH Meiotic behaviour and spermatogenesis in male mice heterozygous for translocation types also occurring in man. Wageningen: Agricultural University. 141pp. 1981, (PEP)

  1. Ninio J, auth, Lang R, trans Molecular approaches to evolution. London: Pitman. 133pp. 1982 0273085212, (PEP)

  1. Nora JJ, Berg K, Nora AH, Cardiovascular Diseases, Genetics, Epidemiology and Prevention, Oxford University Press 1991 Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics, ISBN 0195060326 (PSH)

  1. Nora, James J and Fraser, F Clarke. Medical Genetics: Principles and Practice. Philadelphia: Lea and Febiger, 1974 ISBN: 0812103734

  1. Nora, James J and Nora, Audrey Hart. Genetic and Counseling in Cardiovascular Diseases. Springfield, Charles C Thomas, 1978 ISBN: 0398037558

  1. Nordin, BEC (ed). Metabolic Bone and Stone Disease. 2nd ed. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone Ltd, 1984 ISBN: 0443017549

  1. Norio R, Suomi-Neidon Geenit, Helsingissa, Kustannusosakeyhtio Otava, 2000 ISBN 9511168843 (PSH)

  1. Norman MG, McGillivray BC, Kalousek DK, Hill A & Poskitt KJ Congenital malformations of the brain: pathologic, embryologic, clinical, radiologic and genetic aspects. New York; Oxford: Oxford University Press. xii, 452pp. 1995 0195062450

  1. Northern, Andrew (ed). Charcot-Marie-Disease: A Practical guide. CMT International UK, 2000 ISBN: 0953388301

  1. Nossal G & Coppel R Reshaping life: Key issues in genetic engineering. 2nd ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. xii, 179pp. 1989 0521389690

  1. Novice FM, Collison DW, Burgdorf WHC & Esterly NB Handbook of genetic skin disorders. Philadelphia; London: WB Saunders Company. xv, 694pp. 1994 0721638031

  1. Novitski, Edward. Human Genetics. New York: Macmillan Publishing, 1977 ISBN: 0023885505

  1. Nuffield Council on Bioethics Genetic screening ethical issues. London: Nuffield Council on Bioethics. vii, 115pp. 1993 0952270101

  1. Nuffield Council on Bioethics (1999) Genetically modified crops: the ethical and social issues. Nuffield Council on Bioethics

  1. Nuffield Council on Bioethics (1998) Mental disorders and genetics: the ethical context. Nuffield Council on Bioethics

  1. Nuffield Council on Bioethics (2007) The forensic use of bioinformation: ethical issues. Nuffield Council on Bioethics

  1. Nyhan WL, Ozand PT Atlas of metabolic diseases. London: Chapman & Hall Medical. viii, 680pp. 1998 0412479605

  1. Nyhan, W. L. & Sakati, N.O. Diagnostic Recognition of Genetic Disease, Lea & Febiger, 1987 ISBN 0812110722

  1. O'Brien SJ, ed. Genetic maps 1984. A compilation of linkage and restriction maps of genetically studied organisms. Vol. 3. Cold Spring Harbor: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. viii, 584pp. 1984 0879691719

  1. O'Brien SJ, ed. Genetic maps: Locus maps of complex genomes. Book 5: Human maps. Cold Spring Harbor: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. ix, 257pp. 1990 0879693460, (PEP)

  1. Obe G, ed. Mutations in man. Berlin: Springer. viii, 327pp. 1984 3540131132, (PEP)

  1. Obe G & Basler A, eds. Cytogenetics: basic and applied aspects. Berlin; London: Springer. viii, 401pp. 1987 3540180176

  1. Office of Technology Assessment, Congress of the United States Mapping our genes: genome projects: how big, how fast? Baltimore; London: Johns Hopkins University Press. 218pp. 1988 0801837553

  1. Offit K Clinical cancer genetics: risk counseling and management. New York; Chichester: Wiley-Liss. xvii, 419pp. 1998 0471146552

  1. Ohno S Evolution by gene duplication. London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd. xv, 160pp. 1970 0045750157, (PEP)

  1. Ohno, Susumu. Major Sex-Determining Genes. New York: Springer Verlag ISBN 0387089659 Monographs on Endocrinology Vol 11. Series editors: F Gross, A Labhard, MB Lipsett, T Mann, LT Samuels and J Zander

  1. Ohno S. 1967 Sex chromosomes and sex-linked genes. Berlin; New York: Springer-Verlag. 192pp. (PEP)

  1. Ohta T Evolution and variation of multigene families. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. 131pp. (Lecture Notes in Biomathematics, no 37.) 1980 3540099980, (PEP)

  1. Okland, F. (1932) Is it a boy? : sex-determination according to superstition and to science. London: George Allen & Unwin.

  1. Olby RC. Origins of Mendelism. London: Constable. 204pp. 1966 (PSH) & (PEP) (2)

  1. Olby R, Origins of Mendelism, Schocken Books, New York,1967 (PSH)

  1. Olby R Origins of Mendelism. 2nd ed. Chicago; London: University of Chicago Press. xv, 310pp. 1985 0226625923, (PEP)

  1. Olby R, The Path to the Double Helix, University of Washington Press, Seattle, 1974 ISBN 0295953594 (PSH)

  1. Olby R, Francis Crick: Hunter of Life’s Secrets, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2009

  1. Old RW & Primose SB Principles of gene manipulation: an introduction to genetic engineering. 2nd ed. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific. x, 214pp. (Studies in microbiology; vol 2). 1981 0632008563

  1. Old, RW and Primrose, SB. Principles of Gene Manipulation: An Introduction to Genetic Engineering. 3rd ed. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1985 ISBN: 0632013184 Studies in Microbiology Vol 2

  1. Oliver SG & Ward JM A dictionary of genetic engineering. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. v, 153pp. 1985 0521260809

  1. Opitz, J.M. The Developmental Field Concept, Alan R. Liss, Inc, New York, 1986 ISBN 0845142178

  1. Opitz, J. M. (Ed) X-Linked Mental Retardation, Alan R. Liss Inc, New York, 1984 ISBN 0845102346

  1. Opitz, John M. et al. (1979) ‘[Chapter 2] Terminological, diagnostic, nosological, and anatomical developmental aspects of developmental defects in man.’ Offprint from Harris, Harry & Hirschhorn, Kurt (eds.) Advances in human genetics, vol. 9. Plenum Publishing Corp., pp. 71-164.

  1. Opitz JM & Gorlin RJ, eds. Neural crest and craniofacial disorders: genetic aspects. Proceedings of the March of Dimes Clinical Genetic Conference, Minneapolis, 1987. New York: Liss. xvi, 218pp. (Am J Med Genet; (Suppl 4)). 1988 0845142496

  1. Orel, Vitezslav (1996) Gregor Mendel: the first geneticist (translated by Stephen Finn). Oxford: Oxford Uni Press. ISBN: 0198547749

  1. Orel, V. & Armogathe, J.-R. (1985) Mendel 1822-1884: Un inconnu celebre : correspondence avec Carl Nageli. Paris: Belin. ISBN: 0192876244

  1. Orlandi, C et al. Recent Advances in Prenatal Diagnosis: Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Recent Advances in Prenatal Diagnosis, Bologna, 15 – 16 September 1980. Chichester: John Wiley, 1981 ISBN: 0471099872

  1. Orlandi C & Bovicelli L Il controllo della malattia genetica: diagnosi e profilassi preconcezionale e prenatale. Padova: Piccin Editore. ix, 291pp. 1976, (PEP)

  1. Orlandi C, Bovicelli L, Rizzo N & Orsini LF Fisiopatologia prenatale: diagnosi e profilassi. Special edition for the first International Symposium on recent advances in prenatal diagnosis, Bologna, September 15th-16th, 1980. Italy: Edizioni Scientifiche Angelini. 3v. Var. Pag. 1980

  1. Osborne RH & de George FV Genetic basis of morphological variation. An evaluation and application of the twin study method. Cambridge; MA: Harvard

University Press. 201pp. 1959

  1. Osborne RT, Noble CE & Weyl N, eds. Human variation: the biopsychology of age, race, and sex. New York; London: Academic Press. xv, 392pp. 1978 0125290500, (PEP)

  1. Ostrer H Non-mendelian genetics in humans. New York; Oxford: Oxford University Press. x, 202pp. (Oxford monographs on medical genetics; no 35.) 1998 0195068777

  1. Ott, J. Analysis of Human Genetic Linkage. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 1985 ISBN: 0801824850

  1. Ott J Analysis of human genetic linkage. Rev ed. Baltimore; London: The Johns Hopkins University Press. xxii, 302pp. 1991 0801842573

  1. Ott, J. (1992, ed.) Models and methods for the genetic analysis of pedigree data (Reprint of Human Heredity vol. 42, no. 1). Basel: Karger.

    1. ISBN: 3805557620

  1. Overzier C, ed Intersexuality. London: Academic Press. xiv, 563pp. 1963, (PEP)

  1. Paediatric Research Unit. 1969 Research in the Paediatric Research Unit, Guy's Hospital Medical School, 1960-1969. Part I. Introduction for the layman. London: Paediatric Research Unit. 1-41pp. (PEP)

  1. Paediatric Research Unit. 1969 Research in the Paediatric Research Unit, Guys Hospital Medical School, 1960-1969. Part II. The content of research. London: Paediatric Research Unit. 42-150pp. (PEP)

  1. Paediatric Research Unit. 1969 Research in the Paediatric Research Unit, Guy's Hospital Medical School, 1960-1969. Part III. Protocols of current research projects. London: Paediatric Research Unit. 151-240pp. (PEP)

  1. Paget GE, ed. Mutagenesis in sub-mammalian systems: status and significance. Lancaster: MTP Press. xiv, 231pp. 1979 0852002416, (PEP)

  1. Pai AC Foundations of genetics. A science for society. New York; St Louis: McGraw-Hill Book Co. xiv, 386pp. 1974 0070480923

  1. Paladini A, Catalano D, Di Lieto A & Rullo F, eds. Proceedings of the

International Symposium on Early Prenatal Diagnosis: Present and Future. Naples, 12th-13th October 1984. Naples: GVA Press. 190pp. 1984

  1. Pantin, C. F. A. (1948) Notes on microscopical technique for zoologists. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  1. Papadatos CJ & Bartsocas CS, eds. 1979 The management of genetic disorders: proceedings of the second International Clinical Genetics Seminar on the management of genetic disorders held in Athens, Greece, June 1979. New York: Alan Liss. xii, 424pp. 0845100343 (PEP)

  1. Papadatos, Constantine J and Bartsocas, Christos S (eds). Progress in ???? Vol 34: The Management of Genetic Disorders. 1979 ISBN: 0845100343

  1. Park, W. Wallace (1965, ed.) The early conceptus, normal and abnormal: papers and discussions presented at a symposium held at Queen’s College Dundee, September 17th, 18th and 19th, 1964. Edinburgh: E.S. Livingstone.

  1. Parkin DT An introduction to evolutionary genetics. London: Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd. viii, 223pp. (Contemporary biology;) 1979 0713127562

  1. Parry JM & Arlett CF, eds. Comparative genetic toxicology. The Second UKEMS Collaborative Study. Basingstoke: Macmillan. xiii, 626pp. 1985, 0333388976

  1. Parson, P.A. (1967) The genetic analysis of behaviour. London: Methuen.

  1. Passarge, Eberhard (1995) Color atlas of genetics. New York: Thieme. ISBN: 0865775877

  1. Passarge E Elemente der Klinischen Genetik: Grundlagen und Anwendung der Humangenetik in Studium und Praxis. Stuttgart: Gustav Fischer Verlag. xi, 339pp. 1979 3437201948, (PEP)

  1. Patel N (Ed) Bailliere’s Clinical Obstetrics and Gynaecology, International Practice and Research, Vol 2/Number 1, March 1988 Antenatal and Perinatal Causes of Handicap, Bailliere Tindall, 1988 ISBN 0702012688 (MFS)

  1. Paterson D, ed, Crow JF, Robertson A, Edwards RG, Riley R, Allison A, Sonneborn TM & Cove DJ Genetic engineering. London: British Broadcasting Corporation. 72pp. 1969 563084510, (PEP)

  1. Patterson, Colin (1978) Evolution. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul ( in association with the British Museum (Natural History)) ISBN: 0710000383

  1. Patterson D & Epstein CJ, eds. Molecular genetics of chromosome 21 and Down Syndrome. Proceedings of the Sixth Annual National Down Syndrome Society Symposium, held in New York, 7th-8th December 1989. New York; Chichester: John Wiley. xv, 294pp. (Progress in Clinical and Biological Research; vol 360). 1990 0471568384

  1. Patterson T & Stone WS Evolution in the genus Drosophila. New York: Macmillian Co. 610pp. 1952

  1. Paul, John. Cells and Tissue Culture. 4th ed. Edinburgh: E & S Livingstone, 1970 ISBN: 0443006792 (2)

  1. Pavlov IP, auth, Anrep GV, trans Conditioned reflexes: an investigation of the physiological activity of the cerebral cortex. New York: Dover Publications Inc. 430pp. 1960

  1. Peacock WJ & Brock RD, eds. 1968 Replication and recombination of genetic material. Canberra: Australian Academy of Science. 276pp. (PEP)

  1. Peacock WJ & Brock RD, eds The eukaryote chromosome. Papers presented at a conference held under the auspices of the US/Australia Science agreement. Canberra: Australian National University Press. x, 500pp. 1975 0708101046

  1. Peacocke AR & Drysdale RB The molecular basis of heredity. London: Butterworths. 180pp. 1965

  1. Pearson, E.S. & Hartley, H.O. (1954, eds.) Biometrika tables for statisticians, vol. 1. Cambridge: Cambridge Uni Press.

  1. Pearson, E.S. & Hartley, H.O. (1956, eds.) Biometrika tables for statisticians ; vol. 1. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  1. Pearson, Karl (1914, ed.) Tables for statisticians and biometricians. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  1. Pearson K, The Grammar of Science, J M Dent & Sons Ltd, London, 1949 (PSH)

  1. Pearson, Karl (1924) The life, letters and labours of Francis Galton: volume II, Researches of middle life. Cambridge: Cambridge Uni Press.

  1. Pearson, Karl (1930) The life, letters and labours of Francis Galton: volume IIIa, Correlation, personal identification and eugenics. Cambridge: Cambridge Uni Press.

  1. Pearson, Karl (1930) The life, letters and labours of Francis Galton: volume IIIb, Characterisation, especially by letters, index. Cambridge: Cambridge Uni Press.

  1. Pearson PL & Lewis KR, eds. 1976 Chromosomes today. Vol 5. Proceedings of the Leiden Chromosome Conference, July 15th-17th, 1974. New York: John Wiley. ix, 473pp. 0706515293 (PEP)

  1. Peel, Robert A. (1998, ed.) Essays in the history of eugenics. London: The Galton Institute. ISBN: 0950406635 (2)

  1. Peel, Robert A. (1999, ed.) Human pedigree studies: proceedings of a conference organised by the Galton Institute, London, 1998. London: The Galton Institute. ISBN: 0950406643 (3)

  1. Peel, Robert A. (1997, ed.) Marie Stopes, eugenics and the English birth control movement. London : The Galton Institute. ISBN: 0950406627 (2)

  1. Peel, Robert A, Zeki M (2006 eds) Human Ability. Genetic and Environmental Influences. London. The Galton Institute ISBN 0954657004

  1. Peiffer J, Hirnforschung im Zwielicht: Beispiele verfuhrbarer Wissenschaft aus der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus, Mattiesen Verlag, 1997 ISBN 3786840792 (PSH)

  1. Pelz L & Gottschall A, eds. Prenatal diagnosis of genetic diseases. Proceedings of the 1st multilateral symposium of Socialist Countries' Working Groups, Rostock/GDR, April 26th-30th 1982. Rostock: Wilhelm-Pieck-Universitat. 104pp. 1983

  1. Penington, DG (ed). Cytogenetics and Haematology. London: WB Saunders, 1980 Clinics in Haematology Vol 9 Number 1, 1980

  1. Penrose: Pioneer in Human Genetics 1, Report on a symposium held to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Lionel Penrose, Held 12th and 13th March 1998 Published by the Centre for Human genetics at UCL (PSH)

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