Communication between cultures

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Conducting interviews
The health care provider should ask the patient a series of questions that will elicit the information necessary to determine effective treatment:
1. What do you call the illness?
2. What do you think has caused the illness?
3. Why do you think the illness started when it did?
4. What problems do you think the illness causes? How does it work?
5. How severe is the illness? Will it have a long or short course?
6. What kind of treatment do you think is necessary? What are the most important results you hope to receive from this treatment?
7. What are the main problems the illness has caused you?
8. What do you fear most about the illness?
9. What treatments, if any, are you receiving, and are you using folk remedies?
Communication about death and dying
Effective and timely communication can help patients and their families gather relevant health information about significant threats to health and assist them in developing plans for responding appropriately to those threats.

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