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St. Louis
Post-Dispatch (MO)

Op-Eds: should be approximately 500 words. Preference given to Illinois and Missouri authors, others not ruled out. E-mail as text: or fax 314/340-3139.

Letters: 250 words or less, mail to Letters to the Editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 900 North Tucker Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63101, e-mail or fax above number.


Baltimore Sun (MD)

Op-Eds: Should be approximately 700 words. E-mail: If you would like to follow up, call Mr. Block at 410/-332-6051. Fax: 410/332-6977.

Letters: The Sun welcomes letters of 250 words or less. All letters become property of the Sun, which reserves the right to edit them. Include name, address, day and evening telephone numbers. Mail: Letter to the Editor, The Sun, PO Box 1377, Baltimore, MD 21278-0001; Fax: 410/332-6977; or E-mail:


Sacramento Bee (CA)

Op-Eds: 550-600 words. E-mail Submit in plain text, with lines between paragraphs (no attachments) or mail P.O.Box 15779, Sacramento, CA 95852 . Include name, address and daytime phone. Call Jewel Reilly, Op-Ed editor 916/321-1913 with any questions.

Letters: 200 words, reference article in Bee if possible, refer to issue covered within last two weeks, include name, mailing address, daytime phone. E-mail or fill out online at Questions: John Hughes, Letters Editor 916/321-1906.


San Jose Mercury News (CA)

Op-Eds: 650 words or less. E-mail: Direct questions and submissions for the commentary page to Jim Braly, 408/920-5475; Mail: 750 Ridder Park Dr. San Jose, CA 95190; or fax: (408) 271-3792.

Letters: include name, address and phone. E-mail or send to 750 Ridder Park Dr., San Jose, CA 95190.


Kansas City Star (MO)

Op-Eds: 800 words or less. E-mail: or mail to Charles Coulter, Opinion Page Editor, The Kansas City Star, 1729 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64108. For more information, contact Charles Coulter 816/234-4476.

Letters: 150 words, E-mail or mail to The Kansas City Star, Letters, 1729 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64108. Please include your full name, address and daytime phone number with anything you send.


South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Op-Eds: Prefers 800 words or less, but will consider a submission of up to 1,000 words if it is about an important issue. They also prefer e-mailed submissions. Fax: 954/-356-4559; E-mail:

Letters: 200 words or less; should include name, address, phone, and signature. E-mail (no attachments) or submit online at


Milwaukee Sentinel (WI)

Op-Eds: Open submissions should be 700 words or less and include both day and evening phone numbers along with an address. E-mail:

Letters: The Journal-Sentinel generally only accepts Letters to the Editor of 200 words or less. Include full contact information. More information and form to submit online: /news/editorials/submit.asp, or e-mail or mail to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, P.O. Box 371, Milwaukee, WI 53201.


Orlando Sentinel (FL)

Op-Eds: 700 – 750 words; E-mail: Do not submit by fax. Mail: “My Word”, Orlanda Sentinel, 633 N. Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801-1349.

Letters: 200-250 words or less and include name, address and daytime phone. E-mail:, Fax: 407/-420-5286 or Letters to the Editor, Orlando Sentinel, 633 N. Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32801-1349.


Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA)*

Op-Eds: The Times Picayune rarely prints unsolicited op-eds, but those submitted should have a local angle and around 800 words or less. Include name and phone number. E-mail:

Letters: 200 words or less, include contact information. E-mail:, no attachments. All submissions become Times-Picayune property and will not be returned.


Indianapolis Star (IN)

Op-Eds: 800 words. Prefers local writers, but outside writers on national/international topics are okay. Tear sheets of published pieces are sent to writers. Make sure e-mail indicates that the piece is intended for Lichtenberg and the op-ed page. This newspaper's owner also owns Indianapolis News. Editors will respond in two weeks to submissions they intend to print. E-mail:; Fax: 317/656-1435 Mail: Jane Lichtenberg, Op-Ed Page Editor, P.O. Box 145, Indianapolis, IN 46206.

Letters: fax above or e-mail at, or mail to Letters to the Editor, Indianapolis Star, P.O. Box 145, Indianpolis, IN 46206.


Boston Herald (MA)

Op-eds: 650-800 words. E-mail: or fax: 617/542-1315. Include all contact information.

Letters to the editor should be e-mailed to: or faxed to 617/542-1315.


Columbus Dispatch (OH)

Op-Eds: 700-800 words. Submit via e-mail to the Forum Page Editor at No attachments. Fax: 614/461-8793.

Letters: 200 words or less. Typed submissions are preferred, all may be edited. Signature, address, daytime phone numbers are required. Please specify a date if there’s a reference to previous article on letters. Submit to; Mail: Letter to the Editor, Columbus Dispatch, 34 S. 3 rd St., Colombus, OH 43215; Fax: 614/461-8793.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)

Op-Eds: 600-800 words of particular interest in the local area, but willing to consider longer pieces. E-mail, no attachments.

Letters: 250 words or less. E-mail or mail to Letters to the Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 34 Blvd of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, fax: 412/263-2014.

To submit online:


San Antonio Express-News (TX)

Op-Eds: Comments should run no more than 600 words and should follow the rules for letters. E-mail:; Fax: 210/-250-3465.

Letters: 250 words or less; and should address a single issue. Letters must be signed -- no initials or pseudonyms. Include a correct address and daytime telephone number for verification (but not publication). Letters will be edited for clarity, length, taste and legal reasons. E-mail:; Fax: 210/250-3465; Mail: Letters, c/o Express-News, P.O. Box 2171, San Antonio, TX 78297.


Charlotte Observer (NC)

Op-Eds: Submit your op-ed pieces to the same mailing address, fax number and e-mail as letters to the editor with “op-ed” in the subject heading.

Letters: Letters typically address a single idea and do not exceed 150 words. Please sign (unless you are using e-mail or computer fax) and include your address and daytime telephone number. They edit for brevity, grammar and clarity, and they reject letters published elsewhere. They cannot return or acknowledge letters not used. Published letters will appear in paper and electronic format. Send letters to The Observer Forum, The Charlotte Observer, P.O. Box 30308, Charlotte, NC 28230-0308 or fax them to 704/358-5022. Letters can also be emailed to


Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, TX)

Op-Eds: 800 words or less, prefers timely issues that are of particular interest in the region. Mail: Op-Ed Page Editor, Box 1870, Fort Worth, Texas 76101, fax: 817/390-7831. Submissions via e-mail are preferred:

Letters: Send as e-mails with a full name, address and daytime phone number. They should be concise, to the point and original - no form letters, please. Writers are limited to one a month. E-mail:


Detroit News (MI)

Op-Eds: must be exclusive in Detroit metro area. 600-750 words are ideal. Send by e-mail to or or fax to 313/222-6417or mail to Richard Burr, Associate Editor / Features, Editorial Page, 615 W. Lafayette Blvd., Detroit, Michigan 48226. Preference given to local and state topics by Michigan writers.

Letters: preference 250 words or less, include all contact information. E-mail:; or fax 313/222-6417; or mail: The Detroit News, Letters, Editorial Page, 615 W. Lafayette, Detroit, MI 48226.


Tampa Tribune (FL)

Op-Eds: 500-750 words. Submissions should be about an issue that is of interest in the local area. Include name, address, title, phone number and “any information that you think would be needed for footer info.” E-mail:

Letters: 150 word limit, include daytime phone and address. Submit your letter online:; mail: P.O. Box 191, Tampa, FL 33601-4005; or e-mail:


Buffalo News (NY)

Op-Eds: Columns for My View, The View from Canada, and Surroundings may be submitted to the Editorial Page Editor, The Buffalo News, One News Plaza, P.O. Box 100, Buffalo, NY, 14240. Alternatively you may fax your column to 716/856-5150 or you may send an e-mail to Maximum number of words is 630.

More information at

Letters: No more than 200 words , sign and include phone number and address. Write to Everybody's Column, The Buffalo News, One News Plaza, P.O. Box 100, Buffalo, NY, 14240; or fax to 716/856-5150; or e-mai to; or submit online:


Courier-Journal (KY)

Op-Eds: 500-700 words. Prefers to receive by fax: 502/582-4066 by e-mail to Keith Runyon at

Letters: 200 words or less, mail to Readers Forum, The Courier-Journal, P.O. Box 740031, Louisville, Ky., 40201-7431 or e-mail your letter to; submit online:; or fax 502/582-4155.


Seattle Times (WA)

Op-Eds: 750 word maximum, must be exclusive to Seattle Times, preference given to local writers and issues. Submit to Lee Moriwaki, The Seattle Times, P.O. Box 70, Seattle, WA 98111, fax it to 206/382-6760, or e-mail to, include basic contact information.

Letters : 250 words or less , submit to e-mail above, Letters Editor, Seattle Times, PO Box 70, Seattle, WA 98111 or fax 206/382-6760. For more information, call 206/464-2132.


Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, OK)

Op-Eds: 500 words or less, op-eds exclusive to the Oklahoman are preferred. E-mail: Indicate "Point of View" in subject line. Fax: 405/475-3971. Mail: Your Views, U.S. Postal Service: Your Views, The Oklahoman, P.O. Box 25125, Oklahoma City, OK  73125.

Letters: 150-225 words. Include full contact information. No attachments. E-mail:, fax 405/475-3971 with subject: Your Views, U.S. Postal Service: Your Views, The Oklahoman, P.O. Box 25125, Oklahoma City, OK  73125


Omaha World-Herald (NE)

Op-Eds: about 700-800; Fax to 402/-345-4547. Indicate for "Another Point of VIew" E-mail: However, this e-mail and the fax number are the same for letters to the editor. Mail: Omaha World-Herald, 1334 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE 68102.

Letters: Send by e-mail to Include full contact info. Limit Pulse letters to about 200 words or so.


Hartford Courant (CT)

Op-Eds: Submissions should be sent via e-mail to 750 words or less. Public policy issues should be of interest to Connecticut residents. Persons submitting op-eds should have strong credentials in the subject matter. Fax: 860/520-6941.

Letters to the editor: E-mail: or submissions may be filled out at the following web form:,0,86431.customform. Letters require full name, mailing address, phone numbers and e-mail address for verification. Your letter should be exclusive to The Courant. Your submission may be edited and shortened. Writers will ordinarily be limited to one published letter every two months.


Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, VA)

Op-Eds: 750 words or less. Local interest is key to getting your op-ed printed. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number. E-mail by fax at 757/446-2051.

Letters: 150 words or less, include full contact information. E- mail: letters@pilotonline.comor fax at 757/446-2051, or mail to Letters to the Editor, P.O. Box 449, Norfolk, VA 23501-0449. Submit online at


Pioneer Press (St. Paul, MN)

Op-Eds: maximum of 750 words. Preference to regional issues, writers and communities typically underrepresented on opinion pages. Fax op-ed to 651/228-5564 or e-mail it to

Letters: Preference goes to letters under 225 words, all letters are subject to editing. Must be exclusive. Include full name (at least two initials and the last name) and your city of residence for publication. In addition, include street address and daytime phone number, not for publication. Please send your letter as plain text in the body of the e-mail, not as an attachment. E-mail:; Fax: 651/228-5564. Direct questions to 651/ 228-5545.


Cincinnati Enquirer (OH)

Op-Eds: 400-450 words. Use the same e-mail address as letters: Require a photo and a two-line bio about the author in order to be published. Also include a daytime phone number for the author.

Letters: 200 words or less, submit via e-mail: or by mail: Cincinnati Enquirer, Letters to the Editor, 312 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202.


Times-Dispatch (Richmond, VA)

Op-Eds: 800 words or less. Rarely accept unsolicited op-eds, and the ones they use must be specifically Virginia- and/or Richmond-related, as well as exclusive to the Times-Dispatch. This excludes most pieces dealing with national or international subjects. Fax: 804/775-8090 or e-mail

Letters: for guidelines or to submit online: Submit signed letters by fax: 804/-819-1216 or e-mail


Austin American-Statesman (TX)

Op-Eds: You may submit a column — 750 words maximum — but your odds are better writing a letter. On most days, they run only four columns. Most of those slots go to staff writers and syndicated columnists—but they’re always looking for well-written, thoughtful pieces. Send to the editorial board at the following fax number: 512/912-5927.

Letters: 150 words or less. Fax: 512/-912-5927, e-mail to


Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock, AR)

Op-Eds: Should be 700-800 words and written by Arkansas residents. The Democrat-Gazette will publish essays from Arkansas residents bearing no more than two bylines. Include name, address, a note of bio and a daytime telephone number. E-mail Meredith Oakley, For out of state submissions, contact Ed Gray for Sunday editorial/feature section. E-mail

Letters: 250 word limit, only accept letters from Arkansas residents. Submit online: or by e-mail:


Tennessean (Nashville)

Op-Eds: Should be between 600-700 words. E-mail op-eds for Nashville Eye. E-mail Sandra Roberts,, or fax to 615/259-8093.

Letters: 250 words or less, preference given to readers from Middle Tennessee area, include full contact information. E-mail or fax 615/-259-8093 or mail to Letters to the Editor, The Tennessean, 1100 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203.


The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

Op-Eds: 800 words or less. E-mail: or fax: 201/646-4749.

Letters: Please be brief and include all contact information. E-mail: or fax above.


Daily News (Los Angeles)

Op-Eds: 600-700 words. Send to to the attention of Chris Weinkopf.

L etters: 100 words or less, include full contact information. E-mail: or fax 818/713-3723 or mail to Public Forum, P.O. BOX 4200, Woodland Hills, CA 91365.


Palm Beach Post (FL)

Op-Eds: 600-700 words, must be timely, a strong opinion and well-stated. E-mail to; fax: 561/820-4728.

Letters: Maximum of 250 words, all are subject to editing. Must be about issues of current interest and material that has appeared in the newspaper. Include a phone number for letter verification. Send to Mail: Letters to the Editor, The Palm Beach Post, PO Box 24700, West Palm Beach, FL 33416. Fax: 561/820-4728.


Contra Costa Times (East Bay area of CA)

Op-Eds: E-mail 650 words or less to

Letters: 200 words or less. Include all contact information. E-mail to, fax to 925/943-8362, or mail to The Times, P.O. Box 8099, Walnut Creek, CA 94596. For more info or to submit online:

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