Collection 1 “Facing Danger”

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Holt Literature 7th Grade Vocabulary

Collection 1 “Facing Danger”

  • Literary Focus: Analyzing Plot

  • Informational Reading Focus: Analyzing Text Structure

  • Elements of Literature Plot Madeline Travers Hovland

  • Reading Skills and Strategies: Summarizing the Plot: Retelling: Kylene Beers

Duffy’s Jacket (Short Story by Bruce Coville)

Rikki tikki-tavi (Short Story by Rudyard Kipling)

  1. immensely- enormous

  2. cowered – crouched and trembled in fear

  3. valiant - brave and determined

  4. consolation – comfort

  5. impotent – powerless

(From) People, Places, and Changes (Geography Textbook)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Three Skeleton Key (Short Story by George Toudouze)

  1. hordes- large; moving crowds

  2. fathom- understand

  3. edible - fit to be eaten

  4. derisive – scornful and ridiculing

Eeking Out of a Life (Newspaper Article by Matt Surman)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street (Teleplay by Rod Serling)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Cellular Telephone Owner’s Manual (Instructional Manual)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Zoo (Short Story by Edward Hoch)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Ruum (Short Story by Arthur Porges)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Frankenstein Short Story by Saki)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Those Three Wishes (Poem by Edward Field)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Dinner Party (Short Story by Mona Gardener)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Textbook, Newspaper Article, Instructional Manual Short Story by Mona Gardener)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Collection 2 “Characters: Living Many Lives”

  • Literary Focus: Analyzing Character

  • Informational Reading Focus: Comparison and Contrasting

  • Elements of Characterization: Mara Rockliff

  • Reading Skills and Strategies: Characters and Plots Kylene Beers

Girls (Short Story by Gary Paulsen)

Mother and Daughter (Short Story by Gary Soto)

  1. matinees - afternoon performances of a play or movie

  2. antics – playful or silly acts

  3. meager – slight, small amount

  4. sophisticated – worldly, elegant and refined

  5. tirade – long, scolding speech

The Smallest Dragon Boy (Short Story by Anne McCaffery)

  1. goaded – pushed or driven

  2. imminent – about to happen

  3. perturbed – disturbed or troubled

  4. confrontation – face to face meeting between opposing sides

  5. alleviate – relieve, reduce

Here Be Dragons (Article by Flo Ota De Lange)

  • No Vocabulary Words

A Rice Sandwich (Short Story by Sandra Cisneros)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Antaeus (Short Story by Borden Deal)

  1. resolute – firm and purposeful

  2. domain - territory

  3. contemplate – look at or think about carefully

  4. shrewd – clever

  5. sterile – barren; lacking interest or vitality

In a Mix of Cultures, an Olio of Plantings (Newspaper Article by Anne Raver)

  • No Vocabulary Words

A Day’s Wait (Short Story by Ernest Hemingway)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Stolen Day (Short Story by Sherwood Anderson)

  • No Vocabulary Words


  • No Vocabulary Words

From the Red Girl (Short Story by Jamaica Kincaid)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Collection 3 “Living in the Heart”

  • Literary Focus: Analyzing Theme

  • Informational Reading Focus: Analyzing Cause and Effect

  • Elements of Literature: Theme By Mara Rockliff

  • Reading Skills and Strategies: Finding the Theme By Kylene Beers

Hearts and Hands (Short Story by O’Henry)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Highwayman (Poem by Alfred Noyes)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Gentlemen of the Road (Article by Mara Rockliff)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Annabel Lee (Poem by Edgar Allan Poe)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Fall of the House of Poe? (Article by Mara Rockliff)

  • No Vocabulary Words

User Friendly (Short StoryErnesto Bethan court)

  • No Vocabulary Words

It Just Keeps Going and Going (Article by Joan Burditt)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Echo and Narcissus (Myth by Roger Lancelyn Green)

  1. detain – hold back; delay

  2. vainly – uselessly; without result

  3. unrequited – not returned in kind

  4. parched – very hot and dry

  5. intently – with great concentration

Charles (Short Story by Shirley Jackson)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Miss Awful (Short Story by Arthur Cavanaugh)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Only Girl in the World for Me (Essay by Bill Cosby)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Golden Hair Girl in a Louisiana Town (Poem by Vachel Lindsay)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Home (Short Story by Gwendolyn Brooks)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Gold (Poem by Pat Mora)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Mongoose on the Loose (Magazine Article by Larry Luxner)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Collection 4 “Point of View: Can You See It My Way?”

  • Literary Focus: Analyzing Point of View

  • Informational Reading Focus: Analyzing Author’s Argument

  • Elements of Literature: Point of View John Leggett

  • Reading Skills and Strategies: Author’s Perspective Kylene Beers

Canines to the Rescue (Article by Jonah Goldberg)

  • No Vocabulary Words for this story

After Twenty Years (Short Story by O’Henry)

  1. habitual – done or fixed habit

  2. intricate – complicated; full of detail

  3. dismally – miserably

  4. egotism – conceit, talking about oneself too much

  5. simultaneously – at the same time

What’s Really in a Name (Article by Joan Burditt)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Bargain (Short Story by A.B. Guthrie)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Yen-Shen (Short Story by Ai-Ling Louie)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Mirror, Mirror What Do I See? (by Joan Burditt)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Names/Nombres (Essay by Julia Alvarez)

  1. ethnicity- common culture or nationality

  2. exotic – foreign, not native

  3. heritage – traditions that are passed along

  4. convoluted - complicated

An Unforgettable Journey (Autobiography by Majue Xiong)

  1. refuge - shelter; protection

  2. transition – change; passing from one condition to another.

  3. persecution – act of willfully injuring or attacking other because of their belief or their ethnic background.

  4. refugee – person who flees home or country to escape persecution

  5. deprivation – loss, condition having something taken away by force.

Exile Eyes ((Radio Commentary by Agate Nesaule)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Elizabeth I (Biography by Milton Meltzer)

  1. monarch - sole and absolute leader

  2. alliance - pact between nations, families or individuals that shows a common cause

  3. monopoly – exclusive control of a market

  4. arrogant – overly convinced by one’s own importance

  5. intolerable unbearable

The Last Dinosaur (Short Story by Jim Murphy)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Buffalo Dusk (Poem by Carl Sandburg)

  • No Vocabulary Words

I Was Sleeping While the Black Oaks Move (Poem by Louise Erdnich)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Naming of Names (Short Story by Ray Bradbury)

  • No Vocabulary Words for this story

Collection 5 “A Matter of Style”

  • Literary Focus: Analyzing Prose and Poetry

  • Informational Reading Focus: Analyzing Main Idea

  • Elements of Literature: Understanding Forms of Prose by Kylene Beers

  • Reading Skills and Strategies: Finding the Main Idea Kylene Beers

A Good Reason to Look UP (Poem by Shaquille O’Neal)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Amigo Brothers (Short Story by Piri Thomas)

  1. bouts – matches, contests

  2. pensively – thoughtfully

  3. torrent – flood or rush

  4. dispelled – driven away

  5. frenzied – wild

Right Hook, Left Hook: The Boxing Controversy (Article by Joan Burditt)

  • No Vocabulary Words

(from) Barrio Boy (Autobiography by Ernesto Galarza)

        1. reassuring – comforting

        2. contraption – strange machine or gadget

        3. assured – promised confidently

        4. formidable – awe-inspiring; impressive

Song of the Trees (Novella by Mildred D. Taylor)

  1. finicky – fussy and extremely careful

  2. dispute- argument

  3. ambled – walked without hurrying

  4. delved – searched

  5. curtly – rudely; using a few words

  6. skirting – avoiding

  7. elude escape cleverly

  8. incredulously – unbelieving

  9. ashen – pale

  10. sentries – guards

Fish Cheeks (Essay by Amy Tan)

  1. appalling- horrifying

  2. wedges- pie shaped slices

  3. clamor – loud; confused noise

  4. rumpled- wrinkled and untidy

  5. muster- call forth

A Mason Dixon Memory (Essay by Clifton Davis)

  1. predominantly – mainly

  2. forfeit – lose the right to compete

  3. resolve – decide

  4. ominous – threatening

  5. erupted – burst forth

Buddies Bare Their Affection for Ill Classmate (Newspaper Article)

  • No Vocabulary Words

I’m Nobody (Poem by Emily Dickinson)

  • No Vocabulary Words

I Like to See it Lap the Miles (Poem by Emily Dickinson)

  • No Vocabulary Words

I Am of the Earth (Poem by Anna Lee Waters)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Early Song (Poem by Gogisigi/Carroll Arnett)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Madam and the Rent Man (Poem by Langston Hughes)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Harlem Night Song (Poem by Langston Hughes)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Winter Moon (Poem by Langston Hughes)

  • No Vocabulary Words

I Ask My Mother to Sing (Poem by Li-Young Lee)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Ode to Family Photographs (Poem by Gary Soto)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Sounds of Poetry (Poem by John Malcom Brinnin)

  • No Vocabulary Words

A Tutor (Poem by Carolyn Wells)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Jabberwocky (Poem by Lewis Carroll)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Father William (Poem by Lewis Carroll)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Sarah Cynthia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out (Poem by Shel Silverstein)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Runaway (Poem by Robert Frost)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Pasture (Poem by Robert Frost)

  • No Vocabulary Words

A Minor Bird (Poem by Robert Frost)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Names of Horses (Poem by Donald Hall)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Maggie and milly and molly and may (Poem E.E. Cummings)

  • No Vocabulary Words

All in green went my love riding (Poem by E.E. Cummings)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Arithmetic (Poem by Carl Sandburg)

  • No Vocabulary Words

For Poets (Poem by Al Young)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Author Study Sandra Cisneros (No Vocabulary for Author Study)

  • (from) The Infinite Mind (Interview by Marit Haahr)

  • Salvador Late or Early (Short Story by Sandra Cisneros)

  • Chanclas (Short Story by Sandra Cisneros)

  • Abuelito Who Short Story by Sandra Cisneros)

  • Where Dreams Come From Short Story by Sandra Cisneros)

The Burning of Books (Poem by Bertolt Brecht)

  • No Vocabulary Words

A Prose Listing (List)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Sea (Poem by James Reeves)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Collection 6 “Poetry: Sound and Sense”

  • Literary Focus: Analyzing Myths and Folk Tales

  • Informational Reading Focus: Summarizing

  • Elements of Literature: Myths of Greece and Rome by David Adams Leeming

  • Reading Skills and Strategies: Becoming Word Wise Kylene Beers

Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes (List)

Origins of the Season (Myth by Olivia Coolidge)

  • No Vocabulary or Story Words

Orpheus, The Great Musician (Myth by Olivia Coolidge)

  1. inconsolable – unable to be comforted; broken hearted

  2. ghastly – horrible, ghostlike

  3. reluctance – unwillingness

  4. ascended – moved up

The Power of Music (Autobiography by Madia Salerno Sonnenberg)

  • No Vocabulary or Story Words

The Flight of Icarus (Myth by Sally Benson)

  • No Vocabulary or Story Words

King Midas and the Golden Touch (Myth by Pamela Oldfield)

  • No Vocabulary or Story Words

The Funeral Banquet of King Midas (Magazine Article by John Fleishman)

  1. archaeologist – scientists who study the culture of the past, especially by excavating ancient sites.

  2. excavating – uncovering or exposing digging

  3. avalanche- mass of loosened snow, earth, rocks and so on, suddenly and swiftly down a mountain

  4. interior – inner part of anything; opposite of interior is exterior

Elements of Literature: Folk Tales (Virginia Hamilton)

  • No Vocabulary or Story Words

Oni and the Great Bird (Yoruban Folk Tale by Abayomi Fuja)

  1. implored- asked or begged

  2. commenced – began

  3. invincible – unbeatable

  4. hovered – hung in the air

  5. imposter – person who pretends to be someone or something that he or she is not.

Master Frog (Vietnamese Folk Tale by Lynette Dyer Vuong)

  1. admonished – warned or urged

  2. entreaties – earnest requests

  3. charade – obvious pretense or act

  4. presumptuous – too bold; arrogant

  5. cowered – crouched or trembled in fear

The Crane Wife (Japanese Folk Tale by Sumiko Yagawa)

  • No Vocabulary or Story Words

Aunty Misery (Puerto Rican Folk Tale by Judith Ortiz Cofer)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Hummingbird King (Mayan Folk Tale by Argentina Palacios)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Search Goes On (History by Carolyn Meyer and Charles Gallenkamp)

  1. decipher - interpret

  2. ransacked - searched thoroughly for goods to steal; looted, robbed

  3. artifacts – objects made by people or adapted for human use

  4. connoisseurs - people are expert on something

  5. unscrupulous – dishonest

Aschenputtel (German Folk Tale by Jacob and William Grimm)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Dinorella (Fairy Tale by Pamela Dencan Edwards)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Interview (Poem by Sara Henderson Hay)

  • No Vocabulary Words

The Dream of Good Fortune (from the Arabian Nights (Drama by Paul Sills)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Belling the Cat (Aesop Fable)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Collection 7 “Literary Criticism: Where I Stand”

  • Literary Focus: Criticizing Literature

  • Elements of Literature: Evaluating Evidence

  • Elements of Literature: Criticism by Madeline Travers Hovland

  • Reading Skills and Strategies: Assessing Evidence by Sheri Henderson

Letter to the Editor

  • No Vocabulary Words

King Arthur: The Sword in the Stone (Legend Hudson Talbott)

  1. turbulent – disorderly

  2. tournament – series of contests

  3. integrity – honesty; uprightness

  4. congregation – gathering

Three Responses to Literature (Essays)

  • No Vocabulary Words

He’s No King (Article by Kings Lot and Urien)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Merlin and the Dragons (Legend by Jane Yolen)

  1. ruthless – without pity

  2. bedraggled - hanging limp and wet; dirty

  3. insolence – disrespect

  4. recognition – knowing again

Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady (Legend by Betsy Hearne)

  1. chivalry – code that governed knightly behavior such as courage, honor, and readiness to help the weak

  2. countenance – face; appearance

  3. loathsome – disgusting

  4. sovereignty - control; authority

(From) Long Walk to Freedom (Biography by Nelson Mandela)
Rosa Parks (Biography by Rita Dove)

  • No Vocabulary or Story Words

The Impossible Dream (Song Lyrics by Joe Darion and Mitch Leigh)

  • No Vocabulary or Story Words

Essay I: Themes in Arthurian Legends (Essay)

  • No Vocabulary or Story Words

Essay II: Women Characters in King Arthur Stories (Essay)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Looking for Heroes (Speech)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Collection 8 “Reading for Life”

  • Informational Focus: Analyzing Information in Public, Workplace and Consumer Documents

  • Following Technical Directions

Reading for Life (Sheri Henderson)

  • No Vocabulary Words

From Page to Film (Magazine Article y Kathryn R. Hoffman)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Casting Call (Public Announcement)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Hollywood Beat (Newspaper Article)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Application for Permission to Work in the Entertainment Industry (Application Form)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Letter from a Casting Director (Business Letter)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Talent Instructions (Workplace Instructions)

  • No Vocabulary Words

E-Mail Memo (Job Memorandum)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Email Directory (Job Resources)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Bart System Map (Transit Map)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Bart’s Bicycle Rules (Transit Rules)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Bart Ticket Guide (Transit fares)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Bart Schedule (Transit Schedule)

  • No Vocabulary Words

How to Change a Flat Tire (Technical Directions)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Talent Instructions (Workplace Instructions)

  • No Vocabulary Words

Talent Instructions (Workplace Instructions)

  • No Vocabulary Words

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