Co-win data Download and Analysis Tutorial

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Co-WIN Data Download and Analysis Tutorial
This tutorial intends to help users of the Co-WIN web interface ( to understand how to download archived Co-WIN data via the web interface, and how to use the data to create time series. The data downloaded from the Co-WIN web interface is in CSV format. Although this tutorial uses Microsoft Excel to create time series, other software such as Matlab, OpenOffice, etc. are equally capable of creating such plots from the data downloaded from Co-WIN.
In this tutorial, we’ll be creating a 24-hour time series of air temperature and relative humidity (on the same plot) using the data downloaded from Co-WIN web interface. The end result will be a 24-hour time series of the air temperature and relative humidity of the automatic weather station at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University between March 20, 2011 08:00 and March 21, 2011 08:00.

The following topics will be covered in this tutorial:

  1. Downloading data from Co-WIN web interface.

  2. Creating two time series on the same graph.

  3. Adding a secondary y-axis to the graph.

  4. Slanting the x-axis (time axis) label by 30 degrees.

  5. Manually setting the start point and end point of the x-axis (time axis).

  6. Adding graph title, axis titles, legend, and other chart-related accessories.

  1. Downloading data from Co-WIN web interface:

    1. In the Co-WIN web interface (, click the menu item “Data Download” to access the Co-WIN data download page.

Download 10.58 Mb.

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